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Bi America

Author: William Burleson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317712617
Size: 52.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gain an in-depth understanding of the unique struggles of the bisexual community! “To me the gay and straight worlds are exactly the same; equally limited, judgmental, and bourgeois . . . just mirror images of each other. I truly like and overlap with some of the gay world, but my roots refuse to take hold there and grow. Unfortunately, my well-established roots in the straight world are simultaneously shriveling and dying too, leaving me feeling extremely unstable.” —“Cool,” a bisexual woman involved in a support group There are at least five million bisexual people in America, generally invisible to straight society, the gay community, and even to each other. While the vast majority of these five million live within the straight or gay world, there are a few who have formed a community of their own. Bi America: Myths, Truths, and Struggles of an Invisible Community offers an inside look at the American bisexual community and gives an understanding of the special circumstances unique to being bisexual. The book takes the reader to bi community events from picnics, to conferences, to support groups, to performances in order to expose the everyday trials of the bisexual community. Bi America includes very personal stories that let the voice of everyday bisexuals be heard through interviews, the “Bisexual History Project,” in which ten bisexual people tell their life stories, and the “Online Support Group,” a group of about 75 people who meet in cyberspace to talk about their lives and challenges. The book also includes the findings of a 2002 survey of about 300 bisexual people conducted via the Internet, an appendix that offers a concise list of resources for further study and personal enrichment, and an unabridged transcript of the “Bisexual History Project.” Get the answers to these questions in Bi America: What is bisexuality? Is there a bisexual community? What is the culture of the bisexual community? What are commonalities and differences between the experiences of bi men and bi women? What is the special relationship between the bisexual and the transgender community? How have bisexuals and the bi community been affected by HIV/AIDS? What is the future of bisexual activism, if any? and many more! Bi America is a fascinating resource that exposes the challenges, struggles, and triumphs of bisexuals in America. Bisexuals, especially those newly coming out, can use this book to help understand their identity, and family members and friends seeking some insight into the unique circumstances faced by their loved ones will also find it helpful. This book will interest those concerned with the sociology of deviance or with subcultures in general. It is also appropriate for undergraduate sociology and cultural anthropology, as well as feminist studies and LGBT studies classes. This book offers one of the few accessible, nonacademic looks at this unique and interesting community. Visit the book's Web site at

Global Prostitution Data

Author: Heinz Duthel
Publisher: neobooks
ISBN: 3742739972
Size: 50.14 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Child Prostitution The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Prostitution by country Prostitution in Africa Prostitution in Asia Prostitution in Europe Prostitution in the United States Prostitution in Australia Prostitution in New Zealand Prostitution in Burkina Faso Prostitution in Afghanistan Prostitution in Bangladesh Prostitution in Brunei Prostitution in Burma Prostitution in Cambodia Prostitution in the People's Republic of China Prostitution in Egypt Prostitution in Hong Kong Prostitution in India Prostitution in Indonesia Prostitution in Iran Prostitution in Iraq Prostitution in Israel Prostitution in Japan Prostitution in North Korea Prostitution in South Korea Prostitution in Kuwait Prostitution in Lebanon Prostitution in Malaysia Prostitution in Nepal Prostitution in Oman Prostitution in Pakistan Prostitution in Palestine Prostitution in the Philippines Prostitution in Qatar Prostitution in Russia Prostitution in Saudi Arabia Prostitution in Singapore Prostitution in Sri Lanka Prostitution in Syria Prostitution in Taiwan Prostitution in Thailand Prostitution in the United Arab Emirates Prostitution in Vietnam Prostitution in Yemen Prostitution in Austria Prostitution in the Czech Republic Prostitution in Denmark Prostitution in Estonia Prostitution in France Prostitution in Germany Prostitution in Hungary Prostitution in Iceland Prostitution in the Republic of Ireland Prostitution in Italy Prostitution in the Netherlands Prostitution in Sweden Prostitution in Spain Prostitution in Turkey Prostitution in Ukraine Prostitution in the United Kingdom Prostitution in Belize Prostitution in Canada Prostitution in Costa Rica Prostitution in Cuba Prostitution in the Dominican Republic Prostitution in El Salvador Prostitution in Guatemala Prostitution in Haiti Prostitution in Honduras Prostitution in Jamaica Prostitution in Mexico Prostitution in Nicaragua Prostitution in PanamA Prostitution in Trinidad and Tobago Prostitution in Argentina Prostitution in Bolivia Prostitution in Brazil Prostitution in Chile Prostitution in Colombia Prostitution in Ecuador Prostitution in Guyana Prostitution in Paraguay Prostitution in Peru Prostitution in Suriname Prostitution in Uruguay Prostitution in Venezuela Street child Prostitution of children Sex tourism Erotic massage Handjob Oral sex Sexual intercourse Transsexualism Kathoey Bisexuality Child sex tourism Human trafficking Trading Women Mama-san

