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Munchausen By Proxy

Author: Louisa Lasher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135415730
Size: 67.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This step-by-step guide will help you identify and manage cases of this unique form of child maltreatment! Munchausen by proxy (MBP) is a dangerous kind of maltreatment in which a caretaker deliberately and repeatedly exaggerates, fabricates, and/or induces a health problem or problems in someone under his or her care. Munchausen by Proxy: Identification, Intervention, and Case Management is the first book to walk you step-by-step through a suspected MBP maltreatment case from suspicion onward. This skills-based, practical book contains a thorough, up-to-date overview of MBP and includes suggestions for identifying and reporting to child protection agencies, investigating and gathering evidence, and legal and court procedures. Its easy readability and immediate applicability make this text a valuable tool in identifying and preventing this form of child abuse. Munchausen by Proxy is divided into three parts. The first covers the definition of MBP, the role of the perpetrator and victim, and the ethical issues affecting professionals, patients, and family. Part two addresses case work from initial suspicions through the investigative and confirmation/disconfirmation process. The third section is dedicated to case planning and case management once MBP has been confirmed, including intervention, immediate child protection, and legal activities. Those involved in a suspected or confirmed MBP case will learn about: the limits of the DSM-IV as applied to MBP perpetrator-consistent characteristics the MBP situational suspicion indicators the inappropriateness of risk assessment tools developed for other forms of maltreatment the danger when MBP perpetrators realize they are under suspicion and more! This volume is generously enhanced with case examples, sample forms, figures, and representative management plans. In Munchausen by Proxy, authors Lasher and Sheridan—experts in MBP and child protection—have come together to fill the gap in the libraries of anyone who may become involved with a MBP case. This includes child welfare professionals and staff, law enforcement, school personnel, health care practitioners, judges and lawyers, and social workers.

Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome

Author: Teresa F. Parnell
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506339719
Size: 78.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS), a form of child abuse in which a primary carer - usually a mother - fabricates and//or induces illness in a child, is one of the least understood forms of child abuse and mental illness. Examining the current knowledge about the manifestations and consequences of this perplexing behaviour, this book assists all professionals working with chronically ill children in identifying and intervening with this bizarre and often deadly form of abuse. Drawing from their firsthand experience with the complexities of such cases, the editors and contributors address critical issues of not only identification and assessment but also long-term psychotherapy. Therapy with the mother//perpetrator has tra

Hurting For Love

Author: Herbert A. Schreier
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 9780898621211
Size: 31.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book offers a comprehensive, detailed examination of MBPS. Written by leading authorities, it covers all known clinical, medical, psychological, social and legal aspects of the disorder, including detection, dynamics, treatment, and clinical management. Based on their own experiences evaluating and treating these patients, the authors present an innovative theory of the disorder as a form of imposturing. Detailed psychological test data on a group of MBPS mothers are presented for the first time to enhance our understanding of the cognitive and psychological makeup of parents who fabricate illness in their children. The text also contains a thoughtful discussion of the larger social context of women in our society and in our medical institutions--a discussion crucial to our understanding of why MBPS is predominantly a disorder of women.

The Spectrum Of Factitious Disorders

Author: Marc D. Feldman
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 9780880489096
Size: 79.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Factitious disorder presents one of the most challenging variants of psychopathology in medicine. The Spectrum of Factitious Disorders is the first book for professionals to offer a comprehensive overview of current thinking about patients who feign or induce illness -- in themselves or others -- to accrue the intangible benefits of the "sick" role. Attempts to influence factitious patients' behavior have been largely unsuccessful. This volume covers innovative techniques for treating such patients, stressing the need to treat them with acceptance and understanding. First-person accounts are used to illustrate the intense feelings mobilized in friends, family members, caregivers, and patients themselves as factitious disorders play out. The book also presents a management approach that emphasizes respect for the patient, no matter what the symptomatology. Using abundant case material, this revolutionary work aids mental health practitioners in understanding the phenomenon of "disease-forgery" and addresses its inherent management challenges. Notable contributors provide relevant information on ethical and legal issues in factitious disorders. The clinical features, detection, and management of factitious disorder by proxy are explored, along with comprehensive psychosocial assessment and legal issues in such cases.

