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Curriculum Leadership By Middle Leaders

Author: Kelvin Tan Heng Kiat
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131764350X
Size: 78.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3174
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Curriculum Leadership by Middle Leaders focusses on major issues relating to the continuing national and international discourse on curriculum leadership, and highlights the vital role of middle leaders in schools. School leadership has focused primarily on first-order change involving school leaders or principals. This book seeks to put the spotlight on second-order change that involves curriculum leadership and professional development support on the part of middle leaders for more sustainable and long-term change in teaching and learning that will influence what happens in classrooms. With timely and thought-provoking contribution from authors who pursue a range of scholarly interests in multiple educational settings, the book is guided by several underlying questions: How might we re-envision curriculum leadership so that it addresses both local and global concerns and aspirations? How might we better grasp how middle leaders understand and respond to the pressures of educational reform initiatives? How might middle leaders transform pressures into possibilities? This book will appeal to current teachers, those currently undertaking teacher training and students or academics carrying out research in the field of educational leadership.

Education And Sustainability

Author: Michelle Y. Merrill
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351614746
Size: 67.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4805
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This book provides an introduction to the state of sustainability education in Asia. It covers national policies, institutional policies and practices within Asian universities, sustainability considerations for teacher training at schools of education, and pedagogical practices for sustainability in higher education. With contributors from universities and NGOs in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, India, China and South Korea, this volume brings together the best papers from a series of successful international conferences on post-secondary education for sustainability in Asia. The book is organized into five parts: • Part I focuses on paradigms for sustainability education • Part II looks at sustainability education contexts, strategies and outcomes at the national level • Part III gives examples of sustainability programs and strategies adopted at specific universities • Part IV highlights sustainability education research from schools of education • Part V explores specific examples of post-secondary educational practices in sustainability

Teacher Learning With Classroom Assessment

Author: Heng Jiang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 981109053X
Size: 13.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 362
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This book discusses the interwoven themes of teacher learning and classroom assessment, highlighting the complexity and intricacy of these processes in a range of very different classroom contexts. The case studies demonstrate how classroom assessment is needed for teachers to learn about teaching and for them to be able to grow professionally and improve student learning. Although this volume is mainly situated in the unique and varied contexts of the Asia-Pacific region, it addresses the key issues of quality teaching, assessment, and accountability in a global context.

Mathematics Instruction Goals Tasks And Activities Yearbook 2018 Association Of Mathematics Educators

Author: Toh Pee Choon
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 981327168X
Size: 50.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2522
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The book, the tenth volume in the series of yearbooks by the Association of Mathematics Educators in Singapore, comprises 14 chapters written by renowned researchers in mathematics education. The chapters offer mathematics teachers a cache of teaching ideas and resources for classroom instruction. Readers will find various task design principles, examples of mathematical tasks used in classrooms and teaching approaches to implement the tasks. Through these discussions, readers are invited to reflect and rethink their beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning in the 21st century, and reexamine the tasks and activities that they use in the classroom, in order to bring about positive impact on students' learning of mathematics. This book contributes towards literature in the field of mathematics education, specifically on mathematics instruction and the design of mathematical tasks and activities. Contents: Tasks and Activities in the Mathematics Classroom (Boon Liang CHUA and Pee Choon TOH) From Task to Activity: Noticing Affordances, Design, and Orchestration (CHOY Ban Heng) Affordances of Typical Problems (Jaguthsing DINDYAL) Mathematical Tasks Enacted by Two Competent Teachers to Facilitate the Learning of Vectors by Grade Ten Students (Berinderjeet KAUR, Lai Fong WONG and Chong Kiat CHEW) Use of Comics and Its Adaptation in the Mathematics Classroom (TOH Tin Lam, CHAN Chun Ming Eric, CHENG Lu Pien, LIM Kam Ming and LIM Lee Hean) Designing and Implementing Scientific Calculator Tasks and Activities (Barry KISSANE) Engaging the Hearts of Mathematics Learners (Joseph B W YEO) Developing Interaction Toward the Goal of the Lesson in a Primary Mathematics Classroom (Keiko HINO) Designing and Implementing Activities in the Flipped Classroom in the Singapore Primary Mathematics Classroom (CHENG Lu Pien, NG Swee Fong, TAN Bee Kian Jasmine Susie and NG Ee Noch) Designing Mathematical Modelling Activities for the Primary Mathematics Classroom (Chun Ming Eric CHAN, Rashidah VAPUMARICAN and Huanjia Tracy LIU) Extending d104book Exercises into Short Open-Ended Tasks for Primary Mathematics Classroom Instruction (YEO Kai Kow Joseph) Integrating Problem Posing into Mathematical Problem Solving: An Experimental Study (JIANG Chunlian and CHUA Boon Liang) A Vicennial Walk Through 'A' Level Mathematics in Singapore: Reflecting on the Curriculum Leadership Role of the JC Mathematics Teacher (Weng Kin HO and Christina RATNAM-LIM) Probability: Theory and Teaching (YAP Von Bing) Readership: Graduate students, researchers, practitioners and teachers in mathematics. Keywords: Mathematics;Instruction;Task Design;Singapore;Teachers;InstructionReview: Key Features: Firstly it has a focused theme: Mathematics instruction and task design, which is of prime concern to mathematics educators Secondly it is written by university scholars who work closely with classroom mathematics teachers thereby drawing on their research knowledge and classroom experiences Lastly, the book is rich resource, of tried and tested practical know-how of approaches that promote mathematics learning, for mathematics educators in Singapore schools and elsewhere

