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Daughter Of Texas Mills Boon Love Inspired Texas Ranger Justice Book 1

Author: Terri Reed
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1408967103
Size: 10.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2823
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Texas Ranger Ben Fritz would give his life to protect Corinna Pike. After all, she's his captain's beloved daughter - and the only witness to her father's murder. When the assassin targets Corinna, Ben dedicates himself to her safetywhile keeping his distance. The beautiful ballerina deserves better than a rough-and-tough ranger.

Daughter Of Texas

Author: Terri Reed
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488098255
Size: 38.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6969
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Discover the Texas Ranger Justice series where danger lurks in the Lone Star State Texas Ranger Ben Fritz would give his life to protect Corinna Pike. After all, she’s his captain’s beloved daughter—and the only witness to her father’s murder. When the assassin targets Corinna, Ben dedicates himself to her safety…while keeping his distance. The beautiful ballerina deserves better than a rough-and-tough ranger. Yet Corinna refuses to ignore the draw between them, just as she refuses to give in to fear as danger grows. Ben will need her courage—and love—to guide him through the line of fire when the killer strikes again. Originally published in 2011

Caliber Of Justice

Author: David C. Gooch
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456720902
Size: 75.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2135
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Caliber of Justice is a two book series, containing eight adventures of Texas Ranger Shane Dawson. These stories tell the story of a young boy who experiences circumstances in his life that force him to seek revenge. Thanks to the aid and mentoring of two Texas Rangers, Shane Dawson becomes a welcomed help to them in tracking down the most violent criminals of west Texas, thus earning him the opportunity to himself become a Texas Ranger. The two books introduce you to Shane, and his acuaintenances, as they ride on many adventures together that span the course of Shane's life as a lawman. The Caliber of Justice allows the reader to become famliar with the main character and then follows him through his career as a Texas Ranger as he tracks down outlaws, robbers, Indians and horse thieves. The books contain the following adventures: BOOK 1: Texas Ranger Bounty Hunter Grapevine Stage Smoking Gun Book 2: Wagon Train Inside Man Cattle Drive Santa Maria

Daughters Of Republic Of Texas

Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
ISBN: 1563112140
Size: 21.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Republic of Texas has a vivid past - its ancestors ventured west to settle an uneasy land - from exploration by the Spaniards to war with the Mexican government and its declaration of independence in 1836. Read about these ancestor's stories through hundreds of biographies with photographs of most. A comprehensive index provides easy reference for genealogical research.

Texas Rangers History Life Services Of General Ben Mcculloch Ross Texas Brigade Texas Vendetta Or The Sutton Taylor Feud The Deadliest Blood Feud In Texas 3 Volumes In 1

Author: Victor M. Rose
Publisher: Maine Book Barn Publishing
ISBN: 1497764580
Size: 71.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3550
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Victor M. Rose (1842-1893), the author, was an editor, lawyer, poet, and Texas historian born in Victoria Texas. When Texas seceded, Rose joined the Third Texas Cavalry which was incorporated into a brigade, later commanded by General Laurence Sullivan Ross. Ross indelibly stamped his identity on the unit so that it became known as Ross' Texas Brigade. While a member of Ross' Texas Brigade, Rose was wounded at least three times, once severely. Book I: "The Life And Services Of General Ben McCulloch" by Victor M. Rose is the biography of a famous Texas' Ranger, U. S. Marshall, & Confederate General in the American Civil War. In this book, Rose paints a vivid picture of this famous Texan's life & services to the Lone Star Republic & later the state of Texas. McCulloch fought in the Texas revolution that created the Republic of Texas. He then joined one of the companies of the famed Texas Rangers & helped protect the settlers from Indian attacks often fomented by the Mexican government, eager to reclaim Texas. During the Mexican-American War, his command of Rangers helped General Taylor defeat the Mexican army at Monterrey & Buena Vista. When Texas seceded, McCulloch was made a general & commanded the frontier of Northern Texas. In this capacity he commanded at the Confederate victory at Wilson's Creek, Missouri (1861). He was killed leading his command at the Confederate defeat at Pea Ridge, Arkansas (1862). Book II: "Ross' Texas Brigade: The Texas Rangers & Cavalry In The Civil War" by Victor M. Rose is a history of the famous Texas Brigade of cavalry, made up of the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 27th cavalry regiments, commanded by General Laurence Sullivan Ross. The Ross Brigade was named after Ross, its 3rd commander, who indelibly stamped his identity on the unit. Victor Rose served in the Ross Brigade until his capture in 1864, so he gives a first-hand account of one of the most famous Texas military units of the Civil War. It was also one of the most active. Its members were described as "rollicking, rascally, [and] brave" and appreciated for their dependability. General Stephen D. Lee called this Texans cavalry brigade the "most reliable" troops under his command. Book III: "The Texas Vendetta; Or The Sutton-Taylor Feud: The Deadliest Blood Feud In Texas" by Victor M. Rose is a history of the most famous blood feud in Texas history. In this book, Rose paints a vivid picture of the collision of the indigenous, defiant southerner----the Taylors----and the Scalawag/Carpetbagger power structure----the Sutton faction---- created by the Reconstruction Laws. He had first-hand knowledge of the participants on both sides and access to the people and records of the period. Out of this, he creates a picture of a fractured society, divided by war and preyed upon by unscrupulous authorities. The 3 Books combined have 178,200+ words and approximately 594 pages at 300 words per page. NOTE: This book has been scanned then OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been applied to turn the scanned page images back into editable text. Then every effort has been made to correct typos, spelling, and to eliminate stray marks picked up by the OCR program. The original and/or extra period images, if any, were then placed in the appropriate place and, finally, the file was formatted for the e-book criteria of the site. This means that the text CAN be re-sized, searches performed, & bookmarks added, unlike some other e-books that are only scanned---errors, stray marks, and all. We will be adding to our titles regularly, look for our offerings on your favorite e-book site.

