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Large Eddy Simulation Of Turbulent Incompressible Flows

Author: Volker John
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642186823
Size: 15.65 MB
Format: PDF
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Large eddy simulation (LES) seeks to simulate the large structures of a turbulent flow. This is the first monograph which considers LES from a mathematical point of view. It concentrates on LES models for which mathematical and numerical analysis is already available and on related LES models. Most of the available analysis is given in detail, the implementation of the LES models into a finite element code is described, the efficient solution of the discrete systems is discussed and numerical studies with the considered LES models are presented.

Mathematics Of Large Eddy Simulation Of Turbulent Flows

Author: Luigi Carlo Berselli
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540263166
Size: 53.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume focuses on the mathematical foundations of LES and its models and provides a connection between the tools of applied mathematics, partial differential equations and LES. A useful entry point into the field for PhD students in applied mathematics, computational mathematics and partial differential equations is offered.

Optimal Modified Continuous Galerkin Cfd

Author: A. J. Baker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119940494
Size: 50.54 MB
Format: PDF
View: 860
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"This book promotes the use of optimal modified continuous Galerkin weak form theory to generate discrete approximate solutions to incompressible-thermal Navier-Stokes equations"--

Advances In Computation Modeling And Control Of Transitional And Turbulent Flows

Author: Tapan K Sengupta
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814635170
Size: 75.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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' The role of high performance computing in current research on transitional and turbulent flows is undoubtedly very important. This review volume provides a good platform for leading experts and researchers in various fields of fluid mechanics dealing with transitional and turbulent flows to synergistically exchange ideas and present the state of the art in the fields. Contributed by eminent researchers, the book chapters feature keynote lectures, panel discussions and the best invited contributed papers. Contents:Keynote Speakers:Large-Eddy Simulation of the Navier-Stokes Equations: Deconvolution, Particle Methods, and Super-Resolution (A Leonard)Convective Transport in the Sun (S M Hanasoge, L Gizon, K R Sreenivasan)Rapidly-Rotating Turbulence and its Role in Planetary Dynamos (P A Davidson)Low-Order Models for Control of Fluids: Balanced Models and the Koopman Operator(C W Rowley)Contributed Papers:Different Routes of Transition by Spatio-Temporal Wave-Front (S Bhaumik, T K Sengupta, V Mudkavi)Bypass Transitional Flow Past an Aerofoil With and Without Surface Roughness Elements (Y G Bhumkar, T W H Sheu, T K Sengupta)Global Stability and Transition to Intermittent Chaos in the Cubical Lid-Driven Cavity Flow Problem (J-Ch Loiseau, J-Ch Robinet, E Leriche)Spatio-Temporal Wave Front — Essential Element of Flow Transition for Low Amplitude Excitations (A Mulloth, P Suchandra, T K Sengupta)Simulations Using Transition Models within the Framework of RANS (Y C Manu, A Rajesh, M B Subrahmanya, D S Kulkarni, B N Rajan)DNS of Incompressible Square Duct Flow and Its Receptivity to Free Stream Turbulence (P M Bagade, N Sawant, M Sriramkrishnan, T K Sengupta)Evolution of RANS Modelling of High Speed Mixing Layers using LES (A S Iyer, N K S Rajan, D Chakraborthy)Numerical Investigation of Centrifugal Instability Around a Circular Cylinder Rotated Impulsively (A M Prabhu, R K Shukla, J H Arakeri)Direct Numerical Simulations of Riblets in a Fully-Developed Turbulent Channel Flow: Effects of Geometry (J H Ng, R K Jaiman, T T Lim)Computational Studies on Flow Separation Controls at Relatively Low Reynolds Number Regime (K Fujii)Frequency Dependent Capacitance SDBD Plasma Model for Flow Control (P M Bagade, T K Sengupta, S Sengupta, H D Vo)Effects of Uniform Blowing or Suction on the Amplitude Modulation in Spatially Developing Turbulent Boundary Layers (Y Kametani, R Örlü, P Schlatter, K Fukagata)Turbulent Drag Reduction in Channel Flow Using Weak-Pressure Forcing (B A Khan, M F Baig)Drifting of Internal Gravity Wave in a Non-Boussinesq Stably Stratified Turbulent Channel Flow (S M Yahya, S Sanghi, S F Anwer)Numerical Study of Sink Flow Turbulent Boundary Layers (S S Patwardhan, O N Ramesh)Coherent Structure in Oil Body Embedded in Compound Vortex (T O Chaplina, Yu D Chashechkin)Quantitative Characterization of Single Orifice Hydraulic Flat Spray Nozzle (D M Sharma, W T Lai)Shell Model for Buoyancy-Driven Turbulent Flows (A Kumar, M K Verma)Numerical Simulations in Low–Prandtl Number Convection (J D Scheel, J Schumacher)Effect of Buoyancy on Turbulent Mixed Convection Flow Through Vertical and Horizontal Channels (N Satish, K Venkatasubbaiah, R Harish)Computation of Boundary Layer Flow over Porous Laminated Flat Plate (K A Nair, A Sameen, S A Lal)Boundary Condition Development for an Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer at the Verge of Separation (V Kitsios, C Atkinson, J A Sillero, G Borrell, A G Gungor, J Jiménez, J Soria)Some Interesting Features of Flow Past Slotted Circular Cylinder at Re = 3500 (G K Suryanarayana, V Y Mudkavi, R Kurade, K M Naveen)A High-Resolution Compressible DNS Study of Flow Past a Low-Pressure Gas Turbine Blade (R Ranjan, S M Deshpande, R Narasimha)Numerical Simulation of Impulsive Supersonic Flow from an Open End of a Shock Tube: A Comparative Study (T Murugan, S De, V Thiagarajan)Green''s Function Analysis of Pressure-Strain Correlations in a Supersonic Pipe, Nozzle and Diffuser (S Ghosh, R Friedrich)The Structure of Turbulence in Poiseuille and Couette Flow at Computationally High Reynolds Number (S Pirozzoli, M Bernardini, P Orlandi)A New Reynolds Stress Damping Function for Hybrid RANS/LES with an Evolved Functional Form (J Weatheritt, R D Sandberg)Direct Numerical and Large Eddy Simulations of Helicity-Induced Stably Stratified Turbulent Flows (A Rahimi, A J Chandy)Comparison of RANS and DNS for Transitional Flow Over WTEA-TE1 Airfoil (P M Bagade, É Laurendeau, A Bhole, N Sharma, T K Sengupta)Extracting Coherent Structures to Explore the Minimum Jet Noise (Z Fu, A Agarwal, A V G Cavalieri, P Jordan)Synchronized Large-Eddy Simulations for Sound Generation Analysis (S Unnikrishnan, D V Gaitonde)DNS of a Turbulent Jet Issuing from an Acoustically Lined Pipe (R D Sandberg, B J Tester)Decomposition of Radiating and Non-Radiating Linear Fluctuating Components in Compressible Flows (P Stegeman, A Ooi, J Soria)Toward Control of Compressible Shear Flows: Investigation of Possible Flow Mechanisms (G Kumar, R Bertsch, V Venugopal, S S Girimaji)Damping Numerical Oscillations in Hybrid Solvers through Detection of Gibbs Phenomenon (V K Chakravarthy, D Chakraborty)Forward and Inverse 3D Fourier Transforms of a DNS Wavepacket Evolving in a Blasius Boundary Layer (K-L Kang, K S Yeo)Reduced Order Modeling by POD of Supercritical Flow Past Circular Cylinder (M K Parvathi, S Ijlal, G Pallavi, T K Sengupta)Proper Orthogonal Decomposition vs. Fourier Analysis for Extraction of Large-Scale Structures of Thermal Convection (S Paul, M K Verma)Energy Spectrum and Flux of Buoyancy-Driven Turbulence (M K Verma, A Kumar, A G Chatterjee)DNS of a Buoyant Turbulent Cloud under Rapid Rotation (A Ranjan, P A Davidson)Numerical Simulation of Shock-Bubble Interaction using High Order Upwind Schemes (A Kundu, S De)Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of a Miscible Fluid at the Interface: Direct Numerical Simulation (A Bhole, S Sengupta, A Sengupta, K S Shruti, N Sharma)A High Resolution Differential Filter for Large Eddy Simulation on Unstructured Grids for High-Order Methods (M Najafiyazdi, S Nadarajah, L Mongeau)A Critical Assessment of Simulations for Transitional and Turbulent Flows (T K Sengupta)Panel Discussion Readership: Researchers, professionals, academics, graduate and senior undergraduates in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering mechanics, geophysics and fluid mechanics. Keywords:HPC;Transition;Turbulence;Flow Control;Turbulence Modelling'

