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A Prosody Of Free Verse

Author: Richard Andrews
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317615050
Size: 29.45 MB
Format: PDF
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There is to date no comprehensive account of the rhythms of free verse. The main purpose of A Prosody of Free Verse: explorations in rhythm is to fill that gap and begin to provide a systematic approach to describing and analyzing free verse rhythms. Most studies have declared the attempt to write such a prosody as impossible: they prefer to see free verse as an aberrant version of regular metrical verse. They also believe that behind free verse is the ‘ghost of metre’. Running against that current, A Prosody of Free Verse bases its new system on additive rhythms that do not fit conventional time signatures. Inspiration is taken from jazz, contemporary music and dance, not only in their systems of notation but in performance. The book argues that twentieth and twenty-first century rhythms in poetry as based on the line rather than the metrical foot as the unit of rhythm , and that larger rhythmic structures fall into verse paragraphs rather than stanzas.

Similes Puns And Counterfactuals In Literary Narrative

Author: Jennifer Riddle Harding
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 131740193X
Size: 27.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this study, Jennifer Riddle Harding presents a cognitive analysis of three figures of speech that have readily identifiable forms: similes, puns, and counterfactuals. Harding argues that when deployed in literary narrative, these forms have narrative functions—such as the depiction of conscious experiences, allegorical meanings, and alternative plots—uniquely developed by these more visible figures of speech. Metaphors, by contrast, are often "invisible" in the formal structure of a text. With a solid cognitive grounding, Harding’s approach emphasizes the relationship between figurative forms and narrative effects. Harding demonstrates the literary functions of previously neglected figures of speech, and the potential for a unified approach to a topic that crosses cognitive disciplines. Her work has implications for the rhetorical approach to figures of speech, for cognitive disciplines, and for the studies of literature, rhetoric, and narrative.

Multimodality Poetry And Poetics

Author: Richard Andrews
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315523876
Size: 18.81 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This groundbreaking work takes multimodality studies in a new direction by applying multimodal approaches to the study of poetry and poetics. The book examines poetry’s visual and formal dimensions, applying framing theory to such case studies as Aristotle’s Poetics and Robert Lowell’s "The Heavenly Rain", to demonstrate both the implied, due to the form’s unique relationship with structure, imagery, and rhythm, and explicit forms of multimodality at work, an otherwise little-explored research strand of multimodality studies. The volume explores the theoretical implications of a multimodal approach to poetry and poetics to other art forms and fields of study, making this essential reading for students and scholars working at the intersection of language and communication, including multimodality, discourse analysis, and interdisciplinary literary studies.

Thinking Spanish Translation

Author: Sándor G. J. Hervey
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415116589
Size: 16.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Thinking Spanish Translation is a comprehensive and revolutionary 20-week course in translation method offering a challenging and entertaining approach to the acquisition of translation skills. It has been fully and successfully piloted at the University of St.Andrews. Translation is presented as a problem-solving discipline. Discussion, examples and a full range of exercise work enable students to acquire the skills necessary for a broad range of translation problems. Examples are drawn from a wide variety of material from technical and commercial texts to poetry and song. Thinking Spanish Translation is essential reading for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students of Spanish. The book will also appeal to a wide range of languages students and tutors through the general discussion of principles, purposes and practice of translation.

Tuning Your Horse

Author: Sara Wyche
Publisher: Crowood Press
ISBN: 9781861269379
Size: 18.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Riding in tune" depends on a rider having a highly developed sense of rhythm, distinguishing a walk from a trot or a trot from a canter. In a world where our ears are constantly assailed by noise, it's easy for our natural sense of rhythm to become distorted, making it difficult to "hear" the rhythm of the horse and to avoid perpetuating faults, which can ultimately result in multilimbed lameness.Tuning Your Horse shows how the use of music in training can help to reeducate certain aspects of hearing to restore the rider's inner sense of rhythm, which can have far-reaching, beneficial effectsnot just on the horse's performance in the dressage arena but on his overall well-being. Music calms, animates, and controls; it is a gadget-free way of encouraging horse and rider to go forward while at the same time helping them to stay in balance.

