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Help I M Raising My Children Alone

Author: T. D. Jakes
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1616384891
Size: 69.95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Discusses how to raise emotionally and spiritually strong children in a single-parent household through commentaries, discussion questions, interactive activities, and prayers.

Raising My Children Alone

Author: Shirley Wilson
ISBN: 9781418448318
Size: 29.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This true story is so unbelieving it can be mistaken as fiction. The protagonist is the mother of six children. She struggles in a dramatic determination to achieve her lifelong goal to become a teacher, along with trying to find a balance between raising and educating her children. While her children look forward to a better life when their mother completes her education and gets a job, she tries to find ways to help them survive on a meager income. This book tells how the mother was abandoned by the man she married, and how she was uprooted from her extended family. She was left alone to survive with her children on a balding landscape of life. As she draws her strength from her Source of power, she depicts a recreation of an extended family in her present community setting many miles away from her roots. The mother does more than reveal survival skills in her dramatic, captivating story. Reading the book is a mirror. It touches the lives of single parents and married couples with children. The book shows how a family can emerge into a spiritual unity. This is what some critics said about an excerpt or a chapter in the book: "1 was practically on my toes, the story forced me to read every page, hoping and praying that the boy would get the bike for Christmas. The story is so full of drama. That's what good writing is all about! Bravo!" Sandra Horton University Professor of Music "1 read at least 10 to 12 books a month. This one is so different and among the best. I felt like getting inside of the mother and helping her out in her plight. Your ability to combine your literary craft with a true story is just simply remarkable! The part about, "multi-lighted windows of a newly builtsubdivision were staring at me through a wet, misty foggy morning like yellow eyed jungle cats waiting for prey. "I found myself reading it over and over again. What can I say? It's simply didactic. Loved it! Joan Love International Motivational Speaker

Not Alone

Author: Lynn Donovan
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441224866
Size: 74.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Moms who are the sole spiritual leader in their home wonder if their influence is enough to impact the spiritual lives of their children. Not Alone is encouragement and wisdom for spiritually mismatched moms, whether they are married to a non-Christian, single, divorced, or navigating the challenges of a blended family. It is possible to raise children who have a vibrant relationship with Christ. Their insights and stories will help mothers understand how God helps moms do their part and can trust him to do his. Plus, Not Alone includes practical steps to instill children with faith.

Island Shelter

Author: Karen Kiaer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477117792
Size: 64.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Island Shelter recounts the childhood, young adulthood and current life experiences of Karen Kiaer, a woman who overcame great odds to recover from the disease of alcoholism. Daughter, wife, mother, and now grandmother, every woman who struggles with addiction and who self medicates yet continues to pretend everything is under control will learn the valuable insights that helped transform Karens attitudes through painful personal traumas, and out the other end of a very long journey the journey of alcohol recovery. After losing her husband to cancer, Karen finds herself alone with three young boys to raise, no job, no money, multiple lawsuits, fears of the mob seeking retribution against her husband for non payment of loans, an out of touch, insensitive mother, and a notice that her beautiful island home has been placed on the public auction block. The nurturing tenderness and intimacy of a nine year relationship with another woman may have helped her back to psychic wholeness, but in the end, for addicts, if the relationship is not meant to be forever, the sexual behavior simply becomes another addiction, another way to fill up the hole of separation and emptiness. All of these things Karen does to escape, avoid, and numb out the stash of fears and pain that has been embedded deep in her cells for decades, like chiggers that fester and brood until someone finally puts a match to them. Her journey shows us how, when faced with adversity and uncertainty, the battle between the higher self and the destructive self is fierce. What helps get her through the cravings and temptations is her love of gardening which quickly becomes a physical and meditative outlet. An art major in college, she had always found joy in the creative process, so painting and pottery become new ways for expressing her creativity in moments without pain. The good news of all of this is that while we addicts may still have a lot of work to do, we are nowhere where we used to be. This generations cycle of abuse and addiction has been broken. Theres no need to numb out anymore youve learned how to love yourself, all of you, including the bad. And with that love comes peace.

Women As Ritual Experts

Author: Susan Starr Sered
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195111460
Size: 13.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This ethnography explores the religious beliefs and rituals of a group of elderly Jewish women, originally from Kurdistan and Yemen, who now live in Jerusalem. Sered visited the women in their homes and accompanied them on trips to holy tombs, local ethnic synagogues, and Judaica classes. She finds that, though mainly illiterate and excluded from formal religious practices, the women are experts in rituals aimed at safeguarding the well-being of their extended families. By analyzing their rituals, daily experiences, life-stories, and non-verbal gestures, Sered uncovers the strategies these women have used to circumvent the patriarchal institutions of Judaism, and how they have developed their own "little tradition" within and parallel to the "great tradition" of Torah Judaism.

