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Cyber Attacks

Author: Edward Amoroso
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0123918677
Size: 78.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Cyber Attacks, Student Edition, offers a technical, architectural, and management approach to solving the problems of protecting national infrastructure. This approach includes controversial themes such as the deliberate use of deception to trap intruders. This volume thus serves as an attractive framework for a new national strategy for cyber security. A specific set of criteria requirements allows any organization, such as a government agency, to integrate the principles into their local environment. In this edition, each principle is presented as a separate security strategy and illustrated with compelling examples. The book adds 50-75 pages of new material aimed specifically at enhancing the student experience and making it more attractive for instructors teaching courses such as cyber security, information security, digital security, national security, intelligence studies, technology and infrastructure protection. It now also features case studies illustrating actual implementation scenarios of the principles and requirements discussed in the text, along with a host of new pedagogical elements, including chapter outlines, chapter summaries, learning checklists, and a 2-color interior. Furthermore, a new and complete ancillary package includes test bank, lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, case study questions, and more. This text is intended for security practitioners and military personnel as well as for students wishing to become security engineers, network operators, software designers, technology managers, application developers, etc. Provides case studies focusing on cyber security challenges and solutions to display how theory, research, and methods, apply to real-life challenges Utilizes, end-of-chapter case problems that take chapter content and relate it to real security situations and issues Includes instructor slides for each chapter as well as an instructor’s manual with sample syllabi and test bank

Cyber Attacks

Author: Edward G. Amoroso
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0123918553
Size: 59.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Ten basic principles that will reduce the risk of cyber attack to national infrastructure in a substantive manner"--

Cyber Attacks

Author: Edward Amoroso
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780123849182
Size: 21.36 MB
Format: PDF
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Cyber Attacks takes the national debate on protecting critical infrastructure in an entirely new and fruitful direction. It initiates an intelligent national (and international) dialogue amongst the general technical community around proper methods for reducing national risk. This includes controversial themes such as the deliberate use of deception to trap intruders. It also serves as an attractive framework for a new national strategy for cyber security, something that several Presidential administrations have failed in attempting to create. In addition, nations other than the US might choose to adopt the framework as well. This book covers cyber security policy development for massively complex infrastructure using ten principles derived from experiences in U.S. Federal Government settings and a range of global commercial environments. It provides a unique and provocative philosophy of cyber security that directly contradicts conventional wisdom about info sec for small or enterprise-level systems. It illustrates the use of practical, trial-and-error findings derived from 25 years of hands-on experience protecting critical infrastructure on a daily basis at AT&T. Each principle is presented as a separate security strategy, along with pages of compelling examples that demonstrate use of the principle. Cyber Attacks will be of interest to security professionals tasked with protection of critical infrastructure and with cyber security; CSOs and other top managers; government and military security specialists and policymakers; security managers; and students in cybersecurity and international security programs. * Covers cyber security policy development for massively complex infrastructure using ten principles derived from experiences in U.S. Federal Government settings and a range of global commercial environments. * Provides a unique and provocative philosophy of cyber security that directly contradicts conventional wisdom about info sec for small or enterprise-level systems. * Illustrates the use of practical, trial-and-error findings derived from 25 years of hands-on experience protecting critical infrastructure on a daily basis at AT&T.

Cyber Crimes

Author: Vannesa Pitts
Publisher: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 938610170X
Size: 34.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Computer crime refers to criminal activity involving a computer. The computer may be used in the commission of a crime or it may be the target. This book covers the history of Cyber Crimes and gives some of the world's most famous Cyber Crime and Attacks.

Cyber Attacks Protection

Author: Jon Schiller
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 145360913X
Size: 26.23 MB
Format: PDF
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The US Stock Market collapsed on Thursday, 6 May 2010 when the Dow Jones Index spiked down over 1000 points in a matter of a few minutes. Such a world market sell caused by a true Cyber attack could destroy the wealth of billions of people around the globe. This book will examine what Cyber Attacks could do to the civilized world, which grows more dependent on the Internet functioning properly to perform all of the complex tasks that need to be done every day.

Avoidit Irs An Issue Resolution System To Resolve Cyber Attacks

Author: Christopher B. Simmons
Size: 13.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Cyber attacks have greatly increased over the years and the attackers have progressively improved in devising attacks against specific targets. Cyber attacks are considered a malicious activity launched against networks to gain unauthorized access causing modification, destruction, or even deletion of data. This dissertation highlights the need to assist defenders with identifying and defending against cyber attacks. In this dissertation an attack issue resolution system is developed called AVOIDIT IRS (AIRS). AVOIDIT IRS is based on the attack taxonomy AVOIDIT (Attack Vector, Operational Impact, Defense, Information Impact, and Target). Attacks are collected by AIRS and classified into their respective category using AVOIDIT.Accordingly, an organizational cyber attack ontology was developed using feedback from security professionals to improve the communication and reusability amongst cyber security stakeholders. AIRS is developed as a semi-autonomous application that extracts unstructured external and internal attack data to classify attacks in sequential form. In doing so, we designed and implemented a frequent pattern and sequential classification algorithm associated with the five classifications in AVOIDIT. The issue resolution approach uses inference to educate the defender on the plausible cyber attacks. The AIRS can work in conjunction with an intrusion detection system (IDS) to provide a heuristic to cyber security breaches within an organization. AVOIDIT provides a framework for classifying appropriate attack information, which is fundamental in devising defense strategies against such cyber attacks. The AIRS is further used as a knowledge base in a game inspired defense architecture to promote game model selection upon attack identification. Future work will incorporate honeypot attack information to improve attack identification, classification, and defense propagation.In this dissertation, 1,025 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) and over 5,000 lines of log files instances were captured in the AIRS for analysis. Security experts were consulted to create rules to extract pertinent information and algorithms to correlate identified data for notification. The AIRS was developed using the Codeigniter [74] framework to provide a seamless visualization tool for data mining regarding potential cyber attacks relative to web applications. Testing of the AVOIDIT IRS revealed a recall of 88%, precision of 93%, and a 66% correlation metric. .