Scorned Justice

Author: Margaret Daley
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426770855
Size: 21.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Texas Ranger Brody Calhoun is with his parents in west Texas when an unexpected attack injures the brother of Rebecca Morgan, Brody's high school sweetheart. The local sheriff, a good friend, asks for Brody’s help. At first, it seems like an open-and-shut case. As Brody digs deeper, he realizes the attack may be related to an organized crime trial Rebecca will be overseeing. With Rebecca's help, he compiles evidence involving cattle rustling, bribery, and dirty payoffs that shatter the entire community and put Rebecca directly in the line of fire. Brody expects to protect her. What he never expects is to fall for Rebecca all over again, or for a murder to throw the case wide open. Is Brody's faith strong enough to withstand not only deep-rooted corruption and cattle rustling, but also love?

Ranger Justice

Author: James Griffin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595403603
Size: 73.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1920
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Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk is on the trail of the men responsible for the killing of a fellow Ranger and the disappearance of another. Jim's search will draw him into a web of deception, greed, and murder, where even a lawman's best friend may well be his deadly enemy. As Jim inserted the knife into a chink in the rocks, a bullet smacked into the wall just alongside his head, followed by the sharp crack of a rifle. Jim dove to his belly, pinned behind the inadequate cover of the ledge's slight lip as the hidden rifleman swept the rocks with an almost impossibly rapid fire. As the barrage of lead stopped for a brief instant, Jim chanced lifting his head ever so slightly, scanning the canyon in an attempt to locate the bushwhacker. "Got him spotted, on the rim over to the other side of the canyon," he said, as a glint of sunlight reflected off the gunman's rifle barrel for an instant. "Not that it'll do me much good," he muttered, ducking back as his assailant finished reloading and again swept the ledge with a rapid-fire volley. "My Winchester's still on my saddle, and he's way outta range for a six-gun, even tryin' a lucky shot. He can keep me pinned down here long as he wants. And sooner or later he's gonna nail me." As bullets whined over his precarious perch, Jim glanced downward, then, taking a desperate chance, threw himself over the edge of the shelf.

Trail Of Lies

Author: Margaret Daley
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488099227
Size: 36.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2397
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The danger deepens in the Texas Ranger Justice series As the mother of a beautiful daughter and the wife of a wealthy entrepreneur, Melora Hudson seemed happy. No one knew about the secrets hidden behind closed doors—secrets Melora was forced to keep. Now, two years after her husband’s disappearance, the truth may be exposed. His body has been found, and everyone has questions. Texas Ranger Daniel Boone Riley comes to find answers, and stays to protect the woman and child who win his heart. But the terror of Melora’s past isn’t over. Her late husband’s old “associates” want her to carry his secrets to her grave. Originally published in 2011

Lone Star Justice

Author: Robert M. Utley
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019992371X
Size: 30.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 587
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From The Lone Ranger to Lonesome Dove, the Texas Rangers have been celebrated in fact and fiction for their daring exploits in bringing justice to the Old West. In Lone Star Justice, best-selling author Robert M. Utley captures the first hundred years of Ranger history, in a narrative packed with adventures worthy of Zane Grey or Larry McMurtry. The Rangers began in the 1820s as loose groups of citizen soldiers, banding together to chase Indians and Mexicans on the raw Texas frontier. Utley shows how, under the leadership of men like Jack Hays and Ben McCulloch, these fiercely independent fighters were transformed into a well-trained, cohesive team. Armed with a revolutionary new weapon, Samuel Colt's repeating revolver, they became a deadly fighting force, whether battling Comanches on the plains or storming the city of Monterey in the Mexican-American War. As the Rangers evolved from part-time warriors to full-time lawmen by 1874, they learned to face new dangers, including homicidal feuds, labor strikes, and vigilantes turned mobs. They battled train robbers, cattle thieves and other outlaws--it was Rangers, for example, who captured John Wesley Hardin, the most feared gunman in the West. Based on exhaustive research in Texas archives, this is the most authoritative history of the Texas Rangers in over half a century. It will stand alongside other classics of Western history by Robert M. Utley--a vivid portrait of the Old West and of the legendary men who kept the law on the lawless frontier.

Tracking The Texas Rangers

Author: Bruce A. Glasrud
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 1574414658
Size: 41.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6553
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An anthology of sixteen previously published articles and chapter excerpts, arranged in chronological history, covering key topics of the intrepid and sometimes controversial law officers named the Texas Rangers. Determining the role of the Rangers as the state evolved and what they actually accomplished for the benefit of the state is a difficult challenge?the actions of the Rangers fit no easy description. There is a dark side to the story of the Rangers; during the war with Mexico, for example, some murdered, pillaged, and raped. Yet these same Rangers eased the resultant United States victory. Even their beginning and the first use of the term ?Texas Ranger? have mixed and complex origins. Tracking the Texas Rangers covers topics such as their early years, the great Comanche Raid of 1840, and the effective use of Colt revolvers. Article authors discuss Los Diablos Tejanos, Rip Ford, the Cortina War, the use of Hispanic Rangers and Rangers in labor disputes, and the recapture of Cynthia Ann Parker and the capture of John Wesley Hardin. The selections cover critical aspects of those experiences?organization, leadership, cultural implications, rural and urban life, and violence. In their introduction, editors Bruce A. Glasrud and Harold J. Weiss, Jr., discuss various themes and controversies surrounding the 19th-century Rangers and their treatment by historians over the years. They also have added annotations to the essays to explain where new research has shed additional light on an event to update or correct the original article