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Forbidden Gates

Author: Thomas Horn
Publisher: Defender Pub Llc
ISBN: 9780984061198
Size: 55.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6232
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"The dawn of techo-dimensional spiritual warfare."

Religion And Human Enhancement

Author: Tracy J. Trothen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319624881
Size: 76.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2251
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This collection vigorously addresses the religious implications of extreme human enhancement technology. Topics covered include cutting edge themes, such as moral enhancement, common ground to both transhumanism and religion, the meaning of death, desire and transcendence, and virtue ethics. Radical enhancement programs, advocated by transhumanists, could arguably have a more profound impact than any other development in human history. Reflecting a range of opinion about the desirability of extreme enhancement, leading scholars in the field join with emerging scholars to foster enhanced conversation on these topics.

Academic Writing Real World Topics

Author: Michael Rectenwald
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1554812461
Size: 50.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7763
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Academic Writing, Real World Topics fills a void in the writing-across-the-curriculum textbook market. It draws together articles and essays of actual academic prose as opposed to journalism; it arranges material topically as opposed to by discipline or academic division; and it approaches topics from multiple disciplinary and critical perspectives. With extensive introductions, rhetorical instruction, and suggested additional resources accompanying each chapter, Academic Writing, Real World Topics introduces students to the kinds of research and writing that they will be expected to undertake throughout their college careers and beyond. Readings are drawn from various disciplines across the major divisions of the university and focus on issues of real import to students today, including such topics as living in a digital culture, learning from games, learning in a digital age, living in a global culture, our post-human future, surviving economic crisis, and assessing armed global conflict. The book provides students with an introduction to the diversity, complexity and connectedness of writing in higher education today. Part I, a short Guide to Academic Writing, teaches rhetorical strategies and approaches to academic writing within and across the major divisions of the academy. For each writing strategy or essay element treated in the Guide, the authors provide examples from the reader, or from one of many resources included in each chapter’s Suggested Additional Resources. Part II, Real World Topics, also refers extensively to the Guide. Thus, the Guide shows student writers how to employ scholarly writing practices as demonstrated by the readings, while the readings invite students to engage with scholarly content.

Altering God S Design

Author: Abri Brancken
ISBN: 1329119630
Size: 67.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Altering God's Design by Dr. Abri Brancken (Ph.D) addresses the importance of upholding Biblical morals and ethics relating to the alteration and modification of plant, animal and human life on planet earth through the use of GRIN Technologies. Special attention is given to the ethics of creating "new species" of life by blending human and animal cells through genetic engineering. This book is an eye opener to those who are unaware of the fact that the very existence of humanity is under threat due to dangerous alterations that are being made to the human genetic structure in laboratories around the world. At this very moment in time a number of the GRIN Technologies are being used with the purpose to 'redesign' ourselves as humans into a new version, Humans 2.0. The truth is that we are rapidly progressing towards a "New Era" in the course of human history, one that might not be as perfect as we would want it to be.

Corrupting The Image

Author: Douglas Hamp
Publisher: Defender Pub Llc
ISBN: 9780984630059
Size: 46.20 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1804
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Something ominous is coming upon the world: it is Satan's final effort in the battle to destroy the image that man was created in, which has been raging since the beginning of time. If Satan can destroy the image, then he can avert his own destruction. The prophecy of Genesis 3:15 states the serpent will one day mix his seed with humanity as a counterfeit of the Messiah. Jesus told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah when fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity. In the Book of Daniel we read that "they" will again mingle with the seed of men. How so? Satan will use man's desire to be his own god to deceive him into believing the ultimate lie - that his fallen messengers are both the creators and saviors of man. He will not do this openly but will deceive mankind through demons which are masquerading as "aliens" who are spreading the message that the inhabitants of the earth can evolve to be like them and obtain transcendent powers. Finally, the seed of the Serpent will come; he will be a man who will be greater than his fellows, who will understand sinister schemes and shall rise up and become the Antichrist. That day of fulfillment is nearly upon us!

