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Hot Earth Dreams

Author: Frank Landis, Ph.d.
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781517799397
Size: 23.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What will the Earth look like if severe climate change happens, and humans survive? What will the Earth look like if severe climate change happens, and humans survive? It is not an easy question to contemplate, let alone answer. If severe climate change happens, the Earth will continue to warm for centuries after we've exhausted our fossil fuels. Civilization will shatter, the great artworks and monuments vanishing as cities fall into rubble and coasts disappear beneath rising seas. There will be a mass extinction, coral reefs and ice sheets will disappear, and the survivors will migrate to new homes and habitats for generations as the climate continually changes. Only after hundreds of thousands of years will the climate to return to what we currently consider as normal. Right now, this is our most likely future. Scary as it sounds at first, it is a future that is very much worth exploring. It's crazy, then horrible, then tough, and then increasingly strange. This clear-eyed overview weaves together the latest scientific research on climate change, mass extinction, collapse, and evolution, to describe a deep future that is ever-changing but very knowable. Want to explore it? This is your sourcebook.

The Local Food Revolution

Author: Michael Brownlee
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1623170001
Size: 53.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Michael Brownlee, cofounder of the nonprofit Local Food Shift Group, issues a clarion call and manifesto for a revolutionary movement to localize the global food supply and lays out a practical guide for those who hope to navigate the challenging process of shaping the local or regional food system. Demonstrating that humanity faces a near-term and prolonged global food crisis, he provides a roadmap for embarking on the process of righting the profoundly unsustainable and already-failing global industrialized food system. Brownlee charts the process by which localization of the global food supply unfolds in communities, regions, and foodsheds and suggests pathways forward that otherwise may remain invisible and unexplored. The book also considers some of the moral, economic, and social dilemmas and thresholds that might come to the fore as the local food shift develops.

This Changes Everything

Author: Naomi Klein
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451697384
Size: 13.14 MB
Format: PDF
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Explains why the environmental crisis should lead to an abandonment of "free market" ideologies and current political systems, arguing that a massive reduction of greenhouse emissions may offer a best chance for correcting problems.

Being The Change

Author: Peter Kalmus
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 1771422432
Size: 35.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Life on 1/10th the fossil fuels turns out to be awesome. We all want to be happy. Yet as we consume ever more in a frantic bid for happiness, global warming worsens. Alarmed by drastic changes now occurring in the Earth's climate systems, the author, a climate scientist and suburban father of two, embarked on a journey to change his life and the world. He began by bicycling, growing food, meditating, and making other simple, fulfilling changes. Ultimately, he slashed his climate impact to under a tenth of the US average and became happier in the process. Being the Change explores the connections between our individual daily actions and our collective predicament. It merges science, spirituality, and practical action to develop a satisfying and appropriate response to global warming. Part one exposes our interconnected predicament: overpopulation, global warming, industrial agriculture, growth-addicted economics, a sold-out political system, and a mindset of separation from nature. It also includes a readable but authoritative overview of climate science. Part two offers a response at once obvious and unprecedented: mindfully opting out of this broken system and aligning our daily lives with the biosphere. The core message is deeply optimistic: living without fossil fuels is not only possible, it can be better. Peter Kalmus is an atmospheric scientist at Caltech / Jet Propulsion Laboratory with a Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. He lives in suburban Altadena, California with his wife and two children on 1/10th the fossil fuels of the average American. Peter speaks purely on his own behalf, not on behalf of NASA or Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Whole Story Of Climate

Author: E. Kirsten Peters
Publisher: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 1616146737
Size: 61.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the publicity surrounding global warming, climate scientists are usually the experts consulted by the media. We rarely hear from geologists, who for almost two hundred years have been studying the history of Earth's dramatic and repeated climate revolutions, as revealed in the evidence of rocks and landscapes. This book, written by a geologist, describes the important contributions that geology has made to our understanding of climate change. What emerges is a much more complex and nuanced picture than is usually presented. While the average person often gets the impression that the Earth's climate would be essentially stable if it weren't for the deleterious effects of greenhouse gases, in fact the history of the earth over many millennia reveals a constantly changing climate. As the author explains, several long cold eras have been punctuated by shorter warm periods. The most recent of these warm spells, the one in which we are now living, started ten thousand years ago; based on previous patterns, we should be about due for the return of another frigid epoch. Some scientists even think that the warming of the planet caused by man-made greenhouse gasses tied to agriculture in the past few thousand years may have held off the next ice age. Though this may be possible, much remains uncertain. But what is clearly known is that major climate shifts can be appallingly rapid--occurring over as little as twenty or thirty years. One danger of dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is that they may increase the chance that this "climate switch" will be thrown, with catastrophic effects on worldwide agriculture. Besides her discussion of climate, the author includes chapters on how early naturalists pieced together the complicated geological history of Earth, and she teaches the reader how to interpret the evidence of rock formations and landscape patterns all around us. Accessible and engagingly written, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to understand one of our most important contemporary debates. From the Hardcover edition.

Scion Of The Zodiac

Author: Frank Landis
ISBN: 9781456456825
Size: 49.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a future where people reincarnate by downloading themselves into cloned bodies, Kane Azeka is the victim of a botched installation. In his previous incarnation, he was a survey biologist, exploring the alien moon Nysus. Uploaded following a tragic accident, he awakens inside the head of teenaged Dana Hallis. He should have been activated in Dana "s infancy, but something went wrong, and Dana developed into his own, separate person. Someone, or something, wants Dana "s memories, and they have re-installed Kane to get them. But centuries have elapsed since Kane "s last existence, and he doesn "t speak Dana "s language or understand the strange, low-tech society in which Dana lives.Human survival on Nysus is precarious, as even the soil has to be cultured to grow Gaian plants. Nysian life finds plastic and other industrial materials delicious, and unprotected equipment rots quickly in the alien jungle. Yet Dana "s people have reason to fear the machines that still descend from the skies. Kane is safe, protected inside Dana "s body, but only so long as they do not suspect his existence. All he and Dana have to do is survive. Together.

Adapting Buildings And Cities For Climate Change

Author: David Crichton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136444556
Size: 46.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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From the bestselling author of Ecohouse, this fully revised edition of Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate Change provides unique insights into how we can protect our buildings, cities, infra-structures and lifestyles against risks associated with extreme weather and related social, economic and energy events. Three new chapters present evidence of escalating rates of environmental change. The authors explore the growing urgency for mitigation and adaptation responses that deal with the resulting challenges. Theoretical information sits alongside practical design guidelines, so architects, designers and planners can not only see clearly what problems they face, but also find the solutions they need, in order to respond to power and water supply needs. Considers use of materials, structures, site issues and planning in order to provide design solutions. Examines recent climate events in the US and UK and looks at how architecture was successful or not in preventing building damage. Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate Change is an essential source, not just for architects, engineers and planners facing the challenges of designing our building for a changing climate, but also for everyone involved in their production and use.

Global Weirdness

Author: Climate Central
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307743373
Size: 32.85 MB
Format: PDF
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Produced by Climate Central—a highly regarded independent, nonprofit journalism and research foundation founded in 2008—and reviewed by scientists at major educational and research institutions the world over, Global Weirdness summarizes, in clear and accessible prose, everything we know about the science of climate change; explains what is likely to happen to the climate in the future; and lays out in practical terms what we can and cannot do to avoid further shifts. Sixty easy-to-read entries tackle such questions as: Is climate ever “normal”? Why and how do fossil-fuel burning and other human practices produce greenhouse gases? What natural forces have caused climate change in the past? What risks does climate change pose for human health? What accounts for the diminishment of mountain glaciers and small ice caps around the world since 1850? What are the economic costs and benefits of reducing carbon emissions? Global Weirdness enlarges our understanding of how climate change affects our daily lives, and arms us with the incontrovertible facts we need to make informed decisions about the future of the planet and of humankind. With black-and-white images interspersed throughout. From the Hardcover edition.

Stolen Future Broken Present

Author: David Collings
Publisher: Open Humanitites Press
ISBN: 9781607853145
Size: 64.98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This book argues that climate change has a devastating effect on how we think about the future. Once several positive feedback loops in Earth's dynamic systems, such as the melting of the Arctic icecap or the drying of the Amazon, cross the point of no return, the biosphere is likely to undergo severe and irreversible warming. Nearly everything we do is premised on the assumption that the world we know will endure into the future and provide a sustaining context for our activities. But today the future of a viable biosphere, and thus the purpose of our present activities, is put into question. A disappearing future leads to a broken present, a strange incoherence in the feel of everyday life. We thus face the unprecedented challenge of salvaging a basis for our lives today. That basis, this book argues, may be found in our capacity to assume an infinite responsibility for ecological disaster and, like the biblical Job, to respond with awe to the alien voice that speaks from the whirlwind. By owning disaster and accepting our small place within the inhuman forces of the biosphere, we may discover how to live with responsibility and serenity whatever may come."--Publisher's description.

Climate Of Fear

Author: Thomas Gale Moore
Publisher: Cato Institute
ISBN: 9781882577651
Size: 25.60 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7722
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The book calls into question the entire campaign led by Vice President Al Gore and others to ratify the proposed treaty on global warming scheduled to be debated in the U.S. Senate early in 1998.