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Hidden Intentions 2

Author: Meisha Camm
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
ISBN: 1622862651
Size: 33.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Upon the sudden and tragic death of his father, Tory's marital bliss comes to a halt. His wife, Nya, and his family members try to help him cope with the pain of losing his father, but instead of choosing to have his arms around Nya, Tory chooses to have his lips constantly around a bottle of alcohol. Tory vanishes, and Nya looks for him with the help of local law enforcement and a hired private investigator. Unfortunately, no one turns up anything. After a while, Nya gives up hope of ever finding Tory. The thought of not knowing what happened to him will always be in the back of her mind, but it's time for her to move on. She meets a man named Vince Rappaport, who offers her comfort. Their talks turn into friendship, and the friendship soon turns into love. For the first time in a long time, Nya is happy to wake up in the morning. After years missing in action, Tory shows up on her doorstep. He desperately wants to restore their crumbled marriage. He seems like a changed man, but has he given up alcohol once and for all? Nya will have some tough decisions to make as her past confronts her future.

Kiss Me On The Inside 2

Author: Janice Burkett
Publisher: Urban Books
ISBN: 1622863917
Size: 34.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Keisha could never have predicted her downfall when she accepted a job offer from her uncle at Top Dot Records. She was hired to do whatever it took to get artists signed to his label, and she was good at it, but she soon found herself in a predicament when she decided to double dip by dating two artists on the label. When Hype learned of her betrayal, he set out on a mission to kill both Keisha and his label mate, Bling, but the plan went off track, and her uncle Patrick paid with his life. Keisha vowed to avenge her uncle’s death, but when she came face to face with her uncle’s killer, she got cold feet. She was taken hostage by the man she had betrayed, and he sold her to the highest bidder. Now Keisha is waking up from a coma after all that trauma. Maybe it’s a good thing she has amnesia and can’t remember what happened to her. She finds herself in the arms of her estranged husband for a while—but that is short lived, as her memory resurfaces and she realizes that she’s sleeping with the devil. Keisha seeks comfort from Bling, and as she falls in love with him, she sets out on a mission to take what she believes belongs to her. She might just be setting herself up for more drama because his wife isn’t going to give him up without a fight.

English For Academic Purposes In Neoliberal Universities A Critical Grounded Theory

Author: Gregory Hadley
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319104497
Size: 23.67 MB
Format: PDF
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The critical grounded theory presented in this book offers valuable insights on the social processes and strategies used by Blended English for Academic Purposes Professionals (BLEAPs) at higher education institutions, as they struggle to negotiate the challenges arising from a new focus on recruiting international students and hunting for other resources for their universities. Drawing from in-depth interviews with numerous research participants at over eleven higher educational institutions in the UK, Japan and the United States, this work focuses on those who have been precariously placed as middle manager at many EAP and TESOL programs. Lacking in both positional power or permanence, these 'BLEAPs' are faced with many challenges as they seek to understand their changing role in higher educational institutions, and engage in strategies that can help them gain greater control over issues in their profession.

Blood Stone

Author: Tracy Cooper-Posey
ISBN: 9781927423127
Size: 11.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nial orders Calum Garrett to get close to Hollywood producer Kate Lindenstream. Garrett reluctantly complies for he has held himself apart from humans for centuries. Kate doesn't fall into Garrett's arms, either. She already has someone for that. Roman Xerus -- whom Kate knows as Adrian -- and Garrett go way back to the sixteenth century Scottish highlands, but they parted bitterly two hundred years ago. With Roman's support, Kate battles Garrett in wills and business as he methodically forces himself into her life. However, on the closed-in movie set in the Californian desert, Garrett's calm, orderly world crumbles for Garrett is drawn to Kate. He has begins to experience real, human feelings. Kate doesn't cooperate in the chess game Nial orchestrates, despite being unaware of the strategies swirling around her film set. Demanding and expecting only the best for her movie, Kate's agenda forces Roman and Garrett to work together to protect her and keep the humans around her ignorant of the Pro Libertatus, the anonymous and all-powerful vampire group who nearly killed Nial, Sebastian and Winter, and shield Kate from the excesses of the League for Humanity. But could Roman really be with the Pro Libertatus? There's hidden intentions everywhere, and centuries of repressed feelings, along with at least two different groups that mean them harm. Then there's the rumours that Kate has found the mythical Blood Stone, the key to unlocking vampire history and lifting their curse. Who is Kate, really? Because once Garrett begins to notice, things about Kate don't quite add up, either... BLOOD STONE is the second book in the Blood Stone series BLOOD STONE is the sequel to BLOOD KNOT. It is a Plus-sized Novel. WARNING: This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage scenes, anal sex and the use of sex toys. Don't proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you. No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

Gone Girl Das Perfekte Opfer

Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104027099
Size: 23.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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›GONE GIRL – DAS PERFEKTE OPFER‹ – Der Megaseller aus den USA – Nun auch im Taschenbuch! „Was denkst du gerade, Amy?” Diese Frage habe ich ihr oft während unserer Ehe gestellt. Ich glaube, das fragt man sich immer wieder: Was denkst du? Wer bist du? Wie gut kennt man eigentlich den Menschen, den man liebt? Genau diese Fragen stellt sich Nick Dunne am Morgen seines fünften Hochzeitstages, dem Morgen, an dem seine Frau Amy spurlos verschwindet. Die Polizei verdächtigt sogleich Nick. Amys Freunde berichten, dass sie Angst vor ihm hatte. Er schwört, dass das nicht wahr ist. Dann erhält er sonderbare Anrufe. Was geschah mit Nicks wunderbarer Frau Amy? Selten wurde so raffiniert, abgründig und brillant manipuliert wie in diesem Psychogramm einer Ehe - ein teuflisch gutes Lesevergnügen.

