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Discover Your Authentic Self

Author: Sherrie Dillard
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738748692
Size: 22.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Embrace your authentic self and let your soul’s light shine forth with guidance from 150 lessons meant to inspire, motivate, and teach. This empowering book helps you shed what is false and come to know, accept, and express your true self. With essays to uplift and engage you through personal stories, meditations, exercises, affirmations, and question prompts, Discover Your Authentic Self shows you how to live according to your passions and purpose. Explore a range of topics for self-discovery, including intuition, spirit animals, recognizing personal abilities as related to archetypes, living your purpose, spirit essence and energy (chakras and auras), and more. With this remarkable book, you’ll unlock your truth and set yourself free.

Letting Go Of Good

Author: Andrea Mathews
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738753254
Size: 18.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Mathews identifies a psychological pattern that largely goes unrecognized, but which is epidemic, and she offers sound, solid solutions. This very wise book deserves a wide reception.”—Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind Stop Being Good and Start Getting Real Rediscover your true self with Letting Go of Good, an empowering guide to dismantling the false connection between being good and being worthy. While exposing the dangers of the guilt-led life, practicing psychotherapist Andrea Mathews shares innovative tools and techniques for healing, including how to understand and dialogue with emotions, develop intuition and discernment, and make decisions from a place of honest desire and compassion. Featuring a foreword by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, this book provides the guidance you need to embrace the real, authentic you. With illuminating composite examples from Andrea’s clinical experience and a powerful exploration of the pathway to healing, Letting Go of Good presents a breakthrough approach to creating genuine relationships and awakening your true self to find peace. Praise: |“In this wonderful book, Andrea offers an important and insightful message for those seeking the next step in a life of freedom.”—Jonathan Ellerby, PhD, bestselling author of Return to the Sacred “This beautifully expressed book is a true gift for those many who feel lost or depressed about the celebration of life.”—Nancy Qualls-Corbett, PhD, author of The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspects of the Feminine and Awakening Woman “Andrea Mathews not only understands the depths to which we go to remain in the human condition, but also the purity of the soul in that collaboration. Letting Go of Good: Dispel the Myth of Goodness to Find Your Genuine Self is a powerful bridge between the two, allowing the authentic self to emerge beyond the identity.”—Simran Singh, life mentor, award-winning author of Conversations with the Universe, and media creator for 11:11 Magazine

You Are Psychic

Author: Sherrie Dillard
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738756024
Size: 14.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Embrace the Energy of Your True Intuitive Nature Join bestselling author Sherrie Dillard as she guides you in discovering when and how your intuition works. Filled with easy-to-follow exercises, guided meditations, and illuminating stories from Sherrie's years of teaching, You Are Psychic shares the secrets of the four psychic types and shows you how to identify your spiritual strengths while overcoming the doubts or fears that may be standing in your way. Learning to trust the elusive energy of psychic awareness can be an important step in your life's journey. This book helps you interpret the intuitive information you receive, opening the gateway to support, guidance, and love from the realm of spirit. Whether you desire to improve your relationships, career, health, or finances, You Are Psychic helps you move beyond the five senses and embrace your deep inner wisdom. Praise: "Sherrie Dillard's You Are Psychic is one of the best books I've read to naturally develop your intuitive skills. This book offers comprehensive teachings to help you develop your intuition and know yourself—from the basics to in-depth exercises. A must read to improve success for personal awareness, protection, and the ability to interpret your intuitive realizations. You'll refer to Dillard's book again and again."—Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought "Having worked in the field of energy medicine for over fifteen years, I have run across so many people who wish to open up their psychic awareness but don't know how. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy and effective way to open up your intuition? Well, look no further than You are Psychic by Sherrie Dillard. Sherrie beautifully addresses one of the key secrets of developing your intuition that is rarely addressed: opening up your psychic abilities is not a rational, step-by-step process! Instead, she shows us how we can naturally and spontaneously connect with our innate psychic awareness, in a way that is inspiring, empowering, and easy to follow. I highly recommend You are Psychic whether you are intending to expand your practice or even just enhance your intuitive abilities to improve your everyday life!"—Jennifer Taylor, CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc. "Sherrie opens your mind to all that you can achieve while pointing out why you may be holding back, which is so very helpful when trying to understand and nurture your psychic abilities. Throughout You Are Psychic there is a deep sense of the importance of becoming one with your intuitive energy and psychic type so that you can become the most complete, aware, and evolved spiritual being possible. Sherrie says we need psychic awareness, I say, everyone needs to read this eye-opening and extremely helpful book! Thanks so much for writing it, Sherrie!"—Melissa Alvarez, author of Believe and Receive, Your Psychic Self, Animal Frequency, and 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

The Authentic Tarot Discovering Your Inner Self

Author: Thomas Saunders
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 1780283040
Size: 57.40 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Authentic Tarot challenges the popular view of the cards as merely a device for fortune-telling - the Tarot deck is a 'book' of 78 cards that tells an allegorical story of our quest in life, using a symbolic language of archetypal pictograms and numbers. In its truest form it is an ancient tool for self-development - and, indeed, self-realization. Thomas Saunders decodes what may be the oldest known complete deck of cards - the Ancien Tarot de Marseille - which retains the greatest integrity for their original function. He explains the symbolism of each card and the relationships between the cards, interpreting not only the Major Arcana, but also the significance of the fifty-six Minor cards, and suggests how the wisdom of the Tarot can help us to self-awareness, an understanding of where we are on life's path, and a sense of our place in the world.

