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Buddy Cooper Finds A Way

Author: Neil O'Boyle Connelly
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439130353
Size: 43.84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When you lose for a living, it's pretty hard to fail. Once, like all of us, Buddy dreamt of success. He and his wife, Alix, had just bought a new place, not too far from the beach. Their daughter, Brook, was out of the hospital. And the fans were cheering him on as the Invincible Man, one of the rising stars of the Southeastern Wrestling Confederacy. Then everything fell apart. An argument over Monday Night Football somehow crossed the line, Alix kicked him out, and Buddy moved in to the Motel 6. After that, winning just didn't seem right, so he traded in his golden cape for a latex mask and became one of the anonymous losers that fans love to hate. Every few weeks, he'd get a new mask, rechristen himself, and step into the ring to get beat all over again -- as the Grave Digger or the Widow Maker, the Deadbeat Dad or the Unknown Kentucky Terror. In the four years since the divorce, his record is 0-186, but that's okay by Buddy. Free of mad notions like happiness and success, he pops pink pills to control his rage and copes with his insomnia by watching John Wayne westerns and QVC. He has his job, his apartment, his truck, his once-a-week visits with Brook. Life as a failure isn't that bad, or so he's convinced himself. But now in an effort to boost pay-per-view ratings, Buddy's boss threatens a shake-up. As part of the plan, Buddy will have to end his safe days as a professional loser. He's actually slated to win a match. What he'll learn, though, is that like all new scripts, this one comes with its own cast and complications: a phone psychic living in fear, an alien-abductee with the secret to salvation, a championship match interrupted by a violent fanatic, what could be faith healings, and perhaps the most unlikely miracle of all -- a second chance to believe. A touching and wonderfully unpredictable literary debut about a professional loser who's forced into a rematch with life, Buddy Cooper Finds a Way announces the arrival of a fresh and original voice in American fiction.

The Miracle Stealer

Author: Neil Connelly
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545328852
Size: 26.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The second YA novel from the author of the critically acclaimed ST. MICHAEL'S SCALES will twist you in knots with its suspenseful and shattering take on faith, hope, and miracles. Andi Grant adores her 6-year-old brother Daniel, a "miracle child" who fell down a mine shaft and survived. People regularly come to him for blessings and healings (which sometimes seem to work), and Andi is horrified by his exploitation, esp. when she finds signs of a stalker around their home. With the help of her once-and-maybe-future boyfriend Jeff, she comes up with a plan so audacious, so dramatic, it will stop the attention on Daniel forever: an "Anti-Miracle" that will unravel with the slightest examination of the facts, and cast doubt on Daniel's powers forever after. (cont.)

Books In Print

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A Knife Edge A Vin Cooper Novel 2

Author: David A. Rollins
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1742629318
Size: 34.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While working on a top-secret research program for the US Department of Defense in the freezing waters off Japan, a leading scientist turns up dead, eaten by a monster shark. US Air Force OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper is hurriedly dispatched to investigate. Cooper, however, has barely begun when he's pulled off the case to look into the death of an old military buddy who died while making a routine parachute jump. Both cases suddenly collide when Cooper finds himself having to parachute out of a plane and into the night-time skies of a hostile Pakistan. His mission: to recover stolen US Defense biological technology. The stakes: to prevent a nuclear war between Pakistan and India that could engulf the world. The problem: Cooper has to jump alongside a soldier he suspects is a killer. In his latest edge-of-the-seat adventure, the clock is ticking down to disaster as Cooper tracks his elusive quarry from the crushing depths of the Japan Trench to the frozen foothills of the Hindu Kush and the humid border regions of Thailand and Burma.

