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Energizing Water

Author: Jochen Schwuchow
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
ISBN: 1855842408
Size: 73.52 MB
Format: PDF
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The poor quality of water, as well as its restricted supply and availability, is one of the biggest challenges of our time, with presently two-fifth's of the world's population unable to find adequate fresh water for essential usage. Over 40 years' research has been carried out on the positive effects that rhythms and specific water flow has on water's capacity to support life. Energizing Water presents research to the general and professional reader at a time when interest in finding solutions to water's huge worldwide problems is growing rapidly. Three aspects determine water quality: its chemical constituents (including its oxygen levels); its organic aspects (with the danger of contamination by effluent, pathogens and algae); and its 'energetic' nature. The latter facet has been recognized from time immemorial by traditional societies, who have developed their own sciences in relation to water quality, using terms such as prana and chi for energy. Now, through the introduction of quantum physics into the life sciences, modern science is beginning to accept this concept, measuring energy as light emission. Research into energetic water quality - and particularly into the creation of molded surfaces that support biological purification of the chemical and organic elements, as well as enlivening the energetic attributes - goes back to George Adams' and John Wilkes' pioneering work in the 1960's. The invention of Flowform technology in 1970 carried this research further, providing the world with one of the first modern-day, biomimicry eco-technologies. This creative technology applies nature's best methods to produce extraordinary results, and this book outlines the background story on research and application of the Flowform method today.

Home Enlightenment

Author: Annie B. Bond
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9781579548117
Size: 64.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A guide to creating an environmentally balanced home shares practical steps on how to promote family health while making informed consumer choices, covering such topics as non-toxic pest controls, purchasing a water-filtration system, and adjusting home energy using crystals and aromatherapy.

Arts Based And Contemplative Practices In Research And Teaching

Author: Susan Walsh
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317801385
Size: 65.63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume presents a scholarly investigation of the ways educators engage in artistic and contemplative practices – and why this matters in education. Arts-based learning and inquiry can function as a powerful catalyst for change by allowing spiritual practices to be present within educational settings, but too often the relationship between art, education and spirituality is ignored. Exploring artistic disciplines such as dance, drama, visual art, music, and writing, and forms such as writing-witnessing, freestyle rap, queer performative autoethnograph, and poetic imagination, this book develops a transformational educational paradigm. Its unique integration of spirituality in and through the arts addresses the contemplative needs of learners and educators in diverse educational and community settings.


Author: Gertraud Goodwin
Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing
ISBN: 1906999937
Size: 55.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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‘Approaching the different and manifold sequences in this book... one will gradually come to realise that metamorphosis can become an ideal for knowledge, a guiding path for self-knowledge and knowledge of the world – as intuitive contemplation and as artistic creation.’ – Dr Peter Wolf What is metamorphosis? Through the medium of art, sculptor Gertraud Goodwin invites us to enter the realm of time and continuously changing movement in this highly original book. With chapters by various artists and writers, interwoven with her key insights, Goodwin offers numerous points of entry to understanding the mystery of metamorphosis. Profusely-illustrated in colour, we are shown many sequences of images – of sculptures, reliefs and graphic works – which, with the aid of informed commentary, we are invited to ‘read’. These images belong together, developing from one to the next – just as single experiences and events in life belong to our biographies. One motif, one movement, passes through all stages, from simple beginnings and more differentiated formations, to a culmination – and, from there, back to a more mature simplicity and concentration, which makes a new beginning possible. ‘In relation to the transcendent, where ordinary words fail, the language of form, texture and relations in space, like those of music in time, offer alternatives to words, perhaps less encumbered by preconceptions. These pages offer many examples of the beauties and mysteries of metamorphosis, which is itself an essential component of Nature’s creative language.’ – Dr Philip Kilner

