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May I Sit With You

Author: Tom Catton
Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC
ISBN: 1937612848
Size: 27.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 861
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From Tom Catton, best-selling author of The Mindful Addict, comes an elegant and straightforward guide to meditation.

You Had To Be There

Author: Gene Gorman
Publisher: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 1480811114
Size: 14.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6646
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From the jungles of Vietnam, to divorce courts, mental wards and alcoholic detox units of Virginia, to the showrooms of Chrysler, to corporate boardrooms of America, You Had to Be There shares the hilarious and often tragic life story of author Gene Gorman. In this memoir, Gorman narrates how he overcame a host of struggles, including addiction to alcohol, before becoming one of the most successful sales and management consultants and used car dealership owners in the country. From his birth in Brooklyn, New York, in 1946, to meeting his life-saving mentor, he offers details of his financial success journey based on how he followed the simple principles of fairness and faith in God. You Had to Be There provides a true account of how Gorman, an average man, overcame personal failure to achieve unlikely success. It offers a message of hope to others who have faced life's challenges fueled by circumstances beyond their control, poor decisions, or any type of addiction.

Partners In Healing

Author: William Collinge
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834822733
Size: 74.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6569
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This book offers a new sense of empowerment for the intimate partners of people living with serious health problems. Collinge draws on cutting-edge scientific research along with his experience counseling couples facing serious illness to offer a range of insights, strategies, and techniques that caregivers can utilize to promote their partners’ physical and emotional well-being—while also promoting their own. Topics include: • The importance of self-care for the caring partner • Ways of involving family and friends in a network of support • Simple massage and touch techniques to bring comfort and reduce symptoms • How open, affirmative communication can contribute to healing • Basic energy-healing techniques to promote well-being

4 Ingredients Fast Fresh And Healthy

Author: Kim McCosker
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401933718
Size: 58.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4226
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Deepak Chopra collaborates with Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham in 4 Ingredients Fast Fresh and Healthy. The book includes 400 delicious recipes based on Deepak’s nutritional science. This book will transform the way you eat as you discover the wisdom of nutritious food that is healthy, fresh, appetising, as well as being quick and easy to prepare using just 4 or fewer ingredients.

Stress Management For Life A Research Based Experiential Approach

Author: Michael Olpin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 130544597X
Size: 71.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4397
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Clearly explaining the how to of stress management and prevention, STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR LIFE, 4e emphasizes experiential learning and encourages students to personalize text information through practical applications and a tool box of stress-reducing resources, including activities and online stress-relief audio files. Michael Olpin and Margie Hesson offer more than just a book about stress; they offer students a life-changing experience. Well-researched and engaging, the Fourth Edition empowers students to experience personal wellness by understanding and managing stress, gives stress-related topics a real-life context, and motivates students to manage stress in a way that accommodates their lifestyle, values, and goals. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

You Have 4 Minutes To Change Your Life

Author: Rebekah Borucki
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401949738
Size: 34.38 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4708
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“I don’t have time to meditate!” Rebekah “Bex” Borucki has heard this a lot. A certified yoga and meditation teacher, she’s taught hundreds of thousands of people how to create simple yet powerful meditation practices. In fact, as she’ll show you in this book, in as little as 4 minutes, you can change your life. After years of suffering from anxiety and depression, both as a child and as an adult, Bex took control of her mental and physical health by establishing a rigorous fitness and yoga routine that quickly evolved into her own regular, homegrown 4-minute daily meditation practice. Bex’s 4-minute meditations combine mantras, affirmations, breathing and bodywork techniques, and they’re designed so that even the busiest people can fit them into their lives. In this book, Bex guides you through 27 different meditation practices, and shares personal stories that demonstrate how meditation has helped her overcome various challenges. She also answers commonly asked questions like “Do my eyes have to stay closed?” and “What do I do if my body starts to hurt?”; provides technical information about props, postures, and mantras; and offers tools to cope with complex issues such as grief, body acceptance, and relationships. By spending just 4 minutes a day with this practice, you will find deep, meaningful, and lasting healing.

