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Cybersecurity For Beginners

Author: Raef Meeuwisse
ISBN: 9781911452133
Size: 29.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book provides an easy insight into the essentials of cybersecurity, even if you have a non-technical background. You may be a business person keen to understand this important subject area or an information security specialist looking to update your knowledge. 'The world has changed more in the past 10 years than in any 10 year period in human history... Technology is no longer a peripheral servant, it shapes our daily lives. Companies that can use technology wisely and well are booming, companies that make bad or no technology choices collapse and disappear. The cloud, smart devices and the ability to connect almost any object to the internet are an essential landscape to use but are also fraught with new risks and dangers of a magnitude never seen before.' ALSO featuring an alphabetical section at the back of the book to help you translate many of the main cybersecurity technical terms into plain, non-technical English. This is the second edition of this book with updates and additional content.


Author: Peter W. Singer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199918112
Size: 22.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5608
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An authoritative, single-volume introduction to cybersecurity addresses topics ranging from phishing and electrical-grid takedowns to cybercrime and online freedom, sharing illustrative anecdotes to explain how cyberspace security works and what everyday people can do to protect themselves. Simultaneous.

Cyber Security

Author: James Andrew Lewis
Publisher: CSIS
ISBN: 9780892064267
Size: 49.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"This volume looks at the challenges of cyberspace in an interdependent world and at the need for new, cooperative modes of governance to build cyber security. Making networks and critical infrastructure secure requires competent domestic strategies. But it also requires a willingness among governments to take the lead in supporting one another through effective legal structures and agreements such as the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime. The authors explore informal and formal bilateral and multilateral approaches to transnational cooperation on cyber security and examine the elements needed for success."--BOOK JACKET.

Cybersecurity The Essential Body Of Knowledge

Author: Dan Shoemaker
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1435481690
Size: 60.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5886
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CYBERSECURITY: THE ESSENTIAL BODY OF KNOWLEDGE provides a comprehensive, trustworthy framework of practices for assuring information security. This book is organized to help readers understand how the various roles and functions within cybersecurity practice can be combined and leveraged to produce a secure organization. In this unique book, concepts are not presented as stagnant theory; instead, the content is interwoven in a real world adventure story that runs throughout. In the story, a fictional company experiences numerous pitfalls of cyber security and the reader is immersed in the everyday practice of securing the company through various characters’ efforts. This approach grabs learners’ attention and assists them in visualizing the application of the content to real-world issues that they will face in their professional life. Derived from the Department of Homeland Security’s Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) for IT Security, this book is an indispensable resource dedicated to understanding the framework, roles, and competencies involved with information security. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Spam Nation

Author: Brian Krebs
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402295634
Size: 76.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3216
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Now a New York Times bestseller! There is a Threat Lurking Online with the Power to Destroy Your Finances, Steal Your Personal Data, and Endanger Your Life. In Spam Nation, investigative journalist and cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs unmasks the criminal masterminds driving some of the biggest spam and hacker operations targeting Americans and their bank accounts. Tracing the rise, fall, and alarming resurrection of the digital mafia behind the two largest spam pharmacies-and countless viruses, phishing, and spyware attacks-he delivers the first definitive narrative of the global spam problem and its threat to consumers everywhere. Blending cutting-edge research, investigative reporting, and firsthand interviews, this terrifying true story reveals how we unwittingly invite these digital thieves into our lives every day. From unassuming computer programmers right next door to digital mobsters like "Cosma"-who unleashed a massive malware attack that has stolen thousands of Americans' logins and passwords-Krebs uncovers the shocking lengths to which these people will go to profit from our data and our wallets. Not only are hundreds of thousands of Americans exposing themselves to fraud and dangerously toxic products from rogue online pharmacies, but even those who never open junk messages are at risk. As Krebs notes, spammers can-and do-hack into accounts through these emails, harvest personal information like usernames and passwords, and sell them on the digital black market. The fallout from this global epidemic doesn't just cost consumers and companies billions, it costs lives too. Fast-paced and utterly gripping, Spam Nation ultimately proposes concrete solutions for protecting ourselves online and stemming this tidal wave of cybercrime-before it's too late. "Krebs's talent for exposing the weaknesses in online security has earned him respect in the IT business and loathing among cybercriminals... His track record of scoops...has helped him become the rare blogger who supports himself on the strength of his reputation for hard-nosed reporting." -Bloomberg Businessweek

