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Leadership Jazz

Author: Max Depree
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0307575659
Size: 76.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Leadership in the workplace, says Max DePree, is like playing jazz; it's more an art than a science. Today's successful managers are attuned to the needs and ideas of their followers and even step aside at times to be followers themselves. As a result, they spark vitality and productivity from their work force. They culivate communication and spontaneity, diversity and creativity, and the unique potential of every person in the organization to contribute to the success of the team. In Leadership Jazz you'll learn -How to hold people accountable but still give them space to make mistakes. - How to balance the needs of your employees with those of the company. - How to inspire change and innovation and maintain a sense of stability. - How to practice the art of delegation. - How to work constructively with creative people. - How to assess candidates for senior positions. - And much more! From the Trade Paperback edition.

10 Discussions For Effective Leadership

Author: R. Perras
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477277706
Size: 18.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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INTRODUCTION This is the second book from the lead author, Raymond Perras. Teaming up with two leadership coaching clients (Marcel Bellefeuille from the world of professional sports, and Bruno Lindia, a CEO and business owner), Raymond has developed a unique and groundbreaking effort to bring forward some issues that do not often get dealt with in a leadership book. Based on the concept of Peak Performance (the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right time(TM)), this work provides a leader with insight into how to maximize results while reducing stress. It is not meant to confirm what a leader already knows but rather to serve as a basis to "contemplate" how a person who leads a team can help create an atmosphere that enables people to exceed expectations on a routine basis. Tapping their experiences in leading and coaching leaders, the authors have shared insights into some of the less glamorous aspects of leadership. The goal is to raise a leader's awareness to the fact that the team results can be improved when attention is paid to specific aspects of leadership in order to increase effectiveness. The implementation of a thinking process that ensures a continuous effort to seek peak performance ultimately enables everyone to exceed expectations. The book provides insight into the state of leadership, highlighting the results of research done in 2011 by Development Dimensions International, to guide the reader's focus toward some leadership traps that can torpedo the best efforts to be an effective leader. In a "three distinct statement" approach, the 10 chapters each address one of the activities or issues that the authors have identified as mission-critical for a leader based on their professional experience. Through a prioritized list from a brainstorm exercise on usual traps that can create a barrier to leadership success, the authors selected 10 activities that may make or break a leader on the journey to leadership excellence. The 10 activities are not in order of priority, only proposed as cautionary subjects for the leader who seeks to be effective in leading a team. The 10 activities are discussed by each of the authors on the basis of their work experience and are listed as follows in the Table of Content: 1 - The Right Stuff in the Right Amount at the Right Time: in an effort to minimize waste and maximize result, the leader is encouraged to make judicious choices in order to have sufficient resources to address the priority issues. 2 - The Myth of Empowerment: reflections are shared on how this term is used extensively but often is not reflected in the actual leadership activities. People are said to be empowered but the end result is responsibility without authority - delegation is not true delegation. 3 - Trust and The Boomerang Theory: this critical quality of a leader is discussed to bring awareness to the fact that a person cannot expect trust if he or she does not trust first. In the end, results are greatly reduced when trust is not in the mix. 4 Telling The Truth: the discussion centres on the common difficulty for a leader to tell it like it is. In a place where trust is lacking, stories are usually made up to cover or twist the truth with a negative impact on the team. 5 - Optimize Results with Joint Planning: too often, projects do not bring the desired end results and expectations are not fulfilled because information is held back or key people are not involved at the planning stage. Taking the time to listen and involve people usually will optimize results. 6 - Clarity of Vision Leads to Success: the point is that when a leader is not clear on the shape and form of a successful outcome, it is very difficult to provide guidance and leadership in an effective way. A clear vision takes time to formulate and a leader will do well to define his vision and share it with the team. Here we are talking about a vision of HOW we will work as a team. A project's outcome is usually quite clearly define

