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General Relativity And The Einstein Equations

Author: Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199230722
Size: 56.30 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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General Relativity has passed all experimental and observational tests to model the motion of isolated bodies with strong gravitational fields, though the mathematical and numerical study of these motions is still in its infancy. It is believed that General Relativity models our cosmos, with a manifold of dimensions possibly greater than four and debatable topology opening a vast field of investigation for mathematicians and physicists alike. Remarkable conjectures have been proposed, many results have been obtained but many fundamental questions remain open. In this monograph, aimed at researchers in mathematics and physics, the author overviews the basic ideas in General Relativity, introduces the necessary mathematics and discusses some of the key open questions in the field.

Exact Solutions Of Einstein S Field Equations

Author: Hans Stephani
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139435024
Size: 23.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A paperback edition of a classic text, this book gives a unique survey of the known solutions of Einstein's field equations for vacuum, Einstein-Maxwell, pure radiation and perfect fluid sources. It introduces the foundations of differential geometry and Riemannian geometry and the methods used to characterize, find or construct solutions. The solutions are then considered, ordered by their symmetry group, their algebraic structure (Petrov type) or other invariant properties such as special subspaces or tensor fields and embedding properties. Includes all the developments in the field since the first edition and contains six completely new chapters, covering topics including generation methods and their application, colliding waves, classification of metrics by invariants and treatments of homothetic motions. This book is an important resource for graduates and researchers in relativity, theoretical physics, astrophysics and mathematics. It can also be used as an introductory text on some mathematical aspects of general relativity.

Exact Space Times In Einstein S General Relativity

Author: Jerry B. Griffiths
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139481169
Size: 68.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Einstein's theory of general relativity is a theory of gravity and, as in the earlier Newtonian theory, much can be learnt about the character of gravitation and its effects by investigating particular idealised examples. This book describes the basic solutions of Einstein's equations with a particular emphasis on what they mean, both geometrically and physically. Concepts such as big bang and big crunch-types of singularities, different kinds of horizons and gravitational waves, are described in the context of the particular space-times in which they naturally arise. These notions are initially introduced using the most simple and symmetric cases. Various important coordinate forms of each solution are presented, thus enabling the global structure of the corresponding space-time and its other properties to be analysed. The book is an invaluable resource both for graduate students and academic researchers working in gravitational physics.

The Mathematical Theory Of Black Holes

Author: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198503705
Size: 31.80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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"The theory of black holes is the most simple consequence of Einstein's relativity theory. Dealing with relativity theory, this book details one of the most beautiful areas of mathematical physics; the theory of black holes. It represents a personal testament to the work of the author, who spent several years working-out the subject matter." --WorldCat.

The Cauchy Problem In General Relativity

Author: Hans Ringström
Publisher: European Mathematical Society
ISBN: 9783037190531
Size: 48.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"The general theory of relativity is a theory of manifolds equipped with Lorentz metrics and fields which describe the matter content. Einstein's equations equate the Einstein tensor (a curvature quantity associated with the Lorentz metric) with the stress energy tensor (an object constructed using the matter fields). In addition, there are equations describing the evolution of the matter. Using symmetry as a guiding principle, one is naturally led to the Schwarzschild and Friedmann-Lemaãitre-Robertson-Walker solutions, modelling an isolated system and the entire universe respectively. In a different approach, formulating Einstein's equations as an initial value problem allows a closer study of their solutions. This book first provides a definition of the concept of initial data and a proof of the correspondence between initial data and development. It turns out that some initial data allow non-isometric maximal developments, complicating the uniqueness issue. The second half of the book is concerned with this and related problems, such as strong cosmic censorship. The book presents complete proofs of several classical results that play a central role in mathematical relativity but are not easily accessible to those wishing to enter the subject. Prerequisites are a good knowledge of basic measure and integration theory as well as the fundamentals of Lorentz geometry. The necessary background from the theory of partial differential equations and Lorentz geometry is included."--Publisher's description.

General Relativity And Gravitation

Author: Abhay Ashtekar
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110703731X
Size: 70.70 MB
Format: PDF
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Explore spectacular advances in contemporary physics with this unique celebration of the centennial of Einstein's discovery of general relativity.

Relativity And Gravitation

Author: Jiří Bičák
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319067613
Size: 42.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In early April 1911 Albert Einstein arrived in Prague to become full professor of theoretical physics at the German part of Charles University. It was there, for the first time, that he concentrated primarily on the problem of gravitation. Before he left Prague in July 1912 he had submitted the paper “Relativität und Gravitation: Erwiderung auf eine Bemerkung von M. Abraham” in which he remarkably anticipated what a future theory of gravity should look like. At the occasion of the Einstein-in-Prague centenary an international meeting was organized under a title inspired by Einstein's last paper from the Prague period: "Relativity and Gravitation, 100 Years after Einstein in Prague". The main topics of the conference included: classical relativity, numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology, quantum gravity, experimental aspects of gravitation and conceptual and historical issues. The conference attracted over 200 scientists from 31 countries, among them a number of leading experts in the field of general relativity and its applications. This volume includes abstracts of the plenary talks and full texts of contributed talks and articles based on the posters presented at the conference. These describe primarily original results of the authors. Full texts of the plenary talks are included in the volume "General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics--Perspectives 100 Years after Einstein in Prague", eds. J. Bičák and T. Ledvinka, published also by Springer Verlag.

Lectures On General Relativity

Author: A. Papapetrou
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401022771
Size: 69.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book is an elaboration of lecture notes for the graduate course on General Rela tivity given by the author at Boston University in the spring semester of 1972. It is an introduction to the subject only, as the time available for the course was limited. The author of an introduction to General Relativity is faced from the beginning with the difficult task of choosing which material to include. A general criterion as sisting in this choice is provided by the didactic character of the book: Those chapters have to be included in priority, which will be most useful to the reader in enabling him to understand the methods used in General Relativity, the results obtained so far and possibly the problems still to be solved. This criterion is not sufficient to ensure a unique choice. General Relativity has developed to such a degree, that it is impossible to include in an introductory textbook of a reasonable length even a very condensed treatment of all important problems which have been discussed until now and the author is obliged to decide, in a more or less subjective manner, which of the more recent developments to omit. The following lines indicate by means of some examples the kind of choice made in this book.

Geometric Analysis Around Scalar Curvatures

Author: Fei Han
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813100567
Size: 15.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume contains three expanded lecture notes from the program Scalar Curvature in Manifold Topology and Conformal Geometry that was held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences from 1 November to 31 December 2014. The first chapter surveys the recent developments on the fourth-order equations with negative exponent from geometric points of view such as positive mass theorem and uniqueness results. The next chapter deals with the recent important progress on several conjectures such as the existence of non-flat smooth hyper-surfaces and Serrin's over-determined problem. And the final chapter induces a new technique to handle the equation with critical index and the sign change coefficient as well as the negative index term. These topics will be of interest to those studying conformal geometry and geometric partial differential equations. Contents:Lectures on the Fourth-Order Q Curvature Equation (Fengbo Hang and Paul C Yang)An Introduction to the Finite and Infinite Dimensional Reduction Methods (Manuel del Pino and Juncheng Wei)Einstein Constraint Equations on Riemannian Manifolds (Quôc Anh Ngô) Readership: Advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers interested in the study of conformal geometry and geometric partial differential equations.

Conformal Methods In General Relativity

Author: Juan Valiente Kroon
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107033896
Size: 44.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A systematic and self-contained account, which adopts a geometric approach to study the solutions of Einstein's theory of gravity.