Educational Leadership As A Culturally Constructed Practice

Author: Jane Wilkinson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317426703
Size: 41.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1592
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This edited book collection disrupts received notions of educational leadership, culture and diversity as currently portrayed in practice and theory. It draws on compelling studies of educational leadership from the global north and south, as well as from a range of ethnic, religious and gendered perspectives and critical research approaches. In so doing, the book powerfully challenges contemporary leadership discourses of diversity that reproduce essentialising leadership practices, binary divisions and asymmetrical power relations. The various chapters contest and move beyond exhortations for leadership in increasingly diverse societies; revealing through their rich portraits of the hybridity of leadership practice, the shallowness of diversity discourses that are framed as something "we" (the culturally homogenous) leader do to (heterogenous) ‘others’. The volume is more than critique. Instead it offers readers new directions and possibilities through which to understand, theorise and practise educational leadership in the twenty first century. In portraying leading as a "relational practice in contexts of cultural hybridity" (Blackmore, this volume), it extends critical theories for and of leadership practice, examining the intersectionality between leadership and a range of social categories, and challenging notions of leadership as a singular construct. Compelling research narratives reveal educational leadership practice as nuanced, temporal, site specific and prefigured by traditions and cultural understandings that reach beyond a simplification of educational leadership as understood through unitary lenses of race, gender or ethnicity. This book is essential reading for academics and students of educational leadership and management, as well as administrators.

Handbook Of Urban Education

Author: H. Richard Milner IV
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136206019
Size: 42.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4905
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This volume brings together leading scholars in urban education to focus on inner city matters, specifically as they relate to educational research, theory, policy, and practice. Each chapter provides perspectives on the history and evolving nature of urban education, the current education landscape, and helps chart an all-important direction for future work and needs. The Handbook addresses seven areas that capture the breadth and depth of available knowledge in urban education: (1) Psychology, Health and Human Development, (2) Sociological Perspectives, (3) Families and Communities, (4) Teacher Education and Special Education, (5) Leadership, Administration and Leaders, (6) Curriculum & Instruction, and (7) Policy and Reform.

The Routledge International Handbook Of Educational Effectiveness And Improvement

Author: Christopher Chapman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317394321
Size: 51.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6515
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The International Handbook of Educational Effectiveness and Improvement draws together leading academics and researchers in the field to reflect on the history, traditions and the most recent developments in this dynamic and influential field. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of: the foundations of the field the evolution of educational effectiveness theory and methodology the links with other research disciplines the links between policy and practice. In conclusion, the handbook sets out a new agenda for future educational effectiveness research. This handbook is an essential resource for those interested in the effectiveness of educational systems, organisations and classrooms. It offers academics, researchers, students and policy-makers new insights into the latest thinking and evidence about educational effectiveness.

Distributed Leadership In Schools

Author: John A. DeFlaminis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317540875
Size: 66.70 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5931
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Building on best practices and lessons learned, Distributed Leadership in Schools shows educators how to design and implement distributed leadership to effectively address challenges in their schools. Grounded in case studies and full of practical tools, this book lays out a framework for building strategic, collaborative, and instructionally-focused teams. Supported by voices of practitioners and based upon original research, this comprehensive resource shares concrete strategies, tips, and tools for creating teams that are skilled at using data to plan and monitor their work, and successful in facilitating change to improve student learning. This innovative method will aid leader development and facilitate reflection, and will reshape leadership practice in a way that benefits teachers, leaders, schools, and students.

Debates In Art And Design Education

Author: Nicholas Addison
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136232028
Size: 16.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4117
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Debates in Art and Design Education encourages student and practising teachers to engage with contemporary issues and developments in learning and teaching. It introduces key issues, concepts and tensions in order to help art educators develop a critical approach to their practice in response to the changing fields of education and visual culture. Accessible, comprehensive chapters are designed to stimulate thinking and understanding in relation to theory and practice, and help art educators to make informed judgements by arguing from a position based on theoretical knowledge and understanding. Contributing artists, lecturers and teachers debate a wide range of issues including: the latest policy and initiatives in secondary art education the concepts, skills and dispositions that can be developed through art education tensions inherent in developing the inclusive Art and Design classroom partnerships across the visual arts sector creativity in the Art and Design curriculum visual art and globalisation establishing the significance of ‘Design’ art practice as educational research. Debates in Art and Design Education is for all student and practising teachers interested in furthering their understanding of an exciting, ever-changing field, and supports art educators in articulating how the subject is a vital, engaging and necessary part of the twenty-first century curriculum. Each chapter points to further reading and each section suggests reflective questions to help shape art educators’ teaching. In particular, Debates in Art and Design Education encourages art educators to engage in research by providing an essential introduction to critical thinking around contemporary debates.

Digital Games And Learning

Author: Nicola Whitton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136216448
Size: 75.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 5038
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In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of digital games to enhance teaching and learning at all educational levels, from early years through to lifelong learning, in formal and informal settings. The study of games and learning, however, takes a broader view of the relationship between games and learning, and has a diverse multi-disciplinary background. Digital Games and Learning: Research and Theory provides a clear and concise critical theoretical overview of the field of digital games and learning from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Taking into account research and theory from areas as varied as computer science, psychology, education, neuroscience, and game design, this book aims to synthesise work that is relevant to the study of games and learning. It focuses on four aspects of digital games: games as active learning environments, games as motivational tools, games as playgrounds, and games as learning technologies, and explores each of these areas in detail. This book is an essential guide for researchers, designers, teachers, practitioners, and policy makers who want to better understand the relationship between games and learning.