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Democratic Governance And Social Entrepreneurship

Author: Denise M. Horn
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135073139
Size: 79.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book explores the connection between strong democracy and neoliberal development schemes based on the concept of ‘social entrepreneurship’ in Thailand and Southern India. With an original approach, this book addresses the intersection between emerging approaches to development; namely microfinance, microenterprise, and social entrepreneurship, and the ability of societies to generate their own public goods without state assistance. Utilizing observation, fieldwork, and practice in Northern Thailand and Southern India, as well as secondary sources from the southern Asia region more generally, the author examines the challenges of democratic governance and generation of public goods where civil society and democracy, as development strategies, have become less meaningful to citizens across the developing world than micro-development. The author argues that these approaches to development have impacts on development and civil society building, but do not necessarily amount to political empowerment, raising important questions for civic participation in the state when the state is no longer viewed as the locus of public goods and democratic governance. Presenting a new theoretical approach to understanding the changing paradigm of development and political participation, Democratic Governance and Social Entrepreneurship will be of interest to students and scholars of development politics, political economy and governance.

Interpreting Governance High Politics And Public Policy

Author: Nick Turnbull
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317679369
Size: 46.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Interpreting Governance, High Politics, and Public Policy offers the latest perspectives on the interpretive approach to governance and public policy research. This book commemorates more than a decade of governance research by Mark Bevir and R.A.W. Rhodes, the leading exponents of interpretive political science in the United Kingdom. It explains how insights from the interpretive perspective may be used to advance the study of governance, high politics, and public policy. Featuring contributions from major scholars in the field, both inside and outside the interpretivist fold, the authors critically reflect upon interpretivism and consider how aspects of the interpretive approach apply to their own research. The authors debate the significance of Bevir and Rhodes’s work and develop future directions for interpretive governance research. The chapters link one of the most innovative contemporary perspectives in political science with the latest empirical studies. Contributing towards setting the governance research agenda, Interpreting Governance, High Politics and Public Policy is an excellent resource for the study of interpretive policy analysis.

Gender Innovation In Political Science

Author: Marian Sawer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319758500
Size: 64.27 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In this book, leading gender scholars survey the contribution of feminist scholarship to new norms and knowledge in diverse areas of political science and related political practice. They provide new evidence of the breadth of this contribution and its policy impact. Rather than offering another account of the problem of gender inequality in the discipline, the book focuses on the positive contribution of gender innovation. It highlights in a systematic and in-depth way how gender innovation has contributed to sharpening the conceptual tools available in different subfields, including international relations and public policy. At the same time, the authors show the limits of impact in core areas of an increasingly pluralised discipline. This volume will appeal to scholars and students of political science and international relations.

The Public Legitimacy Of Minority Claims

Author: Plamen Makariev
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317292685
Size: 14.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Problems involving minorities still constitute a significant challenge for public policies in countries such as the ones on the territories of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Unassimilated, facing the cultural "non-transparency" of their lifeworlds, and usually without autonomy, their problems are quite different from those in Western Europe and North America. This book presents a study of public policies concerning the national, ethnic, and religious minorities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It explores the opportunities available for applying the model of deliberative democracy to the domain of designing and realizing minority policies. It examines the possibility that minority groups can influence – and ideally even pre-decide – minority policies by legitimizing claims concerning their needs and rights in a way that leaves democratic public opinion no choice but to support them. Adopting a novel approach to the public legitimization of minority claims, it proposes that the general public’s evaluation of the credibility of minority claims should focus on the procedural qualities of the intra-group (ethical-political) discourses through which these claims are articulated and substantiated. This text will be of key interest to students and scholars of public policy, minority politics, the politics of Eastern Europe, political theory and comparative politics.

A Democratic Architecture For The Welfare State

Author: Victor A. Pestoff
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134024479
Size: 65.35 MB
Format: PDF
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The welfare state faces various challenges in Scandinavia and many European countries today, including a poor work environment in the public sector, a growing democracy deficit, and demographic obstacles. In this new book, Victor A. Pestoff argues that the state cannot resolve these challenges alone or together with the market, rather it requires the active participation of citizens and the third sector in order to overcome them and become more sustainable and flexible in the future. This book addresses the need for a more democratic architecture for the European welfare state, opening new perspectives for developing alternative channels for direct citizen participation at the sub-municipal level of governance. Pestoff finds that neither democratic theory nor welfare state theory devotes adequate attention to the contemporary role of the third sector as a service provider or to greater direct citizen participation in the provision of welfare services. He shifts the focus of analysis from the input to the output side of the political system and explores new ways to promote a greater role for the third sector and more citizen participation in the provision of universal, tax financed welfare services. Part 1 discusses social economy actors in Sweden and Scandinavia, both from a historical and future perspective. Part 2 explores major issues for the third sector and welfare state, including the allocation of an organization’s surplus or profit, work environment and service quality in public services and the third sector, consumer perspectives on the social economy, democratizing medical and health care in Japan, and co-production of childcare services in eight European countries. Part 3 revisits the third sector and state in democratic theory and welfare theory, as well as recognizing major hurdles to the third sector and democratization of the welfare state. Part 4 concludes by summarizing the politics of participation in the welfare state.

