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Author: Jeff Reed
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539692775
Size: 66.57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Learn About the Emerging World of Financial Technology, and What They Won't Teach You In School.. Jeff Reed has packaged four of his best-selling book so you can learn everything you need to know about financial technology in the 21st Century. By purchasing this book you're getting Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Investing in Ethereum, and Smart Contracts...a sweet 4-in-1 bundle deal (which Jeff considers a steal)! Here's a peek inside: Blockchain: The Essential Guide to Understanding the Blockchain Revolution Blockchain technology is the buzzword in the world of computer science, but it won't stay limited there for long. It is the concept that has the financial world scrambling to catch up. Whether you are an investor or a private citizen, Blockchain is going to mean a lot to you in the future, hailed by some as the second coming of the Internet. So what is it? And what can you do to get involved? Blockchain is far more than Bitcoin technology, and even in its infancy, it is taking the world by storm, from major banks to the U.S. Department of Defense. Get in on the disruptive technology and harness its potential today. Smart Contracts: The Essential Guide to Using Blockchain Smart Contracts for Cryptocurrency Exchange In this book, Jeff Reed explains the fundamentals of Smart Contracts and how they work. The practical uses of Smart Contracts are enumerated in this book and you will also learn how you can make your own Smart Contracts in the Ethereum system. You will also get tips on how you can make your Smart Contacts easy to understand and user-friendly. This book also covers some of the myths surrounding smart contracts and the reasons why they exist. Investing in Ethereum: The Essential Guide to Profiting from Cryptocurrencies In this book, Jeff Reed explains the reasons to invest in Ethereum and not just because of the potential ROI, but also the benefits of cryptocurrencies in themselves. The overall risks, obstacles, and major changes in Ethereum will also be addressed. There are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies that currently exist, it's important to choose wisely and understand everything you can if you're going to be putting real money into the blockchain. When you're done with this book, you will have both a broader and more detailed understanding of everything Ethereum and beyond. FinTech: Financial Technology and Modern Finance in the 21st Century Investment in financial technology is booming at unprecedented rates. Despite traditional banking protests, the world of banking is going through a transformation and will continue to go through a change. With all the new technology that we have today, it is almost mind-blowing to think about the kind of technology that we will have in another ten years or so. The change is going to keep coming, the only thing we can do is get on board with it.


Author: Oscar Flynt
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537261065
Size: 24.62 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4498
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Get the equivalent of a college education in Financial Technology with this Amazing Bundle! I've bundled together 4 of my bestselling books to give you the complete education in financial technology. When you purchase this bundle you'll receive Blockchain, Fintech, Investing in Ethereum, and Smart Contracts-All at an Amazingly low price! Inside you'll get the following: Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Hidden Economy Here you'll learn all about the virtual "lego pieces" that financial technology is built on. Blockchains are changing everything from banking, shopping, peer to peer exchange, and our daily lives as a whole. Those who learn blockchain and how to utilize them will have a preemptive jump on their competition. You'll discover how to use them, they're shortcomings, all about smart contracts, and much more! FinTech: Understanding Financial Technology and its Radical Disruption of Modern Finance Here we take a 10,000 foot view of financial technology. Everything from future trading, online banking, conducting business, daily living, and much more will be discussed with regard to how they play out in financial technology. You'll discover the exciting opportunities that await in the coming years and how you can capitalize on them. Investing in Ethereum: The Ultimate Guide to Learning-and Profiting from-Cryptocurrencies Ethereum is one of the most profitable and promising platforms to trade cryptocurrency on to date. It's overtaken Bitcoin by leaps and bounds, and there's no indication it's going away either. In this book you'll learn all about this amazing platform, how to trade on it, how set up smart contracts, and how to program the right software to use it. Smart Contracts: How to use Blockchain Smart Contracts for Crypotcurrency Exchange If Block chains were a house, then smart contracts would be all the furniture inside. These computer codes are made to perform certain pre-determined tasks automatically. They're the essence of cryptocurrency exchange, in that they allow transactions to take place without the need of a governing body to assure they take place. Smart contracts are speculated to lower legal disputes, re-structure banking and finance, and change the way people shop and make money forever. This book will teach you how to create them!

