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Edgar Cayce S Guide To Colon Care

Author: Sandra Duggan
Publisher: ARE Press
ISBN: 0876048033
Size: 18.92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 609
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The First Step to Total Body Health! Every organ, gland, and cell in the body is affected by the condition of the large intestine—the colon. Clearing your colon of years of toxic build-up is the first and most important step to more physical energy, mental clarity, and relief and prevention of: • High-blood pressure • Fatigue • Colitis • Constipation • Colds and allergies • Candida • Prostate enlargement Here is the complete program from the father of holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce! • Certain back problems • Laxative dependency • Small-to-medium hemorrhoids • Digestive difficulties • Diverticulosis

Epilepsy Jody S Journey An Inspiring True Story Of Healing With The Edgar Cayce Remedies

Author: Linda Caputi
Publisher: We Publish Books
ISBN: 9781929841042
Size: 22.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5153
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This is the remarkable true story of a young woman's seven-year struggle and final victory over epilepsy. Jody had been diagnosed with epilepsy when she was a teenager and initially chose the conventional approach of trying various medications to control the seizures. The medications didn't help; Jody was cured by Cayce's remedies.

Pain Free With Far Infrared Mineral Therapy

Author: Kara Lee Schoonover
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595272630
Size: 13.41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7213
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I was introduced to the lamp first as a patient by Dr. Tano Lucero, and then subsequently purchased it and successfully treated soft tissue injuries. I found this book to contain gems of healing wisdom that added a new dimension to my concept of pain relief. The book discusses many alternative methods of healing and presents practical ways of applying this knowledge in our own lives. Roberta Joy, Director of International Marketing, Bellevue, WA. Kara has done an excellent job in sharing and explaining the use of the lamp and how it works, what it is good for, and how to use it. This book is very beneficial to both users and health professionals alike. Enjoy the information Kara shares in this wonderfully written book of knowledge! Dr. Jing Yang Na, Healing Arts Clinic by the River, Maple Valley, Washington.

Eating Your Meditation

Author: Steven Roberts
Publisher: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 0865344159
Size: 80.97 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 729
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"Eating Your Meditation" gives you a way to eat for maximum assimilation, cellular regeneration, and environmental synchronicity. When you eat food, the primary ingredient you take in is light. When you eat at the right time of the day ("on time"), you absorb the maximum amount of light from food. Therefore, when you eat is just as important as what you eat. "Eating Your Meditation" gives you a synchronized life and the opportunity to fulfill your metamorphic destiny. When you eat on time, you can become something entirely new. If you are ready to discover what you are, "Eating Your Meditation will" show you how. Steven Roberts grew up in New England and graduated from Boston University in 1975. He struggled with his weight from early on, trying diets, fasting, exercise, and liquid drinks. By his mid-thirties, he weighed 240 pounds--70 pounds over his functional weight. Just when he was about to give up hope of ever shedding the extra pounds, a friend invited him to take a Solar Nutrition class given by the eminent Solar lifestylist Adano C. Ley. In this class, Steven realized he could eat and enjoy his food without guilt or denial. As a side-effect of eating on time, he found the extra pounds dissolved away naturally and his weight stabilized. Steven lives with his wife Linda in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They teach Metamorphic Nutrition classes and help others learn how to eat their meditation.

The Edgar Cayce Handbook For Health Through Drugless Therapy

Author: Harold J. Reilly
Publisher: Are Press
ISBN: 9780876044827
Size: 23.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1707
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Edgar Cayce's natural drug-free techniques for restoring a healthy body, mind, and spirit often anticipated the discoveries of modern medical research for decades. Now, a world-famous practitioner with forty-five years experience in the Cayce therapies combines those holistic therapies with his own knowledge to show how you can renew your body and live a healthy life. The book covers weight loss, beauty tips, nutrition, heart health, and massage. It has been reorganized for easier reference.

