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An Ordered Love

Author: Louis J. Kern
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469620421
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An Ordered Love is the first detailed study of sex roles in the utopian communities that proposed alternatives to monogamous marriage: The Shakers (1779-1890), the Mormons (1843-90), and the Oneida Community (1848-79). The lives of men and women changed substantially when they joined one of the utopian communities. Louis J. Kern challenges the commonly held belief that Mormon polygamy was uniformly downgrading to women and that Oneida pantagamy and Shaker celibacy were liberating for them. Rather, Kern asserts that changes in sexual behavior and roles for women occurred in ideological environments that assumed women were inferior and needed male guidance. An elemental distrust of women denied the Victorian belief in their moral superiority, attacked the sanctity of the maternal role, and institutionalized the dominance of men over women. These utopias accepted the revolutionary idea that the pleasure bond was the essence of marriage. They provided their members with a highly developed theological and ideological position that helped them cope with the ambiguities and anxieties they felt during a difficult transitional stage in social mores. Analysis of the theological doctrines of these communities indicates how pervasive sexual questions were in the minds of the utopians and how closely they were related to both reform (social perfection) and salvation (individual perfection). These communities saw sex as the point at which the demands of individual selfishness and the social requirements of self-sacrifice were in most open conflict. They did not offer their members sexual license, but rather they established ideals of sexual orderliness and moral stability and sought to provide a refuge from the rampant sexual anxieties of Victorian culture. Kern examines the critical importance of considerations of sexuality and sexual behavior in these communities, recognizing their value as indications of larger social and cultural tensions. Using the insights of history, psychology, and sociology, he investigates the relationships between the individual and society, ideology and behavior, and thought and action as expressed in the sexual life of these three communities. Previously unused manuscript sources on the Oneida Community and Shaker journals and daybooks reveal interesting and sometimes startling information on sexual behavior and attitudes.


Author: W.H. Newton-Smith
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134949030
Size: 60.84 MB
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First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

On Love

Author: Hugh Feiss
Publisher: New City Press
ISBN: 1565484347
Size: 47.40 MB
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The version of the Rule of St. Augustine used at the Abbey of St.Victor began with the command to love God above all things and ones neighbor as oneself. Not surprisingly, then, love was a pervasive theme in the writings produced there, many of which are introduced and translated here: (1)five lyrical essays by Hugh of St.Victor (d.1141): The Praise of Charity; The Betrothal Gift of the Soul; In Praise of the Spouse; On the Substance of Love; What Truly Should Be Loved?; (2)On the Four Degrees of Violent Love, by Richard of St.Victor (d.1173), which traces the likenesses and differences between romantic love and the love of God; (3)Achard of St.Victor (d.1170), Sermon5 and two of Adam of St.Victors sequences are examples of how these authors wove love into their writings; (4)excerpts from the Microcosmus by Godfrey of St.Victor (, summarize the central place of love in his humanistic theological anthropology.

Treatise On The Love Of God St

Publisher: DeSales
ISBN: 9780971319936
Size: 55.44 MB
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An Adaptation of the Introduction to the Devout Life for Young People.French Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, Michel Tournade, writing originally in his native French, has ADOPTED the personal approach of his mentor and spiritual director, St. Francis de Sales, in writing to today's young adults. He follows the thoughts of DeSales' classic writing: Introduction to the Devout Life, which has never been out of print since its first publication in 1609.Francis de Sales (1567-1622), a contemporary of William Shakespeare, Galileo and St. Robert Bellarmine, was Jesuit educated with a doctorate in both civil and church law. At the age of 35 he became the Bishop of Geneva and spent 20 years reforming clergy and parishes, advocating education and the call to holiness for everyone, especially the laity. There is reason to believe that Francis wrote more than 10,000 letters of spiritual direction to men, women, lay and religious, 2500 of which we have access to today. In both his Introduction to the Devout Life and Treatise on the Love of God, he writes so personally, as if addressing a friend. It is exactly this style that Fr. Tournade brings to Falling in Love with God allowing Francis to once again speak to today's young audience.


