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Fifty Challenging Problems In Probability With Solutions

Author: Frederick Mosteller
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486134962
Size: 68.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 99
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Remarkable puzzlers, graded in difficulty, illustrate elementary and advanced aspects of probability. These problems were selected for originality, general interest, or because they demonstrate valuable techniques. Also includes detailed solutions.

The Green Book Of Mathematical Problems

Author: Kenneth Hardy
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486695735
Size: 31.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7360
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Popular selection of 100 practice problems — with hints and solutions — for students preparing for undergraduate-level math competitions. Subjects range from multivariate integration to finite series to infinite sums and classical analysis. Includes questions drawn from geometry, group theory, and linear algebra, plus brainteasers dealing with real numbers, differential equations, integrals, polynomials, sets, and more.

Mathematical Logic

Author: Joel W. Robbin
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 048645018X
Size: 21.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2619
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This self-contained text will appeal to readers from diverse fields and varying backgrounds. Topics include 1st-order recursive arithmetic, 1st- and 2nd-order logic, and the arithmetization of syntax. Numerous exercises; some solutions. 1969 edition.

The Functions Of Mathematical Physics

Author: Harry Hochstadt
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486652149
Size: 64.31 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6773
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A modern classic, this clearly written, incisive textbook provides a comprehensive, detailed survey of the functions of mathematical physics, a field of study straddling the somewhat artificial boundary between pure and applied mathematics. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the theorists who devoted themselves to this field — pioneers such as Gauss, Euler, Fourier, Legendre, and Bessel — were searching for mathematical solutions to physical problems. Today, although most of the functions have practical applications, in areas ranging from the quantum-theoretical model of the atom to the vibrating membrane, some, such as those related to the theory of discontinuous groups, still remain of purely mathematical interest. Chapters One and Two examine orthogonal polynomials, with sections on such topics as the recurrence formula, the Christoffel-Darboux formula, the Weierstrass approximation theorem, and the application of Hermite polynomials to quantum mechanics. Chapter Three is devoted to the principal properties of the gamma function, including asymptotic expansions and Mellin-Barnes integrals. Chapter Four covers hypergeometric functions, including a review of linear differential equations with regular singular points, and a general method for finding integral representations. Chapters Five and Six are concerned with the Legendre functions and their use in the solutions of Laplace's equation in spherical coordinates, as well as problems in an n-dimension setting. Chapter Seven deals with confluent hypergeometric functions, and Chapter Eight examines, at length, the most important of these — the Bessel functions. Chapter Nine covers Hill's equations, including the expansion theorems.

A Source Book In Mathematics

Author: David Eugene Smith
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486646904
Size: 80.93 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6958
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The writings of Newton, Leibniz, Pascal, Riemann, Bernoulli, and others in a comprehensive selection of 125 treatises dating from the Renaissance to the late 19th century — most unavailable elsewhere. Grouped in five sections: Number; Algebra; Geometry; Probability; and Calculus, Functions, and Quaternions. Includes a biographical-historical introduction for each article.

Selected Topics In The Classical Theory Of Functions Of A Complex Variable

Author: Maurice Heins
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486800695
Size: 80.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6693
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Elegant and concise, this text explores properties of meromorphic functions, Picard theorem, harmonic and subharmonic functions, applications, and boundary behavior of the Riemann mapping function for simply connected Jordan regions. 1962 edition.

Linear Algebra

Author: Walter Nef
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486657721
Size: 33.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6036
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Text covers sets and mappings, vector spaces, matrices, linear functionals, other basics; plus linear programming, Tchebychev approximations, more. Ideal introduction for undergraduates; reference for theoretical, applied mathematicians. Problems and exercises.

Introductory Complex Analysis

Author: Richard A. Silverman
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486318524
Size: 74.45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2734
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Shorter version of Markushevich's Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in complex analysis. More than 300 problems, some with hints and answers. 1967 edition.

Mathematics For Quantum Chemistry

Author: Jay Martin Anderson
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486151484
Size: 11.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 484
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Introduction to problems of molecular structure and motion covers calculus of orthogonal functions, algebra of vector spaces, and Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of classical mechanics. Answers to problems. 1966 edition.