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Napoleon S Egypt

Author: Juan Cole
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230607415
Size: 57.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this vivid and timely history, Juan Cole tells the story of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. Revealing the young general's reasons for leading the expedition against Egypt in 1798 and showcasing his fascinating views of the Orient, Cole delves into the psychology of the military titan and his entourage. He paints a multi-faceted portrait of the daily travails of the soldiers in Napoleon's army, including how they imagined Egypt, how their expectations differed from what they found, and how they grappled with military challenges in a foreign land. Cole ultimately reveals how Napoleon's invasion, the first modern attempt to invade the Arab world, invented and crystallized the rhetoric of liberal imperialism.

Napoleon In Egypt

Author: Paul Strathern
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553385240
Size: 26.19 MB
Format: PDF
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Describes Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Egypt in 1798, the first attack on a Middle Eastern country by a Western power in modern times, examining Napoleon's military victories, his declaration of himself as emperor, the introduction of the Napoleonic Code, and the legacy of his expedition. Reprint.


Author: Nina Burleigh
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061863408
Size: 56.18 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Two hundred years ago, only the most reckless or eccentric Europeans had dared to traverse the unmapped territory of the modern-day Middle East. But in 1798, more than 150 French engineers, artists, doctors, and scientists—even a poet and a musicologist—traveled to the Nile Valley under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte and his invading army. Hazarding hunger, hardship, uncertainty, and disease, Napoleon's "savants" risked their lives in pursuit of discovery. The first large-scale interaction between Europeans and Muslims in the modern era, the audacious expedition was both a triumph and a disaster, resulting in finds of immense historical and scientific importance (including the ruins of the colossal pyramids and the Rosetta Stone) and in countless tragic deaths through plague, privation, madness, or violence. Acclaimed journalist Nina Burleigh brings readers back to the landmark adventure at the dawn of the modern era that ultimately revealed the deepest secrets of ancient Egypt to a curious continent.

Memoirs Of Napoleon S Egyptian Expedition 1798 1801

Author: Joseph-Marie Moiret
Publisher: Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal
Size: 48.80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A French Officers dramatic account of Napoleons invasion of Egypt. The memoirs of Captain Moiret, translated and edited by Rosemary Brindle, offer a unique insight into Napoleons invasion of Egypt in 1798. Primary and secondary sources detail the campaign in its entirety. Includes a comprehensive transcription of Napoleons key speeches, historical overview and footnotes by the translator/editor.

Napoleon In Egypt

Author: ʻAbd al-Rahṃān Jabartī
Publisher: Markus Wiener Pub
ISBN: 9781558763388
Size: 49.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Napo-leon?s conquest of Egypt in 1798 was the first contact between a Western?power?with?imperial?goals?and?an?ancien?regime?of?an?African society. Sheik al-Jabarti?s chronicle is a unique combination of histor-i-cal reflection combined with daily observations about the atmosphere in Cairo and the mood among local people. ?[Al-Jabarti] resents the French invasion, ridicules their claim to be a defender of the faith, rejects their belief in liberty and equality, despises their lack of morality and personal hygiene, but approves their efficiency, common loyalty and cooperation, and wonders at their technical and scholarly abilities. There was much he admired in these uncouth barbarians who even had a translation of the Koran in their luggage. . . . Al-Jabarti?s work has been a treasure house . . . Moreh?s editing and translating can serve as a model to other scholars.??Journal of the American Oriental SocietyAbd al-Rahman al-Jabarti (1754?1825) was a renowned Arab historian and writer. Shmuel Moreh, Hebrew University, is one of the world?s leading experts on Arab literature. Robert Tignor, Prince-ton University, places al-Jabarti?s account in its historical context in his introduction.


