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Gray Matter

Author: Nick Pirog
Publisher: Nickthriller
Size: 76.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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**FLASH SALE** **$.99 FOR THREE DAYS ONLY** **TOP 5 AMAZON BESTSELLING THRILLER** **OVER 250,000 BOOKS SOLD** From a reader: All of us with kindles watch for the bargains - admit it. I got this book because it was a bargain and had good reviews. It was simply put, terrific. The mystery was excellent from the get-go and the main character, Thomas Prescott, is very funny: "I'm not into politics. The last time I voted was for Carrie Underwood." In the opening scene, Prescott is in Maine suffering from depression on Thanksgiving. He hops a plane to his home town of Seattle and almost immediately finds a dead body adrift on the shore outside his boyhood home. Even though he is an ex-cop and retired consultant to the FBI, he can't keep his hands out of the investigation. The investigation leads him to different suspects, investigators, supporting cast members and locales. The book has the very good mystery, the excellent main character, very good supporting characters (no matter how minor, none are cutouts) and there is the added element of a bit of science thrown into the mix. To divulge it would be a small spoiler, so I won't, but I always like to learn a bit of something while being thoroughly entertained. Halfway through the book I ordered Mr. Pirog's other two books. I then thought: "Uh oh, what if the ending isn't any good?" After the ending, I was even happier I will have two more of Mr. Pirog's books to look forward to reading. --Richard A. Mitchell Book Description: MEET THOMAS. THOMAS IS HAVING A ROUGH GO. HIS GIRL LEFT HIM. HE'S ALONE ON THANKSGIVING. HE'S OUT OF WAFFLES. AND NOW SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL HIM. His love life in shambles, Thomas Prescott returns to Seattle, the very place he fled from after his parents' deaths nearly a decade earlier. Just as Thomas is getting settled in, he sees a body floating in the private cove behind his boyhood home. It is a woman. But not just any woman. The governor of Washington. As the suspense ratchets, and the twists unfold, Thomas is thrown into the middle of the biggest murder investigation in Washington state history. Prescott is forced to confront the demons from his past and unearths a new enemy, one that couldn't possibly be human, one that has haunted man since the dawn of time... More reviews: Pirog engages readers with a tight plot, well-developed characters, historical context, and just enough pop culture to keep you begging for more. Thomas Prescott is witty, arrogant -yet generous, and operates on just enough id to make him adorable. He is my favorite naughty character by far! Every page begs to be turned, every chapter begs to be completed, and the end leaves you begging for the next book! --Tami I read approximately 8-10 books a month and have for years so that should give an idea of how impressed I am with his author. I am writing this review because this author DESERVES to be read. Refreshingly funny, quirky and still produces a many layered well thought out mystery thriller. "Gray Matter" adds even more than just chuckles and a thought provoking who done it, this story even went as far as to throw in tears. I was mesmerized from the first page by not only the main plot but by the sub plot as well, the ending left me surprised and with tears in my eyes. WOW! --Tif Saucer