Apollyon Rising 2012

Author: Thomas R. Horn
Publisher: Defender Pub Llc
ISBN: 9780982323564
Size: 28.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7736
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What even the best researchers of the Illuminati and veiled fraternities such as the Freemasons were never able to fully decipher is spelled out herein for the first time. The power at work behind global affairs and why current planetary powers are hurriedly aligning for a New Order from Chaos is exposed. Perhaps most incredibly, one learns how ancient prophets actually foresaw and forewarned of this time.

Nanotechnology For Dummies

Author: Earl Boysen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118136888
Size: 66.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4686
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The bestselling introductory guide on nanotechnology?now revised and updated The world of nanotechnology is ever changing and evolving; this fun and friendly guide demystifies the topic for anyone interested in how molecule-sized machines and processes affect our everyday lives. The authors begin with explaining the background of nanotechnology and then examine industries that are affected by this technology. Aiming to educate and simultaneously dispel common myths, the book explores the many nanotechnology-enabled consumer products available on the market today, ranging from socks to face lotion to jet skis to floor cleaners, to name a few. Serves as a fun and friendly introduction to the fascinating topic of nanotechnology Discusses the various issues involving nanotechnology in the areas of environment, medicine, defense, and others Provides real-world examples of everyday nanotechnology use such as floor cleaners, flash memory drives, face lotion, computer processors, and more Written in the accessible, humorous For Dummies style, Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition provides an easy-to-understand overview of nanotechnology and its real-world implementation.

Nephilim Stargates

Author: Thomas R. Horn
Publisher: Anomalos Pub Llc
ISBN: 9780978845315
Size: 29.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6343
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One myth from the history of every great civilization spoke of beings descending from heaven and using human and animal DNA to create giant offspring. Rabbinical authorities, Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood this as a factual record of history. The phenomenon began with the “Watchers” who spawned “Nephilim” resulting in judgment from God. The ancients also knew Bible passages that predict the Nephilim will return when Iraq and Iran are invaded and destroyed. Is this prophecy about to be fulfilled? Is man, in his rush to play god through biological weapons, biotechnology, and genetic manipulation, opening gateways to a supernatural unknown? Nephilim Stargates and the Return of the Watchers is a glimpse into this past, present, and future phenomena, with an eye on what sages and scientists believe and what futurists and prophets may fear. Thomas Horn is CEO of Raiders News Network, a syndicated columnist, and the bestselling author of The Ahriman Gate. He has written two other books as well as dozens of published editorials and magazine articles. His works have been referred to by writers of the LA Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, Coast to Coast, World Net Daily, and White House Correspondents. Thomas resides outside Portland, Oregon.

Brotherhood Of Darkness

Author: Stanley Monteith
Publisher: Anomalos Publishing
ISBN: 9780981764375
Size: 58.14 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6024
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Argues that secret societies are behind the major events of twentieth century and seeks to expose these hidden groups and their agendas.

Esseri Umani 2 0

Author: Roberto Manzocco
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 8847052084
Size: 80.11 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6829
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Il transumanismo è un movimento filosofico e culturale internazionale che vuole che l'uomo prenda in mano la propria evoluzione biologica tramite l'uso della tecnologia. L'obiettivo finale è quello di raggiungere uno stadio evolutivo "post-umano", in cui noi stessi e i nostri discendenti possiamo godere di una vita lunghissima e di capacità fisiche e mentali superiori a quelle attuali. Un po’ come il “Giano bifronte” della tradizione romana, il movimento transumanista ha due facce, in questo caso una rivolta al presente, ai progressi scientifici e tecnologici attualmente in corso, e l’altra che guarda al mondo che verrà. Il libro costituisce per il lettore un viaggio tra le affermazioni, le idee più concrete e quelle più fantasiose di questi pensatori, ed effettuerà nel contempo un “reality check”, esaminando lo stato dell’arte in ambito tecno-scientifico, andando cioè a vedere che rapporto hanno queste idee con il lavoro e le ricerche degli scienziati non esplicitamente transumanisti.