Time Cybersecurity

Author: The Editors of TIME
Publisher: Time Inc. Books
ISBN: 1547842415
Size: 56.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 876
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Mysterious and dark, the many dangers of the internet lurk just below the sunny surface of social media, online shopping and cat videos. Now, in a new Special Edition from the Editors of TIME, comes Cybersecurity: Hacking, the Dark Web and You to help you understand the dangers posed by hackers, cyber criminals and other bad actors on the internet. Those potentially at risk include: individuals (your personal photography and communications, your finances and more); businesses and international relations; and our government (think interference in the November 2016 United States elections). Clear and concise, this Special Edition features up-to-the-minute information, graphics, and statistics as well as a hacking glossary to help you better understand the threats that lie in wait behind each keystroke. Cybersecurity is filled with compelling stories about hacks and hackers, the battle against revenge porn, Google’s elite guard against rising digital threats, and it also includes a step-by-step guide to help you defend against scammers and viruses. For anyone who uses the internet—and that’s pretty much all of us—Cybersecurity is a thorough examination of the security challenges of technology today, and how to overcome them to stay safe online.

Cybersecurity A Business Solution

Author: Rob Arnold
Publisher: Threat Sketch, LLC
ISBN: 069294415X
Size: 19.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3285
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As a business leader, you might think you have cybersecurity under control because you have a great IT team. But managing cyber risk requires more than firewalls and good passwords. Cash flow, insurance, relationships, and legal affairs for an organization all play major roles in managing cyber risk. Treating cybersecurity as “just an IT problem” leaves an organization exposed and unprepared. Therefore, executives must take charge of the big picture. Cybersecurity: A Business Solution is a concise guide to managing cybersecurity from a business perspective, written specifically for the leaders of small and medium businesses. In this book you will find a step-by-step approach to managing the financial impact of cybersecurity. The strategy provides the knowledge you need to steer technical experts toward solutions that fit your organization’s business mission. The book also covers common pitfalls that lead to a false sense of security. And, to help offset the cost of higher security, it explains how you can leverage investments in cybersecurity to capture market share and realize more profits. The book’s companion material also includes an executive guide to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. It offers a business level overview of the following key terms and concepts, which are central to managing its adoption. TiersProfilesFunctionsInformative References


Author: Kim J. Andreasson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466551232
Size: 27.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2844
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The Internet has given rise to new opportunities for the public sector to improve efficiency and better serve constituents in the form of e-government. But with a rapidly growing user base globally and an increasing reliance on the Internet, digital tools are also exposing the public sector to new risks. An accessible primer, Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses focuses on the convergence of globalization, connectivity, and the migration of public sector functions online. It identifies the challenges you need to be aware of and examines emerging trends and strategies from around the world. Offering practical guidance for addressing contemporary risks, the book is organized into three sections: Global Trends—considers international e-government trends, includes case studies of common cyber threats and presents efforts of the premier global institution in the field National and Local Policy Approaches—examines the current policy environment in the United States and Europe and illustrates challenges at all levels of government Practical Considerations—explains how to prepare for cyber attacks, including an overview of relevant U.S. Federal cyber incident response policies, an organizational framework for assessing risk, and emerging trends Also suitable for classroom use, this book will help you understand the threats facing your organization and the issues to consider when thinking about cybersecurity from a policy perspective.

