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Cases And Materials On Corporations And Other Business Entities

Author: Lee A. Harris
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454824042
Size: 43.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7000
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A practical approach to Corporations featuring carefully edited cases, intriguing notes and questions, and exercises drawn from actual cases to create a practical and skills-driven approach to the study of the legal principles of business. Featuring: Each chapter includes all the landmark cases that students should be introduced to in a Corporations or Business Entities course Strong skills-driven exercises and questions (both litigation-based and transaction-based) the practical exercises give students a chance to simulate what lawyers do the exercises are drawn from actual disputes, particularly from material in the case's procedural history, publicly-available information about the dispute, and other information provided from the actual lawyers on the case Brief notes and questions after cases, including some with practice-orientation Diagrams, or Roadmaps are included to give students an illustrative snapshot of some of the toughest cases. This text obviates the need for law professors interested in skills training to rely on supplemental texts or creating their own materials Companion website that includes supplemental introductory cases (with notes and questions) to enable use of the casebook by MBA and undergraduate students

Education Law Policy And Practice

Author: Michael J. Kaufman
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454883324
Size: 46.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6042
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Challenging students to question the political and philosophical assumptions underlying the law, Education Law, Policy, and Practice promotes a depth of understanding about the key cases and statutes. The authors integrate the law with policy and practice, following related political, financial, and practical issues. The law is presented through a teachable mix of key cases and materials on the practice and political aspects of school law, and an effective macro organization helps place topics into an integrated framework. Each of the major issues in education law is discussed at length: the boundaries of public and private, church and state, relations; school governance and the tensions between federal power and local control; the rights and responsibilities of students and teachers; and the educational environment and its liabilities. “Practicums” in each section allow students to apply the law to realistic situations. Features: New cases: Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District; Fisher v. the University of Texas. A complete description and analysis of the brand new Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. A series of key questions and answers that follow each major section, and are designed to provide formative and summative assessments of student learning outcomes.

Corporate Finance In A Nutshell

Author: Jeffrey Haas
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314289636
Size: 69.79 MB
Format: PDF
View: 200
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This up-to-date and comprehensive title covers the entire field of corporate finance, including the recent changes stemming from the Dodd-Frank Act. In addition to discussing accounting and valuation concepts, it provides extensive coverage of the legal and financial underpinnings of debt securities, preferred and common stock, and derivative instruments (options, forward contracts, futures contracts and swap contracts). It also provides sample valuation problems, answers, and explanations. Written in "plain-English," you will find the work particularly useful, with or without any business background.

Mergers And Acquisitions

Author: Robert B. Thompson
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454892722
Size: 61.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Offering up-to-date and rich, yet succinct, coverage with the perfect mix of theory and practice, Mergers and Acquisitions: Law and Finance, Third Edition equips students with the legal rules and economic and financial principles they will need to help clients make key strategic choices during an acquisition. Key Features: Cases and materials illustrating Delaware’s embrace of private ordering to minimize judicial review in cash out mergers and other contexts (the M&F Worldwide case and related cases such as In re Volcano Corp.) Twenty-first century changes to the classical “enhanced scrutiny” review of Unocal, Revlon, and Blasius (the Air Gas decision and Chancellor Chandler’s presentation of the 30-year evolution of Delaware law) New presentation of insider trading law that emphasizes its application in a merger context (the U.S. v. Salman case and rearrangement of the material to lead with classical and misappropriation theories before applications like tippee and other theories extending liability Materials on insider trading, poison pill, deal protection devices, activist shareholders, and more. Clear text and charts that facilitate students’ grasp of the financial and legal choices available to planners considering an acquisition.

