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Diagnosing Organizations

Author: Michael I. Harrison
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761925729
Size: 54.61 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Third Edition of the bestselling Diagnosing Organizations shows how consultants and applied researchers can help decision makers quickly and flexibly diagnose problems and challenges and decide how to deal with them. This thoroughly revised edition can help practitioners of diagnosis directly address concerns that are critical to clients, rather than just provide feedback on current conditions and operations. In an authoritative yet readable fashion, author Michael I. Harrison presents updated treatments of the uses of diagnosis, evaluating organizational effectiveness, improving team performance, planning organization redesign projects, and assessing organization-environment relations and competitive strategy. Also treated are the politics of change management, professional dilemmas, and ethical issues confronting practitioners.

The Sage Handbook Of Applied Social Research Methods

Author: Leonard Bickman
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1412973317
Size: 34.40 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6133
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The Second Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods provides students and researchers with the most comprehensive resource covering core methods, research designs, and data collection, management, and analysis issues. This thoroughly revised edition continues to place critical emphasis on finding the tools that best fit the research question given the constraints of deadlines, budget, and available staff. Each chapter offers guidance on how to make intelligent and conscious tradeoffs so that one can refine and hone the research question as new knowledge is gained, unanticipated obstacles are encountered, or contextual shifts take place. Each chapter has been enhanced pedagogically to include more step-by-step procedures, more practical examples from various settings to illustrate the method, parameters to define when the method is most appropriate and when it is not appropriate. The editors also include numerous graphs, models, tip boxes to provide teaching and learning tools. Key Features of the Second Edition Emphasizes applying research techniques, particularly in "real-world" settings in which there are various data, money, time, and political constraints Contains new chapters on mixed methods, qualitative comparative analysis, concept mapping, and internet data collection Offers a newly developed section that serves as a guide for students who are attempting to translate the content in the chapters into action Intended Audience This Handbook is appropriate for introductory and intermediate research methods courses that focus intently on practical applications and a survey of the many methods available to budding researchers.

Meta Analytic Procedures For Social Research

Author: Robert Rosenthal
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780803942462
Size: 18.17 MB
Format: PDF
View: 510
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Praised in the first edition for the clarity of his general framework for conceptualizing meta-analysis, Rosenthal's revised edition covers the latest techniques in the field, such as a new effect size indicator for one size data, a new coefficient of robustness of replication, new procedures for combining and comparing effect sizes for multiple dependent variables, and new data on the magnitude of the problem of incomplete retrieval (the file drawer problem).

Ethics And Values In Applied Social Research

Author: Allan J. Kimmel
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780803926318
Size: 20.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Useful to anyone concerned about ameliorating social problems. Kimmel's use of actual case studies sensitizes the reader to potential pitfalls (e.g. labeling effects) associated with well-intentioned intrusion into real-world settings. . . . Thought-provoking exercises and recommended reading follow each chapter. An extensive bibliography and a useful subject index are also included." --Religious Studies Review "This trim volume offers an encyclopedic coverage of ethical issues and problems in applied research. . . . Ethics and Values in Applied Social Research is comprehensive in scope. . . . A useful resource manual for those who do applied research or teach about it. . . . Allan J. Kimmel does not resolve many of the dilemmas confronting social science researchers. . . . He does something better: He reminds us of the important questions." --Contemporary Psychology "Allan J. Kimmel provides a . . . complete discussion of ethical problems, dilemmas, and solutions researchers encounter in the conduct of social research. . . . A welcome and needed discussion . . . Interesting and helpful." --Qualitative Studies in Education Allan J. Kimmel provides an excellent detailed overview of the ethical dilemmas faced by those engaged in applied social research. He discusses many important issues from the perspective of the applied researcher, including such topics as informed consent, privacy rights, the role of values, and government and professional standards. The text suggests ways to resolve ethical conflicts and develop research alternatives, and presents case studies and discussion questions. Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in any methods course, this volume is also a useful summary for the professional researcher dealing with the dilemmas of day-to-day practice.

Individual Diversity And Psychology In Organizations

Author: Marilyn J. Davidson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471499718
Size: 26.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Workplace initiatives to manage diversity seek to fully develop the potential of each employee and turn their unique skills into a business advantage. Such fostering of difference enhances team creativity, innovation and problem-solving and is therefore an essential strategy for today's employers. Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations is an indispensable handbook for all those involved in managing diversity. Its academic and practice-oriented perspective is unique as it presents practical strategies and case studies alongside academic reviews, giving the reader a balanced overview of each topic. The team of expert authors examine international issues in diversity, such as: Strategies for managing organizational effectiveness Legal and psychological implications Diversity training and its effectiveness Disability, racial equality, age and gender diversity Affirmative action Recognizing stereotypes and bias Business ethics The Future of diversity This much needed handbook will be welcomed by researchers, academics and students in organizational psychology, management and business. It will also be of great use to professionals in human resources, equal opportunities management and management consultancy.

On Time And Method

Author: Janice R. Kelly
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Size: 21.48 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"It is an excellent short introduction to issues of time, suitable for advanced undergraduate or graduate research methods course focusing on experimental and quasi-experimental designs. . . . An interesting introduction to the issues as seen by experimental social psychologists. . . . I'd recommend the book to any sociologists struggling with time-dependency issues." --Contemporary Sociology "This slim volume is rich in ideas which can be employed to clarify implicit and explicit theorising about time in sociological research methods. Similarly, used creatively and imaginatively, some of its considerations of experimental design and practice might be usefully transposed into the design and conduct of social surveys and field research." --The Journal of the British Sociological Association On Time and Method provides the first systematic, detailed examination of the impact of time on research methods. This original volume analyzes all the ways temporal factors can effect research results and interpretations, and explains how research can be strengthened by paying attention to such factors. This unique work first provides a theoretical base, laying out the interplay of temporal issues on the strategic, design, and operational levels of research. It then provides extended examples of the ways such factors operate in real-world research, and their consequences for such research programs. It closes with a collection of proven techniques and approaches which researchers can use to remove, reduce, or compensate for temporal effects. This cogent work provides valuable insights for all social scientists, and is essential reading for students of research methods.

Linking Auditing And Metaevaluation

Author: Thomas A. Schwandt
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Size: 23.29 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1947
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"I have reviewed the Thomas A. Schwandt and Edward S. Halpern book and find it to be both timely and a needed resource in the area of program evaluation." --Robert W. Covert, Evaluation Research Center, University of Virginia "Very clearly and systematically presented and will be of considerable value to evaluation practitioners and consumers of evaluation reports as well as to those directly involved in the conduct of meta-evaluations. For the meta-evaluator this book is probably the clearest and most comprehensive handbook available, and it will surely be found invaluable by anyone required to conduct a meta-evaluation of either a naturalistic or a conventional evaluation. Evaluation practitioners will find the book extremely helpful as it will force them to think more rigorously about the design and execution of their studies and to document more carefully their work. . . . This is an extremely well written and useful book which is sure to find a wide audience among all who are concerned with assessing and enhancing the quality of evaluations." --Evaluation Practice This book provides a detailed discussion of the use of an auditing model for judging the quaity of naturalistic inquiries. The approach can be used retrospectively in judging the quality or trustworthiness of a naturalistic study upon its completion. It can be applied prospectively as well in planning a naturalistic study, for example in determining what ought to be placed in an audit trail and what might be done to increase the likelihood that trustworthiness criteria will be satisfied at the conclusion of the study. Detailed information is provided on constructing an audit trail from the written materials generated in a naturalistic study, conducting an audit (including specific auditor tasks and questions that focus the audit examination), and preparing an audit report.

Research In Health Care Settings

Author: Kathleen E. Grady
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Size: 16.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This is the first volume to focus on a substantive area of research rather than on a particular method. It describes the whole process of research from setting up and conducting the project to interpreting and publishing results. Much current research is cited in this very useful American volume." --Journal of the Institute of Health Education "Veteran and neophyte researchers will find this book extremely valuable. . . . Kathleen E. Grady and Barbara Strudler Wallston simplify potentially complex and boring material and can be used as a quick reference. Combining an easily readable style, breezy approach and technical insights makes Research in Health Care Settings an excellent contribution to the libraries of all social scientists." --Evaluation Practice An individual's behavior and lifestyle are critical factors for preventing and managing diseases. Social scientists and health professionals are increasingly studying the behavior-health link in the new areas of behavior medicine and health psychology. Research in Health Care Settings is the first book to review social science research methods used in health care settings. This important work speaks both to health care professionals conducting behavioral research and social scientists doing research in health care settings. It provides social scientists with a better understanding of health settings, and health care professionals with better training in social science methodology. This careful step-by-step guide to designing and carrying out a study in behavioral medicine is loaded with real-life examples from health care settings. It reflects the needs of interdisciplinary research projects, not idealized research situations. A useful guide for students of research methods in medical and allied health programs, and for health professionals and social scientists studying the behavior-health link.

Integrating Research

Author: Harris M. Cooper
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
Size: 69.38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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For anyone who does research, this book offers an invaluable tool for learning the techniques of researching, reviewing and analyzing research literature. Applying basic tenets of sound data gathering to a comprehensive synthesis of past research on a topic, Cooper leads the reader step-by-step through the five stage process integrating research reviewing -- from conceptualization of the research problem to the concise summary of the research review. New to the second edition is coverage of computer literature searches, the theoretical underpinnings of meta-analysis, the application of these procedures, and new material on coding sheets.