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My Honorable Brother

Author: Bob Weintraub
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1631580310
Size: 27.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A gritty political thriller in which a race for governor is rocked by sex scandals, mob hits, and one candidate’s blind ambition . . . To stop the legalization of big-time casino gambling in Rhode Island, mob boss Sal Tarantino calls in debts owed by some of the state’s most prominent politicians, clearing the way for reluctant gubernatorial candidate Doug Fiore. But when Fiore’s primary opponent, who’s leading in the polls, is gunned down in a bar, the public presumption is that the Tarantino family had reasons to want him dead. Things get even stickier when the husband of one of Fiore’s mistresses wins the Democratic primary—a man who possesses secret recordings that implicate Fiore in two affairs. As the race draws to a close, the candidates are in a dead heat. Fiore, who now will stop at nothing to win, moves to nail down his victory with an audacious scheme—involving both his mistresses . . .

My Brother S Keeper

Author: Donna Malane
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1250111358
Size: 63.24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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From New Zealand author Donna Malane, My Brother's Keeper is a dark and twisting mystery that leaves no stone—or page—unturned. Diane Rowe is a missing persons expert. Ex-con Karen needs Diane's help to track down her fourteen-year-old daughter, Sunny, whom she's lost contact with while she's been in prison. To Diane, this appears at first glance to be a simple case of a mother wanting to reunite with a beloved daughter. Tracking the girl down is easy. However, convincing her to meet her mother is no easy task. And at the back of Diane's mind is a nagging thought—that guilt and innocence aren't straightforward and nothing is quite what it seems. Does Karen really want to fix the wrongs of the past or is there something darker at play here that will take all of Diane's skills to uncover?

Murder Mystery Collection 40 Thriller Novels Detective Stories Uncle Abner Mysteries Randolph Mason Schemes Sir Henry Marquis Cases

Author: Melville Davisson Post
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026864948
Size: 10.66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5926
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This carefully crafted ebook: “MURDER MYSTERY COLLECTION - 40+ Thriller Novels & Detective Stories: Uncle Abner Mysteries, Randolph Mason Schemes & Sir Henry Marquis Cases” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Melville Davisson Post (1869-1930) was an American author, born in West Virginia. Post's best-known character is the mystery solving, justice dispensing West Virginian backwoodsman, Uncle Abner. Post also wrote number of stories about Randolph Mason, a brusque New York lawyer who is highly skilled at turning legal loopholes and technicalities to his clients' advantage. Post's other recurring characters include Sir Henry Marquis of Scotland Yard, the French policeman Monsieur Jonquelle and the Virginia lawyer Colonel Braxton. Table of Contents: The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason The Corpus Delicti Two Plungers of Manhattan Woodford's Partner The Error of William Van Broom The Men of the Jimmy The Sheriff of Gullmore The Animus Furandi The Man of Last Resort (The Clients of Randolph Mason) The Governor's Machine Mrs. Van Barton Once in Jeopardy The Grazier The Rule Against Carper Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries The Doomdorf Mystery The Wrong Hand The Angel of the Lord An Act of God The Treasure Hunter The House of the Dead Man A Twilight Adventure The Age of Miracles The Tenth Commandment The Devil's Tools The Hidden Law The Riddle The Straw Man The Mystery of Chance The Concealed Path The Edge of the Shadow The Adopted Daughter Naboth's Vineyard The Sleuth of St. James Square The Thing on the Hearth The Reward The Lost Lady The Cambered Foot The Man in the Green Hat The Wrong Sign The Fortune Teller The Hole in the Mahogany Panel The End of the Road The Last Adventure American Horses The Spread Rails The Pumpkin Coach The Yellow Flower Satire of the Sea The House by the Loch

Boxed Set The Bezel Brothers A New Crime Thriller By Rahiem Brooks 1 4

Author: Rahiem Brooks
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1939665051
Size: 21.69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4940
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This ebook contains: Book 1: Laugh Now Book 2: First Laugh Book 3: Die Later Book 4: Last Laugh Laugh Now and First Laugh: By 22, Kareem Bezel has made it to the top rung of the New York fashion scene, and he has done everything, including fraud, theft, receiving stolen property, theft by deception, identity theft, and embezzlement, to get there. His crafty spree of thievery propped his older brother, Andre Bezel's illicit drug business right into the cross hairs of corrupt DEA Agent Lucas McKenzey. Die Later: Assistant United States Attorney Barnswell thinks that he has everything he needs to convict the Bezel brothers. Dre and Kareem are on trial for allegedly violating a laundry list of statues in the United States Code. Problem is, Kareem Bezel sees things quite differently and sets out to prove their innocence in the Philadelphia trial of the year: United States of America vs. Andre and Kareem Bezel, et al. Last Laugh: All over the City of Philadelphia, crimes are being committed. Andre Bezel and his nemesis, former DEA Agent Lucas McKenzey, both want to commit the ultimate one, though: kidnapping Kareem Bezel from federal custody. Andre wants to rescue his brother from a lengthy prison term, while McKenzey wants to kill him. Whose wish will come true?