From Friend 2 Foe

Author: Brandon Beatty
Publisher: Brian L King
ISBN: 0983680957
Size: 42.18 MB
Format: PDF
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Jazz had always wanted a loving family, like the ones she always sees on TV. But at an early age reality slapped her in the face, forcing Jazz into a lifestyle that she never thought she would become accustomed to. With an M.I.A. father and an alcoholic mother, who wanted nothing more than to pimp her out for money or force her to rob Mom & Pop stores for food. Not wanting to oblige her mother’s request, leading to an altercation that ultimately took her mother’s life. After a few days in the detention center she was relocated with a white family who took better care of her than her own mother, they later adopted her. Living a better life until a few months after her thirteenth birthday, when her adopted father tried to take advantage of her newly developing body. Jazz ran away and wondered the dark streets alone and confused, she dipped into a bus station to get warm and regroup her thoughts. Trying to plot her next life move, a young woman introduced herself by the name of Michelle. After sharing a blunt Michelle convinced Jazz to move to New York, until she gets on her feet. Being antisocial Jazz felt reluctant, then thinking back to what life was like at the detention center she quickly agreed. Jazz put her life in Michelle’s hands, unknowing of her hidden intentions. Minutes off the bus, switching into hustling mode, Michelle schooled Jazz about life in the dog eat dog big city, either you’re getting over or getting got! Jazz puts all her trust into their friendship, but in return receives nothing but lies, deceit and betrayal, all the ingredients to turn best friends into worst enemies! Find out what happens when Michelle is left for dead in cold blood. This novel will surely keep you on edge!

Slum Eine Geschichte Von Leben Tod Und Hoffnung

Author: Katherine Boo
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426416158
Size: 38.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Annawadi ist ein Slum jenseits des luxuriösen Flughafens von Mumbai. Hier wohnen Tausende Menschen in notdürftig errichteten Hütten. Eng ist es hier und schmutzig. Und nicht selten fallen hungrige Ratten nachts über die Kinder her. In Annawadi lebt Abdul, der Müllsammler. Dass er geschickt ist in seinem Job, dass er Müll zu sammeln, zu sortieren und weiterzuverkaufen weiß wie kein Zweiter, ruft viele Neider auf den Plan. Denn der Erfolg des einen bedeutet den möglichen Ruin des anderen. Und jeder in dem Slum kämpft mit allen Mitteln um die pure Existenz. Katherine Boo erzählt nicht nur die Geschichten der Menschen in Annawadi – sie erzählt auch von ihrer Hoffnung und ihrem Streben nach einem besseren Leben und von den Auswirkungen des westlichen Konsums bis in dieses Eckchen der Welt.

Hidden Darkness

Author: Wanita J. May
Publisher: W.J. May
Size: 10.43 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Hidden Darkness is the 7th Book of USA TODAY bestselling author W.J. May's bestselling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan. A race against time, a sprint across the world. The enemy has a new face now, Jonathon Cromfield. Except he's not really new, is he? Cromfield has a plan, one that includes Rae whether she likes it or not. Rae is terrified by the idea that she can't die. Everyone she'll ever know will move on without her and leave her all alone. Except Cromfield. She'd rather die than be with him. The team of Rae, Devon, Julian and Molly must race around the world to find the hybrids before Cromfield does, they have to figure out what his serum really is for, and take it back to the Privy Council all before Cromfield can stop them. Immortal or not, Rae doesn't have a second to waste. Hidden Darkness is the 7th book in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series. Follow Rae Kerrigan as she learns about the tattoo on her back that gives her supernatural powers, as she learns of her father's evil intentions and as she tries to figure out how coming of age, falling love and high-packed action fighting isn't as easy as the comic books make it look. Series Order: Prequel Series: Christmas Before the Magic Question the Darkness Into the Darkness Fight the Darkness Alone in the Darkness Lost in Darkness The Chronicles of Kerrigan Series Rae of Hope Dark Nebula House of Cards Royal Tea Under Fire End in Sight Hidden Darkness Twisted Together Mark of Fate Strength & Power Last One Standing Rae of Light The Chronicles of Kerrigan Sequel A Matter of Time Time Piece Second Chance Glitch in Time Our Time Precious Time The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel Living in the Past Present for Today Staring at the Future SEARCH TERMS: coming of age, horror, horror romance, fantasy, Young Adult, series, boarding school, paranormal, superpowers, tattoos, mystery, romance, England, supernatural, Tudor, chronicles of kerrigan, w.j. may, New Adult & College Romance, new adult and college, new adult, New Adult & College Romance Paranormal, paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, superhero, fairytale, paranormal, shifter, vampire, werewolf


Author: Hermann Hesse
Publisher: Re-Image Publishing
ISBN: 3961647771
Size: 78.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 465
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Der Roman spielt im 6. Jahrhundert vor Christus in Indien und handelt von einem jungen Brahmanen namens Siddhartha und seinem Freund Govinda. Von seinem Vater und anderen Priestern lernt dieser über die Veden, deren philosophische Gedanken, religiöse Gebote und Anleitungen zu Gebeten und Ritualen. Weil er sieht, wie diese trotz heiliger Waschungen und Gebete zur Reinigung von den Sünden nicht aus dem Samsara entkommen, widmet er sein Leben der Suche nach dem Atman, dem All-einen, das in jedem Menschen ist.