The New Leadership Challenge

Author: Sheila Grossman
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803658745
Size: 34.19 MB
Format: PDF
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Whatever your role, practice or educational environment, here are the tools and techniques you can use to realize your leadership potential, advance your career, and contribute to the future of nursing. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the 5th Edition features a new chapter, The Phenomenon of Leadership: Classic/Historical and Contemporary Leadership Theories, as well as expanded coverage of the Institute of Medicine initiatives and how they relate to leadership that ensures high-quality and safer care in our complex, chaotic health-care delivery systems. You’ll also find more critical-thinking exercises in each chapter

Leadership Sustainability Seven Disciplines To Achieve The Changes Great Leaders Know They Must Make

Author: Dave Ulrich
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071808523
Size: 22.46 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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MAKE YOUR LEADERSHIP EFFORTS STICK Every day, thousands of people put great effort--and money--into becoming more effective leaders, through seminars, personal coaching, and employee development plans. These undertakings can do wonders to help leaders of all stripes improve their effectiveness. But not every leader finishes what he or she starts--and many revert back to less effective habits, often without even realizing it. How can you ensure that you stick with all the positive changes you have made? How do you make sure you don’t slip back into your old ways? Answer: Leadership Sustainability Dave Ulrich--the man BusinessWeek referred to as the "#1 Management Educator and Guru"--teams up with leadership expert Norm Smallwood to go where no leadership guide has gone. This dream team provides sophisticated, proven leadership sustainability ideas and tools that you can put to use immediately. Leadership Sustainability helps you turn good intentions into effective actions by mastering seven critical disciplines: Simplicity: Focus on the few key behaviors that will have the most impact. Time: Allocate your time so your calendar matches your intentions. Accountability: Take personal responsibility for doing what you say you will do. Resources: Support your leadership with effective, ongoing coaching and HR systems. Tracking: Develop metrics for measuring your leadership improvement. Melioration: Learn from your mistakes and demonstrate resilience. Emotion: Draw on deep personal values to keep yourself motivated. The journey to great leadership doesn't end with learning and implementing effective new skills. Great leadership is about consistency, and the drive for consistency is a never-ending process. Use Leadership Sustainability to ensure leadership greatness today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. PRAISE FOR LEADERSHIP SUSTAINABILITY: "Dave and Norm propose a practical approach to solving the problem of leaders turning what they intend into what they do. The seven principles provide a simple and practical way to get things done." -- Ram Charan, coauthor of the New York Times bestselling Execution "Dave and Norm do a great job about teaching leaders not just what to do, but how to make sure that they do it. The ideas in the book are insightful, specific, and actionable." -- Gina Qiao, SVP Human Resources, Lenovo "Finally, a 'how-to' book that is grounded in the real-world dynamics of leading organizations!" -- Dixon Thayer, CEO, HealthNEXT "Dave and Norm provide both an in-depth understanding of why we often fall short and a set of tools for getting on with it." -- Morgan W. McCall, Jr., Professor, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, and author of High Flyer "Leaders all over the world will celebrate Dave and Norm’s powerful new gift: the concept of Leadership Sustainability and its seven disciplines." -- Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute "Finally, we have two scholar-practitioners who correctly address evidence that one of every two leaders fails and offer solutions about proper execution that leads to sustainability." -- W. Warner Burke, Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University "Dave and Norm understand that one of the keys to success is disciplined continuity and sustainability--which constitute a required core competency among leadership." -- Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Walgreen Co.

Leadership Through Strategic Planning

Author: Annabel C. Beerel
Publisher: Thomson Learning
ISBN: 9781861522085
Size: 67.20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This title takes a global look at the issues of leadership and puts forward specific ways for an organization to use leadership as a specific tool for company success. It explains how managers can juggle the role of manager with the role of leader and places all these issues in a cross cultural framework. Divided into ten chapters this book examines the challenges that businesses face and should stimulate the reader to take action in developing a leadership strategy for themselves and for their company's future.