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Author: Alex V. Levin
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Size: 29.17 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is the deliberate creation or false reporting of illness in a child by a caretaker for the mere purpose of attracting attention. The authors examine the causes, manifestations and consequences of this little known and sometimes deadly form of child abuse. It is invaluable reading for psychiatrists, pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, child death investigators, and anyone working with chronically ill children.

Munchausen By Proxy And Other Factitious Abuse

Author: Kathryn Artingstall
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315352907
Size: 78.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book covers Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy (MBP) though the terms have recently changed. The 2013 DSM-V—the update to the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) diagnostic and classification tool—has classified both Munchausen and MBP as "Factitious Systematic Abuse." While thought to have occurred primarily with children and their caregivers, recent research shows a more widespread problem: such medical abuse to spouses, the disabled, the elderly—even pets. Many involve repeat and long-term instances of hospital and medical fraud. This book covers the syndrome itself, interviewing and investigative aspects, victimology, as well indicators in the event of homicide and death.

Medical Child Abuse

Author: Thomas A. Roesler
Publisher: Amer Academy of Pediatrics
ISBN: 9781581101362
Size: 50.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is considered a confusing condition from a medical perspective. The authors of this book argue that the term should be replaced with another which reflects the truth - children abused by their parents in the medical environment.

Textbook Of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine

Author: Richard J. Shaw
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 1585629308
Size: 22.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2016
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The Textbook of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine provides a comprehensive, empirically based knowledge of assessment and treatment issues in children and adolescents with physical illness. Scholarly, authoritative, and evidence based, it is the first volume of its kind and will help to define the field going forward. Addressing a very wide range of medical subspecialties, this volume is a first step for researchers who want to obtain a review of the psychiatric issues in their respective specialties. In addition, the book offers many special features, including An exceptionally strong section on psychopharmacology in the medical setting, which is complemented by a comprehensive set of reference tables on psychopharmacological agents, including doses, side effects, and indications for use in the physically ill child. Definitive chapters on less commonly reviewed topics that are of particular relevance for clinicians who treat physically ill children, including pediatric palliative care, Munchausen syndrome by proxy, and pediatric feeding disorders. Coverage of key legal and forensic issues in pediatric psychosomatic medicine. Presentation of material in graphical and tabular formats for maximal usefulness, including templates of specific questions for assessing common psychiatric symptoms and flowcharts illustrating step-by-step approaches to pain and somatoform disorders. Relevance to a broad range of professionals, including psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists, nurses, medical students, and social workers who work with children in medical settings. May be adopted as a textbook for psychology undergraduate classes, social work internships, and both general and child psychiatry residency training programs. The editors are recognized both nationally and internationally as being among the foremost experts for their respective fields, and they have assembled the leading practitioners of pediatric psychosomatic medicine to create this volume. The only complete text on pediatric psychosomatic medicine, this volume is destined to prove seminal in the field and indispensable in the clinician's library.

Encyclopedia Of Domestic Violence

Author: Nicky Ali Jackson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135880131
Size: 25.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 390
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The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence is a modern reference from the leading international scholars in domestic violence research. This ground-breaking project has created the first ever publication of an encyclopedia of domestic violence. The primary goal of the Encyclopedia is to provide information on a variety of traditional, as well as breakthrough, issues in this complex phenomenon. The coverage of the Encyclopedia is broad and diverse, encompassing the entire life span from infancy to old age. The entries include the traditional research areas, such as battered women, child abuse and dating violence. However, this Encyclopedia is unique in that it includes many under-studied areas of domestic violence, such as ritual abuse-torture within families, domestic violence against women with disabilities, pseudo-family violence and domestic violence within military families. It is also unique in that it examines cross-cultural perspectives of domestic violence. One of the key special features in this Encyclopedia is the cross-reference section at the end of each entry. This allows the reader the ability to continue their research of a particular topic. This book will be an easy-to-read reference guide on a host of topics, which are alphabetically arranged. Precautions have been taken to ensure that the Encyclopedia is not politically slanted; rather, it is hoped that it will serve as a basic guide to better understanding the myriad issues surrounding this labyrinthine topic. Topics covered include: Victims of Domestic Violence; Theoretical Perspectives and Correlates to Domestic Violence; Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Religious Perspectives; Understudied Areas within Domestic Violence Research; Domestic Violence and the Law; and Child Abuse and Elder Abuse.