Ethereum The Definitive Guide To Investing In Ethereum And Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Author: Artemis Caro
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781976205460
Size: 24.40 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2964
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Move Over, Bitcoin. Ether Is the Digital Currency of the Future. "The momentum has shifted to Ethereum -- there is no doubt about that," -William Mougayar - founder of Virtual Capital Ventures The value of Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform, has risen an eye-popping 4,500 percent since the beginning of the year. Experts predict the value of Ethereum's virtual currency will race past Bitcoin in the coming months should the current trend continue. "There is almost nothing you can do with Bitcoin that you can't do with Ethereum." There is a reason why Ethereum has been backed by over thirty big banks, tech giants, and other organizations--including J.P. Morgan, Chase, Microsoft, and Intel , who are uniting to build business-ready versions of the software. Over the last few months, 100 plus companies have joined the nonprofit Enterprise Ethereum Alliance , including global names like Toyota, Merck and Samsung , to build tools that will make Ethereum useful in corporate settings. Whether you plan to simply invest in Ether as a currency or you want to build a revolutionary application on the Ethereum platform, it is critical to understand the role of both the currency and the larger framework. In this book we will examine Ethereum's ground breaking approach to blockchain technology for building decentralized applications, as well as why Ether will soon overtake Bitcoin in value. Find out exactly what you need to know if you're thinking about investing in Ether, a project built on the Ethereum platform, or even developing your own Ethereum-based application. In this guide you will learn: What is Ethereum? The Ethereum Blockchain The Role of Smart Contracts The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) What are Decentralized Applications? (dApps) Consensus Algorithms: Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake Getting Started with Ethereum Criticisms, Risks, & Challenges Concerning Ethereum The Future of Ethereum Today, Ethereum offers one of the most well-established and innovative approaches to making this technology accessible, flexible, and exciting. Whatever the future looks like it is almost certainly going to be shaped by Blockchain Technology Make sure you do not get left behind and invest now to secure your place in the future of finance!

Die Blockchain Revolution

Author: Don Tapscott
Publisher: Plassen Verlag
ISBN: 3864704065
Size: 37.54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1340
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Blockchain ermöglicht Peer-to-Peer-Transaktionen ohne jede Zwischenstelle wie eine Bank. Die Teilnehmer bleiben anonym und dennoch sind alle Transaktionen transparent und nachvollziehbar. Somit ist jeder Vorgang fälschungssicher. Dank Blockchain muss man sein Gegenüber nicht mehr kennen und ihm vertrauen – das Vertrauen wird durch das System als Ganzes hergestellt. Und digitale Währungen wie Bitcoins sind nur ein Anwendungsgebiet der Blockchain-Revolution. In der Blockchain kann jedes wichtige Dokument gespeichert werden: Urkunden von Universitäten, Geburts- und Heiratsurkunden und vieles mehr. Die Blockchain ist ein weltweites Register für alles. In diesem Buch zeigen die Autoren, wie sie eine fantastische neue Ära in den Bereichen Finanzen, Business, Gesundheitswesen, Erziehung und darüber hinaus möglich machen wird.

Blockchain For Beginners

Author: Scott Marks
ISBN: 9781974564507
Size: 52.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3547
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"Blockchain is as significant now as the Internet was 25 years ago." - Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings Blockchain is arguably one of the greatest and most revolutionary innovations since the founding of the Internet! *Remember* If you buy the Paperback Version of this book, you will also get the Kindle Version Included in your purchase for FREE! Blockchain can be a difficult topic to comprehend, especially for beginners without much of a technical background. But it really doesn't have to be. All it takes is one person who is good at explaining things on a very basic and fundamental level, and that is where I excel. I have written this book with the extreme beginner in mind. Most introductory guides to Blockchain will begin their story in 2008, with the advent of Bitcoin. These accounts are quite accurate, but only paint half of the picture. The fundamental purpose of Blockchain technology and its uses goes back much further than 2008. In order to truly grasp Blockchain technology, we must reach back to the time before computers, paper currency, or even money itself. The answer to this question will take us on an adventure going back thousands of years, by first delving into the burning question of what money is, and from there, tracing it's trajectory throughout history to the development of Blockchain technology. This brief history of money is necessary to understand present-day effects of Blockchain applications, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which will be introduced in this book. Some of the topics that you are going to learn about in this book include: Understanding Blockchain and what exactly it is What a distributed ledger is (Simplified!) Blockchain's Effect on Money and Banking Bitcoin and its relationship with Blockchain Ethereum and what makes it so great FinTech's Impact on business startups Where will Blockchain be in 20 years? The Impact that Blockchain technology is going to have on the world is inconceivable by people who are not well-informed on the topic. Purchase a copy of my hot release "Blockchain for Beginners" and learn everything you need to know about the future of Blockchain Technology.

