Think and Thrive

Think and Thrive

Written by: James Irvine

  • Publisher:
  • Publish Date: 2018-06-06
  • ISBN-10: 9811160791
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Book Summary

Do you think about quitting your job? Starting your own business? Becoming an internet marketer, consultant, speaker, writer, artist - anything but your day job? Do you think that in order to find power, happiness and success you need to leave corporate life and run your own show? What we don't realise is that power, happiness and success are an inside job. They have less to do with the nature of our work and more to do with how we think, and therefore how we feel and act. Leaving corporate life may change your environment, but if you are still running the same thinking patterns, nothing much will change about how you feel and act. The well-trodden success strategies - find your passion, set big goals, become more assertive - will not work if you don't first gain mastery over what goes on inside, in your mind. This is the source of all your results, good and bad. In this game-changing book, James Irvine shows you how to turn inside and take control over the way you think about: * Your identity * Your performance * Your success * Your relationships * Your communication * Your decisions James doesn't just tell you to change your thinking; he shows you exactly how to do this, supported by action steps that enable you to change ineffective thinking patterns into powerful ones. With 25 years' experience as an international banker and corporate trainer, and qualified as an MBA and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, James Irvine has an in-depth understanding of corporate life as well as what it takes to create positive change in your life. Based in Singapore, today he writes and speaks on taking back control of you career and your life for those who feel stuck and powerless. A new identity, a new way of dealing with people, and a new level of performance are all within your grasp as you turn the pages and learn how to play the game by your own rules.

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