Essential Cyber Security Handbook In English

Author: Nam H Nguyen
Publisher: Nam H Nguyen
Size: 26.52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7576
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The Essential Cyber Security Handbook is a great resource anywhere you go; it presents the most current and leading edge research on system safety and security. You do not need to be a cyber-security expert to protect your information. There are people out there whose main job it is trying to steal personal and financial information. Are you worried about your online safety but you do not know where to start? So this handbook will give you, students, scholars, schools, corporates, businesses, governments and technical decision-makers the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions on cyber security at home or at work. 5 Questions CEOs Should Ask About Cyber Risks, 8 Most Common Internet Security Issues You May Face, Avoiding Copyright Infringement, Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks, Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Trading, Banking Securely Online, Basic Security Concepts, Basics of Cloud Computing, Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet, Benefits and Risks of Free Email Services, Benefits of BCC, Browsing Safely - Understanding Active Content and Cookies, Choosing and Protecting Passwords, Common Risks of Using Business Apps in the Cloud, Coordinating Virus and Spyware Defense, Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices, Data Backup Options, Dealing with Cyberbullies, Debunking Some Common Myths, Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack, Disposing of Devices Safely, Effectively Erasing Files, Evaluating Your Web Browser's Security Settings, Good Security Habits, Guidelines for Publishing Information Online, Handling Destructive Malware, Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices, Home Computer and Internet security, How Anonymous Are You, How to stop most of the adware tracking cookies Mac, Windows and Android, Identifying Hoaxes and Urban Legends, Keeping Children Safe Online, Playing it Safe - Avoiding Online Gaming Risks, Prepare for Heightened Phishing Risk Tax Season, Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft, Privacy and Data Security, Protect Your Workplace, Protecting Aggregated Data, Protecting Portable Devices - Data Security, Protecting Portable Devices - Physical Security, Protecting Your Privacy, Questions Bank Leaders, Real-World Warnings Keep You Safe Online, Recognizing and Avoiding Email Scams, Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware, Recognizing Fake Antiviruses, Recovering from a Trojan Horse or Virus, Recovering from Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses, Reducing Spam, Reviewing End-User License Agreements, Risks of File-Sharing Technology, Safeguarding Your Data, Securing Voter Registration Data, Securing Wireless Networks, Securing Your Home Network, Shopping Safely Online, Small Office or Home Office Router Security, Socializing Securely - Using Social Networking Services, Software License Agreements - Ignore at Your Own Risk, Spyware Home, Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites, Supplementing Passwords, The Risks of Using Portable Devices, Threats to mobile phones, Understanding and Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule Schemes, Understanding Anti-Virus Software, Understanding Bluetooth Technology, Understanding Denial-of-Service Attacks, Understanding Digital Signatures, Understanding Encryption, Understanding Firewalls, Understanding Hidden Threats - Rootkits and Botnets, Understanding Hidden Threats Corrupted Software Files, Understanding Internationalized Domain Names, Understanding ISPs, Understanding Patches, Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Understanding Web Site Certificates, Understanding Your Computer - Email Clients, Understanding Your Computer - Operating Systems, Understanding Your Computer - Web Browsers, Using Caution with Email Attachments, Using Caution with USB Drives, Using Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms Safely, Using Wireless Technology Securely, Why is Cyber Security a Problem, Why Secure Your Browser, and Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms. A thank you to my wonderful wife Beth (Griffo) Nguyen and my amazing sons Taylor Nguyen and Ashton Nguyen for all their love and support, without their emotional support and help, none of these educational language eBooks and audios would be possible.

Data Analytics And Decision Support For Cybersecurity

Author: Iván Palomares Carrascosa
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319594397
Size: 40.73 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6014
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The book illustrates the inter-relationship between several data management, analytics and decision support techniques and methods commonly adopted in Cybersecurity-oriented frameworks. The recent advent of Big Data paradigms and the use of data science methods, has resulted in a higher demand for effective data-driven models that support decision-making at a strategic level. This motivates the need for defining novel data analytics and decision support approaches in a myriad of real-life scenarios and problems, with Cybersecurity-related domains being no exception. This contributed volume comprises nine chapters, written by leading international researchers, covering a compilation of recent advances in Cybersecurity-related applications of data analytics and decision support approaches. In addition to theoretical studies and overviews of existing relevant literature, this book comprises a selection of application-oriented research contributions. The investigations undertaken across these chapters focus on diverse and critical Cybersecurity problems, such as Intrusion Detection, Insider Threats, Insider Threats, Collusion Detection, Run-Time Malware Detection, Intrusion Detection, E-Learning, Online Examinations, Cybersecurity noisy data removal, Secure Smart Power Systems, Security Visualization and Monitoring. Researchers and professionals alike will find the chapters an essential read for further research on the topic.