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Creative Teaching Methods

Author: Marlene LeFever
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 0781407214
Size: 12.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4467
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Do you ever wonder why Jeffrey talks all of the time? Or why Toni can't sit still? Or why Alex loves work sheets? Or why Jordan is always trying something new? Each chapter is fun to read, stimulating, and immensely practical. This book is valuable to teachers, and for preachers, too. DAVID R. MAINS DIRECTOR, CHAPEL OF THE AIR It's about time. Creative Teaching Methods is not just another book on the theory of creativity (which we don't need). Rather, it is a book on the practice of creativity in the classroom (which we desperately need). This is a book you will use over and over again. Creative Teaching Methods is loaded with practical and usable ideas that will make creative teaching a reality in your classroom. Without hesitation, I would recommend this book to anyone who teaches young people or adults. MIKE YACONELLI PRESIDENT, YOUTH SPECIALTIES Marlene LeFever makes the principle of learning through creative participation come alive for Christian education. Creative methods are vividly and invitingly explored for their potential for deepening the spiritual life through new ways of hearing the Word of God and using heretofore untapped personal resources in responding to it. Unique in its assumption that in Christian education creativity is just as essential in work with youth and adults as it is in work with children. D. CAMPBELL WYCKOFF PROFESSOR OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION EMERITUS, PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Marlene D. LeFever is Manager of Ministry Relations for David C. Cook Church Ministries, holds a master of Christian education and is a frequent speaker at Sunday School conventions, writers' conferences, and professional organizations. Editor of Teacher Touch, a quarterly letter of affirmation for Sunday School teachers, Marlene has authored over ten books, including Creative Teaching Methods (Cook), Creative Hospitality (Tyndale), and Is Your To Do List About To Do You In? (NavPress).

Finding God In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Author: Timothy Paul Jones
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 030756309X
Size: 64.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nothing in Your Life Is Ordinary Your present world isn’t supposed to be this small. You were made for something much bigger. And no, you don’t have to be an astronaut, or even a Star Wars fan, to live it. Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away is not about space travel, or even a movie. It’s about rediscovering your sense of wonder—something we adults have successfully squelched from our everyday lives. But God never meant it to be that way. Timothy Jones, by way of an astounding, eye-opening study of the spiritual parallels found in the Star Wars saga, will make you a kid again. You’ll be marveling at the mysterious, laughing anew at life’s “coincidences,” and remembering above all the Creator for which you were made. May the True Force Be with You Remember when Star Wars first captured your imagination? How your longing for adventure propelled you to distant worlds and transformed you into a Jedi knight faster than you could say, “Luke, I am your father”? This same longing, once sparked by John Williams’s triumphant score and fanned by Darth Vader’s sweeping black cape, is your ticket to life’s greatest adventure. Join Timothy Paul Jones on an astounding, eye-opening exploration of the spiritual themes in the Star Wars saga and the truth will become clear: Like young Luke Skywalker, you were also made for more—much more. Rediscover awe. Revel in the wonder of every moment. And pursue all you were meant to be. It is your destiny. "The Force is strong with this one. I could not recommend it more." Joshua Griffin, Editor/Owner, TheForce.Net Manager, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry “If you own a lightsaber—or a Bible—you’re sure to benefit from reading his book.” Kevin Miller, author and reviewer “‘Awe-some’ reading that both delights and challenges us. A fun and thoughtful book for Christians who consider and enjoy popular culture and media.” Robert W. Pazmino Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education, Andover Newton Theological School Story Behind the Book “The night I first saw Star Wars from the backseat of my parents’ Ford Pinto was the first night I experienced awe. It sent me on a quest that continues today. There is, in every one of us, a longing to touch ‘the forever,’ to sense the magnitude of the vastness in which we live. This universal longing explains why we ride roller coasters and tell scary stories. This universal longing for awe also explains why, after nearly thirty years, the popularity of the Star Wars saga shows no sign of subsiding. I wrote this book to inspire readers to relish awe and wonder because God did not only create us to long for awe, but also to live in it!” —Timothy Jones From the Trade Paperback edition.

Discipleship Essentials

Author: Greg Ogden
ISBN: 1442960884
Size: 31.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus' own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others and allow life to rub against life. By gathering in twos or threes to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus' example with the twelve disciples. The workbook you hold is a tool designed to help you follow this pattern Jesus drew for us. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith.