Hot Wheels The Ultimate Redline Guide

Author: Jack Clark
ISBN: 9781574324419
Size: 59.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Hot Wheels, The Ultimate Redline Guide, Second Edition, takes an in-depth look at Redline Hot Wheels cars manufactured between 1968 and 1977. Everything you loved about the first edition is still here! Over 1,500 larger-than-life color photographs complement hundreds of listings, which include all color variations and current collector values. Besides Hot Wheels cars, collector buttons are listed and valued, as are track sets, play sets, sticker sheets and decals, parts, and related merchandise. This all-new second edition has been revised and expanded to include more variations and values for both loose and packaged vehicles. The new standard for Redline collectors also includes special sections on prototype vehicles, as well as vehicles inspired by 1970s cartoon series. Collector checklists are once again provided, in addition to user-friendly indexes. Multiple, full-color photos of each vehicle make it easy to identify cars. Cars are listed by value, from common to rare. The best guide for Redline Hot Wheels collectors just got better!

An Introduction To Functional Grammar

Author: Michael Halliday
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1444119087
Size: 20.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This third edition of An Introduction to Functional Grammar has been extensively revised. While retaining the organization and coverage of the earlier editions, it incorporates a considerable amount of new material.

Stories Meaning And Experience

Author: Yanna B. Popova
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134738455
Size: 65.39 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6406
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This is a book about the human propensity to think about and experience the world through stories. ‘Why do we have stories?’, ‘How do stories create meaning for us?’, and ‘How is storytelling distinct from other forms of meaning-making?’ are some of the questions that this book seeks to answer. Although these and other related problems have preoccupied linguists, philosophers, sociologists, narratologists, and cognitive scientists for centuries, in Stories, Meaning, and Experience, Yanna Popova takes an original interdisciplinary approach, situating the study of stories within an enactive understanding of human cognition. Enactive approaches to consciousness and cognition foreground the role of interaction in explanations of social understanding, which includes the human practices of telling and reading stories. Such an understanding of narrative makes a decisive break with both text-centred approaches that have dominated structuralist and early cognitivist views of narrative meaning, as well as pragmatic ones that view narrative understanding as a form of linguistic implicature. The intersubjective experience that each narrative both affords and necessitates, the author argues, serves to highlight the active, yet cooperative and communal, nature of human sociality, expressed in the numerous forms of human interaction, of which storytelling is one.

From Conversation To Oral Tradition

Author: Raymond F Person
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317327527
Size: 75.54 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book argues that many of the most prominent features of oral epic poetry in a number of traditions can best be understood as adaptations or stylizations of conversational language use, and advances the claim that if we can understand how conversation is structured, it will aid our understanding of oral traditions. In this study that carefully compares the "special grammar" of oral traditions to the "grammar" of everyday conversation as understood in the field of conversation analysis, Raymond Person demonstrates that traditional phraseology, including formulaic language, is an adaptation of practices in turn construction in conversation, such as sound-selection of words and prosody, and that thematic structures are adaptations of sequence organization in talk-in-interaction. From this he concludes that the "special grammar" of oral traditions can be understood as an example of institutional talk that exaggerates certain conversational practices for aesthetic purposes and that draws from cognitive resources found in everyday conversation. Person’s research will be of interest to conversation analysts as well as literary scholars, especially those interested in ancient and medieval literature, the comparative study of oral traditions and folklore, and linguistic approaches to literature. This volume lays the groundwork for further interdisciplinary work bridging the fields of literature and linguistics.

The Little Free Library Book

Author: Margret Aldrich
ISBN: 9781566894074
Size: 56.79 MB
Format: PDF
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Traces the story of the grassroots initiative to promote literacy and encourage community through front-yard book exchanges, chronicling how the movement expanded throughout 70 countries. 10,000 first printing.