Edgar Cayce S Quick Easy Remedies

Author: Elaine Hruska
Publisher: ARE Press
ISBN: 0876047584
Size: 37.29 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3900
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Author Elaine Hruska has spent more than 30 years working with the Cayce health readings at the Edgar Cayce health centers in Virginia Beach, Va., and Houston, Texas. Her latest book highlights the wealth of information given with a spotlight on the simplest and most commonly prescribed remedies. The book’s Symptom-Remedy In-dex allows you to find suggested solutions for just about any illness or disease, including: Alzheimer’s • Arthritis • Cancer • Constipation • Diabetes • Epilepsy • Flu • Gastritis • Gout • Headaches • Infertility • Menopause • Nau-sea • Obesity • Pneumonia • Ringworm • Sarcoma • Stiff Joints • Stress • Tinnitus • Tumors • Varicose Veins • Ver-tigo • Warts, and much more!

Guide To Wild Foods And Useful Plants

Author: Christopher Nyerges
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613747012
Size: 34.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2683
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An array of abundant wild foods is available to hikers, campers, foragers, or anyone interested in living closer to the earth. Written by a leading expert on wild foods and a well-known teacher of survival skills, Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants is more than a listing of plant types—it teaches how to recognize edible plants and where to find them, their medicinal and nutritional properties, and their growing cycles. This new edition features more than 70 plants found all around the United States along with more than 100 full color photos plus handy leaf, fruit, and seed keys to help readers identify the plants. It also includes fascinating folklore about plants, personal anecdotes about trips and meals, and simple and tasty recipes.

How To Fight Fatflammation

Author: Lori Shemek, PhD
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062347551
Size: 10.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1338
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From a leading voice in health, nutrition, and fat-cell research comes a radical and revolutionary approach to losing weight, looking great, and achieving optimum health—simply by restoring your body's fat cells to their natural state. Are you consistently overweight, no matter what you do? Have you tried everything? Are you plagued by stubborn fat hanging around your hips, thighs, and belly? Well, there's a reason for that. All those frustratingly pointless diets and exercise regimes have failed to address the root cause of weight gain. According to Dr. Lori Shemek, a successful diet isn't centered on calories or cardio. She says, "Cutting calories doesn't cut it." Our problems with fat are created because we eat foods that cause the body's natural fat cells to become inflamed. Sadly, the staples of the Standard American Diet—from pasta and bread to factory-farmed chicken and cattle, from sugar and artificial sweeteners to salad dressing and soft drinks—irritate our fat cells, causing chronic inflammation and chronically oversized fat cells. This irritation causes the body to store fat permanently, no matter how hard you exercise or how diligently you cut back on calories. Dr. Shemek calls this serious condition FATflammation, and only when you decrease the inflammation of the fat cells can you achieve the weight loss and optimum health you've been chasing. We need to forget about counting calories, counting points, fad diets, no-fat diets, and spending countless hours at the gym. There is a better and more satisfying way to lose the fat and maintain your desired weight. "If we want to fix our problems with fat," Shemek writes, "we need to reduce the inflammation in our fat cells." In How to Fight FATflammation Shemek reveals her revolutionary three-week program that helps reboot your body chemistry by returning your body's fat cells back to their natural, healthy state. In the process, she explains the critical importance of maintaining balance between good fats (omega-3) and bad fats (omega-6) and how a proper ratio of both will help boost your metabolism; in short, your body will burn fat simply by your eating the right kinds of fat. She also helps you eliminate from your diet the dreaded FATflammation Four—sugar, refined grains, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Here's your chance to shrink your fat cells and get the body you always wanted.

Paralysis Resource Guide

Author: Sam Maddox
ISBN: 9780996095105
Size: 29.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4418
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The Paralysis Resource Guide, produced by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, is a reference and lifestyle tool for people affected by paralysis. The book includes details on medical and clinical subjects related to all causes of paralysis, as well as health maintenance information. The fully-illustrated book provides a detailed overview of biomedical research, assistive technology, sports and recreation activities, legal and civil rights, social security and benefits, and numerous lifestyle options.