Your Redefining Moments

Author: Dennis Merritt Jones
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101628375
Size: 47.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 680
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Who does your soul ask you to be? In Your ReDefining Moments, Dennis Merritt Jones provides an exciting road map back to our center, where we will find our Authentic Self. It can seem like every person, every television show, and every ad has an idea of who we are supposed to be. But who does your soul ask you to be? In Your ReDefining Moments, spiritual teacher Dennis Merritt Jones offers a road map back to your center, where you will find your Authentic Self. It is from that center, Merritt Jones shows, that you can live the life you were born for, rather than the tug-of-war so many people get caught up in, trying to be all things to all people, trying to be anyone but who they truly are. In Your ReDefining Moments, you will discover the Seven Intrinsic Qualities of the Authentic Self: 1. Wholeness 2. Reverence 3. Fearlessness 4. Integrity 5. Non-attachment 6. Non-judgment 7. Unconditional Love Being who you are matters; the gift of your Authentic Self is the gift you have come to share with the world.

Authentic And Free

Author: Courtney Long
Publisher: Courtney Long
ISBN: 1456309307
Size: 61.27 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3906
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"As a work of creative nonfiction, this book is based on the author's life and includes some fictional elements for creative effect ..."--Unnumbered page 5.

Free Your Self

Author: S. Beasley
Publisher: Samuel Beasley
ISBN: 1479338516
Size: 14.30 MB
Format: PDF
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"Hello Mr. Beasley, I am calling to find out more about your meditation classes. A friend of mine told me the meditation you teach really helps with stress. I really want to find out more about how I can get a handle on my stress."As a meditation instructor, I receive phone calls and emails like this about once a month. Along the way I began to write down the lessons that I share in the courses and classes. These are ancient spiritual lesson that saved me from myself and gave me my life back. I have compiled them into a handbook for the average person to use to free themselves from a path of self destruction. This book is designed so that the reader can jump around from problem to problem and seek understanding about why they are stressed and how to stop self destructing behaviors. The lessons over lap and as you begin to understand your own craziness, you begin to understand what you have been doing and why. This handbook is part of a meditation course, so I strongly recommend that you study mindfulness meditation along with mindfulness study. If you take up this path with determination and do not give up, you will transform your life. These teachings are how to free your self from ego and find your true self, your true path. As you begin to study and practice other spiritual paths, you will find that it takes will power to choose the wisdom when faced with choices. This is about how to free your self from distraction and take back the power of choice.In this way you can choose an implement wisdom, moment by moment, step by step along your path to freedom. Your destiny awaits you. Free Your Self

The Real You

Author: Stoney Stonebraker
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781497315785
Size: 34.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7766
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The Real You: How to Energize your Authentic Self This non-fiction book written by Stoney Stonebraker compels his readers how to find their Real Self and put less energy into their Programmed Self. Stoney outlines a streamlined path of 14 simple steps to enlightenment. Leaving it up to the reader how much effort they will put into the 14 steps he gently ask them to make their own list, since each individual is unique and special and must find his or her own path. Easy to follow the book presents humorous examples showing how one can live life with more enthusiasm and with less conflict. Writing about how his life has unfolded over ninety years Stoney gives us numerous lessons in how he became his Real Self. He shares what he has learned from his wife, Dorothy his partner for over 72 years. He writes about what it is like to change as an individual and a couple over a long lifetime. Using his life experience Stoney explains clearly how one can become more joyous, happy and free. "Stoney Stonebraker's THE REAL YOU: How to Energize Your Authentic Self reveals important human insights by a sage for this generation, in the manner of George Gurdjieff, Alan Watts, Colin Wilson, and Kahlil Gibran. Stoney Stonebraker compels the reader to discover, then embrace the Real Self." -Bill Mann, Author, IN REAL LIFE

Es Ist Nie Zu Sp T Neu Anzufangen

Author: Julia Cameron
Publisher: Knaur MensSana eBook
ISBN: 3426442515
Size: 64.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6131
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Seit fünfundzwanzig Jahren inspiriert Julia Cameron mit ihrem Weltbestseller „Der Weg des Künstlers“ Millionen von Menschen, ihre Kreativität zu leben. Die bekannte Seminarleiterin stellt nun ein neues 12-Wochen-Programm vor, mit dem es gelingt, nach dem Arbeitsleben endlich lang gehegte Träume zu verwirklichen. Ihr Lebenshilfe-Ratgeber ermöglicht in zwölf Kapiteln, Altes loszulassen und noch einmal einen Neuanfang zu wagen. Für die damit verbundene Lebensrückschau wird die eigene Lebenszeit durch zwölf geteilt, und man beschäftigt sich jede Woche mit einem Lebensabschnitt. Diese Bilanz, die wöchentlich in einem Memoir zusammengefasst wird, ist die Basis, um wirklich Frieden mit der Vergangenheit zu schließen und frei zu werden für einen Neuanfang. Julia Cameron, die selbst 65 ist, wendet ihre erfolgreichen und bewährten Tools für mehr Kreativität mit viel Know-how auf die besondere Situation der Best-Ager an: das handschriftliche Schreiben von drei Seiten am Morgen, Kreativ-Tage, Inspirations-Spaziergänge. Eine Fülle inspirierender Fallgeschichten erzählt von Menschen, die in der Rente angefangen haben Klavier zu spielen, zu malen oder in ferne Länder zu reisen. Sie machen Mut und zeigen, wie lebenserfüllend es ist, wenn man auf seine innere Stimme hört und sich selbst verwirklicht. Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?