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Maximizing The Value Of Consulting

Author: Jack J. Phillips
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119123682
Size: 32.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provide organized, efficient, relevant consulting with lasting value Maximizing the Value of Consulting is an indispensable, practical guide for managing, measuring, and delivering the results that make internal and external consulting a lasting value to clients and the company. Sponsored by the ROI Institute and the Association of Internal Management Consultants, this book provides a roadmap to relevance for consultants operating in the increasingly fast-paced, changing, dynamic environment. Readers will learn how to use resources properly and manage the investment efficiently, while truly connecting to the business, securing appropriate levels of commitment, and providing adequate levels of support. Detailed coverage includes guidance toward calculating the value of consulting in terms that executives understand, including business impact and ROI, and using the appropriate tools to show how things are working throughout the process. Whether organizations are using internal or external consultants, or both, consultants can provide better value to the company. Consultants are needed to provide advice, support, and insight into the processes undertaken to improve the business, and integrate the input of different functional units into a more streamlined strategy. This book is designed to help consultants provide the utmost value to clients by maximizing organization, efficiency, and ultimately, ROI. Manage for value with better organization and cost control Set objectives at multiple levels to deliver useful results Measure implementation, impact, ROI, and intangibles Use final results to drive appropriate actions, creating lasting value The skyrocketing need for internal and external consultants will continue, in almost every functional area ranging from HR and technology, to auditing and risk management. Maximizing the Value of Consulting provides a manual for relevant, value-driven consulting, with world-renowned expert insight.

Management Consulting

Author: David Biggs
Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA
ISBN: 1408007916
Size: 48.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Management Consulting: A Guide for Students bridges the gap between the latest academic research and practical skills to provide a comprehensive new introduction to modern consulting.David Biggs’s important new textbook walks students through the key dimensions of management consulting – from the contexts, through the processes, and into skills and implementation – using a wide range of examples to provide a refreshing and modern guide for students.Every chapter deploys a consistent pedagogical framework including clear learning objectives that correspond with the latest standard course outlines, mini case studies, and industry snapshots. Full-length case studies appear at the end of every chapter, either prepared specifically for the text by international academics and consultants or supplied from premium vendors such as Harvard Business Review. A full set of online supporting resources for students and lectures make this the complete resource for management consulting courses at all levels.

The Manager S Pocket Guide To Using Consultants

Author: David Newman
Publisher: Human Resource Development
ISBN: 0874259231
Size: 23.67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What if the next consultant you hired came with an instruction manual filled with strategies to maximize your end of the relationship? That's exactly what this pocket guide is - a practical how-to guide to taking full advantage of what the right consultant can provide.

Readings And Cases In International Human Resource Management

Author: B. Sebastian Reiche
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317361911
Size: 36.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The new edition of Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management examines the interactions between people, cultures, and human resource systems in a wide variety of regions throughout the world. Taking account of recent developments in the international human resources management (IHRM) field, the sixth edition will enable students to meet the international challenges they will face in the workforce, and sensitize them to the complexity of human resource issues in the era of globalization. Features include: New readings and case studies that account for recent changes in the field, positioned alongside "tried and true" material. An increased focus on cross-cultural diversity and tools to bridge "social distance" between team members. Supplemental material and teaching notes, available for download, to enhance instructors’ abilities to use the readings and cases with their students. With well-known contributors and field experts, this is the ideal accompaniment for any class in international human resource management, organizational studies, or international business.

Consulting On The Inside

Author: Beverly Scott
Publisher: American Society for Training and Development
ISBN: 1562867458
Size: 72.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A hands-on, practical guide for those individuals who live and work as internal consultants to organizations.

The Executive S Guide To Consultants How To Find Hire And Get Great Results From Outside Experts

Author: David Fields
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071801936
Size: 50.30 MB
Format: PDF
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Maximize Your Return on Expertise Research shows a high proportion of consultants fail to deliver results on time, on budget, and on target. Rare is the project that exceeds your expectations. But help is here. The Executive's Guide to Consultants explains how to ensure that every project delivers measurable benefits every time. This book will help you find experts, invest wisely, accelerate change, and achieve your most important goals by tapping into the genius of others. The Executive's Guide to Consultants contains breakthrough ideas covered by no other book, including: Sophisticated new contract structures that maximize your ROI Essential methods for reducing project risk Cutting-edge techniques for making change stick after the consultant leaves You will also learn to: Spot "chameleons" and other low-quality consultants who peddle tired ideas and deliver disappointing outcomes Get better results faster, while lowering fees Find the ideal consultant, coach, agency, or advisor for your precise situation Enforce accountability with outside experts and your own internal team Imagine if you could collect the wisdom of dozens of the country's top CEOs, combine it with the experience of a hall-of-fame consultant, and add a bucketful of unconventional thinking. You'd have The Executive's Guide to Consultants. Easy to read and packed with examples, checklists, templates, and guidelines, this book is the ultimate toolkit for maximizing your ROI from outside experts. Get extraordinary results from every consultant you hire "An extraordinary book. Clear, comprehensive, and eminently readable, it is THE book on how you can extract true business value from outside experts." -- Scott Cotherman, Chairman, TBWA\WorldHealth, subsidiary of Omnicom Group, Inc. "This is the Master Class for those who are smart, innovative, ahead of the pack, and who intend to stay that way. If you're not yet in that league, you should read this book twice." -- Alan Weiss, author, Million Dollar Consulting and The Consulting Bible "A terrific guidebook, with much of the advice equally applicable in managing your organization's internal talent. It's an easy, engaging read with a wealth of insights and detailed action steps--I highly recommend it." -- Brian Walker, President and CEO, Herman Miller, Inc. "A powerful antidote to the strained relationship between consultants and clients." -- Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40 Company "This book shows you how to make your consultants' work stick. No more major investments in experts or programs that evaporate after only a few months or years." -- De Lyle Bloomquist, President, Tata Global Chemicals "Fields's messages are delivered in the way that all executives would like our outside resources to do it: capably, with straight talk and incredible insight." -- Ralph Scozzafava, Chairman and CEO, Furniture Brands