Author: Steven Englund
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439131077
Size: 76.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This sophisticated and masterful biography, written by a respected French history scholar who has taught courses on Napoleon at the University of Paris, brings new and remarkable analysis to the study of modern history's most famous general and statesman. Since boyhood, Steven Englund has been fascinated by the unique force, personality, and political significance of Napoleon Bonaparte, who, in only a decade and a half, changed the face of Europe forever. In Napoleon: A Political Life, Englund harnesses his early passion and intellectual expertise to create a rich and full interpretation of a brilliant but flawed leader. Napoleon believed that war was a means to an end, not the end itself. With this in mind, Steven Englund focuses on the political, rather than the military or personal, aspects of Napoleon's notorious and celebrated life. Doing so permits him to arrive at some original conclusions. For example, where most biographers see this subject as a Corsican patriot who at first detested France, Englund sees a young officer deeply committed to a political event, idea, and opportunity (the French Revolution) -- not to any specific nationality. Indeed, Englund dissects carefully the political use Napoleon made, both as First Consul and as Emperor of the French, of patriotism, or "nation-talk." As Englund charts Napoleon's dramatic rise and fall -- from his Corsican boyhood, his French education, his astonishing military victories and no less astonishing acts of reform as First Consul (1799-1804) to his controversial record as Emperor and, finally, to his exile and death -- he is at particular pains to explore the unprecedented power Napoleon maintained over the popular imagination. Alone among recent biographers, Englund includes a chapter that analyzes the Napoleonic legend over the course of the past two centuries, down to the present-day French Republic, which has its own profound ambivalences toward this man whom it is afraid to recognize yet cannot avoid. Napoleon: A Political Life presents new consideration of Napoleon's adolescent and adult writings, as well as a convincing argument against the recent theory that the Emperor was poisoned at St. Helena. The book also offers an explanation of Napoleon's role as father of the "modern" in politics. What finally emerges from these pages is a vivid and sympathetic portrait that combines youthful enthusiasm and mature scholarly reflection. The result is already regarded by experts as the Napoleonic bicentennial's first major interpretation of this perennial subject.

Sacred Space And Holy War

Author: Juan Cole
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860647369
Size: 59.45 MB
Format: PDF
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Juan Cole examines Shi'i Islam as a world religion that has faced modernity on its own terms. He explores the little known history of Shi'i communities as far afield as Bahrain and India, giving attention as well to important centers such as Lebanon , Iraq, and Iran. He demonstrates the way in which the Shi'is have sought to define space and time as sacred, and to defend those spaces from encroachment by the Other, whether that other be Sunni Arab, Hindu, or European Christian.

Thutmose Iii

Author: Richard A. Gabriel
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1597973734
Size: 43.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the course of his thirty-two-year reign over ancient Egypt, Thutmose III fought an impressive seventeen campaigns. He fought more battles over a longer period of time and experienced more victories than Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar did. Despite Thutmose III's surprisingly illustrious record, his name does not command the same immediate recognition as these highly visible military leaders. In Thutmose III, Richard Gabriel deftly brings to life the character and ability of ancient Egypt's warrior king and sheds light on Thutmose's key contributions to Egyptian history. Considered the father of the Egyptian navy, Thutmose created the first combat navy in the ancient world and built an enormous shipyard near Memphis to construct troop, horse, and supply transports to support his campaigns in Syria and Iraq. He also reformed the army, establishing a reliable conscript base, creating a professional officer corps, equipping it with modern weapons, and integrating chariotry's combat arm into new tactical doctrines. Politically, he introduced strategic principles of national security that guided Egyptian diplomatic, commercial, and military policies for half a millennium and created the Egyptian empire. Through these crowning achievements, Thutmose set into motion events that shaped and influenced the Levant and Egypt for the next four hundred years. His reign can be regarded as a watershed in the military and imperial history of the entire eastern Mediterranean.

Children Of Jihad

Author: Jared Cohen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781592403240
Size: 46.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Documents the author's travels to the Middle East in search of an understanding of radical Islamic violence, journeys during which he focused his research on Muslim youth and learned about his interviewees' perspectives and experiences at the risk of his own life.