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Bargaining For Eden

Author: Stephen Trimble
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520261712
Size: 42.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"While open spaces in America are rapidly being destroyed as a result of greed, hubris, and neglect, Stephen Trimble's Bargaining for Eden is a powerful call for us to more earnestly consider our solemn obligations as stewards of the Earth. Combining remarkable investigative research with his skills as a poignant essayist, Trimble has favored us with an extraordinary account that inspires as it challenges our values, our commitment to action, and our sense of connection with place, community, and the essence of who we are as inhabitants of this wondrous planet."—Rocky Anderson, Former Mayor of Salt Lake City “From Hetch Hetchy to Glen Canyon, we mourn the sacred places in the west that have been bargained away for the American dream. Stephen Trimble eloquently shows that these are not just conflicts over land, but choices over which American dream we pursue as a nation. What moves us to act? What do we really value? How shall we live together? In this mature and poignant book, Trimble urges passion and self-awareness and reminds us that no conflict arises totally outside of oneself; all of the things we fear in others may be possible in ourselves.”—Peter Forbes, Director, Center for Whole Communities “With this masterwork, Stephen Trimble has given us the most reasoned and moving account of how and why the West becomes developed and its lands fragmented. Rather than merely pointing the finger at developers or passive staffers in federal agencies, he places the development issue in a larger cultural context, asking us all to be full participants in the choices about how our lands and waters are ultimately managed. As wise as it is heartbreaking, Trimble's story challenges us to sign on to supporting a new ethics of land use in the West that will keep such tragedies from occurring so frequently in the future.”—Gary Nabhan, author of Renewing America's Food Traditions and Cultures of Habitat “With Bargaining for Eden, Stephen Trimble has given us both a piece of dogged investigative journalism and a soul-searching confessional. The shocking, largely unreported story of Earl Holding and the Snowbasin land swap becomes, in Trimble's heartfelt prose, a metaphor for the way land is used and abused in the West. But Stephen doesn't stop with the exposé. He weaves it into a thoughtful and thought-provoking reverie on man's place in an increasingly threatened landscape. We are all part of the problem. And, he writes hopefully, we can, with honest effort, become part of the solution.”—Peter Shelton, author of Climb to Conquer: The Untold Story of WWII's 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops “Make no mistake: Bargaining for Eden is a brave and important book. It's a page-turner of a story about powerful men, unspeakable wealth, and Olympic gold-medal mountains. But it's also a Jungle—in the tradition of Upton Sinclair, a disturbing story of how politics and capitalism worked hand-in-hand against the common good and our commonweal of wildlands. If we are ever to learn how to live on the land and at the same time protect its heart, maybe we can start here, in Trimble's beloved Utah mountains.”—Kathleen Dean Moore, author of The Pine Island Paradox

America S Natural Places Rocky Mountains And Great Plains

Author: Kelly Enright
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313353158
Size: 61.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas, this volume provides a snapshot of the most spectacular and important natural places in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. • Illustrations depict 50 of the most treasured landscapes in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains

The Great Basin

Author: Donald Grayson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520267478
Size: 36.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"The Great Basin, centering on Nevada and including substantial parts of California, Oregon, and Utah, gets its name from the fact that none of its rivers or streams flow to the sea. This book synthesizes the past 25,000 years of the natural history of this vast region. It explores the extinct animals that lived in the Great Basin during the Ice Age and recounts the rise and fall of the massive Ice Age lakes that existed here. It explains why trees once grew 13' beneath what is now the surface of Lake Tahoe, explores the nearly two dozen Great Basin mountain ranges that once held substantial glaciers, and tells the remarkable story of how pinyon pine came to cover some 17,000,000 acres of the Great Basin in the relatively recent past.These discussions culminate with the impressive history of the prehistoric people of the Great Basin, a history that shows how human societies dealt with nearly 13,000 years of climate change on this often-challenging landscape"--Provided by publisher.

Uncertain Path

Author: William C. Tweed
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520271386
Size: 60.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Uncertain Path is a must read for wilderness and parks lovers who also know that climate change must be addressed if we are to be good stewards of our natural heritage. Bill Tweed is leading us down the right trail just in time." —Carl Pope, Chairman, Sierra Club "Author and naturalist Bill Tweed, like Muir, assumed that large, wild parks and wilderness areas could protect themselves, if we just let nature run its course. But on a hike along the John Muir Trail Tweed comes to the realization that, 'Natural' processes cannot lead reliably to 'natural' results in a world where climate change, global population, and habitat fragmentation have changed the operating rules...' It is a vital lesson we must all learn and act on—quickly and decisively—if we want to pass on a wild heritage to future generations."—Bruce Hamilton, Deputy Executive Director, Sierra Club “Bill Tweed has that rare combination of deep historical knowledge and even deeper passion for the national parks. He displays them both in Uncertain Path, a journey through the High Sierra that looks at the past and potential future of these American treasures. I can’t think of a better trail guide.”—Dayton Duncan, author of The National Parks: America’s Best Idea "This is history from the inside, intimate and provocative, growing from both the trail and from forty years of living with the Sierra Nevada. Younger generations are redefining the value of national parks just as global climate change transforms the very ecosystems that parks preserve. Tempered by managing parks and wilderness and people, Bill Tweed measures these sweeping changes with a clear eye. With deep concern and courage, he offers a sober vision of how to manage our national parks in the 21st century."—Stephen Trimble, author of Bargaining for Eden: The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America "After nearly four decades as a park ranger revealing the secrets of nature to the visiting public, Bill Tweed took a 240-mile walk through the Sierra Nevada and took us along. Nothing escapes his loving attention, and like John Muir, Tweed sees each thing as connected to everything else, drawing rich conclusions about the future of the national parks. By all means, don't miss this trip."—Jordan Fisher Smith, author of Nature Noir "Bill Tweed's Uncertain Path is an invitation to the high country of the Sierra Nevada and also public land issues and philosophy. It's a wise and challenging exercise with a grand broad view."—Gary Snyder, author of The Practice of the Wild: Essays