The 8 Habits Of Effective Small Group Leaders

Author: Dave Earley
Publisher: Cell Group Resources
ISBN: 9781880828342
Size: 73.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2180
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After years of leading and overseeing growing small groups, Pastor Dave Earley has identified 8 core habits of effective leaders. When adopted, these habits will transform your leadership too. The habits include: Dreaming Prayer Invitations Contact Preparation Mentoring Fellowship Growth When your leaders adopt and practice these habits, your groups will move from once-a-week meetings to an exciting lifestyle of ministry to one another and the lost! Each habit is discussed in detail, providing "how-to" steps with an implementation guide at the end of each chapter. This resource will also be a valuable teaching tool for training your leaders and guiding your coaches as they mentor your group leaders. Help your leaders discover how to make each habit a part of their life . . . and watch them become more effective!

Adult Bible Studies Fall 2017 Teacher

Publisher: Cokesbury
ISBN: 1501830546
Size: 30.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Fall theme: Covenants With God Genesis | Exodus | Numbers | 1 Samuel | 2 Samuel | Nehemiah | Jeremiah | Ezekiel | 1 Corinthians | Titus This fall, lessons in Adult Bible Studies follow the theme, "Covenants With God," and consider the major covenants God made with people on behalf of the earth and the human community. Beginning with Noah, God promised benevolence toward creation. God made similar commitments with Abram, Phinehas, and Ezekiel. Ultimately, the covenant forms the foundation for the coming Messiah and salvation for the world. The student book writer is Rosanne Osborne. The writer for the teacher book is Tim Bryan. Signs of God's Covenants The four lessons in this unit, drawn from Genesis and Ezekiel, celebrate four signs of God's covenant. Promising to renew the cycle of seasons, God created the rainbow as a permanent reminder of the covenant with every living thing. Circumcision was the sign of the covenant with Abraham, and the sabbath was the sign of the covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai. The last sign is the Spirit-filled heart. Called Into Covenant With God This five-lesson unit looks at the images of the reign of the resurrected Christ from the Letter to the Hebrews. These lessons help us understand Jesus as the imprint of God, the owner of a household, the great high priest, a priest forever, and the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. An Everlasting Covenant The final unit this quarter develops four lessons, drawn from Numbers, 1 Samuel, Jeremiah, Hebrews, and 1 Corinthians. These lessons examine the components of the covenant God made with the priest, Phinehas, and the divine promise to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah. The unconditional divine promises were to maintain a perpetual priesthood, forgive the unfaithful, and establish a new covenant with Israel. God sealed this covenant of pure grace through Christ as mediator and by writing the Law in the hearts of God's people. Developed for use with the student book based on the Uniform Series, this leader resource provides a wealth of information, planning ideas, and lesson guides for each of the 13 lessons in the quarter. This resource includes detailed study of the biblical text, suggestions for developing lessons, teaching options, maps, and charts. It features articles that explore biblical themes related to the passages studied in the lessons. Available in regular print, as a downloadable file or an eBook. Free Extras! All found at Supplemental Resources Free supplemental resources related to each lesson enhance teacher preparation and small group participation. Current Events Supplement The free Current Events Supplement offers a way to connect each week's lesson to a timely event or topic in the news. The supplements can enhance all resources using the Uniform Series. Register for the Forums at Bold, and you can post and read comments about the lessons from other readers.

The Great Controversy 1888 Edition

Author: Ellen G White
ISBN: 9780994115140
Size: 22.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This is a very well presented 1888 copy of the Great Controversy. This has been styled and formatted to be easy to read and not on newsprint paper. Ellen Gould White was a prolific author and an American Christian pioneer. She, along with other Sabbatarian Adventist leaders, formed what is now known as the Seventh-day Adventist Church. White was considered a somewhat controversial fi gure. Her reports of visionary experiences and use of other sources in her writings comprise much of the controversy. Her writings covered creationism, agriculture, theology, evangelism, Christian lifestyle, education and health. During her lifetime she wrote more than 5,000 periodical articles and 40 books. Some of her most famous books include The Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ. This work, originally published in 1888, on the great contraversy between Jesus and Satan, The Great Controversy, has also been published under the title The Triumph of God's Love.

Survivor Bible Style

Author: Mickie O'Donnell
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9780781440684
Size: 76.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7440
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Survivor: Bible Syle introduces kids to spine-tingling stories of Bible time survivors, from Rahab to Gideon, Esther, Daniel, Paul and many more. From one hair-raising adventure to the next, kids will discover that God takes care of those who are faithful to him no matter the odds against them. Reproducible lessons chock full of hair raising escapes, spies in danger and desperate plots will help kids learn that the God who intervened for his people thoughout history sitll rules the world and watches over them today! Two options let teachers tale the lesson for super simple to more challenging. For an "instant" lesson teach the Bible 4U and Shepherd's Spot sections. The optional Get Set section provides the opportunity for a little puppet action. And the optional Workshop Wonders stretches each lesson witha craft, science or food activity. Look for more reproducible instant bible lesson books in this Pick Up 'N' Do Series