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I M Too Young To Be Seventy

Author: Judith Viorst
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416588558
Size: 41.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The beloved author of Forever Fifty and Suddenly Sixty tackles the ins and outs of becoming a septuagenarian with wry good humor. Fans of Viorst’s funny, touching, and wise decades poems will love these verses filled with witty advice and reflections on marriage, milestones, and middle-aged children. The beloved bestselling author of Forever Fifty and Suddenly Sixty now tackles the ins and outs of becoming a septuagenarian with her usual wry good humor. Fans of Judith Viorst's funny, touching, and wise poems about turning thirty, forty, fifty, and sixty will love this new volume for the woman who deeply believes she is too young to be seventy, "too young in my heart and my soul, if not in my thighs." Viorst explores, among the many other issues of this stage of life, the state of our sex lives and teeth, how we can stay married though thermostatically incompatible, and the joys of grandparenthood and shopping. Readers will nod with rueful recognition when she asks, "Am I required to think of myself as a basically shallow woman because I feel better when my hair looks good?," when she presses a few helpful suggestions on her kids because "they may be middle aged, but they're still my children," and when she graciously -- but not too graciously -- selects her husband's next mate in a poem deliciously subtitled "If I Should Die Before I Wake, Here's the Wife You Next Should Take." Though Viorst acknowledges she is definitely not a good sport about the fact that she is mortal, her poems are full of the pleasures of life right now, helping us come to terms with the passage of time, encouraging us to keep trying to fix the world, and inviting us to consider "drinking wine, making love, laughing hard, caring hard, and learning a new trick or two as part of our job description at seventy." I'm Too Young to Be Seventy is a joy to read and makes a heartwarming gift for anyone who has reached or is soon to reach that -- it's not so bad after all -- seventh decade.

The End Of Old Age

Author: Marc E. Agronin, M.D.
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
ISBN: 0738219991
Size: 61.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6296
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The acclaimed author of How We Age, whose "descriptive powers are a gift to readers" (Sherwin Nuland), presents a hopeful and practical model of aging--a guide to understanding how we can all make the journey better. As one of America's leading geriatric psychiatrists, Dr. Marc Agronin sees both the sickest and the healthiest of seniors. He observes what works to make their lives better and more purposeful and what doesn't. Many authors can talk about aging from their particular vantage points, but Dr. Agronin is on the front lines as he counsels and treats elderly individuals and their loved ones on a daily basis. The latest scientific research and Dr. Agronin's first-hand experience are brilliantly distilled in The End of Old Age--a call to no longer see aging as an implacable enemy and to start seeing it as a developmental force for enhancing well-being, meaning, and longevity. Throughout The End of Old Age, the focus is squarely on "So what does this mean for me and my family?" In the final part of the book, Dr. Agronin provides simple but revealing charts that you can fill out to identify, develop, and optimize your unique age-given strengths. It's nothing short of an action plan to help you age better by improving how you value the aging process, guide yourself through stress, and find ways to creatively address change for the best possible experience and outcome.

Bereavement Support Groups

Author: Lorraine Hedtke
ISBN: 9780984865611
Size: 69.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 430
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Filling the gap between the challenges to conventional grief psychology and the practice of bereavement counseling, this structured guide will also inspire readers with a new way of thinkingNincluding the stories and love that remain after death. Here is a model for folding the deceased person's values, legacies, meanings, and connections into the lives of the living.

70candles Gatherings A Leader S Guide

Author: Jane Giddan
ISBN: 9780998106816
Size: 18.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5894
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This guide answers requests made on our blog. Women near and in their 70's have asked for opportunities to discuss, with their age-mates, issues important to them. This booklet will help you create, host, and facilitate 70Candles! Gatherings in your geographic area. Our book, 70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade, published by the Taos Institute, identifies and discusses themes and topics that we've found matter most to women our age in this unique era of extended longevity. These topics are wonderful catalysts for rich discussion. We've discovered how much women enjoy talking with each other about common-held issues-joys and challenges-and we've seen how important other women are to a sense of well-being as we age. In the pages that follow you will find guidelines and suggestions for conducting a "somewhat organized" gathering. These ideas will be useful, whether you meet just once or continue on a regular basis over time. We hope you find the conversations as lively and heartfelt, poignant and inspiring, as we have. Be ready to laugh a lot and perhaps shed a few tears, all in the company of your age-mates.

30 Lessons For Living

Author: Karl A. Pillemer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0452298482
Size: 63.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Draws on a renowned gerontologist's extensive discussions with hundreds of senior-aged Americans to reveal wisdom gleaned from their experiences with everything from families and finances to careers and aging, in a lifestyle primer that shares key principles based on the most commonly imparted advice. Reprint. 100,000 first printing.

