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If The Universe Is Teeming With Aliens Where Is Everybody

Author: Stephen Webb
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319132369
Size: 50.42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Given the fact that there are perhaps 400 billion stars in our Galaxy alone, and perhaps 400 billion galaxies in the Universe, it stands to reason that somewhere out there, in the 14-billion-year-old cosmos, there is or once was a civilization at least as advanced as our own. The sheer enormity of the numbers almost demands that we accept the truth of this hypothesis. Why, then, have we encountered no evidence, no messages, no artifacts of these extraterrestrials? In this second, significantly revised and expanded edition of his widely popular book, Webb discusses in detail the (for now!) 75 most cogent and intriguing solutions to Fermi's famous paradox: If the numbers strongly point to the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, why have we found no evidence of them? Reviews from the first edition: "Amidst the plethora of books that treat the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence, this one by Webb ... is outstanding. ... Each solution is presented in a very logical, interesting, thorough manner with accompanying explanations and notes that the intelligent layperson can understand. Webb digs into the issues ... by considering a very broad set of in-depth solutions that he addresses through an interesting and challenging mode of presentation that stretches the mind. ... An excellent book for anyone who has ever asked ‘Are we alone?’." (W. E. Howard III, Choice, March, 2003) "Fifty ideas are presented ... that reveal a clearly reasoned examination of what is known as ‘The Fermi Paradox’. ... For anyone who enjoys a good detective story, or using their thinking faculties and stretching the imagination to the limits ... ‘Where is everybody’ will be enormously informative and entertaining. ... Read this book, and whatever your views are about life elsewhere in the Universe, your appreciation for how special life is here on Earth will be enhanced! A worthy addition to any personal library." (Philip Bridle, BBC Radio, March, 2003) Since gaining a BSc in physics from the University of Bristol and a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Manchester, Stephen Webb has worked in a variety of universities in the UK. He is a regular contributor to the Yearbook of Astronomy series and has published an undergraduate textbook on distance determination in astronomy and cosmology as well as several popular science books. His interest in the Fermi paradox combines lifelong interests in both science and science fiction.

The New Moon

Author: Arlin Crotts
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 113991555X
Size: 16.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Explore Earth's closest neighbor, the Moon, in this fascinating and timely book and discover what we should expect from this seemingly familiar but strange, new frontier. What startling discoveries are being uncovered on the Moon? What will these tell us about our place in the Universe? How can exploring the Moon benefit development on Earth? Discover the role of the Moon in Earth's past and present; read about the lunar environment and how it could be made more habitable for humans; consider whether continued exploration of the Moon is justified; and view rare Apollo-era photos and film stills. This is a complete story of the human lunar experience, presenting many interesting but little-known and significant events in lunar science for the first time. It will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about the stunning discoveries being uncovered on the Moon.

Are You Conscious And Can You Prove It

Author: Sid Deutsch
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595290825
Size: 26.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book came about because there are scientific "controversial matters" that gnawed away at my peace of mind. So when I "retired," I finally had time to write about biomedical topics, about some of the weird phenomena of physics, about the minds of suicide bombers, and about less serious subjects such as the condominium swimming pool. My original intention was to have some of this stuff published in a "recognized journal," but one can die (and authors frequently do exactly that) while waiting for publication. Then, my daughter Alice suggested a Web site. What a brilliant and politically-correct idea! Eventually, I filled the Web site with 22 short essays. So instead of scientists who are relatively impervious to change, I managed to attract some "intelligent laypersons." Many of them urged me to assemble a book out of the essays, but this required expansion: figures, tables, equations, references. The equations are (mercifully) hidden as appendixes at the back of the book. I started to extract an Index, but abandoned it as being unnecessary, in the hope that the title of each Chapter hints at its contents.

Vast Universe

Author: Thomas O'Meara
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814680488
Size: 74.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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If we have learned anything from recent advances in cosmology and astronomy, it is that we have only barely begun to comprehend the vastness of our universe and all that it contains. For Christians, this raises some fascinating questions: If there are intelligent beings out there, what would be their relationship to what Christianity claims is a special history on Earth of life with God? Would the fact of persons on other planets banish or modify our understanding of God? Would it reduce the importance of Jesus? What role might goodness and evil play in extraterrestrial civilizations? Might God have incarnated himself among other races of creatures, as he became incarnate as Jesus among us? Respectful of the sciences that disclose the reality of the universe, Thomas O'Meara wonders about good and evil, intelligence and freedom, revelation and life as they might exist in other galaxies. In this book, one possible aspect of the universe we live in meets the perspective of Christian revelation.

2006 Yearbook Of Astronomy

Author: Patrick Moore
Publisher: Macmillan Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781405048668
Size: 72.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This fully updated 2006 edition features a range of specially commissioned articles by some of the world's top astronomers, an authoritative collection of charts and astronomical data, and a month-by-month guide to everything for the coming year: planets, eclipses, comets, meteors, nebulae and phases of the moon. 'A first-rate curtain raiser for a year that offers a stream of astronomical treats' Observer Science Books of the Year 'The sort of book that beggars the reviewer's powers of expression . . . These charts are masterpieces of clarity and detail . . . Indispensable' Astronomy & Space