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Author: Shelly Crane
Publisher: Kiss Me Publications, LLC
ISBN: 1466474025
Size: 28.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1400
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Clara has it all. A wrestling star boyfriend, popular friends, all the right school activities...pretty much a perfect life...up until her parents died. Now she lives with the Pastor and his family and though they take good care of her, she feels alone. Then her boyfriend, Tate, starts to show signs of trouble when a new guy, Eli, comes to town. Clara is fascinated with him but hides it until something happens. Eli confesses to her that she gives him something he's never had before...something he needs. Everything is about to change for this normal, pretty, popular girl in a supernatural way.

Devour Me

Author: Paige Matthews
Publisher: Paige Matthews
Size: 27.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1590
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Love is giving him the power to destroy you but trusting him not to…-UnknownChloe Harper has lost all trust in men. After a BDSM scene gone wrong, Chloe never thought she would be able to explore her desires or trust again. Three years and a lot of pain later, Chloe finds herself face to face with Professor and BDSM club owner, Lucas Walker again.Lucas Walker has spent the last couple of years protecting himself and his heart that is until his research assistant Chloe Harper walks into his office with a bruised face. After a confrontation with Chloe and her abusive boyfriend, Lucas vows to protect her at any cost, even if he loses himself in the process.The two begin a journey of healing, trust building and explorations of desires. But is it enough for Chloe to overcome her abusive past and Lucas to release the control he desperately craves and thrives on…or will their pasts devour them?

The Hunger Die Letzte Reise

Author: Alma Katsu
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641226279
Size: 77.55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 330
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Mitte April 1846 bricht die so genannte »Donner Party« – insgesamt fast neunzig Männer, Frauen und Kinder – aus Springfield, Illinois, auf. Ihr Ziel ist Kalifornien. Ein Ort, an dem alles besser ist. An dem schon viele Siedler ihr Glück gefunden haben. Doch schon bald sind die Nerven zum Zerreißen angespannt: der Hunger, das Klima und die Feindseligkeiten innerhalb der Gruppe verwandeln den Wagentreck in ein Pulverfass. Dann kommt ein kleiner Junge unter mysteriösen Umständen zu Tode, und ein Siedler nach dem anderen verschwindet spurlos. Langsam aber sicher wird klar, dass die Donner Party in den Weiten der Prärie nicht alleine ist. Dass »Etwas« sie begleitet. Etwas, das großen Hunger hat ...

Devouring Time

Author: Philippa Sheppard
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773550216
Size: 26.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5646
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From Kenneth Branagh’s groundbreaking Henry V to Justin Kurzel’s haunting Macbeth, many modern filmmakers have adapted Shakespeare for the big screen. Their translations of Renaissance plays to modern cinema both highlight and comment on contemporary culture and attitudes to art, identity, and the past. A dynamic analysis of twenty-seven films adapted from Shakespeare’s works, Philippa Sheppard’s Devouring Time addresses a wide range of topics, including gender, ritual, music, setting, rhetoric, and editing. She argues that the directors’ choice to adapt these four-hundred-year-old plays is an act of nostalgia, not only for the plays themselves, but also for the period in which they were written, the association of genius that accompanies them, and the medium of theatre. Sheppard contends that millennial anxiety brought on by the social and technological revolutions of the last five decades has generated a yearning for Shakespeare because he is an icon of a literary culture that is often deemed threatened. Authoritative and accessible, Devouring Time’s investigations of filmmakers’ nostalgia for the art of the past shed light on Western concepts of gender, identity, and colonialism.


Author: Simon Holt
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141946423
Size: 11.84 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5729
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Beware the darkness and the light. They will steal your soul in day or night. In summer's warmth or winter's cold Your life will end when the Vours take hold. In the fearscape no one can hear you cry, And in its depth your soul will die. Reggie Halloway thought she was finished with the Vours - the demons who had possessed her brother, Henry - forever. She'd once faced them in a deathly battle for Henry's soul and now she wants to forget them. But Quinn, the Vour she left at the bottom of a lake, is back. And he is not alone.