Paths To Positive Aging

Author: Mary Gergen
ISBN: 9781938552502
Size: 56.10 MB
Format: PDF
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Drs. Mary and Ken Gergen are devoted to the cause of reinventing aging. To focus on the gains of aging is to realize that the later years are among the richest and most rewarding of one's life. In their dedication to this reconstruction, the Gergens publish the Positive Aging Newsletter, an electronic newsletter, available in seven languages ( Here the Gergens share ideas and experiences designed to inspire others as they age. A choice selection of their newsletter essays is contained within this book. Adding delightful dimension to these commentaries are photographs they have selected from their own albums. This volume is a treasure trove for erasing the stereotypes that darken the vision of aging, and encountering the passing years as a marvelous gift. It is a persuasive document declaring that we are indeed fortunate to grow old.

Happiness Is A Choice You Make

Author: John Leland
Publisher: Sarah Crichton Books
ISBN: 0374717052
Size: 52.79 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3680
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An extraordinary look at what it means to grow old and a heartening guide to well-being, Happiness Is a Choice You Make weaves together the stories and wisdom of six New Yorkers who number among the “oldest old”— those eighty-five and up. In 2015, when the award-winning journalist John Leland set out on behalf of The New York Times to meet members of America’s fastest-growing age group, he anticipated learning of challenges, of loneliness, and of the deterioration of body, mind, and quality of life. But the elders he met took him in an entirely different direction. Despite disparate backgrounds and circumstances, they each lived with a surprising lightness and contentment. The reality Leland encountered upended contemporary notions of aging, revealing the late stages of life as unexpectedly rich and the elderly as incomparably wise. Happiness Is a Choice You Make is an enduring collection of lessons that emphasizes, above all, the extraordinary influence we wield over the quality of our lives. With humility, heart, and wit, Leland has crafted a sophisticated and necessary reflection on how to “live better”—informed by those who have mastered the art.

How To Grow Old

Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400880394
Size: 66.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Worried that old age will inevitably mean losing your libido, your health, and possibly your marbles too? Well, Cicero has some good news for you. In How to Grow Old, the great Roman orator and statesman eloquently describes how you can make the second half of life the best part of all—and why you might discover that reading and gardening are actually far more pleasurable than sex ever was. Filled with timeless wisdom and practical guidance, Cicero's brief, charming classic—written in 44 BC and originally titled On Old Age—has delighted and inspired readers, from Saint Augustine to Thomas Jefferson, for more than two thousand years. Presented here in a lively new translation with an informative new introduction and the original Latin on facing pages, the book directly addresses the greatest fears of growing older and persuasively argues why these worries are greatly exaggerated—or altogether mistaken. Montaigne said Cicero's book "gives one an appetite for growing old." The American founding father John Adams read it repeatedly in his later years. And today its lessons are more relevant than ever in a world obsessed with the futile pursuit of youth.

Unexpectedly Eighty

Author: Judith Viorst
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439190302
Size: 46.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1176
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Judith Viorst returns with more poems in her “Decades” poetry series detailing the highs and lows of being an octogenarian. Continuing the comedic insight from I’m Too Young to be Seventy, these verses of memories and advice from eighty years of love, marriage, and grandchildren are sure to bring laughs. What does it mean to be eighty? In her wise and playful poems, Judith Viorst discusses love, friendship, grand parenthood, and all the particular marvels—and otherwise—of this extraordinary decade. She describes the wonder of seeing the world with new eyes—not because of revelation but because of a successful cataract operation. She promises not to gently fade away, and not to drive after daylight’s faded away either. She explains how she’s gotten to be a “three-desserts” grandmother (“Just don’t tell your mom!”), shares how memory failure can keep you married, and enumerates her hopes for the afterlife (which she doesn’t believe in, but if it does exist, her sister-in-law better not be there with her). As Viorst gleefully attests, eighty is not too old to dream, to flirt, to drink, and to dance. It’s also not too late to give up being cheap or to take up with a younger man of seventy-eight. Zesty, hopeful, and full of the pleasures of living, Viorst’s poems speak to her legions of readers, who recognize themselves in her knowing observations, in her touching reflections, and in her joyful affirmations. Funny, moving, inspirational, and true—the newest in Judith Viorst’s beloved “decades” series extols the virtues, victories, frustrations, and joys of life.

Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple

Author: Charles A. Francis
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0990840514
Size: 42.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3248
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In today’s world, many people are coming to the realization that searching for happiness through achievements and material possessions simply adds to their rising stress levels, only bringing them more chaos and unhappiness. True inner peace only comes through the realization of who you are at the deepest level, and development of the inner strength to meet life’s challenges. When you are ready to be truly at peace, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple will show you the way, and give you the results you want. Through this new and unique 12-step approach, you will learn how to: · Overcome the stress of daily life · Improve your health and well-being · Heal the emotional wounds from your past · Improve your relationships with loved ones · Discover your true potential And when you see for yourself that you’re connected with the rest of humanity, loneliness and insecurity will disappear forever.