The Consultant S Scorecard Tracking Results And Bottom Line Impact Of Consulting Projects

Author: Jack Phillips
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071378963
Size: 45.27 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Measure the business impact--and return on investment--of any consulting project! Consulting clients want to know that hte large fees they pay will bring measurable results to their organization--and successful consultants work hard to communicate the value of their work to clients. The problem is, both consultants and clients have been frustrated by the lack of rigorous methods for measuring the impact of the consultant's work. The Consultant's Scorecard offers solutions to this "accountability crisis" in the consulting profession by explaining how consultants can prove the value of their work to clients. Just as important, the book explains how clients can--and should--hold their consultants accountable for delivering measurable results. Written for both consultants and clients, The Consultant's Scorecard offers simple data collection techniques to help consultants in any industry measure the value of their work for clients in six key areas: client satisfaction; new knowledge and skills acquired by the client; successful project implementation; business unit impact; return on investment; intangible benefits. "The Consultant's Scorecard is the first book to present a comprehensive, practical approach to showing the bottom line of consulting. Using proven techniques, supported b examples from leading companies, six key measures are developed to show the complete impact of consulting, including measuring ROI. This balanced approach to measurement is essentiaal for consultants who want ot show the value of their interventions, and for clients who want to hold their consultants accountable for delivering measurable results. Jack Phillips' unique approach to measuring the return on investment of consulting makes The Consultant's Scorecard a must read for anyone involved in the consulting process."--Stephen R. Covey, author of the No. 1 best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Supplier Relationship Management

Author: Stephen Easton
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430262605
Size: 28.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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There’s a new buzz phrase in the air: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Corporate executives know it’s necessary, but there’s only one problem. Nobody yet knows how to do it. Or they think it’s all about bashing your vendors over the head until they reduce the price another 4%. Supplier Relationship Management: How to Maximize Vendor Value and Opportunity changes all that. Containing the best and most innovative advice from the operations and procurement experts at consultant AT Kearney, this book shows that SRM is at root a strategic discussion requiring cross-functional interaction and internal alignment at the highest levels. It requires an honest appraisal of the value that suppliers now bring to your firm, as well as their potential value. It then requires a frank and constructive business-to-business dialogue about how to improve the relationship. When this happens, a company reaps myriad benefits, ranging from new opportunity to added value to competitive advantage—and, quite likely, to overall (and sometimes substantial) cost reductions. This book shows the most concrete methods you can use today to: Identify value-adding opportunities in the supply chain Work closely with suppliers to maximize the benefits Work the "Critical Cluster" of suppliers, where the greatest opportunity for advantage lies Review suppliers to encourage constant gains in quality and cost Turn your SRM strategy into a major competitive advantage Supplier Relationship Management introduces and explains the Supplier Interaction Model, a key tool that will help you get the most from your supplier relationships. It segments the supplier universe into nine categories, from those you want to run away from fast to those so good and so useful to your organization that it can make sense to invest in them directly. Numerous case studies show how to apply the principles to your situation. Supplier Relationship Management burns off the fog that has surrounded the procurement process for far too long. It is the definitive guide for business executives who want to get the maximum benefits from suppliers and gain very real advantages over competitors.

Organizational Consulting

Author: Alan Weiss
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471470038
Size: 51.57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2181
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The expert guide to effective internal consulting This book guides internal consultants through the steps necessary to bolster their credibility, build relationships within the organization, develop internal marketing abilities, and apply proper methodologies to their work. Alan Weiss, an experienced consultant, provides practical techniques the internal consultant, internal human resources practitioner, and any other internal change agent can use to excel at work, advance their careers, and become valued assets to their organizations. Some of the major subjects covered include setting up the proper environment for success and establishing peer-level interactions. Alan Weiss, PhD (East Greenwich, CT), has consulted with hundreds of organizations around the world, including Mercedes-Benz, Hewlett-Packard, Merck, and Chase. He lectures widely and appears regularly on radio and television to discuss productivity and performance. He is the author of twelve books, including Getting Started in Consulting (Wiley: 0-471-38455-0), The Ultimate Consultant (Jossey-Bass: 0-7879-5508-6), How to Acquire Clients (Jossey-Bass: 0-7879-5514-0), and Process Consulting (Jossey-Bass: 0-7879-5512-4).