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Carbohydrates The Essential Molecules Of Life

Author: Robert V. Stick
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080927022
Size: 51.14 MB
Format: PDF
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This book provides the "nuts and bolts" background for a successful study of carbohydrates - the essential molecules that not only give you energy, but are an integral part of many biological processes. A question often asked is 'Why do carbohydrate chemistry?' The answer is simple: It is fundamental to a study of biology. Carbohydrates are the building blocks of life and enable biological processes to take place. Therefore the book will provide a taste for the subject of glycobiology. Covering the basics of carbohydrates and then the chemistry and reactions of carbohydrates this book will enable a chemist to gain essential knowledge that will enable them to move smoothly into the worlds of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. * includes perspective from new co-author Spencer Williams, who enhances coverage of the connection between carbohydrates and life * describes the basic chemistry and biology of carbohydrates * reviews the concepts, synthesis, reactions, and biology of carbohydrates

Preparative Carbohydrate Chemistry

Author: Stephen Hanessian
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824798024
Size: 25.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Detailing commonly used methods and procedures, this reference discusses the reactions and derivative forms of carbohydrates. Preparative Carbohydrate Chemistry covers the formation, cleavage, and reactions of derivatives and illustrates bond-forming reactions of SN2 types, free radicals, chain extensions, and branching. The contents include: sugar derivatives; selected reactions in carbohydrate chemistry; chemical synthesis of oligosaccharides and O-and N -glycosyl compounds; enzymatic synthesis of sialic acid, KDO, and related deoxyulosonic acids, and of oligosaccharides; synthesis of -glycosyl compounds; carbocycles from carbohydrates; and total synthesis of sugars from non-sugars. This authoritative reference offers relevant chapters on reactions and derivative forms of carbohydrates, including commonly used methods as well as new experimental procedures. It also contains insightful chapter commentaries and succinct topic histories.

The Components Of Life

Author: Kara Rogers Senior Editor, Biomedical Sciences
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1615303243
Size: 75.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Discusses the molecular components of life, including nucleic and amino acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, and details the history of study in the discipline and how they affect human and animal body functions.

Food Carbohydrate Chemistry

Author: Ronald E. Wrolstad
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0813826659
Size: 56.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Not since "Sugar Chemistry" by Shallenberger and Birch (1975) has a text clearly presented and applied basic carbohydrate chemistry to the quality attributes and functional properties of foods. Now in Food Carbohydrate Chemistry, author Wrolstad emphasizes the application of carbohydrate chemistry to understanding the chemistry, physical and functional properties of food carbohydrates. Structure and nomenclature of sugars and sugar derivatives are covered, focusing on those derivatives that exist naturally in foods or are used as food additives. Chemical reactions emphasize those that have an impact on food quality and occur under processing and storage conditions. Coverage includes: how chemical and physical properties of sugars and polysaccharides affect the functional properties of foods; taste properties and non-enzymic browning reactions; the nutritional roles of carbohydrates from a food chemist's perspective; basic principles, advantages, and limitations of selected carbohydrate analytical methods. An appendix includes descriptions of proven laboratory exercises and demonstrations. Applications are emphasized, and anecdotal examples and case studies are presented. Laboratory units, homework exercises, and lecture demonstrations are included in the appendix. In addition to a complete list of cited references, a listing of key references is included with brief annotations describing their important features. Students and professionals alike will benefit from this latest addition to the IFT Press book series. In Food Carbohydrate Chemistry, upper undergraduate and graduate students will find a clear explanation of how basic principles of carbohydrate chemistry can account for and predict functional properties such as sweetness, browning potential, and solubility properties. Professionals working in product development and technical sales will value Food Carbohydrate Chemistry as a needed resource to help them understand the functionality of carbohydrate ingredients. And persons in research and quality assurance will rely upon Food Carbohydrate Chemistry for understanding the principles of carbohydrate analytical methods and the physical and chemical properties of sugars and polysaccharides.

