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Ghost Wars

Author: Steve Coll
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141935790
Size: 53.93 MB
Format: PDF
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The news-breaking book that has sent schockwaves through the White House, Ghost Wars is the most accurate and revealing account yet of the CIA's secret involvement in al-Qaeada's evolution. Prize-winning journalist Steve Coll has spent years reporting from the Middle East, accessed previously classified government files and interviewed senior US officials and foreign spymasters. Here he gives the full inside story of the CIA's covert funding of an Islamic jihad against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, explores how this sowed the seeds of bn Laden's rise, traces how he built his global network and brings to life the dramatic battles within the US government over national security. Above all, he lays bare American intelligence's continual failure to grasp the rising threat of terrrorism in the years leading to 9/11 - and its devastating consequences.

Finanzierung Des Islamistischen Terrorismus

Author: Yves Dubitzky
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638911411
Size: 53.55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Forschungsarbeit aus dem Jahr 2005 im Fachbereich Politik - Internationale Politik - Thema: Frieden und Konflikte, Sicherheit, Note: keine, Technische Universitat Chemnitz, 62 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Bereits im Februar 1993 schien in New York die Apokalypse nahe. Islamisten inszenierten in einem Garagendeck des World Trade Centers eine riesige Explosion. Sechs Menschen wurden getotet, uber 1000 verletzt. Nur gluckliche Umstande, Statik und Schwache der Bombe verhinderten schon damals den ersten terroristischen Super-GAU." Rolf Tophoven, der Mitbegrunder und stellvertretende Leiter des Institutes fur Terrorismusforschung in Bonn scheint dabei zwei wichtige Komponenten zu vergessen, die 1993 zum optimalen Gelingen fehlten. Zum einen war dies das dilettantische Vorgehen der Terroristen selbst, gepaart mit den zum damaligen Zeitpunkt ausserst freizugig gestalteten Einreisebestimmungen der USA. Zum anderen betraf dies einen sehr weltlichen Aspekt im terroristischen Kalkul: das Geld, das zur Vorbereitung und Durchfuhrung der Aktion notwendig war

Unfunding Terror

Author: Jimmy Gurulé
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848446063
Size: 64.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jimmy Gurulé knows how to bankrupt terrorists like few others do. As Undersecretary of the Treasury for Enforcement, he spearheaded the fight against al-Qaeda s global bank accounts, helping to earn the highest grade awarded on the 9/11 Commissioners report card. As an author, he performs once again. Unfunding Terror provides policymakers and laymen alike a clear roadmap on how to keep terrorists out of the global financial system. Timothy J. Roemer, Center for National Policy, former US Congressman and member of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) Jimmy Gurulé has given us a superbly comprehensive and well-written assessment of why, regarding terrorism, Deep Throat s principle is bang on: follow the money. R. James Woolsey, venture partner, VantagePoint, and former Director of Central Intelligence, US A detailed study by a true scholar-practitioner, Unfunding Terror explains the legal response to terror finance in language accessible to both the expert and layman. Required reading. Matthew Levitt, Director, Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Intelligence and Analysis, US Professor Gurulé is comprehensive: he describes the problem (terrorist funding by those in the free world), analyzes the legal responses (make it a crime, freeze terrorist assets, impose regulations on financial institutions), critiques the administration s and international community s efforts to unfund terrorists (political rhetoric, not in fact backed up with effective strategies or implementation), and outlines concrete legal and administrative remedies. Would that they to whom the recommendations are addressed act on them quickly. Too much is at stake to let terrorists, who condemn the West as corrupt, get their funding to attack the US and its allies from the West itself. That would be a form of social suicide. G. Robert Blakey, Notre Dame Law School, US The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 2,973 innocent civilians required as much as $500,000 to stage. At the time, al Qaeda was operating on an annual budget of between $30 and $50 million. However, despite the obvious fact that terrorists need money to terrorize, preventing the financing of terrorism was not a priority for the United States or the international community prior to 9/11. Jimmy Gurulé, former Under Secretary for Enforcement in the US Department of the Treasury, provides the first book-length, comprehensive analysis of the legal regime that evolved following the terrorist attacks. The book begins with a discussion of how shutting down the pipelines of funding is as important as dismantling the terrorist cells themselves. Next, the book covers the various means and methods used by terrorist groups to raise money, and examines how money is transferred globally to finance their lethal activities. The principal components of the legal strategy to disrupt the financing of terrorism are then discussed and evaluated. Unfortunately, the author concludes that the legal regime has met with mixed results, and finds that the sense of urgency to deprive terrorists of funding that existed following 9/11 has since dissipated. As a result, international efforts to freeze terrorist assets have dramatically declined. Moreover, the US Department of Justice has suffered several embarrassing and disappointing legal defeats in prosecuting major terrorist financiers. The author provides numerous recommendations to Congress, the Executive Branch, and the UN Security Council for strengthening the legal regime to deny terrorists the money needed to wage global jihad, acquire weapons of mass destruction, and launch another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11. Unfunding Terror fills an important gap in the literature and will be essential reading for counter-terrorism experts, law enforcement and national se

