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Author: Andreas Elschner
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420069129
Size: 25.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The unparalleled large-scale commercial application of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), otherwise known as PEDOT, continues to fuel a need for literature about it that is concise, easily available, but sufficiently comprehensive. Designed to meet the requirements of readers from different areas of expertise and experience with the substance, PEDOT: Principles and Applications of an Intrinsically Conductive Polymer provides a comprehensive overview of chemical, physical, and technical information about this preeminent and most forwardly developed electrically conductive polymer. An indispensable resource for researchers, developers, and users of PEDOT—written by the researchers who succeeded in commercializing it A necessary response to the massive interest—as well as patents and papers—spawned by PEDOT, this handbook provides basic knowledge and explores technical applications, based on information generated by universities and academic research, as well as by industrial scientists. Available in various formulations and conductivities, this versatile PEDOT can be adapted for the needs and specific industrial applications of its different users. Although valuable information exists in handbooks on polythiophene chemistry and physics, under which PEDOT falls, until now, few if any books have focused exclusively on this important conducting polymer—certainly not one that so completely elucidates both its experimental and practical aspects. This book: Begins with a brief history of conducting polymers and polythiophenes Describes the invention of PEDOT and its commercial outgrowth, PEDOT:PSS Emphasizes key technical and commercial aspects and usage of PEDOT and how they have stimulated scientific research in a wide range of fields Explains the chemical and physical background for PEDOT in terms of its primary use and incorporation in products including cellular phones and flat panel displays Valuable for readers at any level of familiarity with PEDOT, this one-stop compilation of information offers specialists several unpublished results from the authors’ celebrated work, as well as often overlooked information from patents. Balancing sufficient detail and references for further study, this book is a powerful tool for anyone working in the field.

Smart Polymers And Their Applications

Author: Maria Rosa Aguilar
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
ISBN: 0081024177
Size: 18.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4089
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Smart Polymers and Their Applications, Second Edition presents an up-to-date resource of information on the synthesis and properties of different types of smart polymers, including temperature, pH, electro, magnetic and photo-responsive polymers, amongst others. It is an ideal introduction to this field, as well as a review of the latest research in this area. Shape memory polymers, smart polymer hydrogels, and self-healing polymer systems are also explored. In addition, a very strong focus on applications of smart polymers is included for tissue engineering, smart polymer nanocarriers for drug delivery, and the use of smart polymers in medical devices. Additionally, the book covers the use of smart polymers for textile applications, packaging, energy storage, optical data storage, environmental protection, and more. This book is an ideal, technical resource for chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, mechanical engineers and other professionals in a range of industries. Includes a significant number of new chapters on smart polymer materials development, as well as new applications development in energy storage, sensors and devices, and environmental protection Provides a multidisciplinary approach to the development of responsive polymers, approaching the subject by the different types of polymer (e.g. temperature-responsive) and its range of applications

Handbook Of Polymers

Author: George Wypych
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1927885116
Size: 59.19 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5866
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Handbook of Polymers, Second Edition, presents normalized, up-to-date polymer data in a consistent and easily referenceable layout. This new edition represents an update of the available data, including new values for many commercially available products, verification of existing data, and removal of older data where it is no longer useful. The book includes data on all major polymeric materials used by the plastics industry and all branches of the chemical industry, as well as specialty polymers used in the electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, and space fields. The entire scope of the data is divided into sections to make data comparison and search easy, including synthesis, physical, mechanical, and rheological properties, chemical resistance, toxicity and environmental impact, and more. The data enables engineers and materials scientists to solve practical problems, be that in applications, research and development, or legislation. The most current grades of materials have been selected to provide readers with information that is characteristic of currently available products. Includes practical data on the most widely used polymers for engineers and materials scientists in design, manufacture, and applications research Presents data on polymer synthesis, properties, chemical resistance, processing, and their related environmental impacts Provides a comprehensive update to the data, including new information and the verification of existing datasets

Fem Modellierung Und Herstellung Von D Nnschichtstimulationselektroden F R Die Zellkultur

Author: Jan-Patrick Kalckhoff
ISBN: 3956365771
Size: 71.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7476
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Die Arbeit beschreibt die Optimierung und Herstellung von dünnschichtigen Folienelektroden für den Anwendungsfall der gezielten Axon-Ausrichtung durch Stimulation von Neuronen in vitro durch ein angelegtes physiologisches elektrisches Feld. Ein bestehendes Referenzsystem einer Stimulationselektrode wurde in vorangegangenen Versuchen der Zellstimulation als Grundlage verwendet. Die elektrischen Eigenschaften des ursprünglichen Elektrodendesigns wurden mit Hilfe der Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM) simuliert und analysiert. Weiter wurden die elektrischen Eigenschaften durch ein neues verbessertes Design optimiert. Im Abschluss wurden die Ergebnisse theoretisch ausgearbeitet und die Elektrode selbst im mikrosystemischen Prozess hergestellt.