Biochemie F R Dummies

Author: John W. Moore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527657959
Size: 76.73 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5920
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Im Leben eines Biologen und auch in dem eines Chemikers kommt irgendwann der Tag, an dem plötzlich die Biochemie vor der Tür steht oder gleich hineinpoltert. "Biochemie für Dummies" bereitet Sie auf diesen Tag vor oder hilft Ihnen, die Folgen zu verkraften. Von Zellstrukturen über Kohlenwasserstoffe, Aminosäuren und Proteine erklärt Ihnen das was Sie über Biochemie wissen müssen. So einfach wie möglich, so komplex wie nötig werden Sie hier in die Welt der Lipide, Vitamine und Hormone eingeführt und erfahren, was ATP jenseits des Tennisplatzes bedeutet.

Enzymes In Carbohydrate Synthesis

Author: Mark D. Bednarski
Publisher: Amer Chemical Society
Size: 22.63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Not only assessing the past, present, and future uses of enzymes to synthesize carbohydrates, this volume also illustrates the significance of carbohydrate chemistry and describes how the combination and use of modern enzyme chemistry can advance exploration in the field. Details research at the interface of chemistry and biology for carbohydrate chemistry by demonstrating how to integrate chemical reactions and biological techniques that can be used to synthesize complex bioactive monosaccharides, oligosaccarides, and glycoconjugates. Of particular interest are chapters by George Whitesides and Chi-Huey Wong covering the use of enzymes in monosaccharide synthesis, and Hindsgaul, Thiem, Nilsson, and Whitesides describing the use of activated sugar nucleosides and glycosyltransferases in the synthesis of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.

The Chemistry Of C Glycosides

Author: Daniel E. Levy
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080420813
Size: 50.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In recent years C-glycoside chemistry has been one of the main topics in carbohydrate chemistry, not only because of the synthetic challenges posed, but also because C-glycosides have the potential to serve as carbohydrate analogues resistant to metabolic processes. Consequently, this class of compounds is currently receiving much interest as a potential source of therapeutic agents for clinical use. This book provides a broad coverage of the various synthetic methods available for the preparation of C-glycosides, and illustrates the interesting breadth of connections between carbohydrate chemistry and modern general synthetic organic chemistry by including topics such as transition-metal catalysis, radical chemistry, cycloaddition and rearrangement processes. In addition, in the final chapter of the book, the syntheses of C-di and trisaccharides reported through 1994 are reviewed. This well organised account of the synthetic chemistry in this field will prove to be very valuable to a wide range of researchers and advanced students, both as an introduction to the topic and for reference.

Ullmann S Encyclopedia Of Industrial Chemistry

Size: 31.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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89 years of expertise in applied and industrial chemistry - Ullmann's is back in print! Generations of chemists and engineers have relied on the well structured and trusted information from Ullmann's Encyclopedia - and you still can count on Ullmann's with the current 6th edition in print. Ullmann's is a synonym for the world's most current and trustworthy knowledge in everything that relates to the chemical industry, be it processes, chemicals, products, analytical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, name it, Ullmann's has it - well over 800 articles on over 30 000 printed pages in 40 volumes. Organized in alphabetical order, the chapters are easy to read and excellent starting points to introduce you to any topic. Over 15 000 tables and 25 000 figures (some of them in color) make it easy for you to quickly find what you are looking for. Countless literature and patent references guide you to the relevant and accessible primary literature. Numerous cross-references point you to relevant chapters in the same context and a well organized index volume enables searching for keywords. Finding what you need is very simple indeed and you won't have to ask for a user's manual for this massive work! Supervised by an internationally acclaimed advisory board, the articles are written by over 3000 international experts from industry and universities, thoroughly edited to uniform style and layout in an in-house office. All figures are re-drawn to give a maximum of clarity and uniformity in style. Compared to the prior edition, almost 60% of the material has either been newly written or thoroughly updated. The rest has been checked for validity and newer references have been added throughout.

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia Of Chemical Technology

Author: Kirk-Othmer
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
ISBN: 9780471485193
Size: 18.62 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2461
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The fifth edition of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology builds upon the solid foundation of the previous editions, which have proven to be a mainstay for chemists, biochemists, and engineers at academic, industrial, and government institutions since publication of the first edition in 1949. The new edition includes necessary adjustments and modernization of the content to reflect changes and developments in chemical technology. Volume 4 is due for publication in April 2004, and will present a wide scope of articles on: * Chemical substances, properties, manufacturing, and uses. * Industrial processes, unit operations in chemical engineering. * Fundamentals and scientific subjects related to the field.