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30 Days To A More Spiritual Life

Author: Shana Aborn
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0385502419
Size: 20.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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These days it seems that more and more people seek a satisfaction in their lives that goes beyond having a successful career, a comfortable lifestyle, and access to the latest high-tech gadgets and conveniences. For the answers they can't find anywhere else, they look to the spiritual world. But most have never been touched by an angel, and few have the patience for sweat lodges, the stamina to climb the Himalayas, or the fashion sense to wear crystals. It's one thing to draw inspiration from the books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, but quite another to become a spiritual person through one's own deeds. For these interested yet wary people comes the perfectly accessible program of 30 Days to a More Spiritual Life. This simple guidebook is designed to help readers find personal, comprehensible ways to tap into their spirituality in every aspect of daily life. Growing closer to God (or whatever Higher Power) means communicating not only through prayer and meditation but also through understanding and appreciating one's self and one's world. 30 Days to a More Spiritual Life guides readers toward creating holy moments in the day and discovering their spiritual sides in interactions with others, in conducting business, and even in expressing love. Based on Shana Aborn's very popular article on the same subject for Ladies' Home Journal, 30 Days will incorporate personal anecdotes from the men and women who have benefited from the 30 Day program. This plan will have people of all faiths, backgrounds, and experiences on the road to serenity, greater well-being, and renewed sense of purpose right from the first page.

Life Expansion Playbook

Author: Mark Warren
Publisher: CrossBooks Publishing
ISBN: 9781615070756
Size: 17.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Every day you're faced with a decision: Do I sit back and accept the status quo, or do I take the initiative to improve my life? Which path do you choose? How can you be sure you're making wise decisions? How can you get all you want out of life? To answer these vital questions, you must do a thorough review of your intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual foundation. You have to consult a playbook your life's playbook. The Life Expansion Playbook helps you develop insight and wisdom based on your own experiences. Author Mark Warren helps you to put clarity and action behind this personal knowledge with a proven method of study, discipline, and reflection. The Life Expansion Playbook shows you how, by devoting fifteen minutes a day for thirty days, you can find the positive momentum necessary for a life filled with spirituality, meaning, and purpose. The Life Expansion Playbook enables and empowers you to take action. You'll learn how to avoid becoming bogged down in the what-ifs and if-onlys of life and begin the journey towards living each day with meaning and purpose.

30 Days To Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs

Author: Bruce Wilkinson
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 0307785947
Size: 59.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This thirty-day tool for spiritual growth presents practical articles -- written by some of the nation's best-known Christian authors -- that show readers how to experience breakthroughs in their Christian lives, marriages, families, and walks with God. Their contributions, a combination of helpful insights from the Bible and personal experience, will revitalize anyone looking for life-transforming change. The book also serves as a resource guide for Dr. Bruce Wilkinson's Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs, based on the internationally renowned Three Chairs series. Newly revised and updated! From the Trade Paperback edition.

30 Days To A More Dynamic Prayer Life

Author: John Franklin
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 161291313X
Size: 10.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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God created prayer as a personal, intimate way for us to connect to, talk to, and listen to Him. But how many times have you felt like the prayer culture at your church is inconsistent at best? This thirty-day leaders resource ties solid biblical teaching with practical ways on how to make prayer a lifestyle habit. Author and pastor John Franklin will equip and challenge your church not only to develop an enjoyable prayer life but also to help you get to know your Heavenly Father better. Includes basics onFocusing on GodResponding from the heartSeeking His kingdom

Life Changing Affirmations

Author: Vicky Thompson
Publisher: Red Wheel
ISBN: 9781609257552
Size: 42.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Life-Changing Affirmations, you'll find a spiritual practice that can be done in just minutes a day -- in the shower, on the way to work, while watching a child's soccer game -- and change your life. The 30-day plan promotes a deeper awareness of five key spiritual qualities -- love, intuition, inner wisdom, forgiveness, and service. Each daily affirmation and short meditation focuses on a specific spiritual state such as grace, power, or creativity. "As God created the universe the seed of creation was planted in me. I open my seed of creativity, inviting new ways of living to flow forth. In this moment, I create heaven on earth in me." Following the program brings about changes in the way we handle daily stresses and problems. On days 1 through 5, learn to fuel change. On days 6 through 11, focus on developing an intuitive spiritual practice. The affirmations and meditations for days 12 through 18 help access inner wisdom and the strength to look deeper into our life issues. On days 19 through 24, use the tools of forgiveness. And, on days 25 through 30, focus on using your spiritual energy to serve yourself and others. *A 30-day practice that can be done in minutes anywhere -- and repeated at will.

30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary

Author: Dan Strutzel
Publisher: HBG
ISBN: 1469063875
Size: 70.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Bigger Vocabulary = A Brighter Future Words. They're the foundation of nearly everything of value in our world. They have the power to create and the power to destroy. The power to inspire and to terrify. The power to enlighten and also to obscure. And, more specifically for you, they have the power to attract wealth and success and guarantee your brighter future. This is not hyperbole - it is based on rock-solid research. Studies show that those people with large vocabularies are smarter, wealthier, and happier than the average person - and substantially so. And here's the best news of all: a large vocabulary is not tied to your social status, your genes, or even your education level. It is a skill that can be learned - and it takes only 30 days. In this cutting-edge program, 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, personal development expert and English enthusiast Dan Strutzel will instruct, enlighten, and inspire you with a concentrated 30-day program that will teach you over 500 words. But, more than teaching you these words, the uniquely designed program will ensure that these words become a habit-knit part of your life - and with minimal effort on your part. Best of all, research shows that learning new words has an exponential effect on the size of your vocabulary - since learning one word naturally produces an association between two to three more words. In short, after reading and applying the system in this 30-day program, you will not only have a bigger vocabulary - you will have a brighter future! Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn: The 10 myths about building a dynamic vocabulary The secret behind the exponential effect of vocabulary building A 30-day program designed to maximize learning and comprehension of over 500 words The words you need to know about money and financial issues The words you need to know about persuading others The words you need to know about marriage, parenting, and other relationships The words you need to know about science The words you need to know to be a great conversationalist Why building a large, dynamic vocabulary is even more valuable in the digital age And much more!

Detox Your Spiritual Life In 40 Days

Author: Peter Graystone
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 1598560859
Size: 35.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Just as a detox uses a healthy routine to get rid of toxins that stop your life from reaching its full potential, this book is designed to help you do away with things that hold back your relationship with God. The author's day by day companion encourages you to break habits, let go of failures, and put regrets behind you. Because it is completely realistic about the muddle and struggle of everyday life, it will leave you full of energy to follow Jesus joyfully.

Simple Not Easy

Author: gene smithson
ISBN: 9781548862176
Size: 69.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Changing your life is not a complicated endeavor. This is not to say it is easy. We are changing day to day. The question really is, do you want to influence the direction of that change or just allow life to happen TO you. This training guide consists of 30 days of physical, mental and spiritual tasks. Working through this program is a simple way to grow the discipline and confidence needed to take charge of your life. Day by day, task by task you will practice and develop the mindset, focus and determination needed to choose and shape your life the way you envision it.