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Autism And Spirituality

Author: Olga Bogdashina
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Pub
ISBN: 9781849052856
Size: 54.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Spirituality plays a vital role in the lives of many people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Drawing on interdisciplinary research as well as first-hand experiences of people with ASD, Olga Bogdashina shows how people with ASD experience their inner worlds and sense of self, and how this shapes the spiritual dimension of their lives.

Evolution Cognition And The History Of Religion A New Synthesis

Author: Anders Klostergaard Petersen
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004385371
Size: 56.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 542
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The chapters explore the possible development of a new scholarly synthesis for the study of religion, founded on the triadic space constituted by evolution, cognition, cultural and ecological environment. Chapters focus on either evolution, cognition, and/or the history of religion.

Sensory Perceptual Issues In Autism And Asperger Syndrome Second Edition

Author: Olga Bogdashina
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784501794
Size: 51.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 305
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Completely revised and updated, this book focuses on sensory perceptual problems as identified by individuals on the autism spectrum. Despite frequently being identified by individuals with autism as one of the main problems they face, sensory perceptual issues are still often overlooked by professionals. The author covers the sensory perceptual experiences and sensitivities seen in autism spectrum conditions, and the cognitive differences caused by them. She considers assessment and intervention, and makes practical recommendations for selecting appropriate methods and techniques to eliminate sensory perceptual problems and enhance individual strengths. Brought up-to-date with current research and the latest thinking on autism, this book enables teachers, parents, professionals and individuals with autism fully to understand and address the problematic aspects of the sensory perceptual differences of people with autism spectrum conditions.

Safeguarding Mindfulness In Schools And Higher Education

Author: Leigh Burrows
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351737201
Size: 11.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1665
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Although mindfulness can be located in a number of different traditions and disciplines, it was originally an esoteric and powerful practice based on developing a capacity attainable only by certain people. After previously publishing on the positive outcomes, in this book the author identifies a range of adverse effects of mindfulness meditation for some individuals that, from the point of view of mindfulness in schools and higher education, represents uncharted territory. The author demonstrates through research, personal experience and case studies how mindfulness activities can be safe for all students in education settings including the most vulnerable. This book assists teachers in school and higher education settings to make informed decisions about whether to include mindfulness in their teaching, depending on their own capacity, student cohorts and activities to make sure it is safe for more vulnerable students. This guidance is based on a combination of existing pedagogical and clinical knowledge about meeting the needs of vulnerable students, clients and patients and the specialized expertise of trained mindfulness clinicians and teachers. This book puts school and university teachers in the driver’s seat as regards mindfulness teaching in education settings. It argues that the only way forward for mindfulness in education is to adopt an individualized approach which builds on what effective teachers already do in their work with vulnerable students through extending their knowledge about mindfulness and its possible effects. In this way teachers’ existing skills are celebrated and extended, and mindfulness pedagogy develops organically with teachers, becoming a genuine and felt experience both for themselves and their students rather than an ‘add-on’ intervention.

Unclouded By Longing

Author: Christopher Goodchild
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 178450386X
Size: 43.45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 923
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Truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing.' Lao-Tzu (poet and philosopher) In this collection of short, contemplative, enlightening reflections, spiritual teacher and Quaker Christopher Goodchild, inspired by his own experiences, guides you through his spiritual and philosophical journey to his truest and most peaceful self. Written from a 'soul' perspective, the book reveals how, by looking beyond vulnerability to see innate strength, and searching beyond pain and turmoil to find peace and serenity, anyone can affirm their true humanity despite the hardships and distractions of modern life. Christopher's compassionate route through difficulties, doubt, grief and fear is marked with dynamic tenderness and an artful embrace of abundant sources of wisdom. Spirituality, psychology and philosophy are seamlessly woven together in an inclusive Quaker context, led by the common values of love and forgiveness. In a world increasingly weighed down with the baggage of the self, this book will speak to anyone searching for a more clear-sighted, meaningful presence in the eternal universe.

Autism And The God Connection

Author: William Stillman
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402219784
Size: 42.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4918
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Everyone who seeks a more compassionate and wise life will benefit from this wonderful, insightful, and beautiful book. It is a very short step from understanding autism and the God connection to understanding you and the God Connection. ---Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Master "Autism and the God Connection is a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. Mr. Stillman describes the discoveries that unfold from conversations that he has with people that have a difficult time with conventional communication. He is able to see, feel and hear people from different perspectives." --Nicki Fischer, executive director, publisher and editor, The Autism Perspective Magazine Autism impacts one out of every 166 children--ten times higher than just ten years ago. Despite the international scrambling of scientists to provide an explanation, there remains no single known cause for the rise in autism. Autism and the God Connection views autism through a spiritual prism, unlocking its hidden meaning. Through countless interviews William Stillman documents extraordinary examples of spiritual giftedness. Autism and the God Connection boldly challenges our traditionally held beliefs about people with disabilities. Readers looking for hope, inspiration and a deeper understanding of their loved ones will appreciate the affirming anecdotes of ordinary families.