Fundamentals Of Engineering Numerical Analysis

Author: Parviz Moin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139489550
Size: 33.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2951
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Since the original publication of this book, available computer power has increased greatly. Today, scientific computing is playing an ever more prominent role as a tool in scientific discovery and engineering analysis. In this second edition, the key addition is an introduction to the finite element method. This is a widely used technique for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) in complex domains. This text introduces numerical methods and shows how to develop, analyse, and use them. Complete MATLAB programs for all the worked examples are now available at, and more than 30 exercises have been added. This thorough and practical book is intended as a first course in numerical analysis, primarily for new graduate students in engineering and physical science. Along with mastering the fundamentals of numerical methods, students will learn to write their own computer programs using standard numerical methods.

Large Eddy Simulation For Acoustics

Author: Claus Wagner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139463160
Size: 13.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4047
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Noise pollution around airports, trains, and industries increasingly attracts environmental concern and regulation. Designers and researchers have intensified the use of large-eddy simulation (LES) for noise reduced industrial design and acoustical research. This 2007 book, written by 30 experts, presents the theoretical background of acoustics and of LES, followed by details about numerical methods, e.g. discretization schemes, boundary conditions, coupling aspects. Industrially relevant, hybrid RANS/LES techniques for acoustic source predictions are presented in detail. Many applications are featured ranging from simple geometries for mixing layers and jet flows to complex wing and car geometries. Selected applications include scientific investigations at industrial and university research institutions.

Numerical Simulation Of Unsteady Flows And Transition To Turbulence

Author: O. Pironneau
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521416184
Size: 20.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The workshop concentrated on the following turbulence test cases: T1 Boundary layer in an S-shaped duct; T2 Periodic array of cylinders in a channel; T3 Transition in a boundary layer under the influence of free-stream turbulence; T4 & T5: Axisymmetric confined jet flows.