The Basics Of Bitcoins And Blockchains

Author: Antony Lewis
Publisher: Mango Media Inc.
ISBN: 163353801X
Size: 55.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2814
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Understand Bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptocurrency with this clear and comprehensible guide Learn the history and basics of cryptocurrency and blockchains: There’s a lot of information on cryptocurrency and blockchains out there. But, for the uninitiated, most of this information can be indecipherable. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains aims to provide an accessible guide to this new currency and the revolutionary technology that powers it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies: Gain an understanding of a broad spectrum of Bitcoin topics. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains covers topics such as the history of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin blockchain, and Bitcoin buying, selling, and mining. It also answers how payments are made and how transactions are kept secure. Other cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency pricing are examined, answering how one puts a value on cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology underlies all cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency transactions. But what exactly is a blockchain, how does it work, and why is it important? The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains will answer these questions and more. Learn about notable blockchain platforms, smart contracts, and other important facets of blockchains and their function in the changing cyber-economy. Things to know before buying cryptocurrencies: The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains offers trustworthy and balanced insights to those interested in Bitcoin investing or investing in other cryptocurrency. Discover the risks and mitigations, learn how to identify scams, and understand cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, and regulations with this book. Readers will learn about: • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies • Blockchain technology and how it works • The workings of the cryptocurrency market • The evolution and potential impacts of Bitcoin and blockchains on global businesses Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with confidence with this comprehensive introduction.

Fintech Smart Contracts And Blockchain For Cryptocurrency 2 Book Series

Author: Jay Isaacs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548440565
Size: 27.56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7101
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Learn everything you need to know about FinTech and Smart Contracts Do you want a guide on FinTech and Smart Contracts that takes you from beginner to expert? Do you want to learn about FinTech in a style and approach that is suitable for you, regardless of your experience? This book not only provides great information on FinTech but also information on Smart Contracts and The Future of Financial Technology! Are you ready to learn? If so, FinTech and Smart Contracts The Ultimate step-by-step guide to Financial Technology and Smart Contracts (cryptocurrencies, financial, technology, blockchain, digital, internet, economy) by James Fahl is THE book for you! It covers the most essential topics you must learn to become a master of FinTech and Smart Contracts. What Separates This Book From The Rest? What separates this book from the rest? The unique way you will learn with examples and steps. Many books leave you more confused than before you picked them up, not this book, it's clear concise and implementable. We make it our goal to write this book in plain easy to understand English that anyone can understand. Gone are the days of highly technical language. This allows you to quickly learn topics, and use FinTech and Smart Contracts immediately. To aid you in learning the topics quickly and effectively this book has been designed to be the ultimate step-by-step guide. Making sure that you're confident and clear with each topic before moving on! All of which can be practiced with the projects detailed in the book. You Will Learn The Following: What is FinTech? FinTech Back Story? History of FinTech Areas FinTech is used in Everything about Smart Contracts Distributed Ledger Impact on Emerging Markets Exciting FinTech Projects Future of FinTech And much more! Whether you just want to learn more about FinTech and Smart Contracts or know it already and want to get the most out of it, this book is for you. So don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in your self by buying this guide now. You will be shocked by how fast you learn about FinTech! Don't Delay And Scroll Up To Buy With 1 Click

The Rise And Development Of Fintech

Author: Robin Teigland
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351183605
Size: 16.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2265
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This comprehensive guide serves to illuminate the rise and development of FinTech in Sweden, with the Internet as the key underlying driver. The multiple case studies examine topics such as: the adoption of online banking in Sweden; the identification and classification of different FinTech categories; process innovation developments within the traditional banking industry; and the Venture Capital (VC) landscape in Sweden, as shown through interviews with VC representatives, mainly from Sweden but also from the US and Germany, as well as offering insight into the companies that are currently operating in the FinTech arena in Sweden. The authors address questions such as: How will the regulatory landscape shape the future of FinTech companies? What are the factors that will likely drive the adoption of FinTech services in the future? What is the future role of banks in the context of FinTech and digitalization? What are the policies and government initiatives that aim to support the FinTech ecosystem in Sweden? Complex concepts and ideas are rendered in an easily digestible yet thought-provoking way. The book was initiated by the IIS (the Internet Foundation in Sweden), an independent organization promoting the positive development of the Internet in the country. It is also responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain name registry. The book illustrates how Sweden acts (or does not act) as a competitive player in the global FinTech arena, and is a vital addition to students and practitioners in the field.