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In Times Like These

Author: Nathan Van Coops
ISBN: 9780989475501
Size: 20.25 MB
Format: PDF
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"We broke something. How do you break time? Can something so bad happen that you fracture the world?" Benjamin Travers has been electrocuted. What's worse, he and his friends have woken up in the past. As the friends search for a way home, they realize they're not alone. There are other time travelers, and some of them are turning up dead. When Ben meets an enigmatic scientist and his charming, time-traveling daughter, salvation seems at hand, but escaping the dangers of the past may lead to a deadly future. If he hopes to save his friends, Ben must learn to master space and time, and survive a journey where past and future violently collide. Action and romance heat up in this first book of the time travel adventure series. Reviews are in. This novel is: "Best time travel novel I have read." "Truly fabulous and fresh." "If you like time travel this book is a must-read. It is one of the best, if not the best science fiction time travel I have read so far." #3 in Hot New Releases in Time Travel Fiction #5 in Kindle eBooks>Science Fiction>Time Travel #9 in Amazon Best Sellers>Time Travel>Science Fiction

In Times Like These

Author: Zee Edgell
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435989279
Size: 56.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3058
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The compelling story of a woman's fight to come to terms with the ghosts of her past and to determine her own future.

The Warp Clock

Author: Nathan Van Coops
ISBN: 9780989475594
Size: 15.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2577
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To Save Her Future, He Can't Have One. Ben Travers is facing an impossible choice. When a girl arrives from his future claiming to be family, she brings nothing but bad news. Ben has two possible fates, and no matter which he chooses, he has to die. In a desperate bid to alter his future, Ben must seek a mysterious device that the Quickly family would rather keep hidden. He'll confront a rogue faction of temporal fugitives-his only ally a girl he never knew existed. Adventure. Family. Time Travel. For Ben Travers, it's all going to collide. Take a leap into the fourth book of the In Times Like These time travel series. Read in order or jump right into this thrilling stand-alone novel. Fight the future! Start your adventure today, because yesterday may be too late...

Clockwise And Gone

Author: Nathan Van Coops
ISBN: 9781976753619
Size: 34.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 797
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Would You Murder Your Past To Save Your Future? Emily Davis is living a night to celebrate, but before the champagne can be finished, she finds herself facing strange and unsettling realities. When her new fianc� returns from a crisis at the power plant and begins acting strangely, Emily is dragged into a whirlwind of events that make her question everything she knows about the future, and even the nature of time itself. With a glimpse of a reality yet to be, Emily must fight to survive the new threats to her existence and confront the darkness inside the people she thought she knew best. Fun, fast-paced, and thought-provoking--fans of twisting time travel, The Twilight Zone, and Black Mirror will enjoy this stand-alone, novella-length adventure in the world of In Times Like These. Shake up your reality today!

Confessions Of A Time Traveler

Author: Doug Molitor
Publisher: Third Street Press
ISBN: 1948142163
Size: 53.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 406
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History's not what it used to be. Ariyl Moro, the gene-powered Amazon from 2109 A.D., drags David Preston, archaeologist, back to ancient times to help her fix some broken historical events. But after an epic night together, Ariyl vanishes, leaving David her Time Crystal . . . and a clue that might lead him back to her . . . in the camp of a Mongol warrior princess . . . or a harem in medieval Baghdad . . . or a monstrously mutated 1950s America. Sci-fi meets romantic comedy...with sword-swinging adventure! Note to readers: This book makes the assumption that climate change is not a hoax and anyone who thinks it is, is not qualified to be President. If you disagree, this is definitely not the droid you're looking for.

Time S Fugitive

Author: Jennette Marie Powell
Publisher: Mythical Press
ISBN: 0983909733
Size: 13.42 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2080
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A past shrouded in mystery Violet Sinclair remembers nothing of her life before the day she awoke several years earlier, drenched in blood that wasn’t hers. But since she met Tony Solomon, she knows one thing – sometime in her hidden past, she knew him… loved him… and did something terrible to him. A present fraught with danger Time-traveler Tony Solomon swears he never met Violet before they worked together, yet he can’t deny her uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved and lost decades before his birth. After an impulse encounter leaves Violet pregnant with his child and running for her life from gunmen from the future, only the past offers escape. A future feared in jeopardy Framed for murder, yet determined to protect Violet and their child, Tony goes along, though he vowed he’d never time-travel again. But when they jump back much further than planned, their troubles are only beginning—and secrets can get them killed. Not your typical time travel romance, the Saturn Society series creates a wonderful blend of romance and science fiction, an exciting adventure through time rich in action, romance, and history.

How To Invent Everything

Author: Ryan North
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735220166
Size: 73.52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5952
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"How to Invent Everything is such a cool book. It's essential reading for anyone who needs to duplicate an industrial civilization quickly." --Randall Munroe, xkcd creator and New York Times-bestselling author of What If? The only book you need if you're going back in time What would you do if a time machine hurled you thousands of years into the past. . . and then broke? How would you survive? Could you improve on humanity's original timeline? And how hard would it be to domesticate a giant wombat? With this book as your guide, you'll survive--and thrive--in any period in Earth's history. Bestselling author and time-travel enthusiast Ryan North shows you how to invent all the modern conveniences we take for granted--from first principles. This illustrated manual contains all the science, engineering, art, philosophy, facts, and figures required for even the most clueless time traveler to build a civilization from the ground up. Deeply researched, irreverent, and significantly more fun than being eaten by a saber-toothed tiger, How to Invent Everything will make you smarter, more competent, and completely prepared to become the most important and influential person ever. You're about to make history. . . better.

The Time Machine Diversion Classics

Author: H.G. Wells
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1682300315
Size: 71.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3907
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Featuring an appendix of discussion questions, the Diversion Classics edition is ideal for use in book groups and classrooms. H.G. Wells takes us on a thrilling journey from the nineteenth century to 802,701 A.D., where his protagonist, the Time Traveller, finds himself in the midst of a war between two halves of the future human race. When his time machine goes missing, he will stop at nothing to return to his own time. One of most well-known works of science fiction, THE TIME MACHINE is both a societal critique and a page-turning adventure.