Smart Textiles For In Situ Monitoring Of Composites

Author: Vladan Koncar
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
ISBN: 008102309X
Size: 67.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Smart Textiles for in situ Monitoring of Composites proposes a ‘smart textile’ approach to help solve the problem of real-time monitoring of the structural health of composites. The book combines textiles, composites and structural health monitoring knowledge to present an integrated approach to the deployment of smart textiles to monitor failure modes in composite materials. It introduces the theory of smart textiles for monitoring and measurement applications, describes established and developing techniques and approaches for using smart textiles for in-situ monitoring, and includes different fiber/matrix combinations and hybrid structures that are all presented using academic research and real-world case studies. As smart textiles are fitted with flexible adapted sensors and actuators that detect stress, deformation, temperature changes, light intensity, and other signals from the environment, this book is a timely resource on the topic. Proposes a ‘smart textile’ approach to in situ monitoring of the structural health of composites where the composite structure’s functionalized reinforcement also plays a role Discusses the impact of this technology on different reinforcement materials and matrices Demonstrates, through a review of research and case studies, the implementation of sensing and measurement systems

Large Area And Flexible Electronics

Author: Mario Caironi
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527679995
Size: 49.65 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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From materials to applications, this ready reference covers the entire value chain from fundamentals via processing right up to devices, presenting different approaches to large-area electronics, thus enabling readers to compare materials, properties and performance. Divided into two parts, the first focuses on the materials used for the electronic functionality, covering organic and inorganic semiconductors, including vacuum and solution-processed metal-oxide semiconductors, nanomembranes and nanocrystals, as well as conductors and insulators. The second part reviews the devices and applications of large-area electronics, including flexible and ultra-high-resolution displays, light-emitting transistors, organic and inorganic photovoltaics, large-area imagers and sensors, non-volatile memories and radio-frequency identification tags. With its academic and industrial viewpoints, this volume provides in-depth knowledge for experienced researchers while also serving as a first-stop resource for those entering the field.

Fuel Cells

Author: B. Viswanathan
Publisher: CRC PressI Llc
ISBN: 9781420060287
Size: 41.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"The book is a comprehensive reference book, explaining concepts and their applications. The interdisciplinary approach that draws on and clarifies the most recent research trends, makes this book interesting to everyone who is concerned with energy demands and fuel cells."--BOOK JACKET.

Polymere Synthese Eigenschaften Und Anwendungen

Author: Sebastian Koltzenburg
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642347738
Size: 41.19 MB
Format: PDF
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Das vorliegende Lehrbuch beschäftigt sich mit der Synthese, der Charakterisierung und den technischen Anwendungen von Polymeren. Ziel ist es, eine breite und ausgeglichene Kenntnis der Grundbegriffe der makromolekularen Chemie und der Physikochemie dieser Verbindungsklasse zu vermitteln. Aufbauend auf den Grundkenntnissen der organischen Chemie und der Thermodynamik, vermittelt das Buch ein leicht verständliches und dennoch tief gehendes Bild dieser sehr dynamischen und immer wichtiger werdenden Wissenschaft in der Schnittmenge der Chemie, der Physik, den Ingenieurwissenschaften und dem Life-Science-Sektor.

Organische Molekulare Festk Rper

Author: Markus Schwoerer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527662359
Size: 73.23 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1322
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Die Untersuchung der physikalischen Eigenschaften Organischer Festkörper, insbesondere solcher, deren Bausteine konjugierte p-Elektronen-Systeme enthalten, ist in den letzten Jahrzehnten zu einem aktiven und attraktiven Teilgebiet der Festkörperphysik geworden. Hierfür gibt es mehrere Gründe. Zum einen ist es die Vielfalt von Eigenschaften, die sie von den anorganischen Festkörpern unterscheiden. Dazu gehört zum Beispiel die Energieleitung durch Excitonen, also ohne Transport von Ladungen, über größere Distanzen. Mit Hilfe der Chemie lassen sich diese Eigenschaften in weiten Grenzen variieren. Weiter verspricht man sich neue Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, etwa als Organische Leuchtdioden oder in einer neuartigen molekularen Elektronik, welche die auf anorganischen Halbleitern beruhende Elektronik erweitert und ergänzt. Schließlich sind Organische Festkörper ein Bindeglied zwischen Physik und Biologischer Physik. So hat etwa die Organische Festkörperphysik wichtige Beiträge zur Aufklärung der Elementarprozesse der Photosynthese geleistet. Das Buch ist für Studenten im Wahl- oder Spezial-Vorlesungsbereich geschrieben und für solche, die sich selber forschend in diesem Gebiet betätigen wollen. Darüber hinaus wendet es sich an alle Physiker, Physikochemiker und Chemiker, die ihre Kenntnisse über Festkörper erweitern wollen. Das Buch bietet eine Einführung in die Grundlagen mit Verweisen auf ausführlichere Literatur bis hin zu Problemen der aktuellen Forschung