Unforeseen Tenth Anniversary Edition Thomas Prescott Book 1

Author: Nick Pirog
Publisher: Nickthriller
Size: 32.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE GREAT BONUS DEALS: Gray Matter (Thomas Prescott #2) Just $2.99 (REG. $5.99)The Afrikaans (Thomas Prescott #3) Just $2.99 (REG. $5.99)Show me (Thomas Prescott #4) Just $2.99 (REG. $5.99)The Speed of Souls Just $2.99 (REG. $5.99) **#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER** "FUNNY, THRILLING, AND A GREAT NEW DETECTIVE!"-Amazon "WHERE IS THE 10-STAR OPTION?"-Amazon "A GREAT THRILLER!"-Amazon "Unforeseen's main character, Thomas Prescott, had me laughing out loud and speed reading to the end. I read this book in a day, couldn't put it down. I read a lot of mystery thrillers and Pirog's unique style was refreshing. I found it to be funny, quirky, bawdy and yet he still pulled off the theme park thrill ride feeling of a great thriller and a well laid out mystery that left me guessing right up until the end. I look forward to reading more of his work and recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading something out of the usual cookie cutter type style that so many authors seem to have fallen into. Pirog captured my attention from the first page and never lost it. An unusual and perfect mixture of witty humor to balance a murder mystery. I found myself laughing out loud many times throughout the book. I love this writer's style. I'm now reading the second Thomas Prescott novel! LOVE this book!" --Tif Saucier Book Description:A revised Tenth Anniversary Edition of the one that started it all... Retired homicide detective Thomas Prescott is reluctant to read the best selling book Eight in October, a true-crime thriller based on a string of murders occurring throughout October of the past year. After all, it was his case, and he doesn t need to be reminded of the gruesome details. The book dubbed the serial killer, Tristen Grayer, The MAINEiac. Grayer is allegedly dead, but only Prescott knows the truth, Grayer is alive and lurking in the shadows. On October 1st, the anniversary of the first murder, Tristen resurfaces, killing someone special from Prescott's past. Suddenly, it s deja vu for Prescott except this time the women closest to him begin to fall victim at the hands of Grayer. With the help of former flame, medical examiner Dr. Caitlin Dodds, and Eight in October author, Alex Tooms, Prescott must race against the clock to stop Tristen from completing his encore. More Customer Reviews:I really enjoyed this book right from the beginning. My first by this author- certainly not my last though. I loved the humor. One would think a book about serial murders would not be funny but the humor was done appropriately and added so much to the characters and the story line. About 85% through the book I started saying thing like "oh no!", "oh my God!", "no way!" and "this can't be happening!". By then the book was not getting put down for any reason! The ending was deliously mysterious, surprising & so fitting! I need more Thomas Prescott! --Free2ride I read alot of Thriller books. I like authors like: Harlan Coben, Stuart Woods, Jeffery Deaver, Richard North Patterson. If you like these authors, you will love this author!!! --Connie Pribbeno Lots of kudos to Nick Pirog for giving us a facinating new detective. Thomas Prescott, a wise-cracking ex-policeman fired from the Seattle police department, takes jobs as a consultant to the FBI in Philly. His current project is identifying and neutralizing a serial killer with a perchant for murdering the women in Thomas' life. Trying to follow the clues while also protecting the lives of his blind sister, his mournful ex-girlfriend and his sexy current girlfriend as well as the female students in the law-enforcement class he teaches, makes for a real roller-coaster ride for Thomas and the reader. Always one step behind the wily killer and his ax, Thomas must put a period to this psycho before he loses more women he cares about. A tense read, sprinkled with Thomas's witticisms and hair raising close calls. Add a new detective to Mike Hammer, Spencer, and Travis McGee! --C. Orelli

Ragdoll Dein Letzter Tag

Author: Daniel Cole
Publisher: Ullstein Buchverlage
ISBN: 3843714711
Size: 31.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7430
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Platz 4 der LITERATUR SPIEGEL Paperback-Bestsellerliste Ein Killer versetzt die ganze Stadt in Angst. Dein Name steht auf seiner Liste. Mit dem Datum deines Todes. Dein letzter Tag ist nah. Und fliehen ist zwecklos. Atemberaubender Stoff für Serien-Fans: der Auftakt zur Thriller-Reihe von Daniel Cole!

Das Testament

Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641110181
Size: 17.86 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7473
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Sein letzter Auftritt Ein milliardenschwerer, lebensmüder Geschäftsmann, eine gierig lauernde Erbengemeinschaft, eine im brasilianischen Regenwald arbeitende Missionarin und ein ehemaliger Staranwalt, der es noch einmal wissen will - das sind die Akteure im Testament. Es geht um Geld, Macht und Ehre, und es geht um Leben und Tod.


Author: Patricia Cornwell
Publisher: Hoffmann und Campe
ISBN: 3455812279
Size: 76.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6640
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Der zwanzigste Fall für Kay Scarpetta, "eine der ungewöhnlichsten Krimiheldinnen". Der Spiegel Eine verschwundene Paläontologin, von der nur noch das Foto ihres abgeschnittenen Ohrs existiert. Und die Mumie einer Frau, die im Bostoner Hafen gefunden wird. Dr. Kay Scarpetta bekommt es mit einer ebenso düsteren wie bizarren Mordserie zu tun, die sie selbst in größte Schwierigkeiten bringt. Kay Scarpetta ist als Zeugin im Prozess gegen einen Öl-Tycoon geladen, dem der Mord an seiner spurlos verschwundenen Ehefrau vorgeworfen wird. Wenige Stunden zuvor musste die berühmte Rechtsmedizinerin noch unter schwierigsten Umständen die mumifizierte Leiche einer Frau aus dem Bostoner Hafen bergen. Handelt es sich bei der Toten um die vermisste Industriellengattin? Diese Frage stellt sich auch die Anwältin des Angeklagten, die alles daran setzt, Scarpettas Reputation zu untergraben. Fieberhaft beginnt die Rechtsmedizinerin mit der Untersuchung der Mumie. Daneben machen ihr noch ganz andere Probleme zu schaffen: Ihr Chefermittler Pete Marino gerät unter Mordverdacht, und ihr Ehemann Benton Wesley scheint sich von ihr abzuwenden. Steuert Kay Scarpetta auf eine berufliche und private Katastrophe zu?

Die Erste Klinge

Author: Kelly McCullough
ISBN: 3732523462
Size: 16.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3754
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Als Aral Königsmörder, einst einer der besten Assassinen des Landes, ein nebeliges Abbild seiner früheren Gefährtin Siri Mythenmörderin erscheint, das ihn um Hilfe bittet, zögert er keine Sekunde. Für sie würde er dem Himmel selbst den Krieg erklären. In Begleitung des Finsterlings Triss und der Klingenschülerin Faran reist er ins Sylvani-Reich. Dorthin wurde Siri vor Jahren entsandt, um einen legendären Gott wieder in sein Grab zu bannen - eine Mission, von der sie nie zurückkehrte ...

Medizinische Mikrobiologie

Author: Ernest Jawetz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662001551
Size: 18.23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3396
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Die Autoren haben beabsichtigt, diejenigen Gebiete der medizinischen Mikrobiologie kurz, exakt und in ihrem gegenwärtigen Stand darzustellen, die für die Infektionskrankheiten und ihre Chemotherapie von besonderer Bedeutung sind. Das Buch wendet sich in erster Linie an Medizinstudenten, außerdem an alle Ärzte in Krankenhaus und Praxis. Die Notwendigkeit für ein klares Verständnis der mlkrobiologischen Grundtatsachen ist in den letzten Jahren stärker geworden, da in Biochemie, Virologie und Chemotherapie so wie auf weiteren, die Medizin beeinflussenden Gebieten bedeutende Entwicklungen statt gefunden haben. Ein wesendicher Teil dieses Lehrbuches ist deswegen der Darstellung der Grundlagen gewidmet, wodurch sich das Buch auch für die Einführung des Studenten in den mikrobiologischen Kurs als brauchbar erweisen wird. Für die neue Auflage wurde ein Kapitel über Virus und Krebs neu geschrieben, und das Kapitel über antimikrobielle Chemotherapie wurde von Grund auf neu bearbeitet. Die Autoren freuen sich, bei dem Erscheinen der 7. amerikanischen Ausgabe von einer spanischen, deutschen, italienischen und griechischen Ausgabe, sowie von der Vorbereitung für eine serbokroatische Übersetzung berichten zu können. Die Autoren möchten nochmals allen danken, die ihnen bei der Bearbeitung dieser Auf lage behilflich waren, und die es ihnen durch ihre Kommentare und ihre Kritik ermöglicht haben, die in 2jährigen Abständen erscheinenden Revisionen dieses Buches auf dem neu esten Stand zu halten. ERNEsr JAWETZ JOSEPH L MELNICK San Frandsco, August 1966 EnWARD A AnELBERG III Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Kapitell Die ~lt der Mikroben 8 Kapitel 2 Cytologie der Bakterien Optische Methoden 8 9 Eukaryote Zellstrukturen Prokaryote Zellstrukturen . 12 14 Cytoplasmatische Strukturen. 27 Färbeverfahren .

Das Sterben In Wychwood

Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104021929
Size: 13.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3565
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Einmalige E-Book Aktion! Zwei Monate lang können Sie diesen Spitzentitel zum Preis von 2,99 € kaufen! Mit einem Werkbeitrag aus Kindlers Literatur Lexikon. Mit dem Autorenporträt aus dem Metzler Lexikon Weltliteratur. Mit Daten zu Leben und Werk, exklusiv verfasst von der Redaktion der Zeitschrift für Literatur TEXT + KRITIK.

Behind The Seens

Author: Nick Pirog
Publisher: Nickthriller
Size: 40.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1345
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Dear Readers, I finished writing Behind the Seens a couple weeks ago, and I can't tell you how many times I laughed to the point I had to stop typing. Whether it was 'fake' graduating from college, or my first book signing where only nine people showed up, or having a panic attack ten minutes before I was set to go on a live morning show, or wallpapering two rooms with rejection letters, or going to a Writer's Conference and nearly walking out because one of the workshops was called "Plot", or my dad learning how to text message just so he could send me what my ranking was on Amazon; I enjoyed every second of my walk down memory lane. What many people don't know is that when Unforeseen first came out ten years ago, it was titled Unforescene (scene spelled like crime scene) and I published it myself. Behind the Seens is the memoir of how a book went from being sold out of the back of a maroon Volkswagen Passat to becoming the #1 book on Amazon and all the struggles, adventures, and triumphs along the way. It is packed with hilarious stories, random lost writings, embarrassing photographs, personal emails, and industry secrets. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading. Nick

Vor Ihren Augen Sahen Sie Gott

Author: Zora Neale Hurston
ISBN: 394237479X
Size: 18.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7762
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Florida 1928. In einer einzigen Nacht erzählt Janie ihrer besten Freundin Pheoby wie sie aufbrach, ein anderes Leben zu führen, den viel jüngeren Tea Cake traf, endlich das Glück fand, und was geschah, als der große Hurrikan kam ... Von ihrer Reise kehrt Janie als ein neuer Mensch zurück - und mit ihr alle, die ihre Geschichte hören. Der Klassiker aus den USA, zum 120. Geburtstag der Autorin neu übersetzt, gehört zu den schönsten, traurigsten und herzergreifendsten Liebesgeschichten, die je geschrieben wurden.