Accounting And Corporate Finance For Lawyers

Author: Stacey L. Bowers
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 1454878975
Size: 48.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2801
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Accounting and Corporate Finance for Lawyers introduces law students to the fundamental concepts of accounting and corporate finance. Students learn how to read and understand financial statements and footnotes, assess a company’s financial position, and evaluate financial provisions and covenants in contracts. This book begins preparing students for success in the practice of law by providing the critical foundation of understanding accounting concepts and principles and the language of business people. Professors and students will benefit from: A reader-friendly organization and style Discussion and examples of how the principles are applied in practice Examples and exhibits that supplement the substance Exercises and problems designed to build a student’s knowledge base Teaching materials include: A text-based discussion of possible talking points for each of the textbook chapters. The Teacher’s Manual chapter text includes cross-references to the corresponding page numbers of the text chapter and the corresponding slide number for the power point presentation that accompanies each chapter. A PowerPoint presentation for each textbook chapter, which includes both bullet points to guide the discussion, as well as embedded examples drawn primarily from the corresponding textbook chapter. The PPT slide headings correspond to the chapter headings and chapter structure to facilitate ease of use. A prepared solution for each of the problems set forth in the textbook with explanations where warranted. A sample syllabus of the content that might be covered in a 3 credit Accounting for Lawyers course. Sample exam questions with a corresponding grading rubric that sets forth the potential information a student should address in their answer. The sample exam questions may be used to create a midterm and final exam or just a final exam. A sample small group presentation project with corresponding grading rubric that sets forth the content areas the group will be graded on as a part of the presentation project.

Consumer Finance Law

Author: Adam J. Levitin
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 1454869062
Size: 29.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Consumer Finance: Markets and Regulation is the first law school text to focus on consumer financial services markets and their regulation. Structured around clear expository text and realistic problem sets, the book provides comprehensive coverage of the regulation of consumer credit, payments, and financial data markets by federal, state, and private law, including detailed coverage of the authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a powerful new federal regulatory agency. The book also acquaints students with the full range of consumer financial products, how they operate, the risks and policy issues they raise, and their regulation. In so doing, the book provides an applied look at how regulatory agencies work, offering students a practical look at how statutes and regulations interact and how regulatory agencies enforce them. Professors and students will benefit from: Detailed coverage of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal regulatory agency with broad authority over consumer credit, payment, deposit, and financial data markets Comprehensive treatment of consumer credit regulation, including mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, and small dollar loans, as well as credit disclosures, usury, and fair lending regulation State-of-the-art coverage of consumer payment systems, with detailed coverage of electronic payment systems (credit cards, debit cards, ACH) and mobile wallets Coverage of topics not found elsewhere in law school curriculum, including anti-money laundering regulations, behavioral economics, fair lending laws, and consumer financial data privacy and data security Free online statutory supplement Teaching materials include: Thirty-seven problem sets, featuring problem sets based on real world situations that confront lawyers for consumers, financial services businesses, and regulatory agencies Actual transactional documents, such as arbitration agreements, deposit agreements, a payday loan agreement, and a uniform mortgage note and security instrument A range of administrative agency materials (complaints, consent orders, speeches, guidance, supervisory highlights, studies), as well as traditional case materials with extensive expository text A detailed teacher’s manual keyed to problem sets

Business Organization And Finance

Author: William A. Klein
Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 9781599414492
Size: 77.10 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5688
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Klein, Coffee, and Partnoy's Business Organization and Finance, Legal and Economic Principles, 11th explains the basic economic elements and legal principles of business organization and finance. It is the best additional resource to assign to students for background. It distills in a straightforward and accessible way the essential elements of these often complex topics and explains the basic economic elements and legal principles of business organization and finance with concise, conceptual overviews. It contains a detailed introduction outlining the essential functions of corporate law. It contains an invaluable new section covering recent developments in financial markets, the financial crisis, the role of derivatives and financial complexity in the modern corporation to give students background on modern financial issues. An authoritative introduction to the law, the Foundation Press Concepts and Insights Series offers law students concise, conceptual overviews of important areas of law, as written by leading scholars. Students reap the benefit of the authors' expert opinions, insight, and experience, with illustrative case studies, case notes, and examples. The paperback texts also contain thought-provoking questions designed to generate classroom discussion and hone students' legal reasoning.