Die Seele Des Autismus

Author: William Stillman
ISBN: 3954470764
Size: 59.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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»Wir sollten die Unterschiede zwischen uns feiern, statt sie zu fürchten!« - Dean Hamer, Autor von Das Gottes-Gen. Immer rascher steigt die Zahl der Menschen mit der Diagnose Autismus. Dabei ist eine allgemein gültige Ursache nicht bekannt. Hochrechnungen nach wird 2050 weltweit die Hälfte aller Kinder betroffen sein. Welchen Grund hat dieser dramatische Anstieg? Wir wissen, dass damit Fähigkeiten und Sensibilisierungen einhergehen, die uns heute noch unerklärlich sind. Ist Autismus vielleicht ein natürlicher Teil unserer Evolution? Wir können mehr darüber erfahren. Wir können uns in die Gedankenwelt dieser Menschen einfühlen. Wir können uns sogar selbst der zahlreichen Talente bedienen, die Kinder und Erwachsene mit Autismus auszeichnen. Es gibt so viel zu lernen von unseren Freunden mit Autismus über die Erweiterung des Bewusstseins. Sie gehen uns voran bei der Entwicklung einer neuen Menschheit. Das neue Buch des Autors von AUTISMUS UND DIE VERBUNDENHEIT MIT GOTT. Gewinner des Nautilus Book Award für Bücher, die unsere Gesellschaft verändern! William Stillman ist Autor von zehn Elternratgebern und weist selbst das Asperger-Syndrom auf. Als einziger Experte für Autismus und Spiritualität schreibt er für Fachmagazine, hält Vorträge, Workshops, macht TV-Auftritte und arbeitet als Berater für US-Behörden und Betroffene. Sein Schwerpunkt sind die besonderen mentalen Fähigkeiten von Menschen mit Autismus. Am vorliegenden Buch wurden bereits die Filmrechte vergeben. Die Mutter eines Kindes mit Autismus schreibt: »In zwanzig oder dreißig Jahren wird es vielleicht mehr autistische als nicht-autistische Menschen geben. Die Kinder, die zu den Führungspersönlichkeiten von morgen gehören werden, werden ziemlich wahrscheinlich autistisch sein und Größe besitzen ... Autismus ist Evolution!«

Durch Die Gl Serne T R Lebensbericht Einer Autistin

Author: Temple Grandin
Publisher: Verlag Rad und Soziales
Size: 21.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Der große amerikanische Kinoerfolg „Rain Man“ erzählt die Geschichte des Autisten Raymond mit anrührender Unmittelbarkeit und unpathetischer Leichtigkeit. Ebenso eindringlich und geradeaus ist die Geschichte der Autistin Temple Grandin, die übrigens mithalf, „Rain Man“ - Hauptdarsteller Dustin Hoffman auf seine anspruchsvolle Rolle vorzubereiten. Aus ihrer außergewöhnlichen Perspektive schildert Temple Grandin ihren zähen Kampf gegen die bizarren Symptome des Autismus: etwa das Unvermögen, ihre Bewegungen zu kontrollieren, die Besessenheit mit einer Beschäftigung, ihre Geräuschempfindlichkeit, die Überreiztheit ihres Nervensystems überhaupt, oder ihre anfängliche totale Unfähigkeit, mittels Sprache oder auch nur Körperkontakt eine Verbindung zur Außenwelt herzustellen - obwohl sie gerade dies sehnlichst wünschte. Dass es ihr schließlich dennoch glückte, sich aus ihrem gläsernen Gefängnis zu befreien, verdankt sie ihrem eigenen Erfindungsreichtum: Sie konstruierte einen Apparat, mit dessen Hilfe sie körperliche Berührung zulassen, aber auch kontrollieren konnte. Diese „Zaubermaschine“ wie auch die liebevolle Zuwendung einiger weniger Menschen öffneten ihr den Weg durch die gläserne Tür in die reale Welt.

Schau Mich An

Author: John Elder Robison
ISBN: 9783771643775
Size: 39.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Skurriler Selbsterfahrungsbericht über die Kindheit und Jugend eines amerikanischen Aussenseiters, der - ohne es zu wissen - am Asberger Syndrom leidet und besondere Defizite und Begabungen hat.

The Autism Prophecies

Author: William Stillman
Publisher: Career Press
ISBN: 9781601631169
Size: 50.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6078
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Stillman reveals more startling truths about evolution, the future of our planet, and what the rapidly growing community of (autistic) individuals is really here to teach us. In this intriguing book, you will learn: how 'impossible' gifts such as mind control and speaking unknown languages could be occurring in some people with autism; how parents can distinguish their child's spiritual interactions from behavior that might be mislabeled as hallucinatory - and unduly medicated; and. how the wisdom of many people with autism may help us to prepare for future hardships and an impending renaissance of civility, respect, and compassion.