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Kelvin Mccloud And The Seaside Storm

Author: Michael Erb
Publisher: Tumblehome Learning
ISBN: 1943431124
Size: 30.79 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An anonymous note in the middle of the night, an obituary for a banker who died in a hailstorm, and a mysterious woman vanishing down the stairwell: these clues lead Henry Alabaster and his uncle Kelvin McCloud to a spooky mansion in a coastal town. As a weather detective, Kelvin knows a thing or two about hailstorms, and then strange events surrounding the banker's death suggest foul play. Henry teams up with the fiery, artistic Rachel to help his uncle investigate, and they learn a lot about weather on the way. Nothing—not a thunderstorm, threats, burglary, a baseball bat-wielding suspect, nor even a devastating fire—can keep Henry and his team from chasing down the truth.

Where The Salmon Run

Author: Trova Heffernan
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295997958
Size: 35.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Billy Frank Jr. was an early participant in the fight for tribal fishing rights during the 1960s. Roughed up, belittled, and handcuffed on the riverbank, he emerged as one of the most influential Northwest Indians in modern history. His efforts helped bring about the 1974 ruling by Federal Judge George H. Boldt affirming Northwest tribal fishing rights and allocating half the harvestable catch to them. Today, he continues to support Indian country and people by working to protect salmon and restore the environment. Where the Salmon Run tells the life story of Billy Frank Jr., from his father's influential tales, through the difficult and contentious days of the Fish Wars, to today. Based on extensive interviews with Billy, his family, close advisors, as well as political allies and former foes, and the holdings of Washington State's cultural institutions, we learn about the man behind the legend, and the people who helped him along the way.

I Always Wondered About That

Author: Larry Scheckel
Publisher: Tumblehome Learning, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781943431298
Size: 59.47 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Questions and answers about science and other things.

The Desperate Case Of The Diamond Chip

Author: Pendred Noyce
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN: 8184955944
Size: 49.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Galactic Academy of Science Series A dudette from the future tells them about the Galactic Academy of Science and sends Mae and Clinton on a mission back in time to beef up their scientific knowledge. WHEN THE RUSSIAN SCIENTIST Professor Gufov accuses Clinton of stealing his invention, all Mae and Clinton want to do is get away and work on their science project. But that’s before a dudette from the future tells them about the Galactic Academy of Science and sends them on a mission back in time to beef up their scientific knowledge. Mae and Clinton meet Dmitri Mendeleev, Niels Bohr, John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Robert Noyce. They break up a séance, escape from the Gestapo, jump from a plane, and then return with enough understanding of how electronics work so they can tackle the mystery of the Russian scientist and search for the missing diamond chip. PENNY NOYCE is a doctor, educator, and mother of five. She is the author of Lost in Lexicon and The Ice Castle.

Stem Cells Are Everywhere

Author: Irv Weissman
Publisher: Tumblehome Learning, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780989792493
Size: 26.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An engaging introduction to stem cells for young scientists How do you heal when you cut your skin or break a bone? How does your body keep making new blood or brain cells, or even second teeth? How does a plant keep growing larger? The answers lie in stem cells, which are found in every growing plant and animal. Keeping the subject simple enough for young readers, a pioneer of stem cell research explains cells, tissues, normal growth, what can go wrong, and how to fix it.

Painting In The Dark

Author: Rachelle Burk
ISBN: 9781943431144
Size: 49.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In 1953, Esref Armagan was born completely blind to a poor family in Istanbul, Turkey. He received no formal education, and spent his childhood days in his father's shop where he developed a curiousity to create and draw. He experienced the world through touch, and learned to visually reproduce his surroundings, including color, shadows, and perspective, with his hands. The blind artist's story will be an inspiration to young artists of all abilities.

Weather 101

Author: Kathleen Sears
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1507204647
Size: 53.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6877
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Learn the science behind weather and weather prediction in this clear and straightforward new guide. Weather is everywhere, and while it’s typically not thought about most of the time, it can get everyone’s attention in an instant—whether it’s the swirling destruction of a tornado, the wreckage from a hurricane, or the havoc of climate change on the environment. Weather 101 gives you the basics on weather, from blue skies to hail to dust storms, with information on the science of how weather works, how to predict the weather in your area, how to be ready for natural disasters, and how climate change is affecting weather patterns across the world. With this guide, you’ll be a weather expert in no time!

Walking Fish

Author: Kopel Burk
Publisher: Tumblehome Learning
ISBN: 194343106X
Size: 32.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6966
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A humorous, exciting tale of an ordinary girl who makes an extraordinary scientific discovery—a blind fish that walksWhen seventh-grader Alexis catches an unusual fish that looks like a living fossil, she sets off a frenzied scientific hunt for more of its kind. Alexis and her friend Darshan join the hunt, snorkeling, sounding the depths of Glacial Lake, even observing from a helicopter and exploring a cave. All the while, they fight to keep the selfish Dr. Mertz from claiming the discovery all for himself. When Alexis follows one final hunch, she risks her life and almost loses her friend. Walking Fish is a scientific adventure that provides a perfect combination of literacy and science.

Shaping Things

Author: Bruce Sterling
Publisher: MIT Press (MA)
ISBN: 9780262195331
Size: 75.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A guide to the next great wave of technology—an era of objects so programmable that they can be regarded as material instantiations of an immaterial system.

The Soil Resource

Author: Hans Jenny
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461261120
Size: 40.18 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2679
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change is simply described by the rate of income and rate of loss. Our home's energy budget, our firm's inventory, our nation's debt, and humanity's numbers all have accounts that change at rates that are equal to the inputs minus the outputs. Jenny's "system view" of the soil was carried into the fertile fields of Midwestern American prairies from the laboratories of Switzerland in the late 1920s. Jenny's rate equations provided the other paradigm or world view that, I recall, brought us to the threshold of systems ecology as it later evolved in the second half of the twentieth century. As if world renown in the specialties of pedology and soil chemistry were not enough for one lifetime, excerpts below remind us that Hans Jenny has also been a perceptive outdoor field ecologist since his early Alpine expeditions with Braun Blanquet in the mid 1920s. Jenny's ecosystem studies in the pygmy forest, a further classic example of a soil-plant system "run down" over hundreds of thousands of years since its origin, continue to occupy some of the vigorous retirement time near his farm in Mendocino County. But each specific, quantitative case study, and each research area conserved (with additional hard work) for further study by future generations, fits into Jenny's coherent world view. It is that view, and its legacies of discovery and of tangible landscape preserves, which we are privileged to share with their originator in this volume.