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Duncan S Masonic Ritual And Monitor

Author: Malcolm Duncan
Publisher: Charles River Editors via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1508023980
Size: 27.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation. Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor is a collection of Masonic rituals and more.

Duncan S Masonic Ritual And Monitor

Author: Malcolm C. Duncan
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9781564594884
Size: 25.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Or a Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite and to the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch. Explained and interpreted by copious notes and numerous engravings. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor will be a cherished possession of any Mason who receives it. Retaining all the traditional charm of McKay's Standard Edition, this volume includes both the Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite and to the degree of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch, as written by Malcolm C. Duncan.

Duncan S Ritual And Monitor Of Freemasonry

Author: Malcolm C. Duncan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523641994
Size: 16.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Duncan's Ritual and Monitor of Freemasonry Masonic Ritual and Monitor OR Guide to the Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite And To The Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch BY Malcolm C. Duncan Explained and Interpreted by Copious Notes and Numerous Engravings THE objects which Freemasonry was founded to subserve are honorable and laudable; nor is it intended in the following pages to disparage the institution or to undervalue its usefulness. It has, at various times and in several countries, incurred the ill-will of political parties and of religious bodies, in consequence of a belief, on their part, that the organization was not so purely benevolent and philanthropic as its members proclaimed it to be. In the State of New York, many years ago, it was supposed, but we think unjustly, to wield a powerful political influence, and to employ it unscrupulously for sinister ends. The war between Masonry and Anti-Masonry which convulsed the State at that period is still fresh in the remembrance of many a party veteran. The Order, however, has long since recovered from the obloquy then heaped upon it, and is now in a flourishing condition in most parts of the civilized world. The purpose of this work is not so much to gratify the curiosity of the uninitiated as to furnish a guide for the neophytes of the Order, by means of which their progress from grade to grade may be facilitated. Every statement in the book is authentic, as every proficient Mason will admit to himself, if not to be public, as he turns over its pages. The non-Masonic reader, as he peruses them, will perhaps be puzzled to imagine why matters of so little real importance to society at large should have been so industriously concealed for centuries, and still more surprised that society should have been so extremely inquisitive about them. "But such," as Old Stapleton says, in 'Jacob Faithful,' "is human nature." The object of the Order in making a profound mystery of its proceedings is obvious enough. Sea-birds are not more in-variably attracted toward a lighted beacon on a dark night, than men to whatever savors of mystery. Curiosity has had a much greater influence in swelling the ranks of Masonry than philanthropy and brotherly love. The institution, however, is now sufficiently popular to stand upon its own merits, without the aid of clap-trap, so "via the mantle that shadowed Borgia." It will be observed by the initiated, that the following exposition gives no information through which any person not a Mason could obtain admission to a Lodge. It is due to the Order that its meetings should not be disturbed by the intrusion of persons who do not contribute to its support, or to the furtherance of its humane design, and whose motives in seeking admission to its halls would be impertinent and ungentlemanly. The clew to the Sanctum Sanctorum is, therefore, purposely withheld. In its spirit and intention Masonry is certainly not a humbug, and in its enlightened age so excellent an institution should not incur the liability of being classed with the devices of charlatanry by affecting to wear a mystic veil which has long been lifted, and of which we are free to say, that, unlike that of the false prophet of Kohrassan, it has no repulsive features behind it.

Der Tempel Und Die Loge

Author: Michael Baigent
ISBN: 9783404641062
Size: 41.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Zu Anfang des 14. Jahrhunderts verfolgte die französische Orbiktiet die Templer systematisch, deren Orden auch von Rom offiziell verboten wurde. Doch wohin konnten sich die wenigen Überlebenden retten und was geschah mit dem okkulten Wissen der Templer und ihren Idealen? Was verbindet die Templer mit dem Freimaurertum? Diesen und anderen aufregenden Fragen geht das erfolgreiche englische Autorengespann Baigent / Leigh in detektivischer Kleinarbeit nach. Durch höchst überraschende Schlüsse erscheinen historische Ereignisse, Menschen und Ideen in ganz neuem Licht. Dabei werden Zusammenhänge hergestellt, die so noch nirgendwo gesehen wurden.

Freemasonry In Context

Author: Art DeHoyos
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739107812
Size: 69.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Freemasonry in Context: History, Ritual, Controversy editors Arturo de Hoyos and S. Brent Morris feature work by renowned Masonic scholars. Essays explore the rich and often controversial events that comprise the cultural and social history of Freemasonry.

Deciphering The Lost Symbol

Author: Christopher Hodapp
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1569758182
Size: 12.38 MB
Format: PDF
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DISCOVER THE SECRETIVE BROTHERHOOD BEHIND DAN BROWN'S THE LOST SYMBOL Freemason influence on the founding of Washington, D.C., is evident throughout the city's buildings, statues and monuments--but it's written in coded symbols that few people understand. Dan Brown's new thriller sends symbologist detective Robert Langdon through the capital to unravel its Masonic secrets. Now in Deciphering The Lost Symbol, Freemason expert Christopher L. Hodapp compares each clue and plot twist in Brown's story to the true facts. •Discover the meaning of "The Lost Word" •Decode Masonic and alchemical symbolism •Explore the innermost rooms of Masonic lodges and temples •Visit the restricted area of the U.S. Capitol and other landmarks •Uncover secret patterns in Washington, D.C.'s maps and monuments •Crack the codes buried in The Lost Symbol's artwork and puzzles