Lgbt Families

Author: Nancy J. Mezey
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483321770
Size: 69.97 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Nancy J. Mezey’s LGBT Families presents a comprehensive yet accessible understanding of LGBT families today by drawing upon and making sense of the burgeoning scholarly literature about LGBT families from the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries. It pays particular attention to how structures of race, class, gender, sexuality, and age shape LGBT families, and how members of such families negotiate the social landscapes within which they exist. The book will help readers better understand the formation, experiences, challenges, and strengths of LGBT families, and addresses two main questions: Why are new family forms so threatening to certain groups of people in society? and How are new family forms beneficial to the society in which they exist?

Lgbtq America Today

Author: John C Hawley
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
ISBN: 9780313339905
Size: 46.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hundreds of alphabetically arranged biographical and topical entries survey the current state of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer American culture.

Life Sex And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Author: Fred Klein
ISBN: 9781560235774
Size: 17.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Life, Sex, and the Pursuit of Happiness defies the mainstream media's stereotypical vilification of bisexuals. In the character of Randy Gold, Klein gives us a man who harbours no malice but is saddled with an insatiable need for sex - a constant craving that causes him great frustration and endangers his marriage, his health, and his work. Without psychological jargon, Dr. Klein gently brings us deep inside this complex character to discover his motivations, his emotions, and the process by which he makes decisions that may change the course of his life.

The Handbook Of Lesbian Gay Bisexual And Transgender Public Health

Author: Michael D. Shankle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781560234951
Size: 51.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get the comprehensive resource for LGBT public health issues!Public health services for sexual minorities have suffered from practitioners' lack of knowledge about sexual or gender orientation, specific health concerns, and inherent system homophobia and heterosexism. The Handbook of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Public Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Service provides a unique focus on LGBT public health, offering positive direction for practitioners looking for guidance in methods to ensure a healthy community for all while taking into consideration the special needs of sexual minorities. Ignorance and fear by both practitioners and LGBT clients leads to less-than-optimum public health services. The Handbook of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Public Health extensively discusses these issues clearly, working to foster cultural competency among public health professionals. This book lays the groundwork for better understanding of LGBT health issues and their relationship to overall public health, then delves into the research on how incorporating LGBT cultural competency can improve academic institutions and continuing education programs. The problem of providing health care access and the health issues burdening each segment of the LGBT community are discussed in detail, all with a focus on providing effective solutions to tough challenges. Clear strategies are also presented for improving city, county, state, and national public health infrastructures and policies. The issue of productive and safe work environments in business and the private sector for LGBT individuals is addressed, along with a close look at the advantages--and pitfalls--of media and Internet resources. Many chapters are illustrated with tables and diagrams; each chapter is exhaustively referenced, includes useful lists of selected resources, and asks questions to spark thought on the issues as they pertain to the reader's circumstances. The Handbook of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Public Health discusses: the inequities in health care for LGBT people overt prejudice, discrimination, disdain, or outright denial of services assumption by health professionals of risk factors based on sexual or gender orientation rather than individual behaviors and health history unwitting expression of biases of many public health practitioners the effect of social stigma on public health care services LGBT cultural competency framework for institutions of higher learning and professional organizations LGBT awareness, sensitivity, and competency training sexually transmitted diseases reproductive cancers intimate partner violence noncommunicable diseases among gay and bisexual men 'down low' behavior (avowed straight men with spouses having sex with other men) as public health issue AIDS-related malignancies transsexuals and transphobia hormonal therapy sex reassignment surgery (SRS) mental health needs of transsexuals, cross-dressers, and intersex individuals barriers to health care access insurance systems confidentiality of medical records substance use health care issues for LGBT youth and young adults health care needs of LGBT elders recommendations for improvement of health and welfare servicesThe Handbook of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Public Health is a one-of-a-kind resource for LGBT public health issues, essential for public health professionals, practitioners, health services professionals, substance abuse counselors, disease intervention specialists, public health advisors, community health service administrators, community based agencies, and community health nurses. Educators in community hea

Library Journal

Size: 32.22 MB
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.