Romance Box Set Three Romantic Suspense Thrillers

Author: Pamela M. Richter
Publisher: Pamela M. Richter
Size: 68.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Romance Box Set - Three Romantic Suspense Thrillers Deadly Fun - Take a cruise with a beautiful sleuth to the Caribbean with her boss. Also aboard is a deadly Mafia family. Envision collision? Deadly Memories - When Andrea is in a car accident after a posh Hollywood party and can't remember how it happened, a chain of events enfolds, leading to her marriage to an Ambassador's son in France. But what she can't remember might kill her. Midnight Reflections - When Julia's brother goes missing she has to find out what happened. She finds help from a handsome mechanic. But he's hiding his identity and has secrets he won't reveal. Can she trust him?

An Honorable Death

Author: R. D. Etzig
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469776620
Size: 75.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7238
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After Paul Lucas murders and inherits the wealth of an elderly woman entrusted to his care, he is badly injured when a commercial airliner crashes into the Maryland countryside. Following extensive reconstructive surgery, he is unable to remember his past. Later, while on a Carribean cruise, Lucas falls in love and proposes to a spellbinding woman. But Paul Lucas' troubles are far from over. A retired police detective, hired by the murdered woman's brother is closing in on him. Meanwhile, the demented brother of a woman Lucas raped twenty years earlier has been released from prison. Having killed twice while in prison, the brother, Sean Dougherty, has grown to love the high he gets when he takes a human life. Vowing to revenge the rape and subsequent suicide of his twin sister, Sean Dougherty begins his violent campaign to restore honor to the Dougherty family name.

Kill Big Brother

Author: Frank Miniter
Publisher: Post Hill Press
ISBN: 9781682614693
Size: 72.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This time it’s 1984—for real. Sidney McDaniel is an undercover computer forensic expert. Operating in the darkest corners of the web, his job is busting corporate hackers—the Russians, the Chinese—or whomever. Suddenly, Sidney’s life becomes an Orwellian nightmare when his cover is blown by an online cult that wants to recruit him, and the FBI, which wants him to be a double agent. Sidney is caught between the two powerful camps vying for control of the cyber profiles of every citizen in the world—their personal data, preferences, contacts—everything. When he grows close to a cult member deeply dedicated to the group’s WikiLeaks-type mission and infiltrates the very heart of the US government’s surveillance complex at the National Security Agency (NSA), Sidney finds himself at the core of the ongoing struggle between data mining and data privacy, computer encryption and open code, the PATRIOT Act and the Fourth Amendment, national security and individual freedom. As Sidney maneuvers between the anarchist agenda of the Dark Web cyber cult and the mechanisms of the Big Brother police state, he must answer for himself the fundamental questions of the Digital Age: Is privacy dead? Are we doomed to a real-life 1984? Or is there a way to freedom?

The Hack

Author: Will Patching
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781522751953
Size: 53.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Who is more evil? The killer or his victims? A vengeful ex-CIA operative turned serial killer... A ruthless international VIP paedophile ring determined to keep their criminal activities secret... A British investigative journalist and her genius hacker teenage brother... A brilliant, incorruptible Thai Police Chief... All are thrown together in this explosive first volume of the Hunter/O'Sullivan Adventure series of rapid fire international crime thriller novels. George Simm, friend of the US President and well-respected international business guru, leads a double life... until he is murdered in Thailand. For Kate O'Sullivan, a freelance journalist, his death provides the scoop of her dreams when her computer genius brother discovers Simm's dark secret - by hacking into the CIA's confidential report on the killing. Kate sells the story to a UK tabloid newspaper, setting in motion a bloody chain of events that destroys many lives, and threatens her own. With a serial killer on the loose in Thailand, the CIA on the hunt for Kate's brother, and ruthless VIPs in London determined not to let Simm's death expose their own paedophile activities, Kate's world will never be the same again... "A rapid-fire crime thriller. A real page turner from start to finish." "Plenty of action, excitement and surprise in this fast paced crime adventure. You won't want to put it down..." "An action packed murder mystery with plenty of suspense..." The first in the trilogy of fast paced international crime thrillers featuring ex-CIA operative Doug Brown and investigative journalist Kate O'Sullivan. Also introducing Chief Lee, an incorruptible and relentless investigator with the Royal Thai Police. (Full length novel c107,000 words)


Author: Natasha Knight
Publisher: Natasha Knight
Size: 21.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sofia I knew little of Raphael Amado’s history with my family, but when he turned up on our doorstep demanding restitution, my grandfather quickly conceded. That restitution? Me. Six months later, on my eighteenth birthday, Raphael came for me. He stole me from my home, taking me to his Tuscan estate, where from the crumbling chapel to the burnt-down vineyard, to the cellar that haunted him, the past stalked him like a shadow. It waited for him, hid behind corners for him and trapped him at every turn. As much as Raphael’s cruelty terrified me, his darkness seduced me. But in the end, it was his tenderness that devastated me. Raphael Sofia came to me like an offering. Like a virgin to be sacrificed at the altar. But truth was, her grandfather betrayed her. I guess we had that in common. He’d screwed me too. I knew hate. I'd vowed vengeance. This was never supposed to be about anything else. But in the end, her innocence broke me. The very thing I would destroy, destroyed me. Author's Note: DISHONORABLE is a romantic suspense novel. It is a STANDALONE read. It's the first in the series of The Amado Brothers. Fair warning: Raphael Amado is one twisted, dirty Alpha male. DISGRACED, Raphael's twin brother's story, and UNHINGED, Zach's story, are now available for sale.