Devouring Japan

Author: Nancy K. Stalker
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190240407
Size: 12.59 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4750
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In recent years Japan's cuisine, or washoku, has been eclipsing that of France as the world's most desirable food. UNESCO recognized washoku as an intangible cultural treasure in 2013 and Tokyo boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris and New York combined. International enthusiasm for Japanese food is not limited to haute cuisine; it also encompasses comfort foods like ramen, which has reached cult status in the U.S. and many world capitals. Together with anime, pop music, fashion, and cute goods, cuisine is part of the "Cool Japan" brand that promotes the country as a new kind of cultural superpower. This collection of essays offers original insights into many different aspects of Japanese culinary history and practice, from the evolution and characteristics of particular foodstuffs to their representation in literature and film, to the role of foods in individual, regional, and national identity. It features contributions by both noted Japan specialists and experts in food history. The authors collectively pose the question "what is washoku?" What culinary values are imposed or implied by this term? Which elements of Japanese cuisine are most visible in the global gourmet landscape and why? Essays from a variety of disciplinary perspectives interrogate how foodways have come to represent aspects of a "unique" Japanese identity and are infused with official and unofficial ideologies. They reveal how Japanese culinary values and choices, past and present, reflect beliefs about gender, class, and race; how they are represented in mass media; and how they are interpreted by state and non-state actors, at home and abroad. They examine the thoughts, actions, and motives of those who produce, consume, promote, and represent Japanese foods.

Devouring Cultures

Author: Cammie M. Sublette
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1610755774
Size: 14.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1586
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Devouring Cultures brings together contributors from a wide range of disciplines including media studies, rhetoric, gender studies, philosophy, anthropology, literary criticism, film criticism, race theory, history, and linguistics to examine the ways food signifies both culture and identity. These scholars look for answers to intriguing questions: What does our choice of dining house say about our social class? Can restaurants teach us about a culture? How does food operate in Downton Abbey? How does food consumption in zombie apocalypse films and apocalyptic literature relate to contemporary food-chain crises and food nostalgia? What aspects of racial conflict, assimilation, and empowerment may be represented in restaurant culture and food choice? Restaurants, from their historical development to their modern role as surrogate kitchen, are studied as markers of gender, race, and social class, and also as forums for the exhibition of tensions or spaces where culture is learned through the language of food. Food, as it is portrayed in literature, movies, and television, is illuminated as a platform for cultural assimilation, a way for the oppressed to find agency, or even a marker for the end of a civilization. The essays in Devouring Cultures show how our choices about what we eat, where we eat, and with whom we eat are linked to identity and meaning and how the seemingly simple act of consumption has implications that extend far beyond sustenance.

The Devouring

Author: Simon Holt
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers
ISBN: 9780316035736
Size: 38.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4847
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The existence of Vours, supernatural creatures who feast on fear and attack on the eve of the winter solstice, becomes a terrifying reality for fifteen-year-old Reggie when she begins to suspect that her timid younger brother might be one of their victims.

Bleeding Violet

Author: Dia Reeves
ISBN: 9783833938450
Size: 68.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nach dem Tod ihres Vaters trampt die 16-jährige Hanna in die texanische Kleinstadt Portero. Sie will zu ihrer Mutter, die sie gar nicht kennt. Doch ein herzlicher Empfang ist es nicht, der sie dort erwartet, und auch das Städtchen ist keineswegs so idyllisch und harmlos wie es zunächst scheint - hier hört nicht nur Hanna Stimmen! Und dann stellen der attraktive Wyatt und unheimliche Ereignisse sogar ihre abgedrehte Welt auf den Kopf.


Author: Shelly Crane
Publisher: Kiss Me Publications, LLC
ISBN: 1499602391
Size: 73.20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6519
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From NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Shelly Crane, comes the conclusion to the Devoured series. Enoch is tested. His brother is human, the thing he hates. He watches as the brother he knew is stripped away by his love for Clara. He's never hated someone as much as he hated her...but the bond forced him to not only want to protect her, but feel things he never had before. When a girl needs his help, that split second decision changes his whole world in one instant. A Devourer's Fate...