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The Railroad Artistry Of Howard Fogg

Author: Ronald C. Hill
Publisher: Cedco Pub
ISBN: 9780768321128
Size: 24.63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 454
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Howard Fogg always said he wasn't an artist, just an illustrator. But, from the presidents of major railroads to the average rail buff, Fogg was regarded as the greatest artist who ever painted trains. This new all-color book by Cedco celebrates the long career of Howard Fogg, who, over a span of six decades, created more than 1,200 paintings-nearly all depicting trains amidst incredible scenic backgrounds. Over 180 of his best appear in all their glory in this hardcover book, along with a recounting of his amazing career by co-authors Ronald C. Hill and Al Chione.

Fogg In The Cockpit

Author: Richard P. Fogg
Publisher: Casemate
ISBN: 1612000150
Size: 57.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Renowned for decades as the worldÕs foremost railroad artist, Howard FoggÕs career spanned half a century and some twelve hundred paintings. However, while his art has been welcomed for decades, few of his enthusiasts have been aware of his prior career, as a fighter pilot in the U.S. 8th Air Force during World War II. Fortunately Fogg left behind a detailed diary of his experiences, which illuminate this brief but exciting aspect of his life, as he engaged in direct combat with the Luftwaffe at the controls of a P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustangs. Articulate and insightful, his diary offers a frank and fascinating glimpse into the life of a fighter pilot, both in the sky and in wartime England. Written during 1943 and 1944 it offers a confidential perspective of life as a Òflyboy,Ó during which Howard flew 76 combat missions and was awarded the Air Medal with three clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross with one cluster. Presented in its entirety, with supplementary material by Richard and Janet Fogg, and supporting illustrations from Fogg himself, including satirical cartoons, military and railroad artwork, Fogg in the Cockpit paints with a broad brush, from the smallest details of a pilotÕs day-to-day existence. to air combat, and the strategic and political decisions that influenced the course of the war.

Vintage Modern Diesel Locomotives

Author: Stanley W. Trzoniec
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
ISBN: 0760348405
Size: 79.13 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5097
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EMD, General Electric, Alco, Baldwin, and Fairbanks Morse have built diesel locomotives. Their most popular vintage and modern models are covered in painstaking detail by author and photographer Stanley W. Trzoniec.

Around The World In Eighty Wines

Author: Mike Veseth
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442257377
Size: 26.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4898
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Inspired by Jules Verne’s classic adventure tale, celebrated editor-in-chief of The Wine Economist Mike Veseth takes his readers Around the World in Eighty Wines. The journey starts in London, Phileas Fogg’s home base, and follows Fogg’s itinerary to France and Italy before veering off in search of compelling wine stories in Syria, Georgia, and Lebanon. Every glass of wine tells a story, and so each of the eighty wines must tell an important tale. We head back across Northern Africa to Algeria, once the world’s leading wine exporter, before hopping across the sea to Spain and Portugal. We follow Portuguese trade routes to Madeira and then South Africa with a short detour to taste Kenya’s most famous Pinot Noir. Kenya? Pinot Noir? Really! The route loops around, visiting Bali, Thailand, and India before heading north to China to visit Shangri-La. Shangri-La? Does that even exist? It does, and there is wine there. Then it is off to Australia, with a detour in Tasmania, which is so cool that it is hot. The stars of the Southern Cross (and the title of a familiar song) guide us to New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina. We ride a wine train in California and rendezvous with Planet Riesling in Seattle before getting into fast cars for a race across North America, collecting more wine as we go. Pause for lunch in Virginia to honor Thomas Jefferson, then it’s time to jet back to London to tally our wines and see what we have learned. Why these particular places? What are the eighty wines and what do they reveal? And what is the surprise plot twist that guarantees a happy ending for every wine lover? Come with us on a journey of discovery that will inspire, inform, and entertain anyone who loves travel, adventure, or wine.

Railroads Of Colorado

Author: Claude A. Wiatrowski
Publisher: Voyageur Press
ISBN: 9780896585911
Size: 76.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6165
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Claude Wiatrowski, with photography by Claude Wiatrowski. Through informative text, sharp color photography, and historical black-and-white images, Railroads of Colorado invites you on a journey from the railroad's humble and hard-won beginnings to its status as a symbol of our past. Railroads of Colorado also includes ideas for exploring Colorado's railways; both the ghosts of long-gone trains that haunt the mountains and the preserved trains whose whistles still echo off those granite peaks. It also contains other helpful information--such as a map showing the routes of more than 30 Colorado rail lines and a "railroad directory," which lists the contact information for 13 operating passenger trains and trolleys.Explores the fascination these improbable railways inspire, providing the history of these unique railroads, the engineering that paved their way into the mountains, and the men who built and ran them.

100 Things To Do In Sacramento Before You Die

Author: Mark S. Allen
Publisher: Reedy Press LLC
ISBN: 1681060612
Size: 57.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7128
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Not since the Gold Rush days have people flocked so much to California's state capital city. Sacramento is growing and evolving, keeping what was already awesome while adding even more all-new awesomeness! 100 Things to Do in Sacramento Before You Die is a bucket list guide for visitors and long-time Sacramentans alike. To fill a day or a lifetime, 100 Things to Do in Sacramento Before You Die has you covered! From the perfect picnic to a coveted reservation at the table of the most decorated celebrity chef; from a super-relaxing river cruise to a one-of-a-kind flight over the Sierras, these pages will get you going! Need a nudge to do that super-special something, that something you must do before it's too late? Allow 100 Things to Do in Sacramento Before You Die be your insider guide! From hipster to historic, relaxing to raging, 100 Things to Do in Sacramento Before You Die will keep you busy year-round, if you're around!

