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Author: Steven Roger Fischer
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780230532
Size: 30.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Lost’s Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashed, the survivors found themselves on a seemingly deserted island. In Defoe’s novel, Robinson Crusoe spends twenty-eight years on a remote tropical island near Trinidad, while in the movie Castaway Tom Hanks survives over four years on a South Pacific island. And Jurassic Park kept its dinosaur population confined to an island off the coast of Central America. Islands often find themselves at the center of imagined worlds, secluded and sometimes mystical locales filled with strange creatures and savage populations. The cannibals, raptors, and smoke monsters that exist on the islands of popular culture aside, the more than one million islands and islets on the planet are indeed small , geological, biological, and cultural laboratories. From Britain to Japan, from the Galapagos to Manhattan, this book roams the planet to provide the first global introduction to these waterlocked landforms. Longtime island dweller Steven Roger Fischer shows that, since time began, islands have been one of the primary birthplaces for plants, animals, and proto-humans. These eyots of stone and sand—whether in ocean, lake, or river—fostered the human race, and Fischer recounts how humanity then exploited these remarkable habitats as stepping stones to global dominion. He explores island economics, warfare, and politics, and he examines the role they have played in literature, art and psychology. At the same time, he sparks our imagination with visions of islands—from Atlantis to Tahiti, Treasure Island to Hawaii. Ultimately, he reveals, these isolated mini-worlds are a measure of humankind itself. An engaging account of the islets that have enriched, lured, terrified, and inspired us, Islands shines new light on these cradles of earth—and human—history.


Author: Stephen A. Royle
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780234015
Size: 53.35 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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From Charles Darwin’s enlightening voyage to the Galapagos Islands to moat-encased prisons incarcerating the world’s deadliest prisoners, islands have been sites of immense scientific, political, and creative importance. An inspiration for artists and writers, they can be lively centers of holiday revelry or remote, mysterious spots; places of escape or of exile and imprisonment. In this cultural and scientific history of these alluring, isolated territories, Stephen A. Royle describes the great variety of islands, their economies, and the animals, plants, and people who thrive on them. Royle shows that despite the view of some islands as earthly paradises, they are often beset by severe limitations in both resources and opportunities. Detailing the population loss many islands have faced in recent years, he considers how islanders have developed their homes into tourist destinations in order to combat economic instability. He also explores their exotic, otherworldly beauty and the ways they have provided both refuge and inspiration for artists, such as Paul Gauguin in Tahiti and George Orwell on the Scottish island of Jura. Filled with illustrations, Islands is a compelling and comprehensive survey of the geographical and cultural aspects of island life.

Warriors Spiritually Engaged

Author: Queenae Taylor Mulvihill
ISBN: 1411689917
Size: 35.18 MB
Format: PDF
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In 1994 a small Los Angeles based film crew traveled to East Africa to begin shooting the film production of the award-winning film, MAANGAMIZI - THE ANCIENT ONE. WARRIORS: SPIRITUALLY ENGAGED was written with the intent to provide information to those seeking to know more about the Maangamizi experience: what led up to it and how it came about? It is a personal first-hand narrative of the journey told through the eyes of its author, screenwriter and film producer Queenae Taylor Mulvihill. Utilizing vivid, reflective and introspective excerpts from her personal journals, the struggles of her personal journey are shared with stark honesty. It is not merely a behind-the scenes film chronology of events. Its unique quality is the paranormal and interactive play of ancient Spirits whom the film process awakened. This team of filmmakers dared to go to a land rooted in spirits (active spirits) that for eons have grown accustomed to operating in a tenuous climate of adversity and confrontation.

A History Of Language

Author: Steven Roger Fischer
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780239467
Size: 47.96 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This second edition of Steven Roger Fischer’s fascinating book charts the history of communication from a time before human language was conceived of to the media explosion of the present day. Fischer begins by describing the modes of communication used by whales, birds, insects, and nonhuman primates, suggesting these are the first contexts in which the concept of “language” might be applied. He then moves from the early abilities of Homo erectus to the spread of languages worldwide, analyzing the effect of the development of writing along the way. With the advent of the science of linguistics in the nineteenth century, the nature of human languages first came to be studied and understood. Fischer follows the evolution of linguists’ insights and the relationship of language to social change into the mid-1900s. Taking into account the rise of pidgin, Creole, jargon, and slang, he goes on to raise provocative questions about literature’s—and literacy’s—relationship to language. Finally, touching on the effects of radio, television, propaganda, and advertising, Fischer looks to the future, asking how electronic media are daily reshaping the world’s languages and suggesting a radical reinterpretation of what language really is.