Just Being A Pagan Guide To Meditation

Author: Shanddaramon
Publisher: Ken Langer
ISBN: 0578026112
Size: 29.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1023
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This text looks at meditation from a Pagan perspective by incorporating an Earth-based theology and a practice based on the development of the whole self. It makes it possible for a complete novice to begin to learn the basic skills needed to become a skilled and effective meditator. The exercises described in the book begin very simply and then build to more complex and challenging practices allowing more experienced meditators to improve their technique as well. With careful practice, an open heart, and a commitment to improving the self, the practitioner can find that place between the divine and the day-to-day. Meditation from a Pagan perspective helps the practitioner to experience the true meaning of "as above, so below."

The Contemplative Practitioner

Author: John P. Miller
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442668148
Size: 17.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6703
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Meditation is a simple and practical activity that can enrich our lives and work in innumerable ways. It allows us to connect more deeply to ourselves and others and to the environment. In this book, John P. Miller, an expert in the field of holistic education, looks at mediation and how it can be integrated into one’s work and daily life. Twenty years after it was first published, Miller’s book remains one of the best guides to applying contemplative practice, covering a variety of theoretical, empirical, historical, and cross-cultural approaches. For this new edition, Miller has updated the text to reflect the growth of the mindfulness movement, new research into the brain, and his years of experience teaching and practising contemplation in teacher education. Whether one is interested in exploring how meditation can be used in the classroom or the workplace, or simply seeking to integrate it into one’s personal life, The Contemplative Practitioner is the perfect companion.

Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons For Ecstatic Living

Author: Yogani
Publisher: AYP Publishing
ISBN: 0976465523
Size: 18.86 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3592
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The premise of Yoga is simple. There is an outer reality and an inner one, and our nervous system is the doorway between them. Effective Yoga practices stimulate and open that doorway. The result? Peace, creativity, happiness, and a steady rise of ecstatic bliss radiating from within us. Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) brings together the most effective methods of Yoga in a flexible integrated system that anyone can use. Instructions are given in plain English for deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama, bodily manipulations (asanas, mudras and bandhas), tantric sexual practices, and other methods that are systematically applied to swing open the door of our nervous system to permanent higher experience. This is a non-sectarian approach that is compatible with any belief system or religious background. There are over 240 easy-to-follow lessons here, including many hands-on questions and answers between Yoga practitioners and the author. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in Yoga, the AYP lessons can serve as a useful resource as you travel along your chosen path. What readers are saying about the AYP lessons: "I searched for years to find a method of meditation that I can do. This is do-able." - AN "I've learned more about yoga in 4 months than in the previous 30 years of study." - SL" This is a very valuable inspiration for people taking up and maintaining meditation." - DB "Spinal breathing pranayama makes me feel so ecstatic, I want to do it all the time." - YM "After my first meditation session, I never felt so relaxed. You made me a believer." - JF "You make everything seem so simple, yet the practices are profound and dynamic." - SS "I wish I had this kind of informationwhen I started some 15 years back." - AD "I love the way you explain everything. So simple, logical, and so safe." - RY "These are the best lessons I have read on yoga anywhere." - RD Additional reader feedback is included in the last section of the book.

Inside The Honey Walls

Author: C. Hoffman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595483119
Size: 14.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 436
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The pace of life today can be overwhelming, with many of us overly consumed with "important" work. All of us can use calm in the center of our storms. Inside the Honey Walls will do just that-teach you how to connect with your inner self using the sometimes amusing, sometimes hard-edged, but always soul-warming practice of meditation.In this motivational guide, C. J. Hoffman uses personal stories, anecdotes, and parables to teach you how to meditate. Using this ancient practice will give your life meaning and a fresh, new perspective relevant to today's busy world. Each of the twelve meditations examines an issue we may face, including fear ("Pretty is as Pretty Does"), forgiveness ("Stacking Needles"), and even public speaking ("I am not Nervous!"). These varied tales will encourage you to accept meditation as a tool, lovingly extended to you by your higher power.Filled with joy and a quietness of spirit that you will remember long after you have finished reading the book, Inside the Honey Walls will educate and amuse you as you are challenged to live a more peaceful life. Be prepared to experience love, joy, and hope through the ancient-yet forever new-practice of meditation.