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Handbook Of Meta Analysis In Ecology And Evolution

Author: Julia Koricheva
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691137293
Size: 73.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Meta-analysis is a powerful statistical methodology for synthesizing research evidence across independent studies. This is the first comprehensive handbook of meta-analysis written specifically for ecologists and evolutionary biologists, and it provides an invaluable introduction for beginners as well as an up-to-date guide for experienced meta-analysts. The chapters, written by renowned experts, walk readers through every step of meta-analysis, from problem formulation to the presentation of the results. The handbook identifies both the advantages of using meta-analysis for research synthesis and the potential pitfalls and limitations of meta-analysis (including when it should not be used). Different approaches to carrying out a meta-analysis are described, and include moment and least-square, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian approaches, all illustrated using worked examples based on real biological datasets. This one-of-a-kind resource is uniquely tailored to the biological sciences, and will provide an invaluable text for practitioners from graduate students and senior scientists to policymakers in conservation and environmental management. Walks you through every step of carrying out a meta-analysis in ecology and evolutionary biology, from problem formulation to result presentation Brings together experts from a broad range of fields Shows how to avoid, minimize, or resolve pitfalls such as missing data, publication bias, varying data quality, nonindependence of observations, and phylogenetic dependencies among species Helps you choose the right software Draws on numerous examples based on real biological datasets

Ecological Statistics

Author: Gordon A. Fox
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191652881
Size: 32.52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The application and interpretation of statistics are central to ecological study and practice. Ecologists are now asking more sophisticated questions than in the past. These new questions, together with the continued growth of computing power and the availability of new software, have created a new generation of statistical techniques. These have resulted in major recent developments in both our understanding and practice of ecological statistics. This novel book synthesizes a number of these changes, addressing key approaches and issues that tend to be overlooked in other books such as missing/censored data, correlation structure of data, heterogeneous data, and complex causal relationships. These issues characterize a large proportion of ecological data, but most ecologists' training in traditional statistics simply does not provide them with adequate preparation to handle the associated challenges. Uniquely, Ecological Statistics highlights the underlying links among many statistical approaches that attempt to tackle these issues. In particular, it gives readers an introduction to approaches to inference, likelihoods, generalized linear (mixed) models, spatially or phylogenetically-structured data, and data synthesis, with a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding and subsequent application to data analysis. Written by a team of practicing ecologists, mathematical explanations have been kept to the minimum necessary. This user-friendly textbook will be suitable for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of ecology, evolution, environmental studies, and computational biology who are interested in updating their statistical tool kits. A companion web site provides example data sets and commented code in the R language.

Routledge Handbook Of Ecological And Environmental Restoration

Author: Stuart K. Allison
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 131741375X
Size: 21.94 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ecological restoration is a rapidly evolving discipline that is engaged with developing both methodologies and strategies for repairing damaged and polluted ecosystems and environments. During the last decade the rapid pace of climate change coupled with continuing habitat destruction and the spread of non-native species to new habitats has forced restoration ecologists to re-evaluate their goals and the methods they use. This comprehensive handbook brings together an internationally respected group of established and rising experts in the field. The book begins with a description of current practices and the state of knowledge in particular areas of restoration, and then identifies new directions that will help the field achieve increasing levels of future success. Part I provides basic background about ecological and environmental restoration. Part II systematically reviews restoration in key ecosystem types located throughout the world. In Part III, management and policy issues are examined in detail, offering the first comprehensive treatment of policy relevance in the field, while Part IV looks to the future. Ultimately, good ecological restoration depends upon a combination of good science, policy, planning and outreach – all issues that are addressed in this unrivalled volume.


Author: Thomas M. Smith
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 9783827373137
Size: 47.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Populations, ecosystems, species interactions, community.

Handbook Of Photosynthesis Third Edition

Author: Mohammad Pessarakli
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482230755
Size: 32.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Since the publication of the previous editions of the Handbook of Photosynthesis, many new ideas on photosynthesis have emerged in the past decade that have drawn the attention of experts and researchers on the subject as well as interest from individuals in other disciplines. Updated to include 37 original chapters and making extensive revisions to the chapters that have been retained, 90% of the material in this edition is entirely new. With contributions from over 100 authors from around the globe, this book covers the most recent important research findings. It details all photosynthetic factors and processes under normal and stressful conditions, explores the relationship between photosynthesis and other plant physiological processes, and relates photosynthesis to plant production and crop yields. The third edition also presents an extensive new section on the molecular aspects of photosynthesis, focusing on photosystems, photosynthetic enzymes, and genes. New chapters on photosynthesis in lower and monocellular plants as well as in higher plants are included in this section. The book also addresses growing concerns about excessive levels and high accumulation rates of carbon dioxide due to industrialization. It considers plant species with the most efficient photosynthetic pathways that can help improve the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Completely overhauled from its bestselling predecessors, the Handbook of Photosynthesis, Third Edition provides a nearly entirely new source on the subject that is both comprehensive and timely. It continues to fill the need for an authoritative and exhaustive resource by assembling a global team of experts to provide thorough coverage of the subject while focusing on finding solutions to relevant contemporary issues related to the field.

The Oxford Handbook Of Comparative Evolutionary Psychology

Author: Jennifer Vonk
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199738181
Size: 27.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume brings together leading experts in comparative and evolutionary psychology. Top scholars summarize the histories and possible futures of their disciplines, and the contribution of each to illuminating the evolutionary forces that give rise to unique abilities in distantly and closely related species.

Gesunde Ern Hrung Gesunder Lebensstil

Author: Udo Rabast
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662565129
Size: 42.74 MB
Format: PDF
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Was kann man tun, um möglichst gesund möglichst lange zu leben? Diese Frage ist so alt wie die Menschheit und heute, im Zeitalter schier unbegrenzter medizinisch-technischer Möglichkeiten, aktueller denn je. Der Autor, renommierter Gastroenterologe und Ernährungsmediziner mit jahrzehntelanger klinisch-praktischer und wissenschaftlicher Erfahrung, greift in diesem Buch viele Fragen auf, mit denen man im Alltag oft konfrontiert wird. Ist Grillen schädlich? Sind Vitamine nützlich? Was ist dran am „Superfood“? Auf anregende Weise - stets mit einem Augenzwinkern und ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger - geht er auf diese und viele weitere Aspekte unseres heutigen Lebenswandels ein. Unsere Ernährung nimmt dabei einen großen Stellenwert ein, aber auch viele andere Lebensstilfragen spielen eine Rolle. Er stellt wissenschaftlich fundiert dar, was man sich von verschiedenen Trends und hartnäckigen Gerüchten erwarten darf. Der interessierte Leser findet hier zahlreiche Informationen und Anregungen, wie er auf sinnvolle Art und Weise eine gesunde Ernährung und gesunden Lebensstil in seinen Alltag einbauen kann. Das Buch erschien in erster Auflage unter dem Titel „Gesundheit, langes Leben und Ernährung“ beim Umschau Zeitschriftenverlag. Es wurde in der vorliegenden Fassung komplett überarbeitet, aktualisiert und um neue, aktuelle Themen erweitert. Es richtet sich an alle an gesunder Ernährung und gesundem Lebensstil interessierten Leser und ist darüber hinaus auch eine wertvolle Informationsquelle für im Ernährungsbereich tätige Berufsgruppen.

Evolution Re Psychologie

Author: David M. Buss
ISBN: 9783827370945
Size: 67.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In den verschiedenen Verhaltenswissenschaften hat sich ein Ansatz etabliert, der als "Neodarwinische Renaissance" angesehen werden kann. Dieser evolutionäre Ansatz breitet sich in jüngster Zeit auch in der Psychologie zunehmend aus. David Buss gilt als einer der Pioniere der evolutionären Psychologie. Die inhaltlichen Schwerpunkte in dem Standardwerk von Buss liegen auf Fragen zu Liebe und Partnerschaft sowie zur Persönlichkeit. Es orientiert sich an den grundlegenden Anpassungsproblemen der Psychologie. Die verschiedenen Teilbereiche der Psychologie werden aus einer evolutionären Perspektive betrachtet.

The Sage Handbook Of Nonverbal Communication

Author: Valerie Manusov
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781412904049
Size: 62.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This Handbook provides an up-to-date discussion of the central issues in nonverbal communication and examines the research that informs these issues. Editors Valerie Manusov and Miles Patterson bring together preeminent scholars, from a range of disciplines, to reveal the strength of nonverbal behavior as an integral part of communication.