The Adventures Of Slim Howdy

Author: Kix Brooks
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1599951371
Size: 55.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Exclusive CD! Brooks & Dunn's "Gotta Get Me One of Those" inside! Musicians by trade, Slim and Howdy have each come to a figurative crossroads in their lives. As fate would have it, they meet at these crossroads, never realizing it's a turning point in their lives. Forced by circumstances to share a truck, they take to the road in pursuit of a common goal--to make it as musicians on the country music circuit. But it seems no matter where these two travel, trouble finds them. Whether it's turning the tables on a crooked card shark who takes everything they have, or fending off the raging boyfriend of that friendly gal from last night, the guys are constantly needing to outwit the world. And when their friend and boss Jodie Lee disappears, their resourcefulness will truly be tested. Each of the guys has his theory, but they'll need to work together to get to their friend before time runs out.

The Death Trust A Vin Cooper Novel 1

Author: David A. Rollins
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1742625924
Size: 69.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4472
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When the commander of the vast NATO Ramstein Air Base in Germany, United States General Abraham Scott, is killed in what appears to be a glider accident, Washington reluctantly assigns its only available investigator, washed-up Special Agent Vincent Cooper, to the case. When the crash turns out to have been sabotage, Cooper suddenly finds himself immersed in a highly sensitive murder investigation – the general was married to the US Vice President's daughter. Cooper discovers that the apparently fine, upstanding General Scott kept some highly questionable company. And so begins an investigation that takes Cooper and his uncooperative partner, Special Agent Anna Masters, from the biggest air base in Europe to the streets of Baghdad; from the headquarters of a people smuggler in Riga to harrowing Chechen rebel combat operations against the Russians. Cooper and Masters uncover a plot so monstrous it threatens to engulf the US military-industrial complex in a scandal of explosive proportions – as well as destroy the very fabric of contemporary society.

Die Zitronenschwestern

Author: Valentina Cebeni
Publisher: Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH
ISBN: 3641195403
Size: 77.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Elettras früheste Kindheitserinnerung ist der Duft von Anisbrötchen. Ihre Mutter war eine begnadete Bäckerin, deren Köstlichkeiten direkt den Weg zum Herzen der Menschen fanden. Doch seit sie schwer erkrankt ist, steuert die Bäckerei der Familie auf den Bankrott zu. Und Elettra ist ganz auf sich allein gestellt, denn sie erfuhr nie, wer ihr Vater ist. Als sie von einer kleinen Insel im Mittelmeer hört, auf der ihre Mutter die glücklichste Zeit ihres Lebens verbracht haben soll, reist sie kurz entschlossen dorthin. Inmitten von Zitronenhainen stößt sie auf ein verlassenes Kloster, das eine alte Liebe verbirgt – und vielleicht das große Glück.


Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781540508416
Size: 74.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Vulkanisch. Als sich Coopers Eltern scheiden lassen, zerbricht seine Welt - und pl�tzlich ist er in der einen Woche bei seiner Mutter und in der n�chsten bei seinem Vater. Aber sein Vater ist nicht der Einzige, mit dem er klarkommen muss: Da ist auch noch Lila, die andere Frau, die ihm den Boden unter F��en weggezogen hat. Und dann... Gibt es noch Jace. Lilas Sohn. Lilas eingebildeten Sohn, dessen Augen so blau leuchten wie hochgew�rgte Fischschuppen. Cooper will seine alte Familie zur�ck haben, aber etwas an diesem Jungen sagt ihm, dass nichts wieder so sein wird, wie zuvor. Sediment�r. Cooper und Jace' neues gemeinsames Leben beginnt holprig, aber mit der Zeit kn�pfen sie etwas Neues. Eine enge... Freundschaft. Denn mehr als das darf es zwischen ihnen nicht geben. Obwohl sie keine echten Br�der sind. Wenn man's genau nimmt, sind sie ja noch nicht einmal Stiefbr�der... Gestaltver�ndernd. Aber was geschieht mit Freunden unter der felsenschweren Last, die das Leben ihnen auferlegt? Die das Herz ihnen auferlegt? fels" folgt der Geschichte von Cooper und Jace �ber 15 Jahre lang, und erz�hlt dabei von Familien, die zerbrechen und neu zusammengef�gt werden, vom Erwachsenwerden, von Trauer und Neuanfang, vom Loslassen und Ankommen, von Freundschaft und Liebe.Ein schwuler Liebesroman, der bewegt.