Managing Cyber Attacks In International Law Business And Relations

Author: Scott J. Shackelford
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107004373
Size: 54.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5167
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This book presents a novel framework to reconceptualize Internet governance and better manage cyber attacks. Specifically, it makes an original contribution by examining the potential of polycentric regulation to increase accountability through bottom-up action. It also provides a synthesis of the current state of cybersecurity research, bringing features of the cloak and dagger world of cyber attacks to light and comparing and contrasting the cyber threat to all relevant stakeholders. Throughout the book, cybersecurity is treated holistically, covering outstanding issues in law, science, economics, and politics. This interdisciplinary approach is an exemplar of how strategies from different disciplines as well as the private and public sectors may cross-pollinate to enhance cybersecurity. Case studies and examples illustrate what is at stake and identify best practices. The book discusses technical issues of Internet governance and cybersecurity while presenting the material in an informal, straightforward manner. The book is designed to inform readers about the interplay of Internet governance and cybersecurity and the potential of polycentric regulation to help foster cyber peace.

Cyber Attack

Author: Martin Gitlin
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN: 1467725129
Size: 54.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Discusses cyber crime, including what cyber crime costs American consumers annually and what level of threat is posed to the national infrastructure.


Author: Thomas A. Johnson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 148223923X
Size: 50.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The World Economic Forum regards the threat of cyber attack as one of the top five global risks confronting nations of the world today. Cyber attacks are increasingly targeting the core functions of the economies in nations throughout the world. The threat to attack critical infrastructures, disrupt critical services, and induce a wide range of damage is becoming more difficult to defend against. Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare examines the current cyber threat landscape and discusses the strategies being used by governments and corporations to protect against these threats. The book first provides a historical reference, detailing the emergence of viruses, worms, malware, and other cyber threats that created the need for the cybersecurity field. It then discusses the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructures, the broad arsenal of cyber attack tools, and the various engineering design issues involved in protecting our infrastructures. It goes on to cover cyber intelligence tactics, recent examples of cyber conflict and warfare, and the key issues in formulating a national strategy to defend against cyber warfare. The book also discusses how to assess and measure the cost of cybersecurity. It examines the many associated cost factors and presents the results of several important industry-based economic studies of security breaches that have occurred within many nations. The book concludes with a look at future trends in cybersecurity. It discusses the potential impact of industry-wide transformational changes, such as virtualization, social media, cloud computing, structured and unstructured data, big data, and data analytics.

Cyber Survival Manual

Author: Nick Selby
Publisher: Weldon Owen
ISBN: 1681883198
Size: 47.31 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1176
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As we live more of our lives online and entrust personal information to the cloud, we need to be much more aware and proactive about protecting ourselves. Are you safe from hackers? Not without taking precautions. Your identity can be stolen, your company's intellectual property can be copied and sold, and even hacks that just a few years ago sounded like science fiction will soon be possible: vehicle systems can already be hacked, and our power grid can be manipulated or sabotaged by terrorists. But knowledge is power. In this easy-to-read, fascinating and fully illustrated book, you learn how hackers make money, and what they target - along with concrete, hands-on hints for fighting back, whether you’re a concerned parent or a top executive. With all the surrounding threats, what better person to prepare the public, than a team of internationally known cybersecurity experts? Nick Selby is a police detective specializing in sharing intelligence and busting cybercriminals. He knows how these crimes happen, who does them, and how to make your life safer. In The Cyber Survival Manual he and a veritable brain trust of experts from the world of intelligence, digital currency, vehicle-hacking, and sophisticated crimeware, share the best techniques for everyone. This indispensable, step-by-step guide to cyber defense includes: Everyday security: How to keep your identity from being stolen, protect your kids, protect your cards and much more. Big Stories: Silk Road, Ashley Madison, FBI vs. Apple, WikiLeaks, BitCoins, and what they mean to individuals and society at large. Global issues: the NSA, how hackers can crash your car, and is China really planning to crash Google? Crucial to surviving the worst the Internet can throw at you, The Cyber Survival Manual is the must-have book of the 21st century. Think you don’t need this book because, “I have nothing to hide”? Selby, along with Will Gragido, Eric Olson, Chris Valasek, and Heather Vescent, show you why you’re wrong (everyone now has something to hide) - and how lack of security can endanger your finances, your safety, and your reputation.