Author: Niklas Luhmann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745694713
Size: 54.32 MB
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Love seems like the most personal experience, one that touches each of us in a unique way that is more personal than social, and hence it is not surprising that it has been largely neglected by sociologists and social theorists. While it has long been a central preoccupation of writers and novelists, love has rarely attracted anything more than the most cursory attention of social scientists. This short text, originally written in 1969 by the eminent German social theorist Niklas Luhmann, goes a long way to redressing this neglect. Rather than seeing love as a unique and ineffable personal experience, Luhmann treats love as a solution to a problem that depends on a wider range of social structures and forms. Human beings are faced with a world of enormous complexity and they have to find ways to order and make sense of this world. In other words, they need certain facilities for action Ð what Luhmann calls ‘media of communication’ Ð that enable them to select from a host of alternatives in ways that will be understood as meaningful by others. Love is one of these media; truth, power, money and art are others. With the development of modern societies, greater demands are made on this medium of love, altering the relationship between love and sexuality and giving rise to the distinctive difficulties we associate with love today. This short text by one of the most brilliant social theorists of the 20th century will be of great interest to students and scholars throughout the social sciences and humanities. It is a concise and pithy statement of what is still the only sociological theory of love we have.

Spenser S Allegory Of Love

Author: James W. Broaddus
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838636329
Size: 43.22 MB
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Spenser's Allegory of Love approaches the major characters in Books III, IV, and V of The Faerie Queene as fictional personages who function psychically according to Renaissance sexual psychology and physically according to Renaissance sexual physiology. This approach enables readings of the quests in their own peculiar, allegorical way as imitations of actions. For each of the questers - Britomart, Florimell, Scudamour, and Timias - union with a loved one is the goal; and that goal is achieved, however problematically, in each of the quests. When the interwoven quests, which begin in Book III, continue through Book IV, and, with Britomart's quest, into Book V, are separated out and explicated, these three books of Spenser's Faerie Queene can be read so as to constitute a social vision.

Politics And The Order Of Love

Author: Eric Gregory
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226307514
Size: 21.82 MB
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Augustine—for all of his influence on Western culture and politics—was hardly a liberal. Drawing from theology, feminist theory, and political philosophy, Eric Gregory offers here a liberal ethics of citizenship, one less susceptible to anti-liberal critics because it is informed by the Augustinian tradition. The result is a book that expands Augustinian imaginations for liberalism and liberal imaginations for Augustinianism. Gregory examines a broad range of Augustine’s texts and their reception in different disciplines and identifies two classical themes which have analogues in secular political theory: love—and related notions of care, solidarity, and sympathy—and sin—as well as related notions of cruelty, evil, and narrow self-interest. From an Augustinian point of view, Gregory argues, love and sin constrain each other in ways that yield a distinctive vision of the limits and possibilities of politics. In providing a constructive argument for Christian participation in liberal democratic societies, Gregory advances efforts to revive a political theology in which love’s relation to justice is prominent. Politics and the Order of Love will provoke new conversations for those interested in Christian ethics, moral psychology, and the role of religion in a liberal society.

Guide To Happiness

Author: Deniza D.C.Fitu
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452588872
Size: 41.93 MB
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This Guide has many messages but one is supreme: To be “happy, up-lifted and exultant with a true sense of deliverance”. But how do we get there? First we know the Sun is the Center of life for the planet Earth and we human beings are the energy which has the free will to use it. The Sun is from God who gives us energy. The energy formula is E= MC2 where m is mass and c is speed of light, 186.000 miles /sec. I believe mass is our Blessed Mother who is m and Christ, is our c, the speed of light and the Center of our personal Solar System. To have personal energy in our body, we must live in the Mass and Sun, the Blessed Mother’s Son. How do we live? “Happy, up-lifted and exultant with a true sense of deliverance”. The secret of your happiness is to make from your pure heart a living place for God, Blessed Mother’s Son and you. The Guide responds to all your questions. “Very original approach! I wish you the best (TOP 10)!!!” —Eugen Susman “This book heals the human heart .Now I have energy and a new sense of discipline to reach cherished goals.” —Dr. Mark Jay