The Power Of Nightmares

Author: Heinz Duthel
Publisher: neobooks
ISBN: 3742740857
Size: 73.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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An article in Der Spiegel, in 2007, entitled "Arming the Middle East", Siegesmund von Ilsemann called Bin Laden "one of the CIA's best weapons customers." (More Quranic verses.) Remember the saying, "If they want to exile you, they can't exile you unless it is written by God." Don't ask anyone's opinion when it comes to the killing of Americans, and remember your appointment with God and the best of the prophets. (Quoting the farewell speech of Mohammed) "Oh, Islam, oh, Islam, there is no other god than God, and Mohammed is the prophet of God." The Power of Nightmares or Politics of Fear. "'Al Qaeda' is a Manufactured Intelligence Front." Dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapsed between 19 January 1990 to 31 December 1991. The old enemy of the United States Communism ended. The United States needed a new World Enemy. The ex-Collaborators in Afghanistan against the Soviet Empire has been the perfect beginning of a New World Enemy. With the the help of peoples like Jamal Ahmed Mohamed al-Fad, the United States Labaratory created the 'Al-Qaeda Network' , placing them around the world. The new World Enemy has been ready, the new Nightmars and politics of fear could start. But how make the World believe that Al-Qaeda is a global Enemy against all 'Democratic Nations'? 9/11 is born. If you want affluence, prepare for war. United States and state terrorism The United States government has been the subject of accusations of state terrorism by many groups and individuals, including historians, political theorists, government officials, and others. These accusations also include arguments that the US has funded, trained, and harbored individuals or groups who engaged in terrorism. The states in which the U.S. has allegedly conducted or supported terror operations include the Philippines, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Japan, Nicaragua, and Vietnam, along with its historic internal operations against Native Americans.

Schmutzige Kriege

Author: Jeremy Scahill
Publisher: Antje Kunstmann
ISBN: 3888978882
Size: 73.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jeremy Scahill erzählt in dieser packenden investigativen Reportage, wie es dazu kam, dass Mord zu einem zentralen Instrument der U.S.-Sicherheitspolitik geworden ist, und welche Konsequenzen diese Entscheidung hat – für unzählige Menschen in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern und für die Zukunft der amerikanischen Demokratie. In Afghanistan und Pakistan, Jemen, Somalia und anderen Ländern interviewte Scahill CIA-Agenten, Söldner und Spezialkräfte der US-Army. Er begab sich tief in das von Al-Qaida gehaltene Territorium im Jemen, traf von der CIA protegierte Warlords in Mogadischu und sprach mit den zivilen Opfern der Einsätze amerikanischer Spezialkommandos und Drohnenattacken, die die Vereinigten Staaten lieber geheim halten wollen. In dieser bedrohlichen Geschichte von der Front der unerklärten Kriege dokumentiert Jeremy Scahill das neue Paradigma der amerikanischen Kriegsführung: Gekämpft wird überall, von Spezialkräften, die offiziell gar nicht existieren, aber weltweit unzählige Einsätze durchführen, die nie ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit geraten. Scahill enthüllt das erschreckende Bild einer geheimen U.S.-Mordmaschinerie, die mächtiger geworden ist als jeder Präsident, der ins Weiße Haus einzieht. Und er zeigt, dass diese verdeckten amerikanischen Kriege, anstatt die USA – und die Welt – vor dem Terror zu schützen, dazu führen, dass der Terror wachsen und sich weiter ausbreiten wird.

