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Advanced Stand Hunting Strategies

Author: Steve Bartylla
Publisher: North American Whitetail
ISBN: 9781892947543
Size: 51.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7093
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If you're looking for expert advice on where to set up your deer stand - and why to do it - look no farther.

500 Deer Hunting Tips

Author: Bill Vaznis
Publisher: Creative Publishing International
ISBN: 1616732806
Size: 57.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3510
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One Simple Tip Can Bring You a Trophy! This book gives whitetail hunters exactly what they're always looking for: that extra edge--whitetail hunters are always looking for that extra edge in outsmarting their prey. Short and to-the-point tips are just what many of them are looking for; 500 in one book is a great value. Approximately 150 of the tips are accompanied by detailed how-to photography. Chapter topics include: Early-Season Scouting Locating Racked Bucks The Perfect Tree-Stand Scent Control Keeping a Low Profile Predicting the Pre-Rut Calling Strategies Locating Nocturnal Bucks Snow Tracking Hunting Around Water Hunting Bucks in the Snow Scouting the Post Season

Big Buck Secrets

Author: Steve Bartylla
Publisher: Krause Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 9781440242953
Size: 58.16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1118
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Steve Bartylla has never relied on outfitter to put him on trophy bucks. Instead, he relies on his own scouting and hunting skills. Big Buck Secrets draws from Bartylla's years of successful do-it-yourself hunting for trophy whitetails on both public and private land. This book is grounded in that experience to help you take your deer hunting to the next level with comprehensive instruction on: Scouting new hunting areas Understanding mature buck behavior Hunting during the rut Utilizing decoys Aggressive and creative techniques to deal with hunting pressure And much more! All aimed to put you on the biggest bucks of your life! Hard work and in-depth knowledge of whitetails, understanding how they utilize terrain and seeking pockets where mature bucks exist, are the tools Bartylla relies on most--and shares with you in Big Buck Secrets.

Hunting Big Woods Bucks

Author: Hal Blood
Publisher: Woods N' Water, Inc.
ISBN: 9780972280433
Size: 11.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2382
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If learning how to read deer sign more effectively, understanding the nuances of following a big-buck track, or honing your stalking and general deer-hunting skills are important to you, then this book will become a treasured reference in your deer-hunting library.

White Tailed Deer Management And Habitat Improvement

Author: Steve Bartylla
ISBN: 9781440245527
Size: 30.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6792
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Steve Bartylla has more than 20 years of experience setting up and managing hunting properties, as well as consulting for other landowners who want to manage their lands for healthy, mature bucks. His hands-on knowledge will provide detailed instruction on how to boost your hunting success by improving the land, the quality of mature deer and your overall hunting plan.

Treestand Hunting Strategies

Author: Gary Clancy
Publisher: Lyons Press
ISBN: 9781585745517
Size: 28.51 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7212
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This book is for the hunter who has yet to draw down on his first deer and for the hunter who has lost count and does not care to keep tally anyway. This book is for all of you who, like me, find the pull of the whitetail deer to be irresistible.

Real World Whitetail Behavior

Author: Jim Roy
Publisher: Derrydale Press
ISBN: 1461661447
Size: 41.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Taking the controversial approach that deer hunting has become more of a "social event" than an affirmation of the more basic human need to subsist in the wild, Jim Roy proposes a simple, common sense method of stalking the whitetail that he calls "survival hunting." Some of the mysteries and myths concerning the whitetail can best be unraveled by observing the natural movements of the herd-not the more unnatural movements caused by pressure from humans or dogs. Roy breaks the deer herd down into its natural family groups, such as parental does with fawns, lone bucks, and single does of various ages, tracking their movements to and from their bedding areas based on such natural influences as wind direction and angle of sunlight. Based on over twenty years of observation at the Smithsonian Institute's Environmental Research Center on Chesapeake Bay, this revised edition of a classic will be welcomed by hunters and wildlife watchers alike.

Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies

Author: Steve Bartylla
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1510719083
Size: 34.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3917
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Steve Bartylla gets down to the nuts and bolts of what it takes to bowhunt public land whitetails today. Bartylla consistently proves that hard work, an in-depth understanding of whitetail deer and how they use terrain—combined with an ability to read aerial photographs and interpret contour maps to find pockets where mature bucks exist—are the necessary tools for a bowhunter's success. In Bowhunting Tactics That Deliver Trophies, you will find excellent advice on determining what food sources are hot during different times of the year, inside tips on what really happens when hunting with wind in your face, and how to get the most from each and every tree stand. Bartylla also shares savvy advice on hunting from ground blinds, how to maximize your time when hunting public land, and the most effective trailing tools to find your buck. Whether you are just beginning to hunt with a bow or you are a seasoned bowhunter, you will find a tremendous amount of information that you can use each and every deer season.


Author: A. Robert Sheppard
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1616633824
Size: 15.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Biological research in recent years has brought to light much concerning the nutrition, biology, and habitat of the whitetail. But there has always been a paucity of hard data involved in the actual hunting of whitetails. This book brings to bear more than twenty years of didactic research concerning the weather conditions that drive the daytime movement activities of the whitetail. Dr. Sheppard has prospectively joined together data from Bent Creek Lodge, one of the South's largest commercial hunting operations and data from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather database to study daytime whitetail movement patterns in ways never before considered. An intense statistical analysis of these unique data uncovers some of the most profound insights known to date concerning daytime whitetail activities. More than 35,000 hunter days of data have been accumulated and blended with daily weather data to provide practical information that can, and should, change the way you think about whitetails, and definitely the way you hunt them. Dr. Bob Sheppard grew up on a farm in Alabama, born in 1950, the son of tenant farmers. He descended from a long line of fishermen and hunters. He began a writing career in the outdoor field during his years of medical school and residency, and became a staff writer for an Alabama based magazine called the Alabama Sportsman (later to become one of Game & Fish Publication's periodicals, Alabama Game & Fish). Over the next fifteen years, he placed articles in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Bowhunter Magazine, Harris Publication's books and annuals, Deer & Deer Hunting, Progressive Farmer, Southern Outdoors, Game & Fish Publications, and a host of others. In 1979 he began instructing in a series of bowhunting schools held at commercial hunting lodges across the South. These have become the nation's oldest continuous line of outdoor skills schools in existence.

Mapping Trophy Bucks

Author: Brad Herndon
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 9780873495035
Size: 62.82 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2598
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Using Topographic Maps to Find Deer Topographic maps and aerial photos can lead you right to the biggest bucks you've ever seen. You just have to know how to use them. Brad Herndon takes the mystery out of finding deer with maps. Through years of dedicated hunting and careful study of maps and photos, Herndon has perfected the use of maps to find the routes deer travel. And once you know where the deer will be headed you can establish the perfect ambush site. Maps are often the forgotten link in scouting prime deer habitat. Yet because they show you all the hills, gullies, rivers and ridges, you can learn the lay of the land without walking mile after unproductive mile. Maps won't eliminate the need to get in the woods, but they will tell the best places to start your search for the buck of your dreams. Herndon also shows hunters how to use the latest Internet and computer technology to personalize any map. Mark your stand locations, the locations of deer sign, even note the best possible wind direction to make your hunt a success. If you hunt deer, let Mapping Trophy Bucks lead you right to where the big boys hide. The rest is up to you.