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Mass Education Global Capital And The World

Author: T. Griffiths
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137014822
Size: 56.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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By presenting a series of intricate analyses of educational phenomena through the theoretical lenses offered by Immanuel Wallerstein and István Mészáros, the book engages readers and helps them to critically analyze their own participation in the global economy, as citizens, policy-makers, and academics or teachers.

Education And Social Change In Latin America

Author: S. Motta
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113736663X
Size: 53.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6482
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This book examines the multiple relationships between education, pedagogy, and social change in Latin America and beyond through a discussion of critical theory in education and its uses in Latin American society today. An international group of contributors discuss both individual countries and the region as a whole.

The Terms Of Order

Author: Cedric J. Robinson
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469628228
Size: 19.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1655
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Do we live in basically orderly societies that occasionally erupt into violent conflict, or do we fail to perceive the constancy of violence and disorder in our societies? In this classic book, originally published in 1980, Cedric J. Robinson contends that our perception of political order is an illusion, maintained in part by Western political and social theorists who depend on the idea of leadership as a basis for describing and prescribing social order. Using a variety of critical approaches in his analysis, Robinson synthesizes elements of psychoanalysis, structuralism, Marxism, classical and neoclassical political philosophy, and cultural anthropology in order to argue that Western thought on leadership is mythological rather than rational. He then presents examples of historically developed "stateless" societies with social organizations that suggest conceptual alternatives to the ways political order has been conceived in the West. Examining Western thought from the vantage point of a people only marginally integrated into Western institutions and intellectual traditions, Robinson's perspective radically critiques fundamental ideas of leadership and order.

Understanding Film

Author: Mike Wayne
Publisher: Pluto Press
Size: 68.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Ideal for students looking for a radical approach to film studies.

Karl Marx Anthropologist

Author: Thomas C. Patterson
Publisher: Berg
ISBN: 184788542X
Size: 22.24 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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After being widely rejected in the late 20th century the work of Karl Marx is now being reassessed by many theorists and activists. Karl Marx, Anthropologist explores how this most influential of modern thinkers is still highly relevant for Anthropology today. Marx was profoundly influenced by critical Enlightenment thought. He believed that humans were social individuals that simultaneously satisfied and forged their needs in the contexts of historically particular social relations and created cultures. Marx continually refined the empirical, philosophical, and practical dimensions of his anthropology throughout his lifetime. Assessing key concepts, from the differences between class-based and classless societies to the roles of exploitation, alienation and domination in the making of social individuals, Karl Marx, Anthropologist is an essential guide to Marx's anthropological thought for the 21st century.

Anthropocene Or Capitalocene

Author: Elmar Altvater
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 1629632570
Size: 23.36 MB
Format: PDF
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The Earth has reached a tipping point. Runaway climate change, the sixth great extinction of planetary life, the acidification of the oceans—all point toward an era of unprecedented turbulence in humanity's relationship within the web of life. But just what is that relationship, and how do we make sense of this extraordinary transition? Anthropocene or Capitalocene? offers answers to these questions from a dynamic group of leading critical scholars who challenge the conventional practice of dividing historical change and contemporary reality into "Nature" and "Society," demonstrating the possibilities offered by a more nuanced and connective view of human environment-making, joined at every step with and within the biosphere. In distinct registers, the authors frame their discussions within a politics of hope that signal the possibilities for transcending capitalism, broadly understood as a "world-ecology" that joins nature, capital, and power as a historically evolving whole.

Valuing Children

Author: Nancy Folbre
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674033641
Size: 75.17 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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While parents spend significant time as well as money on children, most estimates of the "cost" of children ignore the value of this time. Folbre provides a startlingly high but entirely credible estimate of the value of parental time per child by asking what it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute for it.

A Crooked Line

Author: Geoff Eley
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472021419
Size: 68.45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Eley brilliantly probes transformations in the historians' craft over the past four decades. I found A Crooked Line engrossing, insightful, and inspiring." --Lizabeth Cohen, author of A Consumers' Republic "A Crooked Line brilliantly captures the most significant shifts in the landscape of historical scholarship that have occurred in the last four decades. Part personal history, part insightful analysis of key methodological and theoretical historiographical tendencies since the late 1960s, always thoughtful and provocative, Eley's book shows us why history matters to him and why it should also matter to us." --Robert Moeller, University of California, Irvine "Part genealogy, part diagnosis, part memoir, Eley's account of the histories of social and cultural history is a tour de force." --Antoinette Burton, Professor of History and Catherine C. and Bruce A. Bastian Professor of Global and Transnational Studies, University of Illinois "Eley's reflections on the changing landscape of academic history in the last forty years will interest and benefit all students of the discipline. Both a native informant and an analyst in this account, Eley combines the two roles superbly to produce one of most engaging and compelling narratives of the recent history of History." --Dipesh Chakrabarty, author of Provincializing Europe Using his own intellectual biography as a narrative device, Geoff Eley tracks the evolution of historical understanding in our time from social history through the so-called "cultural turn," and back again to a broad history of society. A gifted writer, Eley carefully winnows unique experiences from the universal, and uses the interplay of the two to draw the reader toward an organic understanding of how historical thinking (particularly the work of European historians) has evolved under the influence of new ideas. His work situates history within History, and offers students, scholars, and general readers alike a richly detailed, readable guide to the enduring value of historical ideas. Geoff Eley is Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

The Politics Of Time

Author: Peter Osborne
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781844676736
Size: 52.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A thought-provoking series brings together works by top left-wing intellectuals and covers everything from philosophy to politcal science to literary criticism.

Fanon S Dialectic Of Experience

Author: Ato Sekyi-Otu
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674294400
Size: 23.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Caribbean psychiatrist trained in France after World War II and an eloquent observer of the effects of French colonialism on its subjects, Frantz Fanon was a controversial figure. By recognizing the centrality of experience to Fanon's work, Sekyi-Otu enables readers to comprehend this much misunderstood figure within the tradition of political philosophy.