L Eau Un Tre Sensible

Author: Milène Souvignet
Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand
ISBN: 2322038792
Size: 76.75 MB
Format: PDF
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Il est dit dans les sociétés traditionnelles que l’Univers ne fait qu’Un. Si l’on s’en tient à cette proposition, chaque discipline propose une vision du monde selon un concept et un cadre de référence qui lui est propre. Au final, tout est lié et étroitement interconnecté. C’est dans cet état d’esprit que l’eau sera abordée, sous l’aspect méconnu et peu documenté qu’est sa « sensibilité » ou encore sa « dynamisation ». L’objet principal de la réflexion est d’effectuer une synthèse de l’ensemble des recherches faites à ce sujet, sans en faire un catalogue, mais plutôt en retraçant le fil d’Ariane entre les différents résultats, afin de les replacer chacun dans un champ de cohérence et de compréhension plus grand. Chacune des avancées de la réflexion est étayée par les résultats et pensées de nombreux chercheurs, chacun apportant une pièce du puzzle selon sa propre spécialité ou approche (physico-chimie, biologie, mécanique quantique, relativité générale, dynamique, mouvement...). Est impliquée près d’une quarantaine de chercheurs de tous les pays, des années 1900 à nos jours, tels que Jeanne Rousseau, Goethe, Theodor Schwenck, Marc Henry, Pier Rubesa, Nassim Haramein,... C’est en analysant les travaux de chacun d’entre eux que l’on parvient petit à petit à construire l’image d’un tableau de plus en plus précis, vaste et cohérent. Le point de départ s’appuie sur les connaissances connues et communément admises par la communauté scientifique. Peu à peu l’étude progresse sur un terrain de moins en moins connu et/ou peu développé à l’heure actuelle, hormis dans quelques milieux de recherche privés ou de pointe. Trois voies d'approche sont explorées : la voie expérimentale, la voie de l'observation (anthroposophes et artistes) et la voie théorique des mathématiques avec les trois grandes sciences actuelles : la mécanique classique de Newton (échelle macroscopique), la mécanique quantique (échelle de l'infiniment petit) et la relativité générale d'Einstein (échelle de l'infiniment grand).

The Science Of Water

Author: Frank R. Spellman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420055453
Size: 72.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Water, water everywhere - with this in mind, the perennial question in water works remains: can the earth's finite supply of water resources be increased to meet the constantly growing demand? Hailed on its first publication as a masterful account of the state of water science, this second edition of the bestselling The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications puts the spotlight on the critical importance of water's role in future sustainability. Clearly written and user-friendly, this timely revision builds on the remarkable success of the first edition by updating, reorganizing, and revising the original to include the latest information and research results. The common thread woven through the fabric of this presentation is water resource utilization and its protection. It covers topics such as water sources, water hydraulics, chemistry, biology/microbiology, ecology, water quality, pollution, biomonitoring, sampling, testing, reuse, and treatment. The author examines the impact of human use, misuse, and reuse of freshwater and wastewater on the overall water supply. Authoritative, informative, and up-to-date, the book blends real-world experience with theoretical models. This work provides the valuable insight all water/wastewater practitioners need and includes important information for policymakers and anyone else tasked with making decisions concerning water resource utilization.


Author: Ernst F. Braun
ISBN: 9783855029938
Size: 59.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Von der Quelle bis hin zum ruhenden Meer hat das Wasser viele Gesichter. Eines davon ist sein lebendiges, ausgestattet mit Bewusstsein und Gedächtnis. Wasserkristallfotos zeigen uns dieses Gesicht in unterschiedlichen Formen. Wasser von Quellen, Bächen, Flüssen und Seen oder ein Wasser ohne Geschichte wird dazu in Fläschchen gefüllt. Diese werden an Orten der Kraft vergraben, in einen Raum gestellt, mit Steinen umgeben, an einen Baum gebunden, unter den Nachthimmel gelegt, mit einem Wort oder einem Namen beschriftet oder einfach in den Händen gehalten. Tropfen dieses Wassers werden eingefroren; dabei bilden sie einen Hügel mit einer Spitze, und auf dieser Spitze nimmt die Geschichte des Wassers Gestalt an. Einzelne Bilder erstarren und können mit entsprechender Vergrößerung unter dem Mikroskop gesehen und auch fotografiert werden. Das Wasser zeigt uns seine Information, diejenige des Ortes, der Steine, der Bäume, der Räume, des Kosmos, von Symbolen und Worten oder auch unsere eigene. Der unvergessliche walisische Dichter und Barde Taliesin, ein Gesinnungsgefährte von König Arthur und dem Zauberer Merlin, spricht in einem seiner Gedichte davon, dass eine Trennung zwischen Materie und Geist eine Illusion sei. Das Wasser scheint dieser Vorstellung Recht zu geben. Gedanken und Denkanstöße in diesem Geist begleiten die faszinierenden Bilder. Außerordentliche Bilder von Kristallbildungen auf gefrorenen Wassertropfen. Anregung zum Sinnieren, Meditieren, Staunen und Träumen.

Rudolf Steiner Die Alchemie Des Alltags

Author: Mateo Kries
ISBN: 9783931936853
Size: 55.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Summary: Rudolf Steiner is regarded as one of the most influential | and also one of the most controversial | reformers of the twentieth century. He founded the Waldorf schools and advocated a holistic view of humanity which shows its influence in many areas of our lives today | including bio-cosmetics, a heightened environmental consciousness and biodynamic agricultural products, to name a few examples. Steiner inspired artists such as Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky and Joseph Beuys. He was one of the founders of "organic architecture" and also developed a unique stylistic idiom in the area of furniture design. The Vitra Design Museum exhibition "Rudolf Steiner | Alchemy of the Everyday" is the first major retrospective on this universal thinker and artist. Exhibition: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (13.5 - 3.10.2010); Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (5.2 - 22.5.2011); Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (9.2011 - 4.2012).