Der Tod Wird Euch Finden

Author: Lawrence Wright
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 3641019087
Size: 12.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In einer packenden Erzählung schildert der Journalist Lawrence Wright erstmals umfassend die Vorgeschichte des 11. September. Vier Männer stehen im Mittelpunkt: Osama Bin Laden und seine Nummer zwei, Aiman al-Sawahiri, der FBI-Mann John O’Neill und der saudische Geheimdienstchef Turki al-Faisal. Meisterhaft verknüpft Wright ihre Lebenswege zu einem Gesamtbild der Ereignisse, Wendepunkte, Versäumnisse und Fehleinschätzungen, die den Anschlägen vorangingen. »Wo ihr auch sein mögt, der Tod wird euch finden, und wäret ihr im hohen Turm.« Mit diesen dem Koran entlehnten Worten mahnte Osama Bin Laden seine Kämpfer, furchtlos dem Tod entgegenzusehen. Im Rückblick lassen sie sich auch als düstere Warnung an den Feind lesen, dessen Hochhaustürme in New York zum Angriffsziel wurden. Osama Bin Ladens Aufstieg zum bekanntesten Terroristen des 21. Jahrhunderts bildet einen der Erzählstränge in der bislang vollständigsten Rekonstruktion der Vorgeschichte des 11. September durch den Journalisten Lawrence Wright. Daneben verfolgt Wright, der jahrelang recherchierte und Hunderte von Interviews führte, den Werdegang des al-Qaida-Mitstreiters Aiman al-Sawahiri, des obersten Terroristenfahnders des FBI, John O’Neill, der ausgerechnet in den Trümmern des World Trade Centers starb, sowie des saudischen Königssohns Turki al-Faisal, der als Geheimdienstchef seines Landes zwischen beiden Welten wandelte. Zu einer fesselnden Erzählung verwoben, erhellen die Lebensgeschichten zugleich die Hintergründe des Anschlags: die wachsende Radikalisierung der Islamisten, die Zerrissenheit arabischer Staaten, die widersprüchliche Haltung des Westens. Eine unglaublich spannende und gewinnbringende Lektüre. • Ein tiefer Einblick in Denken und Handeln der al-Qaida-Führer und ihrer wichtigsten Kontrahenten • Eines der besten Bücher des Jahres 2006 in Großbritannien und Amerika, Pulitzer-Preis 2007

Realizing Peace

Author: Louis Kriesberg
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190266422
Size: 38.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Early work in conflict resolution and peace research focused on why wars broke out, why they persisted, and why peace agreements failed to endure. Later research has focused on what actions and circumstances have actually averted destructive escalations, stopped the perpetuation of destructive conduct, produced a relatively good conflict transformation, or resulted in an enduring and relatively equitable relationship among former adversaries. This later research, which began in the 1950s, recognizes that conflict is inevitable and is often waged in the name of rectifying injustice. Additionally, it argues that damages can be minimized and gains maximized for various stakeholders in waging and settling conflicts. This theory, which is known as the constructive conflict approach, looks at how conflicts can be waged and resolved so they are broadly beneficial rather than mutually destructive. In this book, Louis Kriesberg, one of the major figures in the school of constructive conflict, looks at major foreign conflict episodes in which the United States has been involved since the onset of the Cold War to analyze when American involvement in foreign conflicts has been relatively effective and beneficial and when it has not. In doing so he analyzes whether the US took constructive approaches to conflict and whether the approach yielded better consequences than more traditional coercive approaches. Realizing Peace helps readers interested in engaging or learning about foreign policy to better understand what has happened in past American involvement in foreign conflicts, to think freshly about better alternatives, and to act in support of more constructive strategies in the future.

Der Schattenkrieg

Author: Ronen Bergman
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 3641095158
Size: 33.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Von der Staatsgründung Israels bis heute - die erste umfassende Geschichte der geheimen Tötungskommandos des Mossad Mordanschläge, die dem israelischen Geheimdienst Mossad zugeschrieben werden, sorgen immer wieder für Aufsehen. Doch über die Hintergründe dieser Aktionen war bislang kaum etwas bekannt. In seinem packend geschriebenen Enthüllungsbuch deckt der israelische Geheimdienstexperte Ronen Bergman nun erstmals die ganze Dimension eines Schattenkriegs auf, der seit Jahrzehnten im Geheimen ausgetragen wird. Er beschreibt die Erfolge und Misserfolge der zum Teil unbekannten Attentate, benennt Opfer, Täter und Verantwortliche und fragt, welchen Preis Staat und Gesellschaft in Israel für ihre Sicherheit bezahlen.

The Untold History Of The United States

Author: Oliver Stone
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451616449
Size: 55.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3715
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“Indispensable… There is much here to reflect upon.” —President Mikhail Gorbachev “As riveting, eye-opening, and thought-provoking as any history book you will ever read. . . . Can’t recommend it highly enough.” —Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian “Finally, a book with the guts to challenge the accepted narrative of recent American history.” —Bill Maher The New York Times bestselling companion to the Showtime documentary series now streaming on Netflix, updated to cover the past five years. A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE In this riveting companion to their astonishing documentary series—including a new chapter and new photos covering Obama’s second term, Trump’s first year and a half, climate change, nuclear winter, Korea, Russia, Iran, China, Lybia, ISIS, Syria, and more—Academy Award–winning director Oliver Stone and renowned historian Peter Kuznick challenge prevailing orthodoxies to reveal the dark truth about the rise and fall of American imperialism.