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The Best Kept Secret

Author: Adrianne Lee
Publisher: Harlequin Enterpises AU
ISBN: 1460864522
Size: 61.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This Christmas Mac Coy was glad to be alive But to the world, he was dead. And until Mac found his would-be killer, he'd take cover in his twin brother's identity. Mac had always been the quiet twin. To become his brother, he needed the one woman he wanted more to avoid. The woman he loved. His brother's fiancee . Tia Larken was ending her engagement and she wanted no part in turning Mac into his tough, arrogant brother. But her own secrets and desires were against her. She couldn't say yes but when she looked into Mac's seductive gaze, she found she couldn't say no .

Best Kept Secret

Author: Claude A. Peters
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1420804898
Size: 32.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Night Sounds in the Key of Love is a collection of feelings, experiences, and emotions pertaining to love. The words in this book are to be savored, and shared between lovers, whatever the state of their relationship. A book of this nature must be generalized yet specific, simplistic yet sophisticated in order to appeal to the varied appetites of the many who will read it. Duke Thomas Low seems to have captured that essence in this, his third collection of romantic poetry. You will find yourself caught up in the imagery the author creates with his words and phrases. For example, the poem Umbrella, says simply: "If it rains on your head, you can cover it - If it rains on your heart, I'll cover it for you." And a verse from Imagine, asks you to: "Imagine, if you will, two glasses of wine, a plate of cheese, and conversation spoken in love-soft tones. . ." Whatever your situation at the moment, you should find something within these pages to which you can relate. Love is not always easy or kind. Love is, however, always nearby. Sometimes all you need are the right words to make love a reality in your life. Perhaps those words are waiting in this book.

The Working Class Majority

Author: Michael Zweig
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801464781
Size: 37.89 MB
Format: PDF
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From reviews of the first edition: "Zweig's investigation of politics goes beyond the electoral, focusing instead on how a broad working-class social movement (often in alliance with segments of the professional middle class) could reshape workplace and community power relations as well as national politics."-The Nation "Those who take (rather than give) orders at work are the working class; at 62 percent of the labor force, they are a majority distracted and diverted from its best interests for several generations. Zweig suggests the implications of this analysis for a number of key political issues, including the 'underclass,' 'family values,' globalization, and what workers get (and should get) from government. Putting class back on the table produces a thoughtful, provocative analysis of where the nation is going and what working people could do about it."-Booklist "In this pungent critique of class and economics in the United States -part economic theory, part political lecture, and part reportage of working-class life-Zweig offers an insightful, radical analysis that will make many readers rethink commonly held but unexamined beliefs. Zweig supports his arguments with statistics, facts and personal stories and argues with a forcefulness and conviction backed by a deeply moral sense of the dignity that is due to each person in their work and workplace."-Publishers Weekly "Michael Zweig provides us with a much needed discussion of class in contemporary American society. While students can benefit from the exposure to a perspective that is currently missing from the public landscape, union organizers and activists can also profit from his discussions of worker power and the rebirth of a democratic social movement among working people."-Contemporary Sociology In the second edition of his essential book-which incorporates vital new information and new material on immigration, race, gender, and the social crisis following 2008-Michael Zweig warns that by allowing the working class to disappear into categories of "middle class" or "consumers," we also allow those with the dominant power, capitalists, to vanish among the rich. Economic relations then appear as comparisons of income or lifestyle rather than as what they truly are-contests of power, at work and in the larger society.

Best Kept Secret

Author: Debra Moffitt
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781429976657
Size: 24.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Best Kept Secret is the second novel in Debra Moffit's Pink Locker Society series. At the end of Only Girls Allowed, the Pink Locker Society was shut down by the principal of Margaret Simon Middle School, due to hacking by two jealous classmates. But Jemma, Piper, and Kate won't be kept down! The Pink Locker Society is back in operation. But this time, they're running the show from the spooky school basement, without any adult help. They'll discover why the society was shut down years before, and learn that they'll need to watch their backs to stay afloat this time around. All the while, Jemma is dealt a rude awakening when her beautiful best friend, Piper, secretly asks Jemma's crush Forrest to the annual Backwards Dance. Will Jemma and Piper resolve their differences? And will the Pink Locker Society survive?

The Best Kept Secret

Author: Les Roberts
Publisher: Gray & Company, Publishers
ISBN: 159851010X
Size: 47.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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#10 in a series of 13 Cleveland-based mysteries by Les Roberts. First time in trade paperback. Entire series now back in print, in a uniform edition with new covers. In this book, private detective Milan Jacovich takes the case of a college student falsely accused of rape by campus feminists, angering police and university officials. His investigation raises questions that stir up the real culprit and cast a harsh light on campus political correctness.

Hell S Best Kept Secret

Author: Ray Comfort
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 1603749926
Size: 42.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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How many souls have you won to Christ? How many are still walking with the Lord? All, some, a few? The facts are: Evangelical success is at an all-time low. We’re producing more backsliders than true converts. The fall-away rate—from large crusades to local churches—is between 80 to 90 percent. Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the gospel? Doesn’t the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you. One hundred years ago, Satan buried the crucial key needed to unlock the unbeliever’s heart. Now Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from modern tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism. If you’re experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden “believers,” then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ.

Satan S Best Kept Secrets

Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462029345
Size: 75.89 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Do you know that the devil always looks for the weak, ignorant and immature to destroy? See the shocking secret ways Satan is controlling Christian couples’ sex life...! Even if one is not a Christian, bad culture is evident. In the name of our treasured culture, some people thought of passing a law for a Rape Day! Yes, rape as in forced sex... Friend, know the three keys of top secret societies (satanic societies) that lead to their supposed ultimate perfection, enlightenment and global dominion. Your life depends on knowing these traps. Everywhere, children of God are talking about generational curses, but have they ever seen GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS right in the Bible? This is Satan’s ultimate and killer secret! A lot of people have never known Satan’s weakest spot, not even those in his service. Do you? There is only one thing for the devil, D-E-F-E-A-T!

The Best Kept Secret Is You

Author: Daniel James Wilson
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1622123727
Size: 61.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Best Kept Secret Is ?You?: A Journey into the Rabbit Hole with Autism and Love gives an inside look into the thoughts of the author, as he grew to understand not only himself, but the thoughts of his son with autism. His story begins in 1958 and continues through 2011. ?As I was given to write this book, it starts with my childhood and my views as I grew up. Then came the gift of my first son who was labeled autistic, and without speech. He could not tell me his thoughts, so the only place I could go was inside to see my own thoughts, and as I relearned myself, I knew him. Then the awareness I was given allowed me to see within my thoughts, and this is how I met my son at twenty-nine-and-a-half.? To write this book, the author had to embrace living and being alone so he could hear his thoughts clearly. He hopes others will be helped by The Best Kept Secret Is You.