Nonprofit Organisationen

Author: Helmut K. Anheier
Publisher: Vs Verlag Fur Sozialwissenschaften
ISBN: 9783531162843
Size: 22.32 MB
Format: PDF
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Soziale Investitionen bezeichnen unterschiedliche Formen privater Beiträge zum Gemeinwohl. Was jedoch als Beitrag zum Gemeinwohl verstanden werden kann, unterliegt dem Diskurs in Zivilgesellschaft und politischer Öffentlichkeit. Aus der Perspektive wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Disziplinen prüfen die Forscher des Heidelberger Centrums für Soziale Investitionen und Innovationen den Erklärungsgehalt dieses neuen forschungsleitenden Konzepts Sozialer Investition. Das Konzept beansprucht die prinzipielle Vergleichbarkeit unterschiedlicher Beiträge zum Gemeinwohl, wie die Arbeit von Stiftungen, Spenden, freiwilliges bürgerschaftliches Engagement und Sozialunternehmertum. Es zielt darauf, Phänomene an den Grenzen der Sektoren (Staat, Markt und Dritter Sektor) besonders gut zu erfassen und fördert die interdisziplinäre Erforschung und Messung von sozialer Wirkung.

Civic Engagement In A Network Society

Author: Kaifeng Yang
Publisher: Information Age Pub Inc
ISBN: 9781593115586
Size: 24.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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a volume in Research on International Civic EngagementSeries Editors Erik Bergrud, Park Universityand Kaifeng Yang, Florida State UniversityThe Pew Charitable Trusts defines civic engagement as "Individual and collective actions designedto identify and address issues of public concern. Civic engagement can take many forms, fromindividual volunteerism to organizational involvement to electoral participation. It can includeefforts to directly address an issue, work with others in a community to solve a problem or interactwith the institutions of representative democracy. Civic engagement encompasses a range ofactivities such as working in a soup kitchen, serving on a neighborhood association, writing a letterto an elected official or voting."While publications on civic engagement have increased in recent years, there are some limitations or unfilled needs: (1) There is a lackof international perspectives; (2) There is a lack of management focus; (3) There are increasing demands on publications regardingonline civic engagement; (4) They tend to be fragmented in individual disciplines such as Nonprofit management, political science, public administration, and sociology. We need a cross-disciplinary approach.Significant features: (1) Each book will have an international focus with contributions from around the world. It stimulates the sharingof experiences across countries. (2) Each book will focus on one cutting-edge topic that has not been carefully addressed in theliterature. (3) Emphasizing the integration of research and practice, each book will provide both advanced research studies andinnovative best practices. (4) Addressing both offline and online civic engagement. (5) A management focus so that books willprovide practitioners insights on how to improve their managerial practices that relate to civic engagement.

Theory And Practice Of Local Governance And Economic Development

Author: Mark Considine
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230500600
Size: 56.16 MB
Format: PDF
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One of the key issues for the prosperity of our societies in a globalised economy is to connect public policies together to achieve maximum results. Policy-makers and practitioners in key public and private agencies need to learn how to collaborate, to create joint-decision processes, to evaluate the effects of new governance partnerships and to become more efficient in the use of engagement tools. This book develops a conceptual map for this new area of practice and provides leading cases from different OECD countries to help practitioners plan for this form of innovation.

Accountability In Public Policy Partnerships

Author: J. Steets
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230290612
Size: 29.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A PDF version of this book is available for free in open access via the OAPEN Library platform, This book presents a new model of accountability which ensures that public-private partnerships don't erode public accountability. It defines concrete accountability standards for different types of partnerships.

Digital Mosaic

Author: David Taras
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442608897
Size: 65.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Digital Media has transformed the way Canadians socialize and interact, conduct business, experience culture, fight political battles, and acquire knowledge. Traditional media, including newspapers and conventional TV networks, remain the primary link to Canada's political sphere but are under concerted attack. YouTube, blogs, online broadcasting, Facebook, and Twitter have opened new and exciting avenues of expression but offer little of the same "nation-building glue" as traditional media. Consequently, Canada is experiencing a number of overlapping crises simultaneously: a crisis in news and journalism, threats to the survival of the media system as a whole, and a decline in citizen engagement. In Digital Mosaic, David Taras both embraces and challenges new media by arguing that these coinciding crises bring exciting opportunities as well as considerable dangers to democratic life and citizen engagement in Canada.