Facing The Change

Author: Steven Pavlos Holmes
Publisher: Torrey House Press
ISBN: 193722628X
Size: 29.29 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Steven Pavlos Holmes offers a rich, refreshing, and much-needed collection of personal responses to climate change. Though the volume is slender, its selections of poetry and prose—written over the past ten years by a variety of mostly lesser–known authors—provide a tonal and emotional diversity that makes the collection accessible." —ISLE "One puts down this book…with a real sense of hope for the future. It is also a book worth dipping into from time to time, yielding enough variety to sustain a re–reading, enough urgency in its many voices to remind us why we need to act, and enough wisdom in its insights to persuade us that we can each make a difference." —GREEN LETTERS: STUDIES IN ECOCRITICISM "Amidst the current deluge of statistics about global warming, this book provides a refreshing look at how individuals are affected. This is a beautiful book to keep near, open at random, and share the words of gifted writers as they prepare for the coming changes." —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Holmes, a scholar in environmental humanities, has assembled a rich, varied collection of personal accounts and poems...An artistic and intimate approach to the problem that humanizes our concerns." —BOOKLIST "Steven Holmes has gathered compelling testimonies about the ways our earthly home is changing in the short space of our own lifetimes. They beg us to pay attention and act. We are wise to heed these passionate voices.” —CHIP WARD, author of Hope's Horizon "These earnest and heartfelt poems, essays, and imaginings change our discourse from data to personal testimony, channeling ‘care and concern.’ Maybe, just maybe, these authors who call us to ‘unheroic’ action ‘on life’s behalf’ will steer us away from tragedy and chaos. ‘Emerging from denial is like moving from blindness to light.’ As the refrain from one writer puts it, ‘Good Lord! Good luck!'" —STEPHEN TRIMBLE, author of Bargaining for Eden: The Fight for the Last Open Spaces in America "Facing the Change shares the stories of some of the many people in the US and the world who are already witnessing climate change here and now. They are giving us early warning signs; it's up to all of us to act now." —MAE BOEVE, executive director of "Facing the Change registers the impact of climate destabilization, not only on the sky above us and the earth beneath our feet, but also within our hearts. The voices in this eloquent and original book convey the dread and grief, the anger, but also the experiences of love and community that are intensified by the defining ecological challenge of our time." —JOHN ELDER, author of Reading the Mountains of Home, editor of The Norton Book of Nature "These eloquent stories, essays, and poems by scores of 'emotional and cultural first responders' to the effects of climate change are sure to deliver a powerful wake-up call to anyone who has supposed that nothing an individual person can say or do will affect this impending disaster." —LAWRENCE BUELL, author of The Environmental Imagination "...the contributors to Facing the Change have begun to reveal the experiential heart of a planetary process. This is a truly important project." —SCOTT SLOVIC, editor of ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment


Author: Richard Brewer
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 9781584654483
Size: 70.15 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3623
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The first complete treatment of the U.S. land trust movement as a crucial feature of current efforts to protect the environment.

Utah S Wasatch Range

Author: Stephen Trimble
ISBN: 9780615856742
Size: 62.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Utah's Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge updated 2nd edition is a fine art photography coffee table book with accompanying essays and 23 contributors including Utah writers, scientists, and elected officials. This hard bound book is under a black cloth cover and silver emboss. It also has a beautiful French fold jacket. Authors include Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Congressman Jim Matheson, Stephen Trimble, and Andrew McLean. This book has also been endorsed by Terry Tempest Williams. The spirit of this collaboration is to protect the remaining natural areas and watershed of the Wasatch Mountains. This book tells the story of our relationship with these mountains--the alpine backdrop and watershed for Salt Lake City and other Wasatch Front communities, a wilderness rising in the backyards of more than 80 percent of Utah citizens. And so Garber includes people in his photos--joyfully skiing, climbing, hiking, and living in the Wasatch. Howie Garber has photographed the Wasatch for 25 years and received national and international awards for his images. The photographs of wildlife, alpine scenery, and the human element share the diversity and splendor of a unique place. Garber¹s lyrical and dramatic photographs and the eloquent words of these Wasatch writers work together to celebrate the diversity and fragility of one small mountain range that does so much for so many. Utah's Wasatch Range admirably succeeds in several ambitions. This is the culminating portfolio of a serious artist, a guide to the natural and human history of a wild landscape, and an exploration of our responsibility as 21st Century citizens to protect and preserve a threatened landscape. For locals and visitors alike, this is the book for the Wasatch.