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Institutional Innovation In Higher Education Resource Allocation In China S Transitional Economy

Author: Kang Ning
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1259644618
Size: 62.65 MB
Format: PDF
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The Essential Guide to Allocating Resources and Improving Higher Education in China’s New Economy From 1978 to 2008, China has experienced a remarkable thirty-year period of economic reform and social transformation. In this time, enrollment in higher education increased by 34 times from 856,000 students to more than 29 million. Six years later, the number rose to more than 35 million, with a gross enrollment of 37.5%. What has led to such a rapid expansion of China’s higher education? What can we learn from the changes we’ve seen? How should we allocate resources to build a better future? In this powerful and illuminating study, based on years of research, Professor Ning Kang reveals: * How China’s higher education system has evolved with China’s economy * Which factors, trends, and characteristics of educational institutions have the greatest impact on resource distribution * How changes in the economy conform to a “rule of the sea” that directly affects higher education * How modern universities can adjust organizational structures to comply with economic and governmental changes * How China’s institutions can allocate resources to drive innovation, optimize potential, and create new opportunities Filled with detailed studies, academic assessments, and measured analysis, this book examines three decades of unprecedented change and growth in China’s higher education system during its most dramatic time of economic transition. Professor Ning Kang draws from her vast experience as a university teacher, a Ministry of Education spokesperson, and the head of China Education Television to create an in-depth portrait of the nation’s higher education institutions—as well as a powerful new model for the most effective allocation of China’s resources. Thought-provoking, eye-opening, and brilliantly researched, this book will help educators and administrators understand China’s past successes in the higher education market—and forge a new path for China’s future.

Higher Education Reform In China

Author: W. John Morgan
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 113681194X
Size: 70.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A major transformation of Chinese higher education (HE) has taken place over the past decade – China has reshaped its higher education sector from elite to mass education with the number of graduates having quadrupled to three million a year over six years. China is exceptional among lower income countries in using tertiary education as a development strategy on such a scale, aiming to improve the quality of its graduates, and make HE available to as many of its citizens as possible. This book provides a critical examination the challenges to the development and sustainability of higher education in China: Can its universities move from quantity to quality? How will so many graduates find jobs in line with their expectations? Can Britain and other western countries continue to benefit from China’s education boom? What are the prospects for collaboration in research? This book evaluates the prospects for Chinese and foreign HE providers, regulators and other stakeholders. It introduces the key changes in China’s HE programme since the Opening-Up policy in 1978 and analyses the achievements and the challenges over the subsequent three decades. Furthermore, it sheds light on new reforms that are likely to take place in the future, particularly as a result of the ongoing international financial crisis.

Management Information And Educational Engineering

Author: Hsiang-Chuan Liu
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315731045
Size: 20.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book contains selected Computer, Management, Information and Educational Engineering related papers from the 2014 International Conference on Management, Information and Educational Engineering (MIEE 2014) which was held in Xiamen, China on November 22-23, 2014. The conference aimed to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Computer, Management, Information and Educational Engineering. The papers have been grouped under the following overarching themes: Computer Science and Information Engineering, New Technologies in Education and Sports, and Engineering Management, Production Management, Business and Economics.

Quality Of Higher Education Organizational And Educational Perspectives

Author: Yihuan Zou
Publisher: River Publishers
ISBN: 8792982565
Size: 47.96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Quality in higher education was not invented in recent decades – universities have always possessed mechanisms for assuring the quality of their work. The rising concern over quality is closely related to the changes in higher education and its social context. Among others, the most conspicuous changes are the massive expansion, diversification and increased cost in higher education, and new mechanisms of accountability initiated by the state. With these changes the traditional internally enacted academic quality-keeping has been given an important external dimension – quality assurance, which requires higher education institutions to continuously demonstrate and improve performance, and which also provides new systems of rewards and sanctions. However, the complex impacts of quality assurance policies have shown a need to further understand the quality issue in higher education. This book is about constructing a more inclusive understanding of quality in higher education through combining the macro, meso and micro levels, i.e. from the perspectives of national policy, higher education institutions as organizations in society, individual teaching staff and students. It covers both theoretical constructions for understanding quality and empirical investigation in the Chinese context. The questions addressed are: How is quality of higher education perceived by the institution, teaching staff and students, respectively? What are the main concerns for the institution, teaching staff and students in their own pursuit of quality? It has been concluded that quality of higher education is not only about educational quality, but also about expanding life chances for the students, prosperity in the administrative system for the teaching staff,and organizational prosperity for the institution. With regard to quality assurance and accountability in higher education special attention should be given to the values pursued and be careful to balance between immediate, single-value efficiency and sustainable development and a wider-range of values that higher education serves.

International Journal Of Business Anthropology Volume 6 2

Author: Gang Chen
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443892629
Size: 50.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This issue of International Journal of Business Anthropology contains seven articles related to various aspects of business anthropology, from theories to practices. The first text discusses the concept of business anthropology, the second discusses the impact of economic development on ethnic and cultural diversity with reference to the concept of anomie, and the third explores changes in religious elites’ authority regarding conflicts over tourism development. In the fourth article, consumer entrepreneurs are discussed, in relation to how they attain political legitimacy for their emerging industry in interaction with the state. This part also analyses the discourses made by consumer entrepreneurs who co-created the anti-fraudulence industry in China between 1994 and 2014. The fifth article answers questions concerning China’s booming economy and its social-economic situation, while the sixth explores the effect of Consumer Ethnocentricity under the conditions of a persistent financial crisis. Lastly, the seventh part studies the practice of incorruptible construction in multinational enterprises in order to facilitate transnational corporations’ culture consultations and reinforce incorruptible construction policies.

Chinese Economy In Disequilibrium

Author: Yining Li
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642395589
Size: 64.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Known internationally as ‘Mr. Shareholding’ economist, Li Yining has had a transformative impact on China's economic transition, most notably as an early advocate of ownership reform and in his promotion of shareholding theory. By examining the interrelationship between the government, enterprises and the market, Chinese Economy in Disequilibrium presents an in-depth discussion on the issues of resource allocation, industrial structure, institutional innovation and economic fluctuation in the current Chinese economy under the condition of disequilibrium. Credited with developing the theory of economic disequilibrium, Professor Li distinguishes two types of disequilibrium on the basis of whether or not the majority of firms in the economy are viable profit-makers. In Chinese Economy in Disequilibrium, Professor Li points out that not only has China’s economy been in a state of disequilibrium, but it also has issues with enterprises not being under budget constraint. Given the limitations of market regulation under economic disequilibrium, Professor Li advocates the reform of the enterprise system and upholds the government’s leading role in the establishment of order in the socialist commodity economy. A number of measures are also proposed with the aim of facilitating the transition of China’s economy from disequilibrium to equilibrium. The central theme is that the reform and transition are means to serve economic growth and social development, which would eventually benefit the ordinary citizens in society. Yining Li is a Professor of Economics and Emeritus Dean of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management. He is one of China’s foremost economists, and the author of twenty books and numerous articles on a wide range of economic subjects including reform and development in China. He has received a number of prestigious awards and honours for his research. As the leading proponent of a market economy in China, Professor Li has had a tremendous influence on China’s economic reform policy over the last three decades. He has served on the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China and is currently Vice-Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Encyclopedia Of Information Science And Technology Fourth Edition

Author: Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., Mehdi
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522522565
Size: 74.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3334
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In recent years, our world has experienced a profound shift and progression in available computing and knowledge sharing innovations. These emerging advancements have developed at a rapid pace, disseminating into and affecting numerous aspects of contemporary society. This has created a pivotal need for an innovative compendium encompassing the latest trends, concepts, and issues surrounding this relevant discipline area. During the past 15 years, the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology has become recognized as one of the landmark sources of the latest knowledge and discoveries in this discipline. The Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition is a 10-volume set which includes 705 original and previously unpublished research articles covering a full range of perspectives, applications, and techniques contributed by thousands of experts and researchers from around the globe. This authoritative encyclopedia is an all-encompassing, well-established reference source that is ideally designed to disseminate the most forward-thinking and diverse research findings. With critical perspectives on the impact of information science management and new technologies in modern settings, including but not limited to computer science, education, healthcare, government, engineering, business, and natural and physical sciences, it is a pivotal and relevant source of knowledge that will benefit every professional within the field of information science and technology and is an invaluable addition to every academic and corporate library.

The Oxford Handbook Of Asian Business Systems

Author: Michael A. Witt
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191626554
Size: 61.45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6530
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Much of the existing literature within the "varieties of capitalism" (VOC) and "comparative business systems" fields of research is heavily focused on Europe, Japan, and the Anglo-Saxon nations. As a result, the field has yet to produce a detailed empirical picture of the institutional structures of most Asian nations and to explore to what extent existing theory applies to the Asian context. The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems aims to address this imbalance by exploring the shape and consequences of institutional variations across the political economies of different societies within Asia. Drawing on the deep knowledge of 31 leading experts, this book presents an empirical, comparative institutional analysis of 13 major Asian business systems between India and Japan. To aid comparison, each country chapter follows the same consistent outline. Complementing the country chapters are eleven contributions examining major themes across the region in comparative perspective and linking the empirical picture to existing theory on these themes. A further three chapters provide perspectives on the influence of history and institutional change. The concluding chapters spell out the implications of all these chapters for scholars in the field and for business practitioners in Asia. The Handbook is a major reference work for scholars researching the causes of success and failure in international business in Asia.

State And Market In Higher Education Reforms

Author: Hans G. Schuetze
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 946091800X
Size: 26.48 MB
Format: PDF
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Universities have never been static. Even so, it is fair to say they have experienced a most radical transformation in the past twenty years. During this period, the role and responsibility of the state generally have been broadly limited while allowing ‘market forces’--private ownership and control--more influence. But even where the state is still the main provider or funder, it relies increasingly on ‘market mechanisms’, for example contractual relations between state and institutions, competition among providers for resources, and external assessment of ‘outputs’ which means the results or impact of what universities do, in particular teaching and research. The new terminology speaks of price and competition, inputs and outputs, resources, cost and benefits, demand and supply, provider and customer, consumers and investors, quality control and accountability. Education, and post-secondary education especially are increasingly seen as matters for markets. Formal post-secondary education becomes a service, commercialized and traded across national borders. This volume on changing relationship between state and market, contains, besides an introductory analytic overview of the issues, accounts from different countries, regions, and thematic perspectives. Chapter authors describe and analyze government reforms and other developments that have directly or indirectly affected this relationship. Although the geographical focus is on North America, especially Mexico, South East Asia and Europe, the phenomenon is not limited to these regions and countries but worldwide.

Individuen Institutionen Und M Rkte

Author: Chrysostomos Mantzavinos
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161489990
Size: 20.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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English summary: C. Mantzavinos offers a theory of how the institutional framework of a society emerges and how markets within institutions work. He shows that both social institutions, defined as the rules of the game, and exchange processes can be analyzed along a common theoretical structure. Mantzavinos's proposal is that a problem-solving model of individual behaviour inspired by the cognitive sciences provides such a unifying theoretical structure. Integrating the latest scholarship in economics, sociology, political science, law, and anthropology, the author offers a genuine political economy showing how social institutions affect economic outcomes. His book was first published in English by Cambridge University Press. German description: C. Mantzavinos entwickelt eine Theorie der Entstehung des institutionellen Rahmens einer Gesellschaft und der Funktionsweise von Markten innerhalb dieses Rahmens. Er zeigt, dass sowohl Institutionen, d.h. Spielregeln, als auch Austauschprozesse mit Hilfe einer gemeinsamen theoretischen Struktur analysiert werden konnen. Als gemeinsame vereinheitlichende Struktur schlagt er ein kognitionswissenschaftlich inspiriertes Problemlosungsmodell individuellen Verhaltens vor. Indem er neueste Erkenntnisse aus Okonomik, Soziologie, Politikwissenschaften, Rechtswissenschaft und Anthropologie integriert, entwickelt der Autor eine genuin politische Okonomie, die zeigt, wie soziale Institutionen okonomische Ergebnisse beeinflussen.Das englische Original ist unter dem Titel Individuals, Institutions, and Markets bei Cambridge University Press erschienen.Die Institutionenanalyse hat jungst Fortschritte in der Ausweitung ihrer Domane gemacht und sich Fragen des Wissens und der Kognition zugewandt. Dieses Buch zahlt zu den ersten und einzigen, die dieses wichtige Thema systematisch behandeln. Ausserdem umfasst es sowohl die Diskussion und Analyse dieses Themas als auch die eher traditionelle institutionelle Analyse. Es ist ein Meilenstein und wird als Referenzmass fur kunftige Forschung dienen.Avner Greif, Stanford University