29 1 2 Years Of Marriage

Author: Ruth J. Webb
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465324836
Size: 31.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Surviving the Unimaginable By Ruth Janie Webb He beat me with a hammer. He beat me with a bat. He strangled me until all of my breath had gone and I was left for dead. He shoved the barrel of a 22 riffle in my mouth and told me hed blow my brains out and kill the children too. So when he spit on me, bit me, slapped me or kicked me, it didnt seem so bad. Self-esteem? What self-esteem! As bad as the physical abuse was, the mental abuse seemed almost worse. My husband would brag tome that he had other women that were prettier, smarter and more desirable. I was left alone with the children for days at a time. He would leave because the house was too noisy. Hed leave when the bills were due. Hed leave to visit those other women. If I dared ask where hed been, hed beat me yet again. Women who stay in abusive relationships are afraid. Only God can deliver. It takes God to give a woman the strength and ability she needs to step away from this type of demonic, controlling relationship. I know the excuses. I used them myself. I dont have any where to go. There is always somewhere to go. I dont want to leave my stuff. Baby, when youre really ready and you have had enough, you will leave everything. When I left my first husband, I left everything in that house. I went to work and never returned. I only had the clothes on my back. My babies need their daddy. If you dont seek help and leave that abusive relationship, you and your babies will end up dead. He will kill me if I leave. He will kill you if you stay. He will change. No, he wont! Not without Gods help. He has to want Gods help for himself, not because you want him to want God. He said he was sorry. He is sorry if he put his hands on you. He is a coward living in the shell of a man. He loves me. Love is not abusive. He only does it when hes drunk. Then he needs to stop drinking. These are just a few of our excuses. No one deserves to be beaten, no one. Not for any reason. Stop blaming yourself. I thank God that He was with me and allowed me to make it out alive. It was only His divine protection and love that allowed us to make it out alive. You must stop endangering and damaging yourself and your children. Once I gave my life to God, I no longer had low self esteem. I picked up my head and walked in who God said I was. I survived the unimaginable and you can too. Now instead of dwelling on the pain and regret of 29 1/2 years of marriage that nearly killed me and my children, I am using the experience to help others. God is using me to encourage and minister to both men and women who are in abusive relationships. My life is a miracle. My mess had been turned into a message of hope and healing. I pray you allow God to do the same for you.

The Mental Health Of Refugees

Author: Kenneth E. Miller
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1135636672
Size: 19.38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Print version originally published: Mahwah, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004.

Regretting Motherhood

Author: Orna Donath
Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag
ISBN: 364118701X
Size: 68.47 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4472
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Darf man es bereuen, Mutter zu sein? Ein Tabubruch "Regretting Motherhood" thematisiert, was bisher kaum ausgesprochen wird: Dass viele Frauen in der Mutterschaft nicht die "vorgeschriebene" Erfüllung finden. Dass sie ihre Kinder lieben und trotzdem nicht Mutter sein wollen. Ih ihrem bahnbrechenden Buch analysiert die engagierte Soziologin Orna Donath die Dimension des Tabus und lässt Mütter selbst von ihren Erfahrungen berichten.

Raising Respectful Children In A Disrespectful World

Author: Jill Rigby
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416542575
Size: 58.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Author and speaker Jill Rigby maintains that our society has substituted self-esteem for self-respect, and in the process, we’ve lost our manners. In this inspirational and practical book, she tells parents how to instill character and purpose in their children without erecting walls of rebellion. In an effort to raise children with a healthy view of themselves, parents have focused on self-esteem rather than self-respect. And author Jill Rigby says there’s a big difference. It’s the difference between self-centered and others-centered children, the difference between performance-driven and purpose-focused teenagers. This book also examines three different styles of parenting—parent-centered, child-centered and character-centered. Parent-centered parents are more concerned with their own agenda than their child’s best interest. Child-centered parents are more concerned with their child’s approval than their child’s well-being. Character-centered parents are more concerned with their child’s character than their child’s comfort. A chapter on the School of Respect gives guidance for tots to teens and what the goal for each age group is and what training is necessary to reach that goal. This chapter also includes thirty-six ways to cultivate a house of respect. Drawing a distinction between performance and purpose, this book maintains that rather than asking what you want your child to do, you ask what you want your child to become. In delineating the difference between being a coach to your child vs being a cheerleader, the author teaches parents the difference in offering false and genuine praise and applauding mediocrity vs engendering excellence. With wisdom and insight, Jill Rigby shares age-appropriate ways to set boundaries with children without building walls of separation. Finally, she calls for parents to discipline (teach) their children rather than punish them.