Lantern In The Mist

Author: Liliana Shelbrook
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781481843584
Size: 31.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6801
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Sisters Kathleen and Josie Colby are alone in the boomtown of Skagway, newly arrived and penniless amid the violence and greed of the gold miners and those who prey upon them. The gold rush of 1899 has transformed Alaska into the favored destination for all the dreamers and desperadoes of the world. Kathleen and Josie did not venture to Alaska to make their fortunes with a sudden gold strike. They have come seeking their father, but they learn that he is already dead. Their mother also dies by violence in Skagway, killed by a stray bullet intended for a different victim. Strong and spirited Kathleen will do anything to protect her helpless sister Josie, a quadriplegic who seems to most people to be completely unable to communicate. Kathleen believes that Josie is perfectly aware of everything that goes on around her, and that she can communicate with anyone who pays attention, though she cannot make herself understood with ordinary words. When it appears that her sister will be placed in an asylum, Kathleen turns to a handsome and plausible man for help. He tells her that he will soon marry her and help her care for her sister, and she believes him. But he is not to be trusted. In a drunken rage, he assaults her and leaves her bleeding on the muddy streets of Skagway. Kathleen will need all her strength and courage to heal and to go on. She is resolved to take her sister home, or to such a home as they have, to their father's family in New York City. Yet to reach New York will be a difficult and dangerous adventure. Their journey will change Kathleen from a naive and impulsive young woman to someone with the knowledge and understanding to take on the Old West amid the growing pangs of a new century. Sam Winslow turns up to help Kathleen and Josie as they travel. He is a quietly spiritual man, someone who holds beliefs that Kathleen can scarcely credit. Yet sometimes she feels that she nearly understands him, that she comes close to sharing the spiritual experiences that give meaning to his life. Sam treats Josie with respect and understanding and shows Kathleen as much tenderness as she will allow. He is a man of many secrets, a man who seems to share his feelings as scantily as Kathleen now shares her own. She tries to leave him behind more than once, but still she senses something between them, something unspoken. He confuses Kathleen, driving her away as he attracts her. She knows that she cannot trust another supposed rescuer, that she alone must rescue herself. She is sure that she must learn to stand on her own legs before she can build a relationship with any man. She is drawn to this strange and passionate man, yet she has her goals and her responsibilities. A man in her life would only be a distraction, she tells herself. Perhaps the brutal assault she endured in Skagway has closed off her heart to the possibility of faith in someone else. Can she someday learn to trust again--and begin to learn to love?

Parenting Matters

Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309388570
Size: 56.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2231
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Decades of research have demonstrated that the parent-child dyad and the environment of the familyâ€"which includes all primary caregiversâ€"are at the foundation of children’s well- being and healthy development. From birth, children are learning and rely on parents and the other caregivers in their lives to protect and care for them. The impact of parents may never be greater than during the earliest years of life, when a child’s brain is rapidly developing and when nearly all of her or his experiences are created and shaped by parents and the family environment. Parents help children build and refine their knowledge and skills, charting a trajectory for their health and well-being during childhood and beyond. The experience of parenting also impacts parents themselves. For instance, parenting can enrich and give focus to parents’ lives; generate stress or calm; and create any number of emotions, including feelings of happiness, sadness, fulfillment, and anger. Parenting of young children today takes place in the context of significant ongoing developments. These include: a rapidly growing body of science on early childhood, increases in funding for programs and services for families, changing demographics of the U.S. population, and greater diversity of family structure. Additionally, parenting is increasingly being shaped by technology and increased access to information about parenting. Parenting Matters identifies parenting knowledge, attitudes, and practices associated with positive developmental outcomes in children ages 0-8; universal/preventive and targeted strategies used in a variety of settings that have been effective with parents of young children and that support the identified knowledge, attitudes, and practices; and barriers to and facilitators for parents’ use of practices that lead to healthy child outcomes as well as their participation in effective programs and services. This report makes recommendations directed at an array of stakeholders, for promoting the wide-scale adoption of effective programs and services for parents and on areas that warrant further research to inform policy and practice. It is meant to serve as a roadmap for the future of parenting policy, research, and practice in the United States.

Your First Year In Network Marketing

Author: Mark Yarnell
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0307757862
Size: 45.44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7308
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How to Keep the Dream Alive! Network marketing is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the United States. Millions of people just like you have abandoned dead-end jobs for the chance to achieve the dream of growing their own businesses. What many of them find, however, is that the first year in network marketing is often the most challenging—and, for some, the most discouraging. Here, Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell, two of the industry's most respected and successful professionals, offer you strategies on how to overcome those first-year obstacles and position yourself for lifelong success. The Yarnells provide you with a wealth of savvy advice on everything you need to know to succeed in network marketing, such as proven systems for recruiting, training, growing and supporting your downline, and much more. In an easy, step-by-step approach, you will learn how to: ·Deal with rejection ·Recruit and train ·Avoid overmanaging your downline ·Remain focused ·Stay enthusiastic ·Avoid unrealistic expectations ·Conduct those in-home meetings ·Ease out of another profession You owe it to yourself to read this inspiring book! "This will be the Bible of Network Marketing." — Doug Wead, former special assistant to the president, the Bush Administration From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Century Of Artists Books

Author: Riva Castleman
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN: 9780870701511
Size: 49.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4206
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Published to accompany the 1994 exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, this book constitutes the most extensive survey of modern illustrated books to be offered in many years. Work by artists from Pierre Bonnard to Barbara Kruger and writers from Guillaume Apollinarie to Susan Sontag. An